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Rene and Me Part 2

Rene and Me part 2

Last time I revealed some background information about myself and how I came to be a high priced whore. I also filled in
some of blanks concerning my first encounter with Rene. I don't recall if I mentioned it or not but there were roughly twenty more
mysterious encounters with Rene. He always sent Charles to pick me up in the Rolls Royce Silver Cloud and I was never permitted
to see exactly where he was taking me. However I did do a bit of detective work trying to ascertain where Rene's home was located.
I estimated the travel time and then drew circles on a map depicting the distance we would have traveled at various driving speeds.
This method provided me with a vague idea of where he may have lived but eventually I came to realize that the encircled areas were
just too large to accurately determine the location. I came to satisfy myself with the realization that perhaps I would never be able to
pinpoint the spot and furthermore I told myself that I'd come to enjoy the mystery of never knowing.
On subsequent visits to Rene's various nuances were added to the mystery but the journey remained largely the same each time.
Rene initiated me in the ways of bondage and restraint. He was quite proficient at it and just as had anticipated I learned to relish it.
He taught me what it was like to feel the sting of the lash. He introduced me to the whip, the crop,the belt, the paddle and numerous
other flagellation devices. The sessions with each new device were mild at first but always included a short session of harder lashes
and swats. Rene told me that it was important for me to have experienced the full brunt of each instrument in order that I would know
what to expect should be required to subject to a more severe thrashing. For the most part the spankings, whippings and canings were
no where near as brutal as they were during my first visit. Rene also took delight in whipping my breasts and applying nipple clips to my
On occasion I was allowed to share his bed for the night but mostly he provided me with other sl**ping arrangements. Always
upon my arrival Rene's live in housekeeper would leave the house and incredibly so would his wife. During the first several visits I was
blindfolded and not able to actually see either his wife or the maid but I could always hear them as the hurried past me. I so wanted to
ask Rene about this odd arrangement he seemed to have with his wife but was afraid to bring up the subject. Even after our unique
relationship evolved Rene remained silent with respect to his wife. It wasn't until after our encounters ended did I finally discover that
at one time his Rene and his future wife were shared exactly the kind of arrangement Rene and I were now engaged in.
The first night I spent at Rene's I was exiled to the spare bedroom that was located the furthest from Rene's. On subsequent visits
I found myself spending the night in the maids bedroom, on a bare twin sized mattress located on the floor of a converted storage room, and
one time I was left in the cellar on the cold floor with my both my wrists and ankles bound. I believe it was on my 7th or 8th visit that after Rene
had administered a moderate canning of twenty five strokes to my ass that I was required to orally service Rene's cock and swallow a large
load of his cum after which he led me upstairs to room I hadn't previously been in.
"You will sl**p in this room tonight." he said.
"Yes Sir." I answered.
When opened the door I could hardly believe my eyes. The room was lavishly furnished and tastefully decorated. On one wall sat a king-sized
bed with enormous wooden posts. I was clothed in just a garter belt, stockings and 5 inch heels. Rene opened a walk in closet and pointed
a rack which contained a long row of very elegant and very expensive nightgowns.
"You may whichever one you'd like." he said "I'm sure you'll do it more justice and she does."
I then realized that I was in Rene's wife's bedroom.
"I am going to enjoy a brandy and a shower." Rene informed me "Afterwards I shall return to fuck you."
Roughly an hour later Rene returned with two snifters of brandy.
"You look ravishing in that gown my dear." he said "It's was an excellent choice."
The gown was snow white and hung nearly to my ankles. It a little tight but that just made it cling to my every curve. The French made gown
fit tightly around by breasts and the fabric was so sheer that my stiff nipples pressed against the cups of the bodice.
"You've been a very good girl tonight Darling, so I've decided to share some brandy with you." he said.
Rene set the brandy on the nightstand and reached out for my hand. He pulled me toward him and had me lay across his lap. I really wasn't
relishing another spanking so soon but that wasn't what he had in mind. With me splayed across his lap he slowly raised the hem of the gown
until he'd uncovered my naked bottom.
"Oh my love" he whispered "Such lovely red markings on your delightful little ass."
He proceeded to slowly run his fingertips over each of the red lines that had been left by the cane. Up and down each red mark he slowly let
his fingers travel.
"So lovely, so very, very lovely." He again whispered. "I believe I shall have to cane you more often."
"If you wish to Rene." I said.
Once he'd satisfied himself with the results of his canning he let his finger slip between the mounds of my ass. He slipped first one and then
two fingers into the entrance to my "pussy". Slowly his fingers slid in and out, opening the hole of my sex. Gradually his fingering grew a bit
faster and he pushed his fingers in deeper. He reached toward the nightstand and stuck his fingers into a snifter of brandy. Once his fingers were
wet with the brandy he once again slipped them into my rear honey pot. I began to moan as he expertly and lovingly penetrated my "pussy" with
his brandy coated fingers.
"Chrissie," he whispered "Would like to taste your ass? Would like see what your tight little "pussy" tastes like?"
"Yessssss!!" I said with a moan.
He raised his hand to my mouth and inserted first two and then four fingers for me to suck. "
"Do you like that my wonderful little whore? He whispered. "You do don't you? You like the taste of you whore "pussy".
"OH MY GOD YES!" I said.
"I'm going to fuck this little whore's cunt of yours" he said. "Do you want me to fuck your cunt Chrissie?"
"OHHHH YESSSS!!! " I breathed.
"Show me how much you want me to fuck you Chrissie. he said "Beg me to fuck you!"
"Please Rene! Please Fuck me!! I said. " I want you to fuck me baby. I want you to fuck me soooo bad."
Rene pulled up from across his lap and soon I found myself lying face down on the bed. Rene was kneeling between my legs behind me.
He reached up and pulled two bed pillows down inserting them beneath me in order lift my ass high in the air. I felt his cock head as he
teased at the entrance to sex. With my legs spread and my ass high in the air I waited for his cock to pierce the opening to my "pussy"
and begin to sink deep into my cunt.
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" I let out a squeal as his cock drove deep into my ass. I tightened my
muscles around it in an effort to hold deep in my "pussy". He began a slow rhythmic thrusting, his cock driving deeper with each stroke.
"OH MY GOD RENE YES!!!" I screamed " OH YES, YES,YES ,YES.....OH FUCK YES!!!
I reached down and began to stroke my "clitty", moaning each time he thrust his cock into me.
Rene increased the pace of his thrusting and I pushed back, taking every one of his piston like strokes.
"Chrissie, I'm going to come!" he said "I'm going to fill your fucking "pussy" with my cum!"
I again began to stroke my "clitty" and in seconds I was spurting my sex juice all over my belly. Rene let out a loan groaning sound and I felt
his warm sweet cum gushing out and filling my ass. The feeling was incredible, my "pussy" filled with Rene's glorious seed. He pulled his cock
from my "pussy" and gave my ass a sharp slap.
"Chrissie! I want you to push it out." Rene said "Push my cum out of your "pussy!"
I started to concentrate on pushing the cum from my ass and soon I felt it dripping from the entrance to my fuck hole.
"Yes Chrissie, just like that. Let it come out." he said.
Rene then began to rub his cock head in the cream pie that was seeping from my sex. Once he'd coated his cock with the cum he slipped his
cock back inside me and began to slide his still hard cock in and out of my wet "pussy" hole.
"OH YES RENE" I cried " Push your cum back inside me. I want it deep inside me."
Once he'd reinserted his cum into my ass he pulled his softening cock from my cunt, picked up his brandy as he walked toward the door he
turned to me and said. "You may sl**p in my wife's bed tonight. And Chrissie let the cum dry on the sheets and pillow cases. Let her discover
it when she returns."

Still more to come.........

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