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First Time with a Stranger

It was sometime around 1995, and I had just broken up with my first girlfriend. I'm almost 19, and I'm hanging out with some friends on a Saturday night outside a Denny's, smoking cigarettes and trying to decide what we're going to do next. This Latino dude, five or six years older than any of us, walks up to us with deeply stoned eyes, turns right to me and says:

"Gotta cigarette?" I handed him one and we returned to talking while he leaned up against the wall and smoked. Every once an awhile he'd pipe in with some non-sequester which kinda weirded us out. Eventually the rest of the guys decided we should go over to the Marina, get some weed from someone we knew, and get stoned out on the rocks. I didn't like the idea and complained that I didn't have a jacket. The guy comes up to me with a smile on his face, and says:

"Here, you can wear mine." He takes it off and hands it to me. I was blushing. My friends kinda got creeped out, except for Joe, who I found out, years later, was gay. He didn't seem to have a reaction at all. The Latino guy said he wanted to come with us, and he had some more, uh, "party favors" if we were interested, which we were, so we piled into our cars and told him where to meet us. He never showed up.

I wake up the next day on Joe's floor. We have breakfast, and then I realize... I've still got the guy's jacket and I never even found out what his name was. I start going through the pockets of the jacket while Joe starts making inferences that go right over my seriously obtuse head. The jacket smelled of Old Spice, weed, and menthols. In the inside pocket, I found his wallet, and inside that, a business card with a phone number. For the record, his name was Jesus. Turns out the guy sold used cars, and he carried a pager. I plugged sent the guy a page from Joe's phone, and waited. He calls back promptly and I tell him the situation. He says that's great but *did I want* to come bring it to his house. Sure, I told him. I said goodbye to Joe, who was unusually smiley, and drove my old van out to address the guy's house.

I knocked on the door, intending to just hand him the jacket. He answered the door wearing a t-shirt and some old nylon gym shorts. He was at least two inches taller than me, lean and muscular -- the handsome Mexican jock-type. I was much skinnier than I am now, with little hair and no muscle tone to speak of.

He takes the jacket from me and his hand glides over mine. "You wanna come in, smoke some pot?" he asks, looking straight through me and smiling. I'd never been attracted to a guy in my life, but I started getting hard right there.

His place was a condo down by the beach that he had all to himself. The living room consisted of a giant TV, a giant couch, and a weight set. We both sat on the couch and he packed us a bowl. We watched a laser disc of some kung fu movie I've never seen since, and talked about... I don't even remember. Two bowls go by and every time he gets up and sits back down, he's a little closer. He keeps looking at me like he's waiting for something, and then...

...I don't know exactly when it happened, but one moment he's got his hand on my shoulder, and the next second, his tongue's in my ear. I'd always thought gay sex was all hardcore, top and bottom dominant-sub stuff, but this wasn't like that. He is kissing my neck and running his hands up and down my body, like I did to my girlfriend. I was being seduced and I didn't give a fuck. He kissed me, gently at first, then overwhelming my mouth, his tongue invading me while his hands reached under my shirt and caressed my bare flesh. I could tell he liked that I was skinny; he loved rubbing his hands over my rib cage and flat stomach.

We'd been sliding down on the couch with me underneath him. For a moment he grabbed my arms, pulling me to a sitting position, and began to pull off my shirt. I raised my arms so he could, and he left me fall back on the couch, this time flat on my back. He pulled off his own shirt and then he was on top of me, his rock hard abs against the crotch of my pants. I could feel my throbbing cock straining against blue jeans and underwear. He licked at my belly and played with my nipples, alternately squeezing them and making slow circles around them, pinching them occasionally. I was sweating and squirming. His hot mouth clamped down on my right nipple and I was on fire! I moaned and squirmed.

He continued swirling his tongue over my nipple as he worked on the button to my jeans. I did the best I could to help get them off but I was on some other planet. I wasn't sure what was going to happen now. He started stroking my legs and I felt like I was gonna cum right there... a shudder went through me and I gasped "Jesus!" His mouth came off my nipple and he said "yeah say my name" before switching to the other. I hadn't realized it but I'd been running my own hands over his shoulders, back and arms. I was going wild with lust. My head was swimming...

He moves up to kiss me, and lines our cocks up perfectly. He begins grinding it into me, fucking my mouth with his tongue sometimes and other times licking my ears, biting my neck, whispering things in Spanish I don't know and telling me to say his name. This could have gone on for days for all I knew... he lovingly humped into me, gasping and grunting with pleasure into my ear.

He whispers "Say my name, baby... say it... say it..." I exclaimed "oh, Jesus... Jesus..." (pronouncing it properly this time) and then he bit hard into my earlobe, picking up the pace of his grinding. I started crying his name out, louder and louder, so he put his hand over my mouth... and that was enough to send me right over the edge. I came like a fountain in my underwear, grunting through the hand, almost bucking him off me. My orgasm took over my entire body. the cum soaking the front of my briefs and his shorts, spilling down my ass crack.

He put his full weight on me, kissing my cheeks and stroking my hair. I was still rock hard, but embarrassed now that I'd cum all over him and the couch. I apologized but he laughed and said it was all good. I could still feel his huge cock against my smaller one. I asked him if he came, too, and he said no... I am saving it for when I am deep inside your cunt.

He then rolled me over onto my stomach, with my ass in the air, and he laid on my back, pinning me to the sofa cushion with his chest. I tried to straighten up and he pushes me down and said it was too late to stop. I could feel his cock pressing against my hole and slowly he enters, stopping every few seconds. I knew I was getting fucked and could not stop it now, he was too strong. He started to sweat as he began to fuck me. Breathing hard, I knew it would not be long. All of a sudden he began to spasm and I tried to pull away. He held me close and stopped pumping. He just stayed still, but also still having that spasm feeling. I knew he was breeding me. He whispered in my ear and told me that I was his skinny, little, pregnant slut and that I was his for ever. He could take me anytime he wanted to, and I knew he was telling the truth. He pulled out and I felt a warm liquid dripping from me, down my leg. It took almost two days before I stopped dripping. I was all his.

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