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The Business Trip

People in business some times hate to travel, because it takes us away from f****y, lovers, and friends. You spend hours on planes, and nights alone in a variety of hotel rooms. Your mind as time to think, about other things you would like to be doing. In this story, a young businesswoman has had fantasies on trips, now they’re suddenly becoming reality.

“That’s right Joyce, you can only sit there and watch me unpack these toys I bought. We’ve been working together for what, four years? We’ve travelled all over the country together to meet with customers.

During our last trip, when you had too much to drink at dinner, you confessed that you want one of these trips to be memorable. You want someone to break into your room and ravish your body, while you scream and plead, but no one comes to help it. It something out of the erotic novels you read at night after you put the k**s to bed and after your husband falls asl**p on the other side of the bed.

Does your husband know that you confessed to me, your hand slides between your legs while you are reading? Does he know you play with yourself until your orgasm while reading?

Does he know about your fantasies, where you want to be tied and helpless? Does he know you want to be punished because you’re attracive and successful?

Does he know about the fantasies where you get very excited as your picture yourself screaming for help, but no one comes to rescue you, while a stranger uses your body?

Does he know about the fantasies where men f***e you to humiliate yourself while you play with your own body while they watch, and make yourself orgasm?

That shake of your head provides me with the answer I wanted.

When you’re sitting in the stands at your daughter’s baseball games, do you look around and think about the other fathers in the stands around you, who might k**nap you? They might lock you in the trunk of their car. Drive you to a remote cabin where they tie your wrists above your head, to the limb of a tree. Then they savagely pull the clothes from your body.

Yes, that nod of your head tells me what goes on in that beautiful mind.

Do you imagine those men forcing you to kneel on the dirt in front of that old cabin, where they use your body? Imagine how dirty you soft skin would get while they f***e you to kneel and open your mouth, so they can use it and fill it. Or when they f***e you to kneel on all fours on the dirt, and one of them enters your from behind, with his hands firmly grasping your slender waist. The dirt would be covering your arms and legs while you kneel and orgasm, while being used.

You’re getting very excited Joyce. I can see your panties are getting wet.

When you’re at your son’s grammar school for a meeting, do you imagine being dragged onto the stage by the school nurses? Do you think about the humiliation asd the Principal tells hundreds of parents how you make mistakes helping your son with his home. Do you have fantasies about being stripped naked in front of all of those parents cheering parents, your body fully exposed for everyone to see? Do you fantasize about the Principal spanking your butt, after he pulls you over a chair on the stage, while the other parents cheer?

Do you finger yourself until you orgasm when those fantasies fill your mind?

Yes, I thought so. You’re confessing all of your hidden desires to me.

Would you enjoy going to the mall, without the f****y, some night when it’s very crowded wearing a short skirt and a very revealing top? Would you enjoy humiliating yourself while you stand by the railing on the second level of the mall and let men and women look up your skirt?

You’re moaning, so I have my answer already. There is no need to nod your head.

Do you want me to untie you, so you can go back to updating your financial reports? Do you want to skip the opportunity to begin bringing your fantasies to life? Do you want to go back to your life at home, where you can only imagine how you want to be bound, helpless, and used?

You tell me; do you want me to free you?

I knew you would nod your head. This is what you need, what you crave, but cannot get at home.

After our last business trip, I ordered some toys from a bondage site on-line. I bought this bondage and discipline DVD I want you to see. I’m going to slip it into the television so you can watch the action.

This group of men a*****s that beautiful blonde woman and takes her to a house where they abuse her, and f***e her into sexual submission. This is similar to your more vivid fantasies, isn’t it?

Yes, I thought so.

I want skip forward to the scene where the woman is being spanked by that large man, while he probes her openings with his long thick fingers. This is it.

Now image yourself screaming and moaning in that scene, while that man spanks your butt until it’s red. Watch him pushing those big fingers deep into that moaning woman’s tight bottom. Would you enjoy that?

Yes, I thought so.

You watch her screaming while I unfasten the front of your bra. You have huge luscious firm breasts, I’ve always want to touch. They’re so warm and smooth to the touch. Your nipples are so hard and firm. Do you enjoy having them pinched? Let me check.

My, my, your body reacted to the sensation of having your nipples being pinched between my fingers.

I’m going to pinch both nipples, and pull them. How does that feel; having your nipples crushed and pulled forward? I think you’re going to orgasm if I continue.

I can see your panties are becoming very wet. I can tell you’re enjoying the treatment.

Are you enjoying what you see on the television? They have that woman tied spread eagle on the grass behind that house, and they’re using the water streaming from a garden hose to excite her.

That one man is directing that strong spray of water between her legs, onto her tight channel. She must be getting very excited. The other is holding his hand over her mouth while she struggles, while that large group of men watches her.

Would you like to be in that situation?

Yes, I thought you would.

I bought these nipple clamps to use on your luscious breasts. They’re going to crush your nipples, while I do other things to your body. First, this clamp goes over this nipple. Then I slowly release it.

How does that feel?
You must be enjoying that crushing sensation. You’re moaning so loud I know they can hear you in the hotel hallway.

Now, let me put this clamp on this other nipple. This nipple looks so good being crushed almost flat.

Your breasts are becoming fuller, and warmer. Your mind must be enjoying this treatment.

Watch the television. Those men are going to whip that woman’s breasts. She is just about to submit to them, as you are to me.

I also brought this very long and very narrow vibrator. Are you shaved down below Joyce? Do you keep yourself shaved and exposed, and then your husband falls asl**p anyway, after ignoring this wonderful body?

I thought so.

I’m going to pull your pink panties down to your knees.

That’s it, all the way down these slender thighs.

You do look very erotic.

I’m disappointed I cannot spread your legs to finger that shaved channel to humiate you. However, this long vibrator will slid between your slender thighs and press against the shaved lips of that channel.

How do the vibrations feel on your leg?

This vibrator is quiet, so you can watch that woman on the television. She’s bound and helpless, and screaming for those men to fill all of the openings of her body.

You will soon be begging me to do that same.

I’m slipping the vibrator between your slender firm thighs. How does that feel? I knew the moment the vibrator pressed against your shaved lips. You almost had an orgasm.

Look at the television. Is one of your deepest, darkest, fantasies, to have your mouth used, like those men are using that helpless woman?

Why are you squirming and moaning? Your face is becoming a brilliant shade of red. You just had an orgasm, didn’t you?

I knew you could not resist.
You had an orgasm while I watched.

I’m going to use your mouth now. I’m going to pull the tape off your mouth, while you moan and squirm on that chair, enjoying the nipple clamps and the vibrator.

Open your mouth while I straddle your legs, Joyce. That’s it. My shaft is rock hard. Suck it into your mouth. I’m grasping your long beautiful hair to hold your head steady, as those men are doing to the woman in that video. Can you hear her gagging on men?

Take more of my shaft as I feed it into your mouth. That’s it, struggle if you want, but you’re going to take all of my shaft into this sweet, wet, hole. That’s it. I’m buried deep in your warm wet mouth.

How does that feel?

You’re moaning and squirming on that chair. I think all of this action is going to push you over the edge of an orgasm again.

Its time for me to enjoy myself.

Yes, that’s it; suck on my shaft while it slides in and out of your mouth. You’re getting me very hard, very hard.

Oh, yes, that’s it. Yes, that’s, that’s it.

You are very talented with that mouth Joyce. It’s a shame your husband does not appreciate you.

Look at your breasts, and your face. You’re covered with white fluid, and you never looked better. I’m going to get some pictures with my cell phone.

So tell me, how is this business trip? I think we should plan more of these trips, and discuss the activities we want to plan during our travels. Is that something you might enjoy?

I thought that sugestion would excite you.

I want you to write down all of your deepest darkest fantasies, and we’ll act them out on each business trip. Then you can return to life of being the loving mother and wife.

I’m going to make your orgasm again with this vibrator, while you watch the end of the DVD. Enjoy yourself, and your new way to make you fantasies a reality.”

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