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We went to London for the weekend staying in a very nice hotel in Victoria. We had a lovely day Saturday sightseeing etc. We decided to check the nighlife out so got all dressed up and hit a few swanky bars, around midnight we were approached by a a tall black man at the bar exchanging pleasantries. I went to the toilet leaving Nat chatting away knowing the guy was staring at her titties. As i arrived back they wer laughing away and Nat saying she hads told him about some of our meets. He was extremely interested when suddenly Nat said she wanted to hung black guys at once. He quickly responded saying he would get a friend round if we wanted, Nat pleaded for me to let her so i obliged. We gave him the details of the hotel and romm number and told him to be there within half n hour.

We headed back before them and Nat was so excited she was wet through. We prepared a seat for me in the corner and waited, they arrived within 15mins or so, Nat let them in and in came 2 big black guys easily over 6ft. Nat was wearing her sexy silk nighty,she laid on the bed her legs spread wide playing with her pussy, she told them both to strip and they wasted no time in doing so and boy they were hung like horses both of them. They walked over one going straight for that juicy wet cunt the other kissing her on the mouth. After a while she wanted to taste their cocks she was only managing to get half of these dicks down her throat thet were that huge. After a short while one of them picked her up slammed her ont he bed and rammed his cock into her, she screamed in agony as he was hammering her cunt, she was begging him not to stop and he wasnt he pummled her for about ten minutes and then let his friend in and he wasnt gentle either calling her a white slag a whore a black mans bitch, he pulled out and made her suck the juices of his cock and told her to get the fuck on top of his dick, her cunt was so stretched it was unreal she was riding that dick like a maniac when the other one came up from behind and started to fill her ass hole, within nom time they were both drilling her she was in heaven screaming "fuck me fuck me yes yes yes i am a whore tear me to pieces". After watching them fuck for a couple of hours they had a break,Nat called me over and told me to lick her cunt clean out, there was cum dripping off her every where i did what i was told to and then she told me to fuck off and wanted her two black b**sts and they went at it again fucking like mad she was done in every position over and over again all night and she loved it, they left at around 6am and left her in a complete mess. She told me she loved it so much that she would be fucking black men from now on.

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