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Bonding over his mom.

Me and My wife Michelle of six years met at a work party and and instantly hit it off, we dated on and off for about two years before we finally got married, she was 29 when I met her and I was only 23 but I didn't mind the age difference because she was amazing, and a MILF if there ever was one she had a son named Matt who was 10 at the time we met and you would have never guessed,she had the most amazing body, Jet black hair, blue eyes, amazing breasts and tiny hips with an amazing ass, me and her son got along great, his dad left them for another woman and I was trying to fill the role of dad as much as I could, I moved in with her and we got married shortly afterwards, her son was a good k** but when he hit 15 he started downward, he was always given shit at school, his friends constantly would tell him how they wanted to fuck his mom and would chant MILF when he walked by them in the hallways. What friends he did have were into drinking and d**gs, so he quickly started using, He was getting suspended from school and his mom said enough and finally we took him to counseling. The Councillor said he was still suffering from when his dad left. We also found out he was Bi-Sexual, his mother and me were shocked we had no idea but we told him it was OK and not to feel like shit about it.

Eventually he didn't want to be in counseling anymore, so we pulled him out, he had just turned 18 and was still having issues, One day I got a call at work from Michelle, she had gotten a call from the school they had found marijuana in Matt's locker and were going to have to expel him. When I got home from work she was still fighting with him and I went straight upstairs to the bedroom because they were fighting so bad I didn't wanna get in the middle of it.She came up to bed shortly and said that he was really upset and was crying over his father, she said she thought things were going to get better.

One day I had gotten off work a little early and was heading home so her Matt and I could go out and try to find something to bond over. I pulled up to the driveway and parked in the garage. I went inside the house and it was quiet, I called out for her and Matt but got no response, I looked all over for them but could not find them. I started walking upstairs when I heard Laughing and I was happy that they seemed to be getting along, I started walking to the end of the hall where Matt's bedroom was and I walked past me and Michelle's bedroom and the door was open a crack and something caught my eye, I backed up a couple steps and peeked in. Matt was laying on the bed with his tattered jean's around his ankles and his black t-shirt on and Michelle was curled up at the end of the bed naked sucking his cock. All I could so was look, I was too shocked to or confused on how to handle what had happening and the worst part was I was getting extremely turned on.

I stood at the cracked bedroom door and watched as My wife sucked her 18 year old's cock. He was looking down at her as her head went up and down, every once and awhile she would look up at him with his cock in her mouth and smile, He had a hand full of her hair as she would push he head down on him further and further until she would gag, I had a huge hard on at this point. After awhile she laid down and he kissed all the way down her naked body only to stop and lick her amazing tits and was eating he tiny shaved pussy out, She was playing with her tits as she let out moan after moan. He only stopped once to look up at her and ask "Do you like that?". After about 10 minutes she looked at the clock on the side of the bed and said "David will be back from work soon" with a smile on her face. I quickly rushed downstairs and went into the garage waited 5 minuted and walked in and at that time she was walking down the stairs, and said she had taken a nap and Matt was in his room listing to music. We decided to go to the mall and when we arrived I told Matt we would drop him off at the front and go find a spot to park. Me and Michelle finally parked and I knew I had to say something. I said so how are you and Matt getting along after your fight? She responded "I think he just had to get some stuff off his chest and was doing better" I knew what I wanted to ask her about what happened but couldn't.

After a couple weeks went by I decided that when I got off of work that night I was finally going to confront her on what I saw. I got home and walked threw the garage door and into the kitchen, I heard silence again and I automatically thought of what I had saw before, I slowly made my way threw the kitchen trying to be quiet and when I got to the entrance of the living room I saw Matt on the couch with is pants off again and Michelle on her knees with her pajama shorts on, no top or bra sucking his cock. For a 18 year old he had about a 7 1/2 in cock but what thick. I found myself there watching again as my Wife sucked her sons cock. I had no idea what to do but after watching for about 6 minutes I walked into the living room, Matt's eyes met mine first and he looked at me shocked, but she couldn't see me because the couch was facing me and her back was turned to me. Matt looked like he was ready to say something but I put my finger to my lips with a smile and shook my head no.

He smiled at me and put his hand on his mothers head and started forcing it down on his cock. I didn't know why I told him not to say anything but I was way to turned on by what I was seeing, He was smiling at me while she kept sucking, Eventually I undid my pants and took them off without her hearing, Matt's eyes went right to my already hard cock, I was about 8in and thick. I was stroking my cock while I watched until Matt took his hand off her head and without her seeing Patted the couch for me to come sit next to him. I walked over and sat down and as soon as I did she knew I was there, she shot up and was like "Oh my god" and instantly started crying. I looked at her smiled and and said "Get back on your knees" She was kinda shocked but eventually grinned and knelt back down in front of me this time and started suck my cock as she stroked his, When she went back to Matt's and started sucking all of the sudden his hand reached over and he started stroking my cock as he smiled at me. When she came back to sucking me I reached over and grabbed a hold of his cock and started stroking.After an hour of her going back and fourth she was sucking me and Matt stood up and and knelt down next to her, he started kissing her and all of the sudden he had a hold of my cock sliding it into his mouth, His mom watched grinning as he was working his head on my cock up and down, It felt amazing, him and her would take turns, one would suck while the other was licking my balls.

After awhile Matt looked at her and said "Suck His cock" she was sucking me as he positioned her on all fours and knelt up behind her, as he slid his cock in her, her whole body jerked forward as she let out a moan with my cock in her mouth, Matt was pounding her from behind while he had one hand on her back and the other reached out on her head slamming it on my cock. After while she said she was going to cum and he started thrusting faster and faster, he reached out pulled her head back with a hand full of hair and said "Take that dick mommy" She let out a bellowing scream as she came all over his cock. Matt looked at me and said lets switch, I got up and got behind her had he had sat down and made her suck all her cum off him, Her pussy was already gaping from his cock as I slid mine in, she let out moan after moan as I pounded her while he slammed her head on his cock saying "Take his fucking cock like a good girl" I thrust faster and faster until she came again. I stood up with my cock wet from all her cum and walked toward the couch and as I did I looked at Matt and said "Suck it" he wasted no time sliding it in his mouth sucking all his moms cum off me.

We switched spots again, I sat down and he got behind her. Her mascara was running down her face as her hair and body were wet from sweating, As she was sucking me I thought he was going to fuck her pussy again but he knelt on one knee behind her and all the sudden she let out a murderous scream. I looked up and he had his cock deep in her ass. Me and her had never done anal before because she said she never tried it and didn't want to but he had his cock in her ass and she wasent fighting it. She was pushing her head in my lap next to my cock as she grabbed my hips tight and was letting out screams as he slid his cock in her ass over and over. After while she stood up and she let out a sigh, he looked at me and said "Your turn" I got behind her and slid my cock in her asshole as she let out another scream. I pounded her ass until she came again, me and Matt were taking turns as she buried her head in the couch fucking her ass, after awhile her ass was gaping. Matt laid on the carpet and pulled her on top of him and slid his cock in her pussy as I got behind her and slid my cock in her ass, she was letting out screams as me and Matt filled her hole's, She came over and over.

Michelle sat up after awhile sweaty and worn out her tiny body shaking, Matt looked at her and said "How did you like anal mom?" and she replied smiling "It hurts! do you wanna try it?" He said yeah, She sat on the couch and and told him to get on all fours and lick her pussy, as he got down she looked at me and said "Fuck Him". I got some lube and rubbed it on my cock, I knelt down and slid my cock head first into him. He let out a scream but was muffled because she was holding his head in her pussy.I slid it all the way in but his body kept pulling forward, His mom put her knees on his shoulders to keep him from moving forward and I was able to get my whole cock in him. I was pounding him hard while he let out moans and screams but after awhile I was going to cum because he was so tight. She knelt down on the floor as me and Matt stood over her stroking our cocks, I came first shooting 3 or 4 loads on her face as she stroked him, about 30 seconds later Matt said he was going to cum and I was shocked as Ive never seen so much cum, he was shooting huge loads all over he face and the carpet and the couch, her face was covered and he tits were covered. She laughed and said "wow boys" as she got up to go clean herself up. Me and Matt got out cloths back on and he looked at me before walking away and said with a smile on his face "I guess we found something to bond over".

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