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Anna: Anna and the Dildo

I gave my old strap-on dildo to Allan, my stepson. He was a bit startled, "What the hell is THIS for?"

"Well, I have damn all for a sex life these days, so I thought it might as well go to some use. I've never had any complaints from any of the ladies I used it on; it's not like these things wear out."

Allan examined the vinyl dildo. It wasn't the largest on the market, only about 8 inches long and perhaps one and a half inches in diameter. But it had proven more than large enough to fill and satisfy several of my lovers over the years. And, being hollow, it was just the right size to fit over my cock, so I could still use regular fucking techniques to use it, as well as using it as a hand-held tool.

The two snaps for the straps were still there, but the straps were long gone. However they never did really prove necessary: if I weren't fully erect and didn't fit tightly inside the hollow shaft, I could always use one hand to hold it in place. It also was fitted with a bump on the top of the base, perfectly situated for pressing and rubbing against a woman's clitoris.

Peering inside the hollow shaft, he asked "So you just slip it on and then fuck her with it?"

I nodded, "Yep. Or you can hold it and stroke her with it that way. Or let her use it on herself." I was curious now, why the questions? "Haven't you used one of these before?"

Allan shook his head. "No, not really. Oh, I've seen them advertised and thought about buying one some day. Maybe a really big one to give Anna a real treat, you know?" He grinned at me lecherously: he'd sometimes mentioned his sexual activities with his attractive young wife, but not very often. Whenever he did though, it was usually crudely. "I used to k** her about bringing home some big black guy to fuck her with a 12 inch dick, just for a treat. But I was just k**ding, no way would I let anybody else fuck her! But I figured a big 12 inch black dildo might be a good joke."

I shrugged, uncomfortable at the coarse language and images. I liked Anna and had always been attracted to her. She seemed happy with Allan and her f****y, but I often regretted this coarse side of her husband and wondered if he was as careless and coarse in his intimate dealings with her as he seemed to be when talking with me and other men. He even talked that way around his nephew, which didn't help that young man's attitude toward his sexy aunt either.

"Well, I understand the women aren't actually all that crazy about really big dildos, or cocks either," I told hm. "But this seemed to be a good size."

I decided to shake up his complacency a little. "And I figured if I wasn't going to be using it on Anna, at least I don't think that's what she wants ... I'd just let you use it on her and enjoy the vision of it in my daydreams! So give her a real ride for me, will you?"

Allan had always known I found his wife very attractive. But she was far far younger than I, had never indicated any sexual or romantic interest in me, and so I've never done anything to get out of line. He trusted me well enough with her, never suspecting I'd have her on her back with her legs spread in a heartbeat if given the chance. But we still k**ded back and forth, usually him starting it and me going along with it to keep him disarmed.

Allan glanced at me for a second but then grinned, taking it like our usual k**ding.

"Oh you can depend on that! I'll let you know how it turns out!"

When Allan and Anna were first married, he'd mentioned to me in a manly rib-elbowing sort of way, how he'd taken a bunch of pictures of his sexy young wife nude (in the bedroom, around the house, even some outdoors despite her shyness and concern about them being caught with her naked). He even briefly described what sounded like outright pornographic shots, and how hard it had been for him to get Anna to go along with them. But he bragged how once she started getting into it, once he got her good and hot, there wasn't anything she wouldn't do. So he had some really amazing shots! I'd half-teasingly asked him for copies of them, and he'd totally refused.

I grinned at him in return, using the old gag. "Pictures or it didn't happen!" Of course he'd never given me any pictures of his sexy wife, no matter how often I k**ded him and challenged him like that.

Allan glanced at me again and responded. "Actually I kind of appreciate you giving me this toy. I don't know where it's been, but it sounds like it's been useful. And you know right where it's going too: straight up Anna's cunt! At least with this thing I don't have to worry about going soft or my back getting tired! She's gonna have this baby pumping in her until she's crying for mercy! And you can daydream about that all you want!

"So I tell you what: if Anna enjoys it as much as I hope she does, and if she's appreciative for her dozen orgasms or whatever and rewards me with what I like ... well, I just might give you some pictures of her and this old toy of yours! Just to keep your imagination active!"

I smiled at him, showing my appreciation. That'll be just fine, old Allan boy. Give me some really pornographic shots of the lovely Anna, and I'll see if I can't turn your carelessness into a lever to move me right into her arms, her bed, her cunt!


The next day Anna called me at work. She seemed curt and brief, but asked me to come by the house right away if possible. "The k**s have gone to school, Allan is in town on business, and we'll be alone so we can talk."

This is interesting, I thought to myself. What in the world? She'd invited me by for coffee on my days off in the past, but never an invitation quite like this.

Anna opened the door and invited me in, but without the smile, friendly greeting, and maybe even a hug she usually had for me.

"Come with me please," she said in a somewhat sharp tone. "I have something to show you, something to ask you."

I followed her back through the house to the master bedroom, taking the opportunity to admire her full shapely body in the short houserobe she liked wearing in the mornings.

In the bedroom, Anna bent to open a drawer in the bedside table ... and pulled out my old friend, the big pink dildo! The big sex toy, with its slightly ribbed shaft and realistically bulging cockhead, looked amazingly obscene in her hand as she turned and gave me a hard look.

"What is this?" she demanded.

I ws somewhat startled, what in the world is going on? I didn't know if that was a rhetorical question or not. But if she was taking it out in her bedroom, she must know what it is, and I suspected she knew very well what it was used for ... especially if Allan had followed through with what he had told me he was going to do with it.

I decided to play it straight, just speak when spoken to, until I found out what had upset this young woman.

"That? It's a dildo. A strap-on dildo. A sex toy."

"And you gave it to Allan? To use on me?"

I nodded; I'd always been totally honest with her and certainly had no reason to change.

"Yes, I did. At my age and in my circumstances, I didn't see having a need for it, and I hoped he and you would be able to enjoy it."

She looked even angrier as she shook the obscene pink toy at me like a teacher with a ruler. "And you think my husband needs something like this to excite me, to satisfy me? Because, what, he is too small? He does not stay hard enough long enough? Or that I am greedy, wanting a cock like a horse to give me more pleasure? Or maybe you think I need something this big to fill me because I am big like a cow inside?"

She glared at me, her fire up now.

"I know I have born c***dren. But they do not hurt me! My cunt is still good for love, I do special exercises to be sure to give a man pleasure inside me! I am tight and know I feel good inside for a man and his cock, any man would be happy to fuck me!"

Woah! These were hard words! And rough language too, for a properly brought up girl! Where did this all come from?

"No, Anna, wait! It was nothing like that at all! Please, calm down, don't be angry at me! Please! Just sit down and take a breath and I'll explain."

I gestured at the bed invitingly, appeasingly. Still angry, frowning, she sat on the edge and put the dildo in her lap. Looking down, I couldn't help but see her robe had slid open quite a bit without her noticing, giving me my best view yet down its top, revealing most of her full breasts. Its bottom had pulled well up her smooth thighs as well when she sat down, showing her legs at their finest. If only the robe had opened just a little more, I might even have been given a view of that fine cunt she was describing.

I sat down beside her on the bed and in a soothing tone tried to clear up the issue.

"Anna, I have had that sex toy for many years, long before I met Allan's mother even. I love making love with women, I consider myself an expert at it! I work hard to please a woman, and I certainly am not afraid to take my pleasure in them too! Without exception I have never had any problem satisfying any of them with regular sex, with just my hands and fingers and mouth and tongue and cock."

Anna blinked at that, but continued to listen as I continued.

"I am only average sized, sexually, okay? Five, five and a half inches if you really need to know. Just average, nothing special, certainly not as big as that toy there which, if I remember correctly, is eight inches long. But none of my women have ever complained about the way I made love to them, the way I pleasured them, the way my cock felt inside them!"

She blushed a little at my frank words but continued to listen attentively.

"But in sex, as in most things, there's always room for improvement, for change, for variation. I would find toys to play with, to see if my woman would enjoy something new or different. Or she herself would suggest something, or even bring a new toy or technique to bed with her. I was always interested in experimenting, in finding new fun things, and so were they. I encouraged it: who else but the woman would know what she enjoyed? But any woman could always learn more about herself and her pleasures. Nipple clips, soft ropes for bondage, scented lubricants, body paint, vibrators ... and yes, this dildo." I gestured at the toy in her lap.

"To the best of my knowledge, none of them ever wanted or needed something bigger than my cock to fuck them, just as they never really needed a vibrator to have an orgasm with. Or lubricants to make them wet enough. These things were just for fun, for a change, a little variety.

"So when I gave this to your husband, it wasn't because I thought his cock was too small. I have no idea whatsoever how big Allan's cock is! You know far more about that than I do!"

I saw Anna blush at that, but I continued.

"And as to what YOU need to excite you, to fill you, to satisfy you ... how could I possibly know anything about that? I am not your gynecologist. I have never fingered you, I have never fucked you."

That brought a flush to her face as well. I continued, "Allan has never told me details like that about sex with you, what you want, what you like, what you need. So far as I know, your sex life is perfectly satisfactory!"

I shook my head. "This was only a present, half a joke to tease him and maybe tease you. I never intended to insult or offend, I only hoped that you and he could have fun with this like I always did! And if indeed it did give you more pleasure than usual, if it excited you and filled you and made you come more often or harder than with just Allan's cock ... well, that would be all right too!"

I saw Anna's face clear and soften as my explanation progressed, the anger fade away. When I finished, she sat silently for a few seconds, her eyes downcast, looking at her hands as she played with the dildo in her lap, turning it over, u*********sly stroking its shaft and head.

Then she looked up at me.

"I am sorry. I misunderstood." I tried to smile and reassure her, but she brushed off my words. "I don't know why I assumed all those bad reasons for you. You've never been unkind or mean to me or Allan. I guess it must be because I knew you would be such a wonderful lover, such an exciting man, especially when you were younger ..."

She blushed and hastened to add, "Not that you are too old now, I did not mean that! I am sure that even today you could make a woman very excited, very satisfied!" She glanced down at the dildo, realized how she was fondling it, and hastily set it down in her lap again. "Even without your toy, I know you could make any woman happy still!"

Keep telling yourself that, sweetheart, I thought to myself. You may just talk yourself into wanting me to fuck you too! I kept my face straight, trying not to let my thoughts show.

"So I guess I thought a man like you would ... well, I don't know what I thought." She looked at me with sincerity in her eyes. "But I am very sorry that I was angry at you, that I said those things!" She glanced down at her lap and picked up the dildo again.

"And I do appreciate your present, really, now that I understand the spirit in which it was given."

She smiled shyly. "Actually ... what you say is true. When Allan took it out last night, it was a surprise. I had heard of such things, my girlfriends mention them too and how much fun they can be, but I didn't really understand."

I saw her eyes go a little distant, remembering the night before? "But when Allan put it on and pushed it into me ... it was so big, so deep, I was so full! And the way it felt when he moved ..." She blushed again, realizing how intimate her words were becoming. "Well ... what you say is true, it WAS very different and very exciting and very much fun! My god, I thought I would never stop ..." She paused again, and smiled at me shyly.

"I suppose I can speak honestly with you about this, yes? Since maybe we share this thing in some way?" She looked down at the pink dildo. "It seemed to make a difference to Allan too! He was more excited, having more fun, it was almost like a challenge to see how excited he could make me, how many times he could make me come, you know? He was not afraid that he would get too excited and come in me too soon, or that he would get soft, because this new toy would never get soft!"

She smiled in reminiscence, and I could see her lips starting to swell, a flush spreading across her face and down her full breasts as she started to become aroused from the memories of the passionate night before.

"It was only later, after Allan finally became too tired, no, even longer than that because when his back and legs were too tired for regular sex, him on top of me, or from behind me like dogs do, you know? And then I was riding him and it was even deeper in me, and it made me come so hard! But then I was too tired and I couldn't ride on him any more. And then he made me come twice more just moving the toy with his hand and rubbing my clit and kissing me and sucking my breasts ..."

Her eyes are distant now, hardly aware that I'm listening as she speaks of her passion.

"It was then, afterwards, when I finally got my breath back and asked about his new discovery, that he said it had come from you." Anna's eyes suddenly got big and she turned to me. "It was then, it was HE, who said you probably thought his cock was not big enough, or my cunt was too loose! And that was why you gave him the big plastic cock!"

Anna frowned and drew her attention back to me, apparently unaware of the extraordinarily intimate things she had revealed about her sex the night before. "I thought he meant what he said! But now ... now that I think of it, he might have only been teasing, joking. We were both so tired, and still he was wanting to slide this inside me just to tease me, but wanting me to suck him too because he hadn't come inside me yet ..."

She blushed again, but then shrugged and smiled at me. "Well, I suppose I have no secrets from you? You don't mind if I speak these private things, the way I was feeling, what Allan and I do together?"

I shook my head, smiling. "No, Anna, I don't mind at all. It's very nice, very intimate, to hear these private things from you. I enjoy that very much. I have very little sex in my life these days, so it's good, very good, even to hear of someone else's pleasures and excitement."

She turned toward me, slid closer on the side of the bed to me, and placed a hand familiarly on my the bare skin of my thigh below my short pants. Her thin houserobe, held together only by a slim cotton tied belt, gaped even further open, giving me a view of her complete left breast inside the thin fabric, but she seemed unaware of her exposure.

"But I don't understand. You aren't that old, not too old for sex. In my country I knew many people older even than you who were still having good sex, maybe not so often or so long as younger people, but still sex! Is there something wrong with you? Are you ill?"

I shook my head. "No, Anna, I'm fine. It's just that, well, with my marriage ... my wife and I still get along all right, but things happened years ago ... she became very unhappy with me for a while and refused to ... well, you know. She didn't want sex with me any more. And then she has some medical problems now which would make it very difficult for her even if she wanted to ..."

I shrugged. "So I try not to think about it. And when something excites me, some beautiful young Swedish girl maybe ..." I smiled at her teasingly and she blushed again. "Well, I just let things happen in my imagination or my dreams, and I try not to think about real life any more."

I saw sympathy in her eyes, and perhaps something more as she looked away for a second, biting her lower lip in a surprisingly girlish gesture. Then she turned back to me, leaned forward, and kissed me softly on the cheek.

"I am very sorry to hear that. It does not seem fair to me, really, that you ... are in this position."

She squeezed her hand on my bare thigh and kissed me softly again. "I need to think on this ... this problem. Perhaps there is a way ... something to be done ..."

Her eyes looked deeply into mine, and then she pulled away and stood up. I stood to join her, and she surprised me by pushing up closely against me in a warm full-bodied hug, her arms around me and her face buried in my chest. I could feel her breasts pressing hard against me, and her groin pressing up against me as well. Then she stepped back and smiled.

"Yes, I will think on this. It is not right that you should be like this."

She looked down at the pink dildo still grasped in her hand, smiled, turned and replaced it in the bedside table drawer.

"And thank you again, thank you very much, for your toy. I will think of you, I promise, no I am not k**ding! Every time I use this, every time I feel it inside me, I will think of you!"

She glanced toward the bedroom door. "But now we must go, you must go! You have been here too long, the two of us alone like this, people will talk!" She smiled teasingly, flirting with me, as we walked back into the living room and I prepared to return to work.

I saw Anna glance down and say "Oh my!" as she discovered how open her robe had been. With a quick glance up at me, she blushed and lifted her hands to pull the robe together. Then she stopped, smiled at me, and said "That's silly. After our talk, after everything I've told you ... and you could have been looking at my body, at my breasts, the whole time!"

I shrugged, "Maybe. But a gentleman would not wish to embarrass a lady by admitting it." I grinned at her teasingly and pretended to twist a long handlebar mustache, our joke for when I am being a rogue or a rascal.

She smiled back. "Well, just to be sure you haven't missed anything!" Quickly untying the cloth belt around her waist, she let the robe fall open completely and then reached up to pull it back across her shoulders! Her full rich body was revealed to me: the large high breasts, the hourglass waist, the full hips, and her cleanly shaven cunt above her slim legs.

Spinning gracefully, she swung the robe out around her, giving me a full long look at her nakedness, smiling at me the whole time. Then she stood still and stepped forward to kiss me again, but this time with full swollen lips right on my mouth. I could feel her hot wet tongue dart out to push into my mouth as her naked breasts pressed against my chest again.

"Do you like what you see?" she whispered, her breath hot on my cheek, her naked shaved groin pressing against my obvious erection within my shorts. "Do I excite you? Am I like your daydreams?"

Pulling back a little, I looked into her eyes as I brought a hand up between us. Firmly grasping her breast, I squeezed it gently, feeling its nipple press rock-hard against my palm. Then I bent down and kissed her upturned lips.

"Yes, even more fantastic than my wildest dream. And more exciting than I think I can bear!"

She smiled and nodded, her hand reaching up to squeeze mine around her breast even harder.

"Yes, I will have to think about this," she whispered, and then opened the door for me to leave.

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