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Spank Me

He grabbed her arm and asked her "who did you fuck last night you cheap slut?" She answered "Why do you need to know? I fuck any one I want. When you are at work I need cock and I go find it." He ripped her top off showing her bare tits. Then he pulled her pants down. She was now naked and he sat down and pulled her across his lap. He held her down as he began to spank her. He rubbed her naked ass feeling how sexy she was. Then he raised his hand and smacked her ass hard. Her saw the hand print on her cheek. It fascinated him and he smacked the other cheek. He saw that hand print and smiled. She yelled to be let up but he told her "I am going to show you how a dirty slut is punished. I am going to beat your ass till you can not sit." He would give her ten smacks then rub her sore ass then ten more smacks and more rubbing. He could see how red her ass was and how hot it felt as he rubbed it. He spanked her as she cried in pain. When he finally let her up she was sore and not going to be sitting.

He grabbed her hair and pulled her down in front of him. "You like cock so start sucking mine. Take every inch and if you gag I will smack that ass some more. Show me what a dirty nasty slut you can be." She began to lick his cock then suck it. He let her lick for a minute then grabbed the back of her head and pushed her face down all the way on his ten inch cock. She tried not to gag but the cock was too large and she finally gagged. He grabbed her leg and pulled her over his lap and spanked her twenty times on her already sore ass. Then he pushed her back to his cock and held her face over his cock and face fucked her. He was fucking her hard and ramming his cock down her throat till she felt his cum fill her and she began to swallow. He laughed and told her "Now that is how a good slut sucks cock. I may spank your ass every night if it makes you such a great cocksucker. Now lets see that cunt of yours ride my cock." She got up and straddled his cock and began to go up and down on the long shaft. He moaned "Yes, baby. Fuck that cock. Ride me hard. Put that cunt tight on my big cock." As she rode him he reached back and squeezed her sore ass cheeks.

But while he was at work the next day, she went to her stud and fucked him many times. She just got home before her husband walked in the door and he knew she had been fucking some one. He grabbed her arm and told her "You fucking whore. I told you I would beat your ass if you fucked any one again. He ripped her clothes off and took off his belt and pulled her over his lap and began to beat her ass. Every whack of the ass left a welt. She was begging him to stop. He put welt after welt on her ass. He told her "If you are going to act like a cheap whore I will punish you like one. Now keep that ass still or I will double the whipping time." He then stopped smacking her ass and rubbed it which was extremely painful for her. He could see bruises begin to show. She also had welts on her legs as she squirmed and he missed her ass and hit her legs. He then replied "Now my little whore, it is time to suck my cock and do not gag or I will whip you more." He pushed her face to his cock and plunged it in her deep. He face fucked her shoving his long cock down her throat till she gagged.

He then grabbed her and bent her over the bed and used the belt and whipped her ass twenty times on the already bruised ass cheeks. He pulled her by the hair and rammed his cock down her throat again and fucked her till he filled her throat with cum and watched her swallow it. He said to her "Now you are my little cum slut. Tonight I am going to fuck your ass because I know you hate it. Now bend over and spread your ass cheeks. I am going to **** that ass." He then pushed his big cock in her ass and fucked her deep and hard. It took him a while to cum again and so the assault on her ass was a long time.

The next night he came home from work and looked at her and stripped her naked again. He said "I want you naked every night when I come home. I want to see your tits and ass bare." He then reached in the bag he was carrying and pulled out handcuffs and put her hands behind her back and snapped them on her wrists. "I bought some toys to play with tonight my sexy little slut." He then put a gag ball in her mouth and tied it behind her head. He hooked a spreader bar between her ankles with her legs spread wide. He tied a rope around her neck and looped it around a hook in the ceiling. He tightened it so she was standing on her toes. He smiled and told her "Now that is perfect. Are you ready for a good spanking tonight? You are such a nasty whore I have to punish you before I fuck you." He then took a riding crop out and went behind her and looked at her already bruised ass from the last two nights. He smacked each ass cheek and the crop zinged across he ass leaving a deep mark. He gave each ass cheek ten whips and her ass was zig zagged with marks.

He then walked to the front of her and squeezed her cheeks. She had tears running down her face but could not yell with the gag ball in her mouth. He ran his hand over her tits and pinched each nipple and then slid his hand down to her pussy and and pinched her clit and pushed three fingers in her cunt. He felt to her ass and pushed two fingers in her ass. He meant to show her he was in total control. He took the crop and ran it over her tits. She looked scared. He smiled at her then smacked each nipple with the crop making a big welt on them. Then he took his hand and rubbed the nipples and pinched them again. He gave each tit three whacks with the crop. He ran the crop down to her pussy and let it roam over her clit and pussy cheeks. She was spread wide open with the bar between her legs. He smiled again and smacked her pussy with the crop. He then smacked her again and this time against her clit. He gave the clit several more whacks and then felt it to see of it was swollen which it was. He looked at the welts across her tits and ass.

Next he stripped naked and pushed his cock into her cunt and fucked her bumping the sore clit. He told her "I am going to fuck your sore pussy till you cum for me. If you don't cum I will take the crop and give that pussy twenty whacks. I want you to cum like a whore. You are my cum slut. You like to fuck men so now I will punish your fucking cunt." He fucked her for quite a while feeling her cum against his cock.

He then undid her from the ceiling and took her to the bed and tied her there. He told her "I am going to keep you tied here for my pleasure. I have not punished you enough for being a whore. You need to learn that you can not fuck any one but me. I am going to whip and fuck you every night till you can behave. Now I am going to take the gag out and let you feel my cock down your throat. Then I am going to give you cum and piss to swallow. Now open wide slut."

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