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Anna 4: Anna and the Team

Her husband informed Anna to expect more visitors: at noon on Wednesdays and Fridays. They'll only have an hour, so she must be sure to be very cooperative, do everything they want.

"More?" Anna sighed, dismayed at the thought. "Are not your three workers every morning enough? What do you want of me, Allan?"

Her husband glared at her. "No arguments, for one thing. You just do like you're told. It'll only be an hour, two days a week. Surely you can free that much of your busy schedule? Maybe have your father-in-law fuck you a little less often?"

Anna glared back. "It is not the time, it is the idea, that you send more men to fuck your own wife!" She frowned, "And you leave Fritz out of this! I haven't even SEEN him for, oh I don't know how long! I had to tell him to not visit me any more unless I called, because of those men of yours. And he was upset when he saw what those people at that garage did to me!"

Allan stared at his wife. "You told him about that?"

"No, of course not!" she replied, looking away in shame. "I would never let him know what those people did to me, what YOU did to me! But there were marks, from ropes, from what they did with my breasts, from the whip on my body, my ..." she blushes, still uncomfortable talking with her husband about intimacies with other men, especially someone like Fritz that she truly cared about. "He could tell, he knew. I could not hide these things. I told him it was you, that you just played too hard with me in our games. But I don't know if he believed it. Anyway he didn't like it, he didn't think people should hurt me."

"Well, it's none of his business. I thought he would be helpful, keep you off my ass, quit your complaining. Maybe him fucking you, finding other guys to fuck you would keep you satisfied. Not that an old fart like that could do much fucking anyway!" He sent a sneering grin her way. "But I decided I was getting more of a kick out of doing all that myself! It's a hell of a rush ordering guys to come and fuck you, and them reporting back what you liked, what you didn't like, how they drove you crazy! So I'll decide who's gonna fuck you, and when and where and how often."

He stared hard at her. "So you be ready for more visitors. Noon, Wednesday and Friday! And they'll only have an hour, so don't waste their time!"

Wednesday noon came. Anna, naked under her houserobe, opened the door and stared. Five men wre arrayed in front of the door, grinning and staring at her.

"Five? There are five?" She gasped unthinkingly.

"Okay, so you WERE expecting us!" the oldest of the group, obviously the leader, said. "I wasn't sure if the boss was putting us on or not! You're gonna invite us in, right?"

Shocked, at a loss, Anna stepped back from the door and the five men entered. Looking out at the driveway, she could see one of her husband's company vans, obviously what they'd just arrived in.

"Look," the leader said when she closed the door and turned to them. "I wanna be sure we got this right. We're the best team in the company, see? We won the competition again this month, hands down. And for a new prize for the month's best team, the boss told us ... well, it would be you! We'd have a longer lunch break Wednesdays and Fridays, we'd come over here, and you'd ..." He leered at her and let his eyes run up and down her full figure, barely hidden inside her houserobe. "Well, I won't repeat his words ... but you'd show us all a good time!"

He stepped forward and slid a hand inside the top of her robe, moving it down until it cupped her breast. Anna, still dumbstruck, didn't move, didn't resist as he started fondling her.

"So, did I get that right? Any part of it you don't understand, you don't know about? You're ready for this, right? Or are you gonna slap me and tell us to get the hell out?"

Her mind still dumbfounded, Anna shook her head. She could feel her breast throbbing in his grasp, her nipple hardening against his hard calloused palm. "No, I understand. I guess ... I guess I know what to do."

Resigned, she untied the robe's belt and pushed it back from her shoulders. As it dropped to the floor, the men all stared at her full naked figure. "Oh yeah!" one said, hardly above a whisper. "Man, that is one foxy chick!" said another.

The leader continued to fondle Anna's breast as he moved up next to her. Putting an arm around her, he looked toward the stairs. "The bedroom? Upstairs I guess?"

Anna felt his arm drop down, the other hand now squeezing her round buttock as his one hand continued to squeeze her breast.

"Yes ... upstairs. I suppose it must be the bedroom." She had never taken the morning three upstairs; they apparently had orders to fuck her only in the kitchen (although they strayed to the living room sometimes). But she could think of no reason why not in her bed. There were so many, it would be more comfortable, it would go faster.

The leader walked her to the stairs, his arm still around her and fondling her naked bottom, his other hand still fondling her breast. She blushed, knowing the other men were all staring at her nakedness and the man fondling her. But she could feel a familiar welcome tingling in her groin. Five men, all excited, all hungry for her! She feels a rush of passion, excitement. These men seem more decent somehow, just honest working men, ready to have some fun over lunch.

She could deal with this.

She guided the man holding her down the hall and into her bedroom, the other men right behind.

"Okay, guys, we don't have much time, and we sure don't want to be late getting back on the job. I figure we're all gonna be a little tired, right honey?" He grinned in a friendly fashion at Anna and pulled her even closer with his hand on her bottom.

"I'm gonna go ahead and fuck her first, won't even take time to take my pants off, okay with you honey?" He glanced at her, and she nodded, smiling shyly. She was beginning to like this man.

"Meanwhile you guys get ready for your turn. Everybody gets two turns max, and that's only if you don't take too long on your turn, okay? No screwing around ... no, I don't mean it that way!" The other men laughed at his grinning joke. "Don't waste any time. Oh you can kiss her, play with her a little, maybe even go down on her if you want, although I donno if you'd really like to do that consider we'll all be fucking her and she won't have much time to clean up. But basically just get on her, fuck her until you come, enjoy a minute or two in what I'll bet is one HELL of a fine cunt ... and then get off so the next guy can get in, okay?"

The men all nodded, grinning eagerly. The leader looked down at Anna. "This sound okay to you? You can take us all that fast, one after another? Twice maybe if we go fast?"

Anna nodded. "I can take you. I can manage whatever you want, whatever you need." Gently removing the man's hand from her breast, she climbed onto the bed and lay down. Reaching across to the nightstand, she opened it and pulled out the bottle of special aloe lotion the firemen had given her. Looking up at the men, she explained, "With a lot of sex like you are promising me ..." she smiled coyly. "It helps if you put this lotion on you before you go in me, okay? It's nice and slippery and soothing and feels very good. It will help me not be sore, and I think it makes you feel good too! So everybody use it every time? That way I don't have to worry about being sore and not having fun."

The men all nodded eagerly. They'd probably have agreed to battery acid at this point as they stared at Anna's naked welcoming body.

"And is okay if you take your time. Remember, five men, two times, is only ten fucks, right? And you have maybe fifty minutes? Sh that means five minutes, is a long time for heavy fucking!" She smiled at the waiting men. "You see, I know my mathematics, no? And how good it will feel if you all fuck me five minutes straight! You take your time, we be okay I'm sure!" Her accent was thickening as her excitement grew. The leader already had unzipped his pants and his long thick cock protruded, ready for her. She smiled at him. "Look, you take your pants off if you want, okay? It's lots more fun that way, no zippers and belts and things to hit me, you can fuck me hard and fast, or slow and easy."

She looked up at the other men. "Maybe slow first time, enjoy me okay? Second time will be harder for you, maybe, unless you REALLY like me. So second time you do it real hard, real fast, to be sure you come in me again!"

The men all nodded. They were ready, they would agree to anything!

Anna smiled at them all, excited now, eager for her pleasure and theirs to begin. "Oh, I almost forgot!" She reached over to the side of the bed and brought up a flat cushion. Raising her hips, she slid the cushion beneath her buttocks. "There," she smiled at the eagerly waiting men. "This makes it even better, makes my cunt just right for such excited men!" She smiled to herself: these men are so different from the three in the mornings. She's having FUN! Pretending to be almost a whore, ready to take all these men, glad to take them! She thought this will be an interesting noon hour.

The leader had already dropped his pants. Grinning broadly, he climbed onto the bed and moved into a pushup position over Anna's naked body. Smiling, she lay back against the pillow, reached down, and guided his jutting cock into her cunt.

With a groan of pleasure he sank down into her, lowering his hips slowly until he was fully buried in her cunt. "God, girl, you do feel good!" He glanced up at the staring men. "Boys, this has to be the finest cunt in the entire world!"

"Well quit talking about it, chief! Start fucking it!" one of the men responded jokingly.

The leader began a slow steady pumping into Anna's body. Soon she was groaning with pleasure at the long steady strokes deep into her body. Her hands were on her breasts, tweaking and rolling her nipples, increasing her stimulation.

He finally came, rested for a moment savoring the feel of his softening cock deep in her wet cunt, and then climbed off.

The next man, stripped to the waist, climbed on to the smiling Anna and took his turn. The sensation of the new deep stroking man was too much: within a minute or so Anna moaned "Oh, you are making me come! I am coming! Ahhhhhh!" She convulsed, thrusting her hips up against the cock still stroking into her. The man, startled, stopped his rhythm, but she grasped his buttocks and pulled him into her. "No, no," she gasped. "Keep fucking me! Don't stop. Never stop!" His next deep stroke brought another moan of pleasure, and within seconds she came again, his stroking cock lifting her from one orgasmic peak right into another.

All five men fucked Anna, and then repeated the cycle. The second round was faster, more energetic, despite the men's slight weariness from the first long slow fuck. All five men have no problems in coming inside the excited, exciting Anna's body.

With the last finished and slowly pushing himself and his softening cock away from Anna's naked body, she looked up at the men's faces around her. They were still watching her, admiring her naked body as she fucked each man. She was tired now too: the last orgasm was particularly strong and left her almost numb, limp, as the man continued to fuck her to his own climax.

"I am sorry," she murmured to him, pulling his face back down to kiss him softly. "You made me come so hard, I could't move. I wanted to fuck you back hard, to give you pleasure, after so nice a fuck, so nice an orgasm ... but I couldn't move, not even a little! Your fucking made me completely limp!"

The man grinned with pride and kissed her back. "Honey, you don't have to apologize for anything! If I'd come any harder, my head would've exploded!"

The rest of the men laughed. They'd already washed up in the bathroom and had their pants on.

"Come on, Charlie, time to get it together."

The leader waved them away. "We're fine, we have plenty of time to get back to the site." He sat down on the edge of the bed and gently stroked Anna's body and breasts. "You did just great, honey! That was a fantastic fuck! Both of them! Right, guys?"

"Damn right!" A chorus of approval followed.

"You okay, honey? It looked like you were having fun, but I just wanted to ask."

"Oh yes, I am just wonderful!" Anna smiled. "So many wonderful cocks, everybody liking to fuck me so much! And my orgasms, just wonderful! Yes, everything is fine."

"Okay then, we're outta here." He checked, and the last man was washed and dressed, ready to go. He squeezed Anna's breast again. "So we'll be back Friday noon, okay? Same thing? Same plan?"

Anna smiled at him, and then at all the others. "Yes, that sounds like a wonderful idea!" She looked coyly at them. "Maybe I will think of games we can play, something special? I know there is little time, but perhaps enough time for something. I will think about it!"

"All right!" More cheers and approval, and the men all walked from the bedroom, turning and waving with smiles as they left. Anna heard the front door close firmly, and their van started and drove away.

Relaxing back against her pillow, she gently felt the sensitive tissues of her vulva and vagina. Everything was fine, no sores, no hurt. Her groin was warm, her breasts felt full and tingly, but that was from the hour of excitement and what must have been 6 or 8 orgasms. Reaching further down, she frowned and sighed: ten men had come in her and she had no time to clean herself between them. Now the cum of ten men's ejaculations was running out of her cunt, all over her favorite cushion!

Well, it would clean easily enough. As would her cunt.

She smiled to herself. This time, maybe she could forgive her husband. She didn't think he meant to do her such a good deed. But this day's men, this hour, it was very nice indeed.

She would rest for just another minute and then go to clean herself. She thought of how nice the men were, how much they enjoyed her, and how they pleased her as well! She wondered ... why couldn't it be like that with the three men, the two Mexicans and the fat black man, who came every morning? It wasn't that they were foreign or black, she never minded sex with a black man. In fact, she hadn't even noticed really, but now she remembers: one of the five today was black! And the others all treated him like a friend.

But the morning three ... perhaps she wasn't giving them a chance? She'd been so shocked to learn she would have to let them all fuck her every day. And they had things her husband wanted them to do: tie her up, fuck her in the kitchen, all those odd things. So maybe she wasn't being fair, she should be more friendly and give them a second chance?

And the black man: his cock was the most wonderful she had ever found! She had orgasms more powerful, more often, fucking him than with any other man ever!

No, she decided. They were pigs, selfish, mean. The Mexicans just fucked her for their pleasure, and were always arguing over photographs and whose cock got her hotter. They liked to tie her up and humiliate her, they enjoyed her shame, they fucked her together at the same time just because they liked to see her go crazy and beg them for more. And the black man? He was a bigger pig, a fat pig! He was lazy, he wanted HER to do everything, all the fucking, getting him ready when he was too soft, everything! Oh his cock was big and long, maybe the biggest she had ever seen, certainly the biggest she ever had in her. And it filled her until she wanted to cry with excitement. But he didn't care for her, he insulted her and always called her bad names, he thought she was worthless, just a cunt for his cock to fill with his cum.

No, she would not be friendly with them. Oh, she knew they will fuck her and tie her up and humiliate her and photograph her when it happened, every day. And she will suck them, fuck them, let them take her in the ass, tease her body. And she knew she will come, have orgasms, her body will betray her with excitement and pleasure and she will beg for their cocks.

But she would not be friendly.

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