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My cuckold story

This story is entirely true, if you like this leave a comment and i'll write the next parts. Names have been changed to protect the filthy.

I met my wife to be six years ago, we married nearly three years later. Our sex life was always great from the begining but I was always the one to push things a little futher. She had never swallowed cum or rimmed a guy before me, so i gradually got the idea she may be open to ideas....

Angie is a very sexy 44 year old, 5'5", 36C, lovely legs and bum and a nice shaved pussy. Guys are always hitting on her when she's out with her friends, this turned me on and still does, and she would notice this and go into details of how they stared at her breasts etc.

A bit of background info. Angie was married before we met (three k**s and a boring sex life). She is a very sexual creature, something her husband never exploited, but a work colleague did. She works as a teacher at a local high school and the school janitor would often compliment her and make sexy jokes to get a rise from her. One day the two of them were the only ones left in the school and Joe (the janitor) says 'how about a quicky'. Angie calls his bluff 'I'm not shagging you without a condom'. Joe whips a rubber out of his pocket, 'cocky bastard' she says. That was the first of many sexual encounters with Joe, and Angie related them all to me after she saw how turned on I was by that one. They would fuck in his storeroom, in the toilets of the school, in his car, her car and on her marital bed. He would bend her over her desk at school, lift up her skirt, pull her panties to one side and shag her sensless. She would tie him to the chair in her kitchen, put a doughnut on his cock and eat it before climbing on top and riding him.

This affair went on for a couple of years, in fact it finished just months before we met. Yes, she was married when we met, two affairs for the Catholic teacher! She left her husband soon after we met though, so the excitement of playing around was over for her, or so she thought...

We were lying in bed roughly two and years ago and Angie was telling me about a guy who hit on her the night before. She was out with friends and the guy was chatting her up and she got his number. 'Call him for a date' I said. 'Jim, I don't want to cheat on you'. 'It might be exciting' I was trying to be casual. She said 'I'm not comfortable with it, I love you too much'. And that was the end of it.

The next day I was at work I got a text.
*Jim I've got solution to our problem*.
*What problem?*
*Me shagging another guy*
My heart was racing.
*Go on...*
*One of the girls at work says her b*****r in law has always fancied me, he's not bad looking, 52 I think. He's a handy man, I could get him over to 'fix' the washing machine. What do you think?*
*Fucking love it xxx*
*I'll get his number, love you loads xxx*

I couldn't believe the turnaround. That night as we made love she said she saw how turned on I was by the stories about Joe and that it could be fun to shag someone else. I knew she was open to new things but she continued to blow my mind. She then said Brian (the handyman) was coming over tomorrow night and I was to give her an empty house for a couple of hours! It took me three or four more thrusts and I blow my load inside her.

The next day at work was a bit of a blur, my mind racing with what my wife was going to do to this other guy. Would she suck his cock, his balls even? Would it just be straight shag, would she let him go down on her? I didn't want to ask her any questions (in case she got cold feet) so I tried to keep calm that night. 'Right Jim, Brians coming over in half an hour, out you go and don't come back until I text you'.

Three hours can really drag by when your mind is in a state of turmiol. I'm not a jealous person but I was definately feeling jealous and horny, really fucking horny. I drove around for a bit then decided the car park at our apartment was best. Brians' van was parked near the entrance so I parked in the corner behind an SUV. He was in there with my wife, where they fucking right now? Sucking? Ages later he came out walking towards his van fixing his underwear by the looks of it. He got in his van and started talking to someone on his phone, maybe his wife. Angie then phoned me 'hiya honey that's him just left'. 'How did you get on?' I asked. 'Well I shagged him, but I'll tell you all about it later' She said. Two minutes later I was at the door, Angie answered 'are you OK honey' she looked a little nervous. She later told me she thought I was angry as my face was all flushed and I looked agitated, I think that's what super horny must look like. I pushed her onto the bed and pulled off her jeans. 'Jim, stop, we didn't use a condom'. 'That's OK' I replied as I slid her knickers off. What did she mean, I thought, did that mean he came inside her? My hands were shaking, my heart racing as I looked at my wifes pussy, her lips reds and puffy and used. She lay back on the bed, I knelt on the floor and lowered my face to pussy, the smell of cum obvious as I got closer. He had emptied his balls in my wife! My cock was raging at the thought, this had never occured to me, what would I do? Before I knew it my tongue was licking at her clit and she was moaning above me. We were both loving this. I could taste him on her, the smell was strong but surprisingly to me not unpleasant. I slid a finger inside her and a thick gob of spunk slipped out, the smell overpowering. I then slid my tongue along the length of her crack savouring the taste and cleaning her pussy of his cum. I was eating my first creampie and loving it! I then moved up and slid my cock inside her. The feeling was exquisite, I nearly came right away. It felt so warm and slippery and sooo right! 'Did you suck his cock?' I asked, as I started thrusting deeply into her. 'His cock, his balls, he fucking loved it!', she moaned. I blow my load right there, her second load of the night, one of the most explosive orgasms I've ever had.

Angie realised over the next few days that I didn't want it to end there and neither did she. Three years and two more lovers later she is still cuckolding me.....

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