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Anna: Open Marriage

My stepson Allan and I were sitting in his back yard, enjoying a beer and talking in general. I complimented him on how nice his wife Anna looked today, and what a lucky dog he was to have such an attractive and sexy woman. He shrugged. "Yes, Anna certainly takes care of herself; she's still a very attractive woman. But .. I donno .. the excitement isn't there like when we were first going together or when we were first married, you know?" He shook his head and asked, "Did that ever happen with you? I know you've been married several times. Do things get boring? How did you spice things up again?"

I agreed that yes, even with the most attractive and sexy woman, things can get ordinary. We discussed various ways to try to "light the fire", so to speak. Then I decided to tell him about my experiences with wife swapping, "open marriage", the pluses and minuses. I saw that he was quite interested in my experiences.

I asked him if he'd ever considered it, and he admitted having thought about it. He also confessed to having cheated on his wife in the past, but was always worried about getting caught. He was concerned that Anna already suspected he'd strayed in the past, was unhappy about it, but wasn't going to make a big fuss: the marriage and f****y were far too important to her.

He admitted that he'd prefer it if he could have sex with other women with her knowledge and he was thinking that "swinging" might give him that freedom. I reminded him that swinging meant his wife would be having sex with other men, and pressed him about how he'd feel about watching her being fucked by someone else. He admitted it wouldn't really bother him, and it might even be exciting to watch! He'd even fantasized about Anna having sex with other men while he watched, and he found the mental images very exciting. He said Anna could get very excited during their love making, and it would be very interesting to see how she responded with someone else fucking her. He knew Anna loved him and wouldn't do anything to harm their marriage. But he admitted she was awfully "straight arrow" and wasn't sure she'd really go along with swinging, the open marriage idea, swapping with another couple or joining in some sort of really wild orgy scene. He was pretty sure he'd enjoy the hell out of these things, but he just wasn't sure about his wife.

With my encouragement he decided to at least talk about it with her, perhaps discussing my experiences if I didn't mind, as a way to get her thinking about it.

We picked up the conversation at a later visit. Allan said he casually mentioned swinging to Anna, asking her if she'd be interested in adding some excitement to their sex life by bringing in another couple. Perhaps just have an exciting evening together, perhaps even going so far as each of them having sex with the other couple. Anna seemed a bit startled at her husband's suggestion and didn't seem enthusiastic about it, but also didn't refuse to even consider the idea. She told Allan she'd think about it, and changed the subject. And she hadn't said anything about it since, and he hadn't brought the subject up again.

I suggested that Allan work on getting his wife more open sexually, see if she would be willing to be a bit more revealing, promiscuous, not so much the "nice girl." I suggested that, perhaps during my visits, he could be more forward in fondling his wife and giving her more overt sexual attention, playing with her. Move from patting her bottom, which I'd seen him do before, to actually fondling or sliding his hand inside her pants or up her skirt, all this with me present of course, present and watching and not being shocked and approving. And the he could move on to more overt sexual play, maybe slide a hand inside her blouse to expose and fondle her breast with me there. Or tease her into more provocative dress: no bra or no panties, sexier clothing to tease and excite and please me and him as well. And then move on to her exposing herself sexually to me when I'm visiting, flashing her breasts or a glance up her skirt. Or modeling her new sexy underwear or nightgown, the skimpier and sexier the better!

If we could get her accustomed to having me see her body exposed or naked, having her participate in mild or even heavy sexual acts, or even her having sex with her husband, all with me watching or even maybe participating a little .. that would bring her that much closer to accepting another man having sex with her. And of course I'd be glad to help in any way I could.

He said he appreciated my offer to help, and would I really enjoy just watching while he fooled around with Anna, played with her body, maybe even got her showing herself to us naked? I replied, "Hell yes, I'd love it!" I admitted I'd had always found Anna to be extremely attractive, and had worked hard at minding my manners, behaving myself, around her. But I'd hugely enjoy any chance to see more of his very sexy wife, and if that included getting to see more of her body, see her naked even, play with her .. that would be absolutely terrific!

He nodded, hesitated, and then asked me if I'd consider having sex with her, just as a way to get her started with sex with other men. I assured him hell yes! That would be HUGELY exciting, I'd love having sex with his wife or even just playing with her, even if we didn't go all the way with my fucking her. I agreed to help him, to cooperate in any way he wanted to get his wife more open sexually and more promiscious. We started to consider ways to get her into a compromising or helpless situation where I could have sex with her, with her husband present of course and showing his agreement and willingness for her to have sex with other men.

At first Anna was shy and embarrassed when her husband started hugging and fondling her with me around. She blushed, glanced at me in embarrassment, scolded him for being so forward, for touching her and fondling her with me right there watching. She even apologized to me for Allan's outrageous behavior. But I teased her lightly, complimented her on her nice figure and her passionate nature. "I'm glad to see Allan still finds you so attractive and so sexy .. because I certainly do! If anything, I envy him having such an exciting wife!" I confided in her, "Sometimes even with the most loving couples, things can get .. well, boring, you know? The excitement starts to fade? And I was afraid that was happening with the two of you."

She nodded, her face serious, and I continue. "It's good to see that Allan is finding you interesting again, wanting to play with you! I know, it may be a little embarrassing for you. And I'm sorry if my presence makes it even more embarrassing. But I don't mind, really. In fact .." I smiled at her teasingly. "I find it very exciting myself! You're a very beautiful woman, very exciting .. and to get to see you being admired, even fondled .. and yes, to get to see your body perhaps more than I deserve .. that's just great for me!"

She took the compliments well, accepting that I was enjoying watching the two of them being so romantic and even intimate, that I was not offended. And I was thinking she liked my attention as well, having the full attention of two men that she was turning on. She soon grew used to him fondling her breasts and buttocks and even stroking her cunt while I was watching. She definitely appreciated the greater attention her husband was giving her, and even commented to me that the only time he seemed to do that was when I was around.

I had no intention of giving away the conspiracy. I teased her: her husband was liking to show her off, to show how sexy and attractive and passionate she was. I thought it was just his way of showing how proud he was of her .. and maybe getting an extra excitement or thrill from having her act so sexy in front of another man! Anna's eyes widened at that, but she nodded in agreement. "Yes, that could be: showing me off for another man, that's very much something Allan would do." She glanced at me with a little smile. "And you don't mind all these things? Him .. playing with me in front of you? Making me .. show myself sometimes? I think this would not be easy to watch exciting things .. and not .. well, you know, getting to play yourself?" She was really blushing now.

I smiled at her reassuringly. "No, Anna, it's not a problem for me. I've always admired you, you know. So if Allan wants to show you off to me, that's just great! I'll enjoy every minute of it." I grinned at her in a flirting manner. "It's true, sometimes I wish that .. well, that I were the one getting to play with you, okay? You're a very beautiful, very sexy woman! What man would not envy Allan and want to take his place! But it's not a problem: I just enjoy what I have, getting to look at you, watch the two of you, be happy that you're both enjoying yourself .. and I just daydream about the rest!"

Anna blushed again and smiled at the compliment. But I've made the point: I'd certainly be interested in playing with her as well, and perhaps she'd be thinking about that. Apparently she still didn't have a hint yet that the two of us were planning to have her fucking other men, to include me.

Allen told his wife he wanted her to give me a special treat: to wear sexy things whenever I was visiting and the k**s weren't around. She found this embarrassing at first, but eventually grew to enjoy showing herself off through short babydoll nightgowns, an almost transparent robe he encouraged her to buy especially for my visits, etc. We both complimented her on my visits and showered her with attention, and she soon appeared to look forward to showing herself off. I saw her wearing more makeup, and Allan confirmed to me in private that she was taking much more time to prepare for my visits, the makeup, even going out and buying new and special outfits, far more revealing than she'd ever owned before. When her body was finally almost completely revealed to me (even if through a thin robe), I'd noticed on my first visits that she was somewhat casual about shaving her cunt. But soon she was cleanly shaven every time I visited and I wonder if she was doing that on her own or because we were both going to be admiring her. When I asked Allan, he also confirmed she was taking much more care with shaving her body. She'd always kept her groin clipped short or even shaved on occasion, but it was more for neatness and cleanliness than anything. But now it seemed like it was definitely a sexual thing, with her wanting to look sexier now that both of us were seeing her almost naked. He was enjoying the new look, and the new feel when he fondled and had sex with her .. but he suspected it was for me as much as anything.

I also thought I detected hints of a red blush on her labia and nipples: Anna was obviously making herself up sexually as well as her face. I thought she was enjoying this new immodest exposure and liked being viewed and admired. So when I visited, I just relaxed and blatantly stared at her breasts and her cunt as much as I liked. I caught her glancing at me: she saw me watching her, admiring her, and she'd sometimes give me a little smile. But I hadn't touched her myself, hadn't fondled her at all. Perhaps just a little hug and cuddle as I departed and she'd walked me to the front door. We'd always done that, but it was quite the different feel with her standing there completely naked beneath a thin transparent nightbown, or the briefest thinnest bra and thong panties! I always enjoyed Anna's hugs and a kiss on the cheek, but it felt entirely different to have her full breasts, visible through whatever transparent material she was wearing that day, pressing against me; to have my hands and arms around her touching so much naked skin.

But there was no sexual interaction between the two of us .. yet. Allan seemed to be happy with the way things were progressing, with his wife's acceptance of her almost total loss of modesty around me. And he assured me that things were much hotter in bed with his wife than they had been in years, especially after my visits! But it was up to him to take the next steps in increasing her sexual promiscuity.

Allan invited me over one day for a typical daytime visit, and it was our usual routine. Anna was completely naked beneath a short, almost transparent house robe. It came down to mid-thigh and was only secured with a tie at the waist. She'd pulled the material back over her shoulders and back over her breasts to expose her cleavage almost to the waist. Her full breasts were, of course, completely visible through the gauzy fabric, with a hint of red around the protruding rock-hard nipples. Her cunt, still visible through the folds of thin silk, was cleanly shaven and she was wearing ramped sandals to show off her slim legs to their best. As usual I detected a hint of nice perfume: she was definitely enjoying showing herself off on these visits, and I could see her excitement and happiness each time I visited. I was very pleased to think she was enjoying herself, even though her husband and I had our own selfish reasons for this change in her life.

As always I complimented her on her appearance and how exciting she looked. Anna blushed and thanked me, and Allan added with a grin that she'd changed into this special new outfit when he called to invite me over for the visit, and how excited she was about the new robe, how she hoped she'd look good in it. Reaching out, he lifted and squeezed one of Anna's full breasts. "It really shows her figure off well, doesn't it?" he asked with a grin. I agreed, smiling at Anna as she blushed and glanced at me from beneath long eyelashes, making no attempt to hide her husband's fondling of her almost naked body.

Allan suggested we watch a great new porn video he'd found. We'd watched adult movies and porn before, but from the looks of the CD case's cover, this one was going to be hard core indeed! We sat on the couch to watch it, and Allan had Anna lie down across our laps on her side so that he could fondle her breasts and make out with her while we were watching the movie. She was a little embarrassed at this new closeness to me and nervously pulled her little robe down over her thighs after she'd laid down across our laps. It didn't do much to cover her nakedness, especially when her husband pulled the top aside to open her breasts to his fondling hands and sucking lips.

At first Anna seemed embarrassed to have Allan playing with her body at first with me sitting right there, but soon accepted it and my presence as we watched the very hard-core video. We both asked her about her opinion about the various acts on the screen, what she liked, what excited her, what she might like trying, etc. Again she was a little shy at first about discussing the pornographic acts on the TV screen, and was awkward about what language to use when describing acts and body parts. But when she realized Allan and I were using common terms like "cunt" and "cock" and "fucking", she relaxed and started doing the same. Actually it was quite exciting to hear this very descriptive, very vulgar language coming from the usually modest Anna, and I found myself getting even more aroused. I suspected my erection was quite obvious to the almost naked woman, with her nicely rounded hips lying in my lap pressing against me, but she gave no indication she was aware of my natural reaction to her presence, to her exciting me into arousal.

While Allen continued to play with his wife's body, he finally got her brief robe untied and pulled completely away and behind her body, revealing her form completely to our eyes as she lay across our laps. He'd turned her face-up to kiss her and fondle her more openly, and her voluptuous body was fully exposed. I openly admired her nakedness and her cleanly shaven cunt, and casually rested one hand on her smooth naked thigh. She made no objection, made no attempt to remove my hand, and I gently stroked and caressed her thigh and hip for a while. When she was heavily involved in kissing her husband, with his hand squeezing her breast, I moved my stroking hand up her smooth thigh and began gently stroking and squeezing her labia, giving her clitoris the occasional rub. Again there was no objection; indeed, Anna turned her hips and spread her thighs a little to give me more access, and I saw her responses to her husband's fondling and kissing increase, her moans of pleasure louder and more frequent. Soon I was finger-fucking her, first one, then two, then my whole hand knife-edged, sliding in and out of her sopping wet cunt, my thumb rubbing and stimulating her clitoris at each stroke, while she made out with her husband, the video completely ignored. Her hips were lifting, pushing up against my penetrating hand, her knees spread to open herself: Anna was obviously enjoying my masturbating her.

Anna finally came in an orgasm from my fingers working on her cunt and clitoris. Allan pulled his mouth away from hers and lifted her up as he got up from the couch. Casually I removed my hand from Anna's cunt as he lifted her from the couch and pulled her to her feet. I could see her face, flushed and dazed with passion and excitement from her orgasm. Her husband led the dazed woman around to the end of the couch and bent her over the end of the couch arm. She positioned herself without thinking, supporting herself with her arms on the couch cushion, presenting her buttocks to him; they'd obviously used this place and this position before.

Allan's cock was already out from Anna sucking it earlier during their making out, so he wasted no time in pushing it between her buttocks and penetrating her cunt from behind. I heard Anna gasp with pleasure and then her face disappeared beneath her flowing hair as she dropped her head and arched her back, presenting herself even more openly to her husband's fucking. I got up and moved around to where I could watch Allan's cock hammering into his wife's cunt, his hips slapping against her naked buttocks at each full stroke.

Allan fucked her hard and fast from behind with me standing there watching. Anna was very excited at this point and didn't even give me a glance, ignoring my presence in her excitement. She came a second time, and then her husband came inside her. After resting together for a minute, Allan pulled himself out of her and went to the bathroom to wash up, leaving Anna lying almost naked across the end of the couch, breathing hard from her last orgasm. We said nothing to each other, but I stood there admiring her naked body and she made no attempt to cover herself or change from the explicitly sexual, very vulnerable position. I wondered for a moment, was she inviting me to take her, to use her yet again? I could see the shine on her thighs as Allan's cum began draining from her cunt. But I decided not to take the opportunity, not to just step forward and pull out my cock and bury it in the ready, inviting cunt she was presenting me. I wasn't going to fuck her until Allan made it perfectly clear that was what he wanted.

When Allan returned from the bathroom, Anna stood up. Without a glance in my direction, she pulled her robe around her body for the first time, and walked gracefully to the bathroom to clean herself up. She returned to the living room and, without a word, sat back down on the couch between her husband and me. Allan rewound the video and we resumed watching it and casually discussing and k**ding about the action on the screen, just as we had before the real couch sex began. We said nothing about Anna having just been fucked in front of me, or of my fondling and exciting and masturbating her to an orgasm. We sat closely together on the couch and I was very conscious of her almost naked body next to mine and the slight smell of a highly aroused and thoroughly fucked woman, but I didn't touch or fondle her. However when I was leaving and Anna walked me to the door as she usually did, I casually put my arm around her and felt her smooth skin through the thin robe. I reached up around her side and gently squeezed her breast, and then leaned down and kissed her lips gently as I said goodbye. She kissed me back and pressed up against me, and I could feel her breasts pressing against me. A quick glance from beneath her eyelashes, nothing was said, but I knew we were at a new level of personal intimacy. She knew I was now a part of her sex life, even if she hadn't felt my cock yet.

A few days later I was invited by Allan to visit in the evening. The k**s went to bed, we drank a little, danced a little with Anna, and both Allan and I worked at getting her excited. We finally had her completely naked, dancing, posing, posturing in the living room for the two of us. It was very exciting to hold the naked Anna in my arms as we slow-danced, feeling her full breasts pressing against my chest, and even feeling her press her shaven crotch against me as we danced closely together.

Allan and I were playing a game with Anna, having fun giving Anna provocative poses to assume, and she was having fun too, actually showing her nakedness and her sex off to us in what for her would have been terribly embarrassing or even shameful positions only a few weeks earlier. She seemed to enjoy the teasing, the flaunting, the openness with two men. I had the feeling she was directing her teasing and exposing more to me than to her husband, but he didn't seem to mind.

Then Allan told her he wanted to make love with her, right this minute .. and he wanted me to watch so I could envy him. Anna was a little embarrassed, but very excited by now. And her relaxed nakedness with the two of us had helped to set the mood. So she didn't object as Allan led her to their bedroom. She reclined on the bed, avoiding my eyes but casually turning on the bedside lamp to light the bed area, displaying her naked body quite sexily as her husband stripped off his clothing. He climbed in bed with her, made out with her for a few minutes, and then climbed on to her and penetrated her. I heard Anna gasp with pleasure as her husband buried his cock to its full length inside her and I saw her hands reach up to pull on his buttocks, forcing him even deeper inside her body. Obviously this passionate woman was ready and eager to be fucked, and she didn't mind a bit that I was watching. Obviously our work at defusing her inhibitions and modesty had worked well. A few minutes of energetic stroking, and then he rolled over and had Anna straddle him as she fucked herself on his cock. I sat in a chair by the bed, admiring her as she lost herself in her passionate sex. Allan's hands were squeezing and fondling her full hanging breasts, but I saw her hand down at her groin, stroking and rubbing her clitoris.

I heard her moaning louder as she became even more excited, and then she groaned and shuddered in an obvious powerful orgasm, arching her back and u*********sly displaying her full breasts as she shivered and moaned. Allan grabbed her hips and pulled her down even harder on his cock, maximizing the sensation of his cock inside her.

I stood and stepped to the side of the bed. Leaning forward, I firmly squeezed one of her breasts, enjoying their mass and the sensitivity of her rock-hard nipples as I held her head firmly with my other hand and kissed her hard. I saw her eyes open for a second in surprise, and then she closed them again and kissed me back, moving her hand around my head to hold me close to her as our tongues tangled and we passionately kissed.

I finally pulled away, and saw Allan still lying on his back beneath us, his hands behind his head, smiling, his cock still buried in Anna's cunt. I didn't think he'd come yet, and apparently he was not in a hurry.

"Would you like to fuck her?" he asked me cheerily. I saw Anna turn and stare at her husband in surprise. But she didn't object, she said nothing. She bit her lip for a second, and then her tongue darted out to lick her swollen lips. Her hands u*********sly came up to lift her breasts, one hand squeezing mine as it continued to fondle her breast, and she glanced at me shyly, waiting for my answer.

Nodding, I started to undress, with Anna's eyes on me as I got naked. Allan slid over to the other half of the bed, a pleased grin on his face. Anna moved on her knees with him, still straddling his body, still riding his cock. I lay down on my back beside him, and he gently pushed his wife's hip with one hand. "Go ahead, honey .. climb onto him!" He was going to have her take the initiative for her first fuck with another man, I saw. Well, that was fine with me, just so my cock was going to get inside her! This was one very exciting woman, and I'd been anticipating this moment for a long time.

Her face flushed, Anna made no objections. Awkwardly she moved on her knees from straddling her husband's body to straddling mine. Without prompting, she reached down and gently grasped my rock-hard cock and guided it up into her shaven cunt. Then with a sigh of pleasure, she lowered herself onto me until I was completely buried inside her.

"There," she whispered, and I could feel the muscles in her vagina squeezing me rhythmically. "Is that what you two want? What you wanted all along? For me to fuck you both?"

I grinned at her and nodded. "Are you having a problem with that?"

Anna looked at me and then at her husband, her hips still rocking as she moved her cunt up and down on my penetrating cock, and then shook her head. "No, I have no problem. Allan, if this is what you want .. I can fuck Fritz." She paused and then continued, "I can fuck other men too. Like you asked that time, for us to be fucking other couples? Is this also what you want?"

Allan nodded. "I think it would add some real excitement to our sex life, don't you think? If you get to enjoy other men?"

Anna nodded. "And you .. enjoying other women I think?" Allan nodded, "Yes, if we can find the right couples."

I felt Anna rocking on me, moving my cock inside her. "Well," she said, "I want to feel Fritz come inside me." She turned her eyes and her attention back to me. "So why don't we stop talking and you just fuck me, okay?"

- I fuck her until I come. She then has Allan fuck her from behind while she sucks me back to an erection. She then reaches into the bedtable drawer and, bringing out a bottle of lotion, uses it to thoroughly lubricate my cock and balls.

Then she said "Allan, lie down so I can ride your cock. And Fritz, I want you to fuck my ass at the same time."

Allan was surprised. "But .. honey, you don't like anal sex! You hardly ever let me do it! And now you want Fritz to fuck your ass at the same time you're fucking me?"

Anna nodded. "That's right. Just like when I was sucking his cock: these are things I may want a man to do, for whatever reason. You want to fuck other women and have other men fucking me? Well, that's all right I guess. I believe you still love me, so it doesn't matter too much who is doing things with me, I guess. I don't need other men fucking me, but if that's what you want, we can do that, we can have sex with other people in our marriage. But .. you have to understand, this is not just everything for you. I will also get what I want from this. And if I want to suck Fritz's cock, if I want him to fuck me in the ass .. whatever pleases me, that is going to happen too! And you must be ready to accept this."

She looked at her husband hard. "Tell me, Allan, are you indeed ready for these things? For whatever I want to happen to me? For what I want to do?" He didn't answer right away, and I could see the new concern on his face. Perhaps he hadn't thought of this?

Anna had straddled her husband, had expertly slid his cock up into her cunt, and settled down on him with a contented sigh of pleasure. I moved around and got onto the bed behind her, straddling Allan's legs and positioning myself close behind Anna's naked body. Reaching around, I fondled and squeezed her breasts, waiting for her readiness to continue.

"So when I enjoy myself on another man's cock, when I suck him, maybe even two or three men if they are there, all fucking me at once or taking turns with me? And me having orgasms, other men pleasuring me like Fritz just did when I came with him fucking me? Them coming in me? Their sperm inside me? You are ready for this, yes? Maybe .." She paused and I could see the slightest smile on her face. Was she teasing?

"Maybe even me with that other woman too? Her pleasuring me? Me pleasuring her? You men are not the only ones to enjoy making love with a woman, you know!"

That opened Allan's eyes, and I suspected Anna was pulling his chain now.

"Now, Fritz .. push your cock into my ass! I want to feel you buried inside me!" She bent over forward, posturing to give me access to her bottom. Grasping her full buttocks, I spread them to reveal the tight wrinkled rosette of her anus and pushed myself up against her. I slowly stroked my cock up and down her butt crack to distribute some lotion on her body and rotated my cockhead against the sphincter until it was shiny with lubricant. Then I pushed forward, beginning my penetration of this exciting woman's ass.

Anna gasped as I started to push my cockhead through her tight sphincter, but said "Go ahead, do it! Get inside me! I want to feel you filling my ass!"

I could feel her trying to relax, opening her anus to me, and I continued to firmly push against the resistance. The lubricant helped a lot, and I heard her gasp again as my cockhead finally slid through her pickered anus, stretching it out behind my cockhead as a tight muscular ring. I continued to press, sliding inch by inch inside her bowels, savoring the feel of her tight anus as it slid along my cock, the feel of her muscular rectum squeezing tightly around my cockhead and shaft.

Finally I was buried inside her and she sighed with relief. "Oh god," she moaned, "that is so exciting with your cock inside me like that! It hurts a little, but it is exciting too!" I could feel her anus squeezing, pulsing on the base of my cock.

"Now, Allan, it's your turn!", she commanded. "I want you to make me come! Fuck my cunt, use your fingers on my clit, pull my nipples, everything to excite me! And Fritz, start fucking me! You fuck me in my bottom too! I want to come when you come inside me!"

Between the two of us, Allan and I excited his wife, and I slowly fucked her ass. She was tight, exciting, the sensation was marvelously intimate. Finally I heard her moan, "Oh god yes, I'm coming! Hurry, Fritz, come in me! NOW!" I'd been very very close and had been using all my will power to delay my own climax. A few quick hard strokes in Anna's ass, and I felt it coming.

"I'm coming, Anna! Here you go, just what you wanted!" With a sigh of pleasure I let myself go, and my cum spurted deep into Anna's body, deep in her bowels. I heard her moan once again and felt the familiar shudder of her naked body as she orgasmed. Her sphincter squeezed on me tightly and then relaxed, pulsing as she came hard. She held the position, her ass and rectum pulsing, for perhaps ten seconds, small cries of passion with each panting breath. Then she collapsed on Allan's body, his hard cock still buried within her.

Supporting my weight with my arms, letting my body press against her buttocks, I enjoyed the knowledge that Anna was pinned between two bodies, between two cocks buried inside her. I savored the feel of her body quivering around my softening cock as the last of my cum seeped from my cock deep inside her, and then slowly pulled myself from her ass and got up to clean up. When I returned from washing up in the bathroom, I saw her lying on her face on the bed, her body bouncing as her husband fucked her hard from behind. No, not in the ass: I suspected she'd had enough of that for the time being. But deep and hard in her cunt as he worked toward his own climax. I saw Anna's eyes closed, her face flushed and her lips swollen, moaning at each deep stroke as she felt herself carried to yet another orgasm. Then her husband gasped "Oh yeah, honey, here ya go .. I'm coming in you!"

"Yessss! Oh god yes, come in me!" she cried and I saw her body jerk beneath his, I saw her pushing her full buttocks up against him as she demanded even more cock to bring her to yet another orgasm. He stiffened, his buttocks clenching as he shot his cum into her hot eager body convulsing and jerking yet again beneath him.

The two of them collapsed on the bed, finally sated. And so was I! I began dressing, and then I heard Anna's soft voice.

"Fritz .. I want you .. I want you to come back tomorrow. Please? When the k**s are gone to school. Come back and fuck me again?"

I looked at her husband, still lying on her naked body with his cock still buried in her cunt. "Allan?" I asked.

He hesitated at the unexpected situation, and then shrugged. "If that's what she wants .. sure, help yourself." He looked up at her face. "But look .. are you going to be inviting guys to come and fuck you every time you get horny?"

Anna shook her head. "No, I will not. But Fritz here .. you must understand, he is the first man I have had sex with, other than you, since I became your wife. And you invited him, you had him looking at me and playing with me, and now you have him fucking me."

She looked at me and smiled reassuringly. "I don't mind this, okay? I think a long time ago I realized what you two were up to, but I understood and it was not a problem, it was just something I must get used to, okay?"

She smiled at me reassuringly. "I like him looking at me, admiring me, I like the nice things he says about me. And I like the way he plays with my body, excites me. And yes, I like the way he fucks me .. although the only way so far has been in my ass, still I will have him fuck me any time he wants. Any way he wants. I am his for sex any time he needs me." She turned her head as much as possible, addressing her husband still straddling her body. "And you will not have a problem with this, right? With Fritz fucking me?"

Allan shook his head and looked at me. "No, that won't be a problem."

Anna nodded. "So, no, I won't be inviting other men here. That handsome delivery man who always smiles at me and tries to flirt with me, he will not be fucking me, I will not be sucking his cock or letting him take pictures of my body naked. And the other people, the man and woman, I suppose husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend, these couples you will bring here to swap wives with? You can fuck that woman all you want, and that man and you can fuck me all you want too! Maybe even more than one couple, if you want this orgy thing you like in the videos? You bring many men to fuck me, I don't care: they can fuck me and I will have a good time with all those cocks too! Anything you want me to do, I will do.

"But I think it would be better with maybe just one other couple. I think there would be too many problems with too many people. Not that I would mind, having many men fuck me might be fun, don't you know? But just too many problems, don't you think?"

"Yeah, I guess so," Allan responded. He hadn't mentioned plans for any orgies to me, but perhaps Anna had a better feel for that than I. His voice seemed a little hesitant: was his wife's enthusiasm for this new sexual freedom a little more than he'd anticipated? His arms tiring, he pulled his softened cock out of Anna's cunt and sat on his knees on the bed beside her body. She rolled over onto her back, casual now in her nakedness now that we'd both had such intimate relations with her.

Anna continued, "So this other couple, I expect them to come together, for us to be together, to fuck them together, okay? You don't sneak away to fuck this other woman somewhere else? And I don't invite this other man to come here and fuck me in your bed, or go somewhere to let him fuck me, all right?"

Allan nodded again. "Okay, that's a deal."

He looked at her and asked "And that thing you said .. about having sex with another woman? You would be interested in doing that too?"

Anna smiled mischievously. "Well, I have not really done this thing before, with another woman I mean. But I hear my girlfriends talk about it, and I have even had other women invite me to play like this. So I suppose I could do it, if the other woman were interested. You would like to see me with another woman like that?"

Allan grinned and nodded eagerly. "You bet! That would be really hot! The two of you get each other all turned on, have a few orgasms, get good and excited .. and then the guy and I fuck you both! That would be great!"

Anna nodded. "All right then, if you can find a woman who likes that too." She glanced at me and smiled, "And we might even invite Fritz by for a special visit when this happens, okay?"

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