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My first 3some

A few months back i thought id go for, a 3some that is it was always a big fantasy of mine. i wasnt really sure where to start its not like its something you can bring up to a friend to see if there down. so i went to the only place i could think of and that was craigslist. After weeks of going through tons if spam and offers from single guys i finally found a couple that seemed right for me. We exchanged emails and pics for a day or 2 then spoke on the phone. It was nice to know it was also their first time too. i spoke to the husband and wife over the phone and found out that his fantasy was to watch another guy fuck his wife and fill her pussy with their cum then after words he would take his turn. Just talking about it over the phone got me so hard and excited but also had me nervous. I mean this is what i wanted a mfm 3some but i was nervous about the whole bareback thing so we talked about former partners any stds and what not these 2 have been together for around 40 years yes their much order than me as im 24 but the thought of being with an older woman is such a turn on even after that i still wasnt sure so i suggested that we all get tested before we meet. I was happy when they agreed, so i went and got tested as they did after some time we all had our test back and everyone came out clean. At this point we still havent met in person, but set the date to get together for a week after we got our test back. So the day came it was gonna finally happening, i got the phone call from lisa "thats the wife" around 3pm just to make sure were still on the plan was for me to come to their house around 11pm. I spent that whole day so hard and excited for what was about to come. But as it got closer to the time i start to get nervous i mean i dont know these people but thats what kind of made this so hot. 10o'clock came and my phone rang it was lisa just checking to see if i was still coming, she started telling me how excited she was and couldnt wait i told her i was hoping in the shower and would be on my way. Got off the phone showered and was out the door. I never felt so nervous in my life. I pull up to their house still thinking about calling it a night and just heading home but by that point there wasnt any backing out i stepped out if my car and headed to the front door where lisa greeted me with a big hug and kiss on my cheek all the well her husband Walt is standing right behind her. they asked me to come in and to my surprise there was another female there i belive her name was stacy. From what i was told stacy and lisa would mess around from time to time and it just happened that she was in town that weekend and needed a place to stay. Now were just sitting in the living room haveing a bit of small talk both lisa and stacy are dressed in i guess they were long tee shirts but they were very thin so you could see through them, niether were wearing bras or panties and i was getting so hard with all the thoughts that were racing in my head. Walt saw me staring at lisas tits well we were all talking and just gave me a wink and told the 2 girls to lighting up and dance to the music that was playing, so they got up and begun dancing witch slowly turned to them to kissing and touching each other all over. after about 15mins they ask me to join. I told them i wasnt much of a dancer and honestly in the back of my mind i was just wondering when the sex was gonna happen. Lisa and stacy grabbed my hands and stood me up they began grinding on me and feeling all over my body then lisa reached down my pants and her eyes got huge she then told stacy feel this hes so big, stacy quickly grabbed my cock and agreed with a smile. they sat me back on the couch next to walt and begun to undress me once my pants were off lisa had her hand around my cock right away and begun stroking it followed by stacys lips around the head of my cock. Wow i never had this done before it felt so good. Lisa then turned from me and took her shirt off then started to undress walt as she took off his pants i could see why she was so taken by my size walt was probably only about 4in and im about 8.5in but felt like i was 12 that night. Lisa began sucking walts cock as stacy continued to suck me. As lisa was sucking walt i heard him ask her if she was ready to take take my big dick she moan yes then he asked if she wanted to be filled with my cum she agian moaned yes at that point i was ready to explode in stacys mouth. Walt positioned Lisa on her knees on the couch and looked at me and gave me a wink. At that point stacy stopped sucking me so i could get behinde lisa once i was in position stacy grabbed ahold of my cock and begun rubbing on lisas pussy she was dripping wet stacy guided my cock into lisas waiting pussy and as i pushed myself in lisa let out a loud moan. Walt was sitting right in front of lisa with his cock still in lisas face she tryed to continue sucking him but was moaning to much. I turned my head and saw stacy rubbing her now soaking wet pussy right next to me, i was in heaven this was so hot here i am doing this woman doggy style that i just met i have another woman next to me rubbing herself and right in front of me is her husband watching me fucking and wife and loving it. The whole time im fucking lisa, walts talking to her asking her hows it fill, how do you like that big cock in you everytime he says something she gets louder until he asks her i bet you cant wait till that dick fills yours pussy with cum she went crazy and let out the loudest moan and begun to squrit. At that monment im seconds from cumming then Walt starts to tell me to fill that pussy that was it i told him i was cumming and i felt lisas pussy start to get even tighter around my dick as i was cumming she was taking every last drop, ive never came so hard or as much in my life. As i pulled out cum begun to flow out of her pussy Walt hurried and turn lisa around and layed her on her back he then slide hes cock into his wifes well used and fully filled pussy as he starts to go in and out all i could see was his cock covered in my cum and he was loving it as i watch stacy reached over and grabbed my cock then started to suck mine and lisas juices off after a few seconds i was rock hard agian stacy asked if she could get a turn who was i to turn her down so i said yes of coruse but as i didnt know her or her history i choose to wear a condom. stacy slide the condom on and sat me on the couch then climb on top of me and let out a loud moan as she lowered herself onto me. Once i was deep in her she begun bounceing fast on my hard cock. I cant belive whats happening at this point i just fucked a woman right in front of her husband and filled her with my cum, now hes deep in her pussy thats full of my cum and to top it off now im fucking another woman well im watching walt as hes fucking his wife getting his cock covered in my cum. Stacy tells me shes cumming and begans to really start grinding on my hard cock. She starts to slow down as im ready to cum but tells me to not waste that cum so just before i cum i tell her and she jumps off and rips the condom off of my dick. Lisa looks over and says she wants some to so we move over to lisa, lisa and stacy begin to suck me, a few seconds after that i start to cum again its another monster load lisa and stacy take turns sucking it trying to get as much cum as they can at that point that sent walt over the edge and he came to with a loud moan. Walt slowly got off of lisa and sat back to look at the work we had done. Ive never seen so much cum in my life it was just pouring out. Stacy reached between lisas legs and spread her lips apart she was well used. We all sat around for a few monments collecting ourselves. I started to get dressed Walt, Lisa, and stacy thanked me for a wonderful night. We planned to continue have get togethers but i had to move for work so we kinda loose touch. But wow its was an amazing night id love to find another couple to hook up with theres some days where i cant help but think about it all day and it gets me so hard........................................please be gentle with your comments this is the first time ive ever told anyone about this.

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