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Busted!! Part 2

To refresh your memory, I had just masterbated in the bathroom stall at school. I was completley naked with my legs in the air and my asshole exposed. When I opened my eyes my 10th grade history teacher was standing there with his cock in hand. I watched him as my own dick began to grow again. He then bent down and slowly lapped up the warm cum off my stomach. My dick and asshole began to tingle at the feel of his tounge on my stomach. I was in heaven. When he was done he put his ragging hard-on back in his pants. He told me that I had detention after school, and that I was going to have it in his classroom. The entire rest of the day I couldn't seem to sit still in anticapation for my punishment. My dick was harder than it had ever been. In the last class of the day I couldn't help but rub it through my thin shorts. Finally 3:30 came around. My heart was about to burst through my chest as I walked to his classroom. I had no underwear on so my 6in. cock was clearly visable. I didn't care. I was on my way to the greatest appointment of my life. As I entered the room Mr. Smith ( the name has been changed ) was standing by the blackboard. He told me to sit down in the seat at the front of the room. He went to the door, which he had covered the window with paper, and closed and locked it. He told me to take my clothes off very slowly so that he could soak in every inch of my young tan body. As I started to take off my pants I began to rub my dick. He told me no, because he liked to see it throbbing and waiting to be sucked. After getting undressed I sat back down. The chair was cold on my naked ass. The chair I was in had no desk attached to it, so I was well exposed. Hethen stood in front of me and told me to watch, but not to touch myself yet. I don't know his exact age, but I guess around 30. He stood about '6'3 and weighed probally 185lbs. He had short black hair and crystal clear blue eyes. A very fit body. He took off his shirt first, and then his pants. As he stood there complety nude I drank in every inch of his body. He had a six pack and was very tone. Best of all was that every inch of his body, at least what I could see, was free of any hair. This made his 8 in. dick seem even larger. His ass was a perfect bubble of meat that I wanted to go face first into. He walked over to me and got down on his knees. He looked up at me and grinned. He parted my legs and pushed them up towards my head. My asshole was right in front of his mouth now. As his wet tounge touched my asshole shivers ran up my entire body. I have had my asshole licked before, but this man was fucking pro. He then penatrated my hole and began to tounge fuck me. I wasn't touching my dick, but the pre-cum was already flowing. He rammed his tounge harder and harder into my asshole. I thought I might cum right there, but before I could he pulled out. He then began to lick my balls. They were so full of cum and ready to explode their sweet necture. He ran his tounge up the shaft of my cock. As he put the head of my dick into his mouth I heard him moan as he got another taste of my young cum. He made love to my dick with his mouth for several minutes. It was the best blow job I had ever had. He then stopped and sat on my lap. My cock was planted right between his firm ass cheecks. He leaned in and began to kiss me. His tounge in my mouth was absolutly bliss. I could still taste on own pre-cum on his tounge. He then told me to let him know right before I came, because he wanted it in his mouth. He sat up ever so slightly and with his hand guided my dick right into his ass. He rocked back and forth ass dick was inside him. Our bodies were locked togather and we sweating as we fucked. I had my hands on his ass as he moved his hips faster allowing my dick to go further inside him. He was moaning and I could feel his breath on my neck. The words barley came out as I said " I....cum...ming". He stood up as fast as lighting and in an instance he had swolled my dick with his mouth. My balls unloaded the biggest load ever. I filled his mouth full. So much so that I could see cum dripping out of the corners of his mouth. He licked up every last drop. Now that day I did not get to taste his cum, but we had plenty more fucking sessions in our future. I spent most of my summer at his house. I will tell more about this someother time. The End

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