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f****y Yard SalebySlickman©
Note from Slickman: Been to a good yard sale lately? Have you found things that were very private that the people didn't know were out there? All rights reserved.


"HUGE f****y YARD SALE, Saturday, October 1, 2005. Multi-f****y. Lots of stuff. 102 Belmar Drive. No early birds. 8:00AM to Noon."

Annie Flanagan read the ad one more time before sending it to the local newspaper. They only had one week to get everything out of storage and priced. She picked up the phone and called her b*****r Bill's house. Her niece Barbie answered.

"Barbie, this is Aunt Annie, is your f****y ready for the yard sale next weekend?

"Jake and I have our stuff ready but Mom and Dad are not even close," the young 18 year old high school senior replied. Jake is her identical twin.

"I'm sending in the ad right now so tell them to get their stuff ready," Annie said. She hung up the phone and yelled down at her husband Tim. "Do you have everything priced yet?"

"No, but we have all week," Tim yelled back. His wife was getting on his nerves.

"I don't want to wait until the last minute," she yelled back. "How about your parents? Do they have their stuff ready?"

"I doubt it," Tim said. He knew his parents always waited until the last minute.

"Well I'm finished with ours so I'm going to offer them some help."

"Good," Tim said smiling. Now maybe she would get out of his hair.

Annie called and her mother-in-law Betty answered. "Hi Betty I was wondering if you need my help with your yard sale stuff?"

"Sure, come on over, Jack just brought a bunch of boxes down from the attic. I can use your help."


"Have you checked all of those boxes?" Betty asked her husband as he walked from the garage. "I don't want anybody to see any of our pre-k**s stuff."

"I threw that stuff away," Jack said.

"Are you sure?"


It was an hour later when Annie pulled up in her new SUV. The garage door was open and she saw her mother-in-law looking in some boxes. "Wow, you've got a lot of old stuff."

"I just want to make sure there's nothing valuable in here," Betty said looking in the last box. "I don't see anything."

"Good, so why don't you take a break and let me sort all of this stuff out on the floor. You can come back later and take out the stuff you don't want to sell."

"Thank you," Betty said, dirty and sweating. "I need a break."

Ann put on her gloves and opened the first box. It contained a lot of old books that some things collectors might want. She piled them up in the corner and tossed the empty box aside. The next two boxes had some old clothing that looked worthless so she put them in another pile. What is worthless to one person might be someone else's treasure. She looked at the ten other boxes and shook her head.

After two more boxes with old picture frames and dishes she found a box that had been pushed under one of the shelves in the garage. It didn't look as if Betty had looked inside. She blew off the dust on top and used her razor knife to cut the thick packaging tape. She sat on a box nearby and pulled it open.

"Oh my God," Betty whispered when she saw some silky clothing. She picked up a sheer nightgown and saw two holes where a woman's breasts would stick outward. Beneath the top was a pair of crotchless panties. She put them down and pulled open a small box. Her mouth opened wide from shock as her eyes looked at a huge black dildo. "Can this stuff be my conservative in-laws?" She asked herself.

Betty touched the dildo and was amazed that it felt like a real penis except it was cold. It had a slot for batteries and a small on and off switch. She glanced at the door to the house to make sure no one was coming out as she lifted the small box and saw a large manila envelope. She opened it and stopped when she saw photographs inside.


An hour later Betty walked back out and saw everything on the floor and all the empty boxes in the corner.

"I' them....opened," Annie said nervously. She was having trouble looking at the woman she had admired for so long.

"Thank you so much Annie," Betty said. "You do more for us than our own k**s."

"No problem. Why don't I leave you alone with this stuff and then you can take your time going through it. I'll come back tomorrow and help you price whatever you want." Before Betty could answer Annie grabbed her purse and almost ran to her car. On the way home she glanced at the small cardboard box sitting on the floor in front of the passenger seat.


Jake was listening to his headphones when his bedroom door flew open. He saw his twin s****r glaring at him. He pulled off his headphones. "Shit, Barbie, when are you going to start knocking?" He pulled the sheet over his boxers.

"Get real, you have nothing I haven't already seen," she laughed. Although it had been about twelve years ago. "Are you going to help me with the yard sale stuff? Mom said we get to keep the money we make."

"How would you like it if I barged into your room at any time?"

"I wouldn't care. I am your s****r," she giggled. "Well are you going to help?"

"Yes," he grinned as he pushed off the sheet and stood proudly showing the large tent in his boxers. Suddenly Barbie's eyes got big and she turned and ran from the room.

Twenty minutes later he moved into the tight attic space and saw her sitting on the flooring reading a small book. She heard his footsteps and quickly pushed the book down behind her leg. "JAKE!"

"What where you reading?" he asked as he moved over next to her.

"Nothing," she said as she pushed the book under her ass and sat on it.

"If it's nothing then you won't mind me doing this," he said as he grabbed her arm and jerked her upward. Before she could respond he had the book in his hand. "A diary?"

"Yes, it was Mom's," Annie said. "I know I shouldn't have read some of it but I did. You better not read it."

"Shit, I have to read it now," Jake laughed as he held her an arms length away. He read the second page twice:


"November 14th.

"He stopped by again today but I wouldn't let him in. I told him it was a mistake and that we couldn't do it again. I wanted so much for him to come inside but I knew if he did I could never face my husband again. If Annie or Bill found out our families would be destroyed."


Jake lifted his eyes from the book. "Who is she talking about?"

"Uncle Tim stupid. They did it."

"Mom and Uncle Tim?"

"Yes. Keep reading."

Jake opened the book and turned to the next page.


"November 27th.

We all went to Bill's mothers for Thanksgiving. It was the first time I had been with Tim since our affair. He kept looking at me and I told him to stop or someone would know. He asked me to drive with him back to his house to pick up some cranberry sauce they had forgotten. I knew I shouldn't have gone but I did."


Jake quickly turned the page.


"During the trip he kept touching my leg and I moved away but then he put his hand up under my dress and touched by panties. I was so wet that he knew I wanted him as much as he wanted me. As soon as we got into his house he pulled me to the sofa and pulled off my panties."


Jake started to turn the page but Annie stopped him. "Don't say I didn't warn you." Jake pushed her hand away and turned the page and began reading. ************************************

"I've never been so hot and turned on. As soon as he touched my pussy I climaxed and then he used his mouth on me. He made me climax again and then pulled my head down to his giant penis. I've never given a blowjob before but I wanted to please him so I did. His cum filled my mouth and I swallowed it. He wanted to do more but I told him we had to get back to his parent's house."


"Jesus," Jake said putting down the book. "Our mother gave Uncle Tim a blowjob." He picked up the book and started to read the next page but Barbie moved next to him.

"That was as far as I got. I want to read it too," she whispered as she leaned against him and looked down at her mother's handwriting and at the large hard-on under her b*****r's cotton shorts.


"December 12th.

I was home alone today and he came to visit me. I tried to make him leave but he wouldn't. While I was standing against the kitchen cabinet he pushed up against me and reached down to pull off my panties under my housecoat. I was more than ready for his penis when he pushed it in. We did it standing up. He didn't leave until I got him hard again with my mouth and then we did it in my bed. I felt so guilty doing it with another man in a bed where my husband sl**ps. I climaxed twice in a row for the first time."


Jake's hands were trembling as he held the book open for his s****r to finish reading the page. Not only was the book making him excited so was his s****r's breast pushing into his bicep making him hot.

Barbie too was turned on. The muscular presence of him next to her was causing her to breathe more rapidly. "Jake, have you done it yet?"

"Yes," he whispered as he turned his head towards hers and looked into her blue eyes. "Have you?"

"No," she whispered. "I haven't met anyone I wanted to do it with."

"Do you think they are still doing it?" He asked.

"Maybe," she whispered. She moved her breast slightly until her hard nipple touched his arm. "We should read some more."

"This is very uncomfortable," Jake said closing the book. "Maybe we should read it in my room?" He didn't move his arm from her rigid tip.

"OK," she whispered. "Mom and Dad won't be back for a while." They were visiting some of their friends.

Barbie stood up first and smiled when he stood up next to her. "I see the book got you excited."

"You too," he laughed as he smacked her little rear in the tight cotton shorts. They moved down the attic stairs and into his room. He closed the door behind them and locked it. "We don't want them catching us reading the book do we?"

"No," she giggled as she moved over and sat on his bed. He moved next to her and opened the book again.


"December 24th.

We were all together at Tim's house celebrating Christmas Eve and drinking eggnog and wine. We were both feeling pretty high so Bill and I decided to sl**p over. As Tim and I were in the kitchen he whispered for me to meet him in the basement at 1:00AM. I knew we were taking a chance but my body wouldn't say no. I stayed awake and slipped down the stairs at 1:00AM. He was waiting for me and we did it on the large rug. He pushed it into my anus until I told him I didn't like it. Then he fucked me doggie style. On Christmas Day he gave me a small stuffed Dog that made me laugh. No one else got the joke."


"She still has that stuffed dog," Annie said. She smiled at her b*****r. "It would be better if we lay down." She moved onto her back with his pillow behind her head and looked down at him glaring up her tanned legs at her white panties peeking out from under her shorts.

Jake held the book in one hand and crawled next to her with the other one. "Care if I share the pillow?"

"No," she giggled as her head moved over to allow his next to hers. She turned her body slightly until her breast and thigh pushed against his hard body. He turned the page.


"December 31st.

We went with Annie and Tim to the cabin to celebrate New Years Eve. As soon as Tim and I were alone he started kissing me and touching me all over. Annie and Bill were down by the lake and we could see them from the window. As I watched them he kissed my pussy and then when he watched I gave him a blowjob. But, before he climaxed he fucked me under the window. We finished just before Annie and Bill returned."


"I can't believe our mother is such a slut," Jake whispered. He turned his body towards Barbie and put his hand on her stomach just above her shorts. He wondered if she would make him move it but she didn't say anything. He turned the page.

Barbie held her breath when he first touched her and wished he would put his hand under her shorts to relieve her needs. Her mother's diary was making her pussy drip and her b*****r's body was slowly removing any resistance she had involving sex with her b*****r.


"January 13th.

It's been two weeks since Tim and I have been together and I had to have him. His mother and father are out of town and I called him and asked him to meet me at their house. When he opened the door I was naked and waiting for him. We did it on the sofa, on the kitchen table and finally in his parent's bed. I was so sore I could barely walk when we left."


Neither said a word as they continued to read the page nor did they say anything about Jake's fingers playing with the elastic waistband of her shorts. "Who did you do it with?" Barbie asked.

"Ellie," he answered. His middle finger slipped under the elastic and moved down over the tiny blonde hairs leading below.

"Was it good?" she asked looking into his eyes.

"At the time I thought it was. But now I know it could be a lot better." He touched the top of her pubic mound and stopped.

Barbie took the book from his hand and dropped it on the bed behind him. "Show me how it could've been better." She closed her eyes and moved onto her back while opening her legs.

"Are you sure?" he whispered while his fingers twisted into her very fine pubic hairs.

"Yes," she whispered. If he didn't touch her pussy soon she was going to do it herself. After reading about her mother and uncle doing it she decided it would be alright to mess around with her b*****r.

Jake didn't waste any time and slid his fingertip into her moist slit until he found her clit that Ellie had taught him so much about.

"Oh God Jake," Barbie moaned. She looked at him and smiled. "That feels soooo good."

His fingers explored and discovered she was indeed a virgin and moved slowly back to rub her clitty. "Can I see your breasts?"

"Yes," Barbie giggled. As he diddled with her pleasure button she pulled her tee shirt up over her bra and quickly released the front clasp. When her fingers pulled the cups away he stopped rubbing her clit.

"Don't stop," she giggled. "Do you like them?"

"God yes," he replied. All the guys in the school would die to be in his place at that moment.

"Jake you can do what ever you want with me," she whispered. Her body was his.

Jake smiled and sat up to pull of her shorts and panties. He saw her blonde bush and pink slit and opened her legs enough for his lips to press into her swollen lips.

"OH JAKE!" She moaned feeling a tongue licking her clit for the first time. She closed her eyes imagining her uncle doing the same to her mother. "Jake stop!"

Jake moved his dripping mouth up and looked at her.

"Take off your clothes. I have to see and touch you."

In a flash they were on the floor next to the bed and he was now on his back as her eyes and hands explored his naked body. "Danny's thing was a lot smaller than yours," she smiled. Danny was her last boyfriend who she dumped last week.

"Do you think Uncle Tim's is bigger?"

"Maybe, because mom said it was pretty big," he moaned at her fingertip tickled the pre-come on the spongy tip.

"Did you climax?"

"No, that's lubrication," he smiled.

"For fucking?" she asked with a giggle.

"Yes," he replied. His hands were now gently caressing her almost perfect breasts.

"I want you to be the first," she said seriously. She moved back onto the pillow again and opened her legs.

"God Barbie I'm your b*****r," he said with one last effort to stop this madness.

"My twin b*****r," she said. "It's our destiny."

"I'm not Luke Skywalker," Jake laughed.

It was enough to get Barbie laughing. "The f***e Luke.....use the f***e."

"So you want me to use the f***e do you?" He grinned. He moved between her thighs and aimed his damp tip into her dripping slit. "OK Princess Leah, here comes the f***e!"

Barbie felt her hymen give way and then felt the sharp pain of his hard-on sliding into her. She gripped the sheet tightly until his whole eight inches were inside of her. "Don't move it," she panted.

"Did I hurt you?" He whispered seeing her face and teeth f***ed together.

"Yes, but its feeling better," she moaned. He started to pull it out. "Don't move!"


Annie hurried back to her house and took the box up to the master bathroom before locking the door. Tim was not home so she sat the box on the sink and pulled out the envelope. She had to sit down on the closed toilet seat cover when she saw the first photo.

Standing naked while facing the camera were her mother-in-law and father-in-law. His penis was sticking outward in an excited state. Her pussy was shaven and her breasts were so large and pink. It was then she realized someone else had to be taking the photos. She quickly looked at the next picture and gasped.

Betty was on all fours and a man she did not recognized was behind her ass pushing his lower stomach into her. The man had a tattoo of a bulldog on his arm. Her mother-in-law was smiling for the camera. She quickly took the photo from the pile and froze while looking at the next one.

A naked woman was lying on her back on a bed. Between her legs was Betty with her mouth pressing against the woman's pussy. This couldn't be her conservative mother-in-law. The next photo gave her a better look at Jack's penis. She knew now where her husband Tim got this manhood from. She put the photos back into the envelope and sat still with her eyes closed. As much as she was shocked she was also turned on. Although the photos were old her in-laws had kept themselves into great shape and she had more than once admired her father-in-laws body. She quickly stripped off her damp clothes and moved under the warm shower spray. As she soaped her breasts and hairy pussy she imagined it was her on all fours and Jack was fucking her from behind. Two minutes later she climaxed.


"OK move a little," Barbie whispered. The pain had turned to pressure and the pressure was turning into pleasure.

Jake was doing his best not to cum inside her tight hole. "I don't want to get you pregnant."

"I'm on the pill," she giggled as she lowered her hips until about four inches slid out from her. She slowly lifted her hips until he was buried again. "Let's read some more."

"NOW?" He exclaimed.

"Yes," she giggled as she picked up the book. "I'll read and you just control yourself."

"Oh shit," he moaned.


"February 2nd.

"It's Groundhog Day and Tim stopped by this morning to make sure we had good weather the next month. I let him fuck me in my ass for the first time and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I think I shocked him when I told him I loved him as he was leaving. He looked me in my eyes and told me I can't feel that way about him. He said he loved Annie and could not hurt her. I cried for almost an hour until Bill came home."


"She loves him," Barbie whispered as her b*****r moved in and out of her violated hole. "OH god that feels good," She put the book down again and grabbed his neck to pull his lips down to hers. Their eyes locked together as their tongue twisted and tasted each other's mouths and throats.

"OH GOD BARBIE!" Jake cried when he felt his dam about to burst. "I'm almost.......almost..........THERE!"

Barbie was not close to reaching a climax but it did feel really good. She held onto his hips as he emptied his load deeply inside of her.


Tim had told his wife he was out shopping for golf clubs when he heard his cell phone. He picked it up and saw Karen's name. "Hi."

"I'm at the motel. Are you coming soon?"

"Yes, I'm just around the corner. Get our normal room and I'll be there soon."

Karen hung up her cell and walked into the office. "Hi Evan," she grinned. "Is our room open?"

"I saved it because it is the second Saturday of the month," Evan answered. He grinned at the cute woman in her forties who had been coming to his motel for the past eighteen years once a month.

"Thank you," she grinned. "I almost didn't make it because my s****r-in-law wanted to have a yard sale today. I talked her into moving it to next Saturday." She signed the motel ledger Mrs. Smith and handed Evan fifty dollars in cash. "You are so nice not to raise the rate the last ten years."

"I was hoping you would ask me to join you sometime," he joked.

"Why Evan, I'm not that kind of girl," Karen giggled as she took the key and walked down the walkway to room 12. By the time Tim knocked on the door she had changed into her leather teddy and was holding the handcuffs. "Come in," she giggled.


Bill was heading home until he received a phone call from his s****r Annie. "Bill I have to talk to you," she said. "Can you come over now?"

"I guess so, what's up?"

"I can't talk about it over the phone," Annie said. "Please hurry." Her b*****r was the only person she could talk to about the naked photos of her husband's parents.

Annie answered the door and ushered him into the den. "I need your advice."

"Shoot," he grinned. His eyes roamed the robe she was wearing to see if he could detect any signs of underwear. He didn't see any. "Where you just in the shower?"

"Yes, I didn't have the time to dry my hair. It's a mess."

"You look beautiful as always," he said looking at the hard nipples pressing out her robe.

"Pervert," she giggled as she lifted his face to look at hers. "I'm serious. I need your advice." She reached over onto the coffee table and picked up the envelope. "I'm going to show you something I found today in the yard sale stuff at Tim's parent's house."

Bill rolled his eyes expecting something stupid but when he saw the first photo of Tim's parents naked he sat up. "Holy shit. How old were they?" He checked out Becky's nice tits and hairless pussy.

"I'm not sure. They are in their late fifties now so maybe around mid-thirties?"

"Damn she looks good. And a shaven pussy. WOW!" Annie smacked his arm.

"Be good," she smiled. "Look at the rest of them."

Bill looked at the next picture of Tim's mother being fucked doggie style. "Who is that guy?"

"I've never met him but he's married. Look at his ring."

Bill looked at the next photo of Betty's face between another woman's thighs. "Shit." The pictures were giving him a boner. "She's wearing a ring too. Do you think they were swingers?"

"Yes," Annie said looking her b*****r's bulge.

"Damn, Old Jack is well endowed," he said looking at the last photo. "Is Tim the same?"

"Yes, but it's been a while since I've seen it in that condition," she whispered.

"Me too, with Karen I mean," Bill said. "I can't seem to get her interested anymore."

"I don't turn Tim on anymore either," Annie said looking down again at his bulge which looked bigger.

"He must be gay," Bill said looking at the tops of her pink breasts over the top button on her robe.

"Did I cause that or did the photos?" Annie asked, looking down at his lap.

"Both," he answered truthfully. "If I wasn't your b*****r I would kiss you right now."

"b*****rs and s****rs kiss," she said nervously as she moved her mouth towards his.

Bill knew it was wrong but like her it had been so long since he had touched or kissed his wife. "Annie," he whispered just before her soft lips pressed against his. It was her tongue that dashed out to lick onto his lips and her tongue that f***ed its way into his mouth.

Annie opened her arms and pushed her body into his. Their hungry mouths devoured each other and their hands caressed each others back. She felt his hand moved down to her hips.

Bill didn't feel any panties and found out she was naked under the robe. He gently squeezed the top of her hip to make sure she wouldn't stop his advance. She didn't so he moved his hand down over her thigh to the opening. He could feel the heat radiating from between her thighs as he touched higher and higher up her bare leg until he felt her silky pubic curls.

Annie broke her mouth away from his and sucked on his earlobe. "Touch me please," she begged as she opened her legs. When his finger moved into her neglected pussy she screamed. "BILL OH BILL!""


"Strip!" Karen commanded to Tim as she stood on the bed looking down at him. He quickly removed his shirt, slacks and briefs before lying back and looking up at her leather covered body. Once a month they each got to play out their wildest fantasies.

"Get it hard," she growled at him.

Tim grabbed and stroked his semi-hard rod until it was pointing up at her.

"Good now unsnap my teddy and lick me."

Tim moved up onto his knees and pulled apart the two snaps at her crotch and saw her glistening shaven pussy lips waiting for his tongue. He pushed his whole mouth up to cover her swollen lips and drove his tongue deeply into her wanton hole.

"ENOUGH!" She cried out. "Put your hands up to the headboard." Tim did as she said and she quickly snapped the handcuffs on his wrists while securing it to the headboard.

"What are you going to do to me?" Tim asked excited and somewhat nervous.

"Drive you crazy," she giggled. She moved off the bed and opened a large bag. "Do you like feathers?"

"Oh God," Tim moaned when the tip of the soft feather tickled across his now raised prick. She rubbed it up and down his delicate flesh and then teased his taunt sac.

"You like that don't you?" she asked just before pushing the feather against his anus. His eyes looked at her in fear.

"Don't worry I'm not going to push this feather in there," she giggled. "I have something else for that." She opened the bag and pulled out a tube of KY jelly.

"Karen what are you going to do?" he asked as she pushed her long middle finger into the gel until it was covered.

"THIS!" She said as she shoved her finger deeply into his rear. His hips flew upward to try to escape the invasion. After fucking his butt a few times she pulled her finger out and again opened the bag. "Remember when you fucked me in my ass and I told you I didn't like it?"

"Don't," Tim said when he saw the thin pink dildo attached to a belt. She only smiled as she hooked it around her hips and moved between his legs.

"It will be better if you open your legs really wide and lift your hips," she giggled. Tim did as she said and felt the pressure on his anus when the rubber penis pushed inside. The gel helped a lot and soon about four inches of the eight inches were buried.

"You like me fucking your ass don't you?" Karen asked. Her fingers curled around his hard-on and started stroking it as her hips pushed the dildo deeper into his bowels.

"OH GOD!!!" Tim moaned.


"Don't stop!" Annie begged her b*****r as he finger-fucked her moist hole. The robe was now completely open and he could see her naked breasts and hairy slit.

Bill felt her hands grabbing at his bulge and her fingers pulling down his zipper. He turned his body slightly to allow her fingers to fish into his fly and into his boxers until she found what she wanted. She pulled the one-eyed monster out and explored only the second hard cock of her forty years of life.

"I've always wondered how big you were," she giggled.

"I've always wanted to see these," Bill smiled as he moved his lips down to her enlarged brown nipple.

"Oh God Bill I'm about to cum," she moaned as his finger rubbed and played with her clit.

"Do it," he whispered as he fingered her faster. "Cum for me."

"I AM........CAN YOU FEEL IT?" She cried out. "NOWWW!"

Her body exploded and her mind went completely blank. It had been so long since she had climaxed. Finally she landed back on Earth. She still held his hard-on in her hand. "Now what can I do about this?"

"Anything you want," he laughed.

"Why b*****r dear," she smiled while stroking him. "I can jerk you off or maybe I can give you a blow job." She felt him jerk when she said blow job. Her head dropped to her hand and sucked in the swollen red tip.

"OH ANNIE!" He cried out. It had been so long since Karen had gone down on him. Her tongue flicked and licked as she continued to stroke him up and down. She giggled and moved her mouth away before moving her lips to his ear.

"We can't fuck you know. We are b*****r and s****r." She nibbled on his earlobe. "You don't want to fuck your s****r do you?"

"Oh God yes.......I want to fuck you," he groaned.

"Me too," she whispered, before swinging her leg over his lap and lowering her now dripping pussy onto his hard-on. Since she and Tim had not had intercourse in a long time her pussy was nice and tight as his el slipped up into her.

"You're inside of my pussy," she whispered still biting his ear. "We are fucking." Her hips rose and fell, rose and fell. His hands cupped her ass as he helped her to rise and fall onto his shaft.

She looked into his eyes. "You are ready to cum aren't you?"

"Yessss," he moaned. "I'm going to cum inside of you." Just saying those words triggered his released. His spunk shot outward and drenched her tunnel. He held her hips tightly against him as he emptied his tank. Finally his body gave out and he felt back against the sofa.

Annie lifted her dripping pussy from his shrinking pole and moved next to him. "I'm glad we did it."

"Me too," Bill smiled. "But we have to be careful when we do it again."

"Again?" Annie giggled. "Do you mean this is not just a one time thing?"

"You little shit," he laughed as he leaned over and kissed her hard. He used to call her that when they were growing up.


Jake kissed his s****r and watched as she dressed and moved from his room. He didn't realize she had the diary until she was gone. It didn't matter because he knew he would get to read more the next time they fucked.

Barbie took a quick shower and looked at her face in the steamed up bathroom mirror. She was now officially a woman and realized she had waited too long. She hurried back to her room and picked up the diary. She accidentally dropped it onto the floor and saw a piece of paper fall out. She turned it over and saw it was a Polaroid photo of a naked man. She gasped when she saw her uncle Tim and his long hard cock.


As Tim pulled onto his street he saw his b*****r-in-laws car backing out of his driveway and then moving the other way. He hoped that somehow his wife and Karen's husband had not found out about their monthly affair. When he entered the house he found Annie in he kitchen wearing a thin robe.

"Isn't it kind of late in the day to be wearing this?" Tim asked as he moved up to her and cupped her buttock. He did not feel any panties.

"I'm surprised you even noticed," Annie snapped back at him.

He picked up the back and looked at her rosy pink ass cheeks. "And no underwear."

She slapped his hand away. "I was in the shower before."

When she turned around Tim saw the dark shadows of her nipples. "I saw Bill leaving. I'll bet he liked the show."

"He's my b*****r. But, if he was another man would you even care?"

Tim thought about answering but it would mean another fight and more days of not talking to each other. He wanted to make love to his wife but he always compared it to his wild times with Karen and he had trouble getting an erection. As always he just turned and walked from the room.

Normally Annie would be very upset and possibly cry but now that she had someone for a sexual release she didn't care anymore. She moved back to the sink and smiled.


Karen beat Tim home and had enough time to take the leather teddy and handcuffs up to the attic to hide in her secret place. When he pulled back a large piece of wood she saw the box she normally used opened. "Shit," she said as she quickly looked into the box and counted only two of her three diaries. "The yard sale."

Karen hid the teddy, the two diaries and the cuffs in another spot and hurried downstairs to see which c***d had rummaged through the attic. She knocked on Jake's door.

"Come in," Jake replied.

"Hi," she smiled as she moved inside. "Did you get a chance to pull out some yard sale stuff from the attic?" She noticed he was only wearing his boxers which were normally not a big deal but suddenly he pulled the sheet over him.

"Uh..........I really........didn' much," he lied.

Karen knew when her c***dren was lying and now was no different. She could tell from the way he was reacting that he had found the diary. "Is there anything you want to tell me?" She asked looking angry.

"Nooooo," he said moving back from her. Just before she came in he had been jerking off while imagining his mother giving his uncle a blowjob.

"I think you have something that belongs to me," she said as she grabbed the sheet and pulled it open. She froze when she saw her son's hard-on pushing up the front of the boxers. "Ohhh."

"Mom I.......," Jake said as he tried to pull the sheet back over his bulge.

"Where is it?" she asked calmly before lunging over his body to reach under the sheet on the other side of the bed. Her chest was now pushing down onto his manhood. She felt his hands moved onto her back and down until his hands cupped her ass. "Oh God Jake what are you doing?"

" what you wrote," he whispered while caressing her soft cheeks.

"Jake no," Karen said trying to push up but he was too strong. His fingers pulled up her dress and touched her tingling thighs. "We can't do this."

"But you did it with Uncle Tim," he whispered. She tried to squeeze her legs together but his strong fingers pushed them apart until he touched the dampness of her panties. His middle finger pushed her panties easily up into her pussy.

"No please don't," Karen moaned. She felt his hard penis rubbing against her soft mounds. Finally she gathered up enough strength to push up and pull his hand from between her thighs. She sat next to him. "I wish you had not have read that. I am so sorry."

"Don't you love me as much as him?" Jake asked.

"Yes of course," Karen said with tears flowing from her eyes. She moved her arms around his shoulders and pulled his bare chest into hers. He felt so strong and mature. Suddenly he turned his face and kissed her mouth with open lips. "OMMPHH," the sound came from her throat as he again surprised her. His strong arms held her mouth to his as he moved his tongue across her lips.

"Jake," she said pushing away again. "It's different with Tim. You're my son."

"You're still fucking him aren't you?"

Karen was speechless not knowing what to say. She looked into his eyes as he took her hand and pulled it down to the fly in his boxers. One of his hands pulled out his hard-on while the other hand guided her hand to it. She watched her hand like it belonged to someone else as it curled around his hard penis and started stroking it. It was like the room was in slow motion now as the two of them watched her jerk him off.

"I'm cumming mother," Jake moaned as his hot white juices shot up over her fist and down into her wrist.

Karen moved up from the bed and walked out of the room without saying a word. She moved slowly into her bedroom and fell face down onto the bed. Things had suddenly gotten so fucked up.


It was later that night when Bill was watching TV alone after everyone had gone to bed. His eyes were closed as he thought of his s****r's hot pussy on his shaft when he heard footsteps coming down the stairs. He looked up to see his daughter Barbie standing in front of him wearing a short white nightgown. The dark buttons on her breasts were visible thought the semi-sheer material.

"Daddy I couldn't sl**p," she said sadly. In the past when she was a little girl she would curl up on his lap and fall asl**p.

"You're not a little girl anymore," he smiled looking at her long tanned thighs under the silky covering.

"I'll always be your little girl," she giggled as she jumped down onto his lap. She immediately felt his hard bulge but pretended it was not there pushing up against her soft butt.

"You probably shouldn't be on my lap," he whispered as he moved his hands under her hip to lift her off but her hands on his neck held her body down. "Barbie."

"It's OK daddy," she whispered. "I don't mind." Her hips moved back and forth across his hard knob.

"God," Bill groaned. Her soft breasts were also pressed again his chest and her lips were brushing across his delicate neck. Her butt kept rubbing across his pajama's until the tip of his penis sprang free. It pushed against the naked flesh of her thigh. She giggled.

"Barbie you must stop," he moaned. She giggled again and moved her pantied crotch over until the tip of his prick pushed against the dampness.

"Daddy I'm not a virgin anymore," she whispered. The tip of his stick was now pushing her panties into her inner folds.

"You're not?" He suddenly wished her panties were not there.

She must have been wishing the same thing because she reached between her legs and pulled the elastic to the side until his hot tip pressed into her opening. "That's much better." Her hips dropped until two inches of stiff meat were inside of her.

"Ahhh," he groaned. He again tried to lift her off but only managed to lift about one inch up before she pushed down about four inches. From this position it was the most he could get inside.

"Let's stay like this for a while," she whispered as she squeezed her inner muscles.

It felt like her pussy was milking his utter. Neither of them moved for the next two minutes. She heard his breathing become ragged and then his hips shoot upward as he climaxed.

Bill suddenly felt guilty and was going to say something when she lifted off of him and pulled her panties back over her golden bush. "I think I can sl**p better now," Barbie giggled as she turned and walked back up the stairs.


It was a couple days later that Annie decided she had to return the box of goodies to Betty. She was afraid she would miss them and realize it was her who took them so she called her mother-in-law and asked if she needed help. She did.

The garage door was again open when she pulled into the driveway and she saw Betty tossing some stuff into the large garbage can.

"Some of this stuff is junk," Betty laughed when she saw her daughter-in-law. "I need to get another trash bag. I'll be right back." As soon as she moved inside Annie dashed back to her car and pulled the small box she had re-taped out of her trunk and carried it quickly back into the garage.

Jack heard a car come into his driveway and looked out just in time to see Annie running to the car and pulling out a small box. She ran with it back into the garage. He heard his wife in the kitchen.

"What's going on with Annie?" he asked.

"What do you mean?" Betty asked back.

"When I looked out she ran to get a small box from her car and ran it back into the garage."

"Beats me," Betty replied. "I'll check it out." She grabbed a few large garbage bags and moved back into the garage. She saw Annie going through some dishes.

"I'll price these if you don't mind," Annie said not looking at her.

"Please do," Betty said as she looked around the garage. It looked the same except for a small box hidden away in the corner. It had to be the box her husband said he saw Annie carrying. While Annie faced away Betty grabbed the box and carried it into the house.

Annie smiled when she heard the door close and saw the box missing. She went back to pricing the dishes until the door opened about fifteen minutes later and Betty stuck her head out. "Annie would you come inside for a minute?"

"Sure," Annie said, nervously. "Did she suspect anything?" she wondered as she smacked her hands down onto her jeans to rub the dirt off. When she got inside Betty was sitting on the f****y room sofa. "Is there something wrong?"

"Come sit next to me," Betty smiled. She watched her shapely daughter-in-law move next to her. "You know I've always thought of you as my daughter."

"Yes and I feel the same," Annie said, nervously.

"Well, I was really hurt when I realized you looked at some very private and personal stuff that belonged to us." Betty reached behind her and pulled out the envelope containing the photos.

"Oh...uh....I really didn't.........look at the photos." Annie said with her voice shaky.

Betty smiled and took out the photos. "How did you know they were photos?" She tossed the top photo down on Annie's lap which showed Betty and Jack naked.

"Please forgive me. I looked but I won't tell anybody," Annie said.

Betty tossed down the photo of the man fucking her doggie style. "You won't tell anybody that Jack and I are swingers?"

"No, I promise," she said looking at the hanging breasts under Betty's body in the photo.

Betty tossed the photo of her going down on another woman. "There is only one way we can trust you."

"Yes, please anything. Whatever you want."

"Jack, come in here!" Becky yelled. Annie panicked and looked around to see her smiling father-in-law.

"Jack, I didn't mean to see them," Annie said picking up the photos off her lap and giving them back to Becky.

"I'm glad you did," Jack grinned. "Because now we get to take some photos of you."

"What? Oh no, I can't........," Annie attempted to stand but Becky pulled her back down.

"But you said you would do anything to get our trust that you won't tell anyone. So if we have similar photos of you then you can't tell anyone else." Becky reached up and released Annie's top button on her blouse.

"Similar?" Annie repeated when she saw Jack pull out a small digital camera from his pocket. She looked at the photo on Becky's lap of her being fucked doggie style. Becky released her last button and opened her blouse exposing her pink bra and firm breasts.

"Yes, similar. Jack and I have been admiring your body for a long time now and finally we get to enjoy it," Becky giggled as she released the snap on Annie's jeans and drew down the long zipper. The front of her matching pink panties were exposed.

"Please we don't have to do this," Annie begged.

"Lift," Becky commanded. Annie raised her hips and watched her jeans slide down over her panties, thighs and off her legs. Annie looked down at the photo and then at the large bulge in Jack's slacks. He was going to fuck her doggie style.

Becky released Annie's bra and pulled the straps down her shoulders and off her arms. The cups pulled away from her soft breasts and very hard nipples.

"Don't take my panties off?" Annie said as Becky pulled down on the waistband.

"Shhh, how can I kiss your pussy if you are wearing them?"

Annie's body had now taken over and was in full cooperation when her panties moved over her hot bush and off her moist lips. Annie closed her eyes and felt her legs being opened and the cool air on her moist slit. She had never been with another woman before however the photo of Becky's lips on that woman's pussy had greatly increased her interest.

"Open your eyes," Becky said a few minutes later. Annie did and gasped when she saw her in-laws standing naked just like in the photo. They were a lot older but still had young bodies.

"We are going to make you very happy," Becky giggled as she moved her nakedness onto the sofa next to the trembling woman. "A woman does this much better than a man."

Annie screamed when her mother-in-laws tongue slashed through her corn silk mane and into her wet pussy. She realized Betty was right as her tongue licked and sucked everywhere. Her eyes were opened wide when she heard the click and saw the flash of the camera Jack was holding.

"It feels so gooooood," Annie moaned. She was about to climax when Betty lifted her dripping mouth. "No please finish."

"But we have to do photo number two," Becky giggled as she picked up the photo and held it in front of the panting woman. Annie looked at Becky being fucked doggie style and at her father-in-law. Without being asked she moved up onto all fours and opened her legs.

"I told you she would be a hot number," Jack said to Betty as he took the position and aimed his thick rod into her tight hole. As his shaft pushed inside of her Becky said, "Say Cheese!" Annie looked up and saw the flash.

"OH,OH,OH,OH,OH,OH....," Annie moaned each time Jack's prick pushed into her pussy. She felt Becky pulling her arm away and opened her eyes to see the older woman's pussy move under her face. She wanted her to do the same thing to her that she had just done to Annie.

"OH,OH,OH....," Annie continued to moan while her face fell to the shaven pussy below. She pushed her tongue out and licked slowly up the wet slit taking a tongue load of her juices. Five minutes later Jack grabbed onto her cute ass and filled her pussy with his liquid love.

Becky coached and guided her daughter-in-law to slowly become very good at cunt licking and soon had her on the edge. She smiled at her husband's face when she climaxed. "OH ANNIE!"


Barbie and Jake stayed away from each other for the next few days and it was on Thursday when Tim answered the door to see his niece Barbie standing there.

"Why aren't you in school?" He asked peeking down at the short denim skirt and tight halter blouse.

"Senior day," Barbie giggled. "Aunt Annie said she had some clothes that I could try on."

"Your aunt is not home and won't be back until this afternoon," Tim said. "Do you want to come back later?"

"No, she said she had them in a bag in her bedroom. If you don't mind I'll try them on."

"I don't mind," Tim grinned. He had watched her body blossom into a beautiful and sexy young woman. He moved back and watched as she walked up the stairs ahead of him. She knew he was looking at her skimpy panties wedged into her pink buttocks.

"Here they are," Barbie giggled as she picked up the bag. She pulled out a tiny bikini and held it up. "Aunt Annie is bigger on the top than I am. This probably won't fit."

"I'm not sure. You look as big as she is," Tim smiled now glaring at her young mounds.

"You think so?" Barbie smiled as her hands cupped under her breasts and lifted them until the pink flesh popped out the vee neck blouse.

"Uh.......Yeah...uh.I think so," he stuttered.

"OK, I'll try it on. Should I go into the bathroom or should you just turn around?" She wasn't going to give him the option of leaving.

"I'll turn around," Tim quickly replied. He turned and looked at the large copy of a painting on the wall in front of him. He could make out the reflection of her body as she pulled the halter blouse over her naked breasts and pushed down her skirt and panties at the same time. She was standing naked behind him and he could see her tiny nipples and blonde bush below.

Barbie took her time pulling up the bottoms because she knew he could see her in the hanging print. She was right about the top because it was too large. "OK, you can turn around."

Tim knew his hard-on was visible but didn't care as his eyes saw her almost naked body. "You have grown up since last summer," he said looking at her wider hips and pink breasts.

"Yes," she giggled. "But this top is too loose. Look." She leaned forward and pulled the cups sideways until he could see her bright pink nipples. Her eyes looked up at his shocked face. "Don't you agree?"

"I can't tell," he said without taking his eyes from her nips.

She giggled. "If my strap falls down my arm like this; look what happens." She pulled the strap down and the cup fell easily from her naked orb. She left her breast exposed. "It just doesn't fit." Suddenly she reached behind her and released the clasp before pulling the top off and standing topless.

"God Barbie you are a woman," he said smiling.

"Do you think so?" She asked as she did a 360 turn to show him her cute ass. She turned and looked away. "I think my ass is too big."

"No, it's perfect," he whispered as he moved closer and touched her softness.

Barbie smiled when she felt his touch. She didn't say anything as his fingers roamed over her butt. She pushed down her bottoms and slowly turned. "I want you to fuck me like you've been doing my mother."

"Oh God," Tim said looking at her wonderful body and hearing her shocking words. "How do you know?"

"That's my secret," she smiled as her fingers unzipped his fly and reached inside to find his long hard shaft. "Maybe I'll tell you if you make me come."

"Barbie," he said as she pulled him by his dick over to the master bed and let him go to undress while she moved onto her back.

"Shhh," she giggled. "We can talk later." She realized quickly that a big penis felt a whole lot different as her uncle pushed his eight inches inside of her. "Go slow," she whispered.

He tried his best to go slow but her tight young pussy cause his need for release. He rubbed his fingers on her little clitty to get her off as he climaxed but she didn't make it. "OHHHH!" He moaned.

Barbie felt his release and smiled. "You didn't make me come yet." Fifteen minutes later her uncle was ready again and this time took his time until her fingernails clawed into his back.

"UNCLE TIM I'M CUMMING!" Fireworks flashed before her eyes as she felt his second release very deeply inside of her. Now she knew why her mother had been fucking him for twenty years on the side.


It was the night before the big yard sale and Annie had the whole f****y over to get everything ready for the early opening the next day. Even though they said no early birds and that they would open at 8:00AM she knew people would be there around 6:00AM. She had not been with her in-laws since the photo shoot and was uncomfortable when they first walked in.

"OK, I want everyone to go through the stuff in the garage tonight to make sure we are not selling something somebody doesn't want to get rid of." She told everyone. She looked around the room and didn't see her husband or her s****r-in-law. "Everyone in the garage."


"This is too dangerous," Karen said to Tim as they hugged in the bushes behind the patio. "They will miss us."

"They are all into this yard sale stuff," Tim whispered. His fingers were trying to pull off her panties from under her skirt.

"OK, but make it quick," Karen said. Since she had jerked off her son she had been so hot. She leaned back against the patio and opened her legs to let his long hard prick push up into her. "Fuck me," she moaned.

Annie looked all through the house and realized this was quite common for them to disappear at times. She really didn't think anything of it until she looked down at the back yard from the master bedroom window. She wouldn't have seen them if it hadn't been for a neighbor's car pulling into the driveway next door. Suddenly their heads were pushed together and she could she her husband's hips pushing in and out. They were fucking. She sat down on the bed and realized they had been doing it for a long, long time. No wonder Tim didn't want to have sex with her.

Bill was picking up a large lamp his mother-in-law wanted to set aside when Annie walked up to him. "I need to talk to you." He followed her out the front of the garage door and she led him quietly around the house. "Shhh," she whispered. They moved up to the bushes and heard them.

"I'm cuming," Tim said trying to keep as quiet as possible.

"Me too," Karen grunted. Their bodies slapped together a few more times and then stopped.

"We better get back to the f****y," Karen whispered.

Annie and Bill heard the two walk up onto the patio and then into the house. "They've been fucking for a long time."

"I'll kill them both," Bill said taking a deep breath.

"No, leave them alone, we can get even."

"Get even?"

"Yes, we can do it anytime we want and how would you like to fuck Tim's mother?"


"Yes, I found out my in-laws are swingers," Annie giggled.

"And how might you have found out?" He smiled as he cupped her breast.

"I found old photos of them in action and then they took photos of me doing it with them."

"You fucked your father-in-law?"

"Yes and I licked my mother-in-laws pussy," she giggled. "Maybe we can do a foursome with them?" Her fingers rubbed across his bulge.

"What about Karen and Tim?"

"Let them play their little games and we will play ours," Annie whispered.


"My, aren't you a big strong boy," Betty whispered to Jake as he lifted a large dresser down from storage. "How old are you?"

Jake could see and hear the come on. "As old as you want me to be," he whispered back.

"Why don't you stop by my house tomorrow after the yard sale? I'm sure I have some things you would enjoy doing." Betty whispered.


No one said anything about Tim and Karen being gone for a long time so after about an hour all of the stuff was priced and ready to go. They all agreed to meet there the next morning at 6:00AM.

It was dark when the alarm went off on Saturday morning. Annie rolled out of bed next to her husband and pulled the sheet off of him. "Get up I can see cars outside with their lights on already."

Tim staggered out of bed and made it downstairs just as Annie and the f****y told the treasure hunters to come in. It was a mad rush to grab items and make small piles. The f****y moved around to answer questions about items and to bargain with those who just wanted to deal. It was around 9:00AM that Annie took her first break. She moved into the kitchen and saw her b*****r sitting there. "They are still busy out there do you want to sneak upstairs?'

"Hell yes," Bill grinned. He put down his coffee cup and ran behind his s****r while slapping her on her ass. They made it to the master bedroom and within seconds were naked and fucking.

Neither of them heard the door open nor did they see the body move quietly inside the door. They didn't hear the door close again nor did they hear it being locked. They did feel the body moving onto the bed next to them and froze until they heard the voice.

"Daddy can I join you and Aunt Annie?" Barbie asked as she pushed her naked breasts into Annie's arm.

"Barbie leave," Bill snapped at her.

"No, don't leave," Annie giggled. "Come here between us." She pushed her b*****r off to the other side and pulled her niece's naked body over hers until she was lying between them.

"It's OK," Annie smiled at her b*****r as she took his hand and lowered it to Barbie's left breast. Annie touched the right one.

Barbie gasped when her aunt's lips moved to her honey pot and her tongue dove deeply to find her sweetness. She thought she was ready to cum until Aunt Annie moved away and her father's body moved between her thighs. Annie kissed her lips and stood by the bed. As she dressed she said. "I've got to get back to the yard sale."



Tim and Karen came up with lame excuses to get away and Annie told them to go ahead she could take care of closing up the sale. She also told her in-laws and her nephew to go as well and giggled when she saw Betty grabbing Jake' butt on the way to their car. The sale went great as she counted the $1005 at the kitchen table. She took another drink of coffee and headed back upstairs. When she opened the door the hall light projected on Barbie's mouth moving up and down on her father's shaft.

"Here let me show you how to do that." Annie giggled.

Barbie moved aside and took mental notes as her aunt quickly brought her father off. Annie swallowed and wiped her lips. "Do you want me to show you something else?"

"Yes," Barbie giggled. She moved back as her aunt moved her body under hers and pulled her lips down to her soaked pussy. "Let me teach you how to please a woman."

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