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Catching up with an ex

These events occurred years ago, but the memories are still very much ingrained.

I went out with a girl from the age of 15 until I left school, she was older than me and significantly more experienced sexually. She had a very healthy sexdrive and was always fairly liberal. Not that I in any way appreciated it at the time, it was my first girlfriend and I genuinely thought that most girls were as lively as her. Sadly though I was wrong, but we had a fantastic few years shagging like rabbits and exploring sex together.

Move on a few years and completely by chance we are both living in a similar part of north London. We weren’t in contact, but out of the blue she e-mailed me to tell me that her mother wasn’t, she had got my e-mail address from an old school friend. We arranged to go for a quick drink that evening to try and cheer her up; it quickly transpired that both of us had recently come out of long term relationships.

Needless to say we drank far too much and ended up back at hers, the anticipation was incredible as I began undressing her. We hadn’t slept together for 5 or 6 years, but it was straight back into the ease and confidence in the sack that only comes from long term relationships, but with the excitement of a one night stand because it had been so long.

As we engaged in some fairly serious foreplay, it became clear that she still had an amazing body and was hairless which I love. We played by hand, for a while and then I kissed her entire body by way of an inspection and then went down on her until she came noisily. I climbed on top and entered her, we were going slowly until she started her own motions to increase the pace, in response I lifted her legs up and pinned them around her ears allowing maximum penetration; the view was amazing. This carried on for a while and then I flipped her over onto hands and knees, which was always her favourite position and really went for it.

After a while she stopped me and I thought something was wrong, but having pulled me out of her she then repositioned my erection to go in her arsehole. I couldn’t believe my luck, I had been going out with a very traditional girl for ages and the prospect of a girl willingly letting me fuck her arse was just incredible. I pulled away putting my face down and licked her arsehole getting it as wet as possible so as not to hurt her. I slipped a finger in easily and decided she was ready.

At this stage my confidence was high, I was obscenely horny and decided to push my luck. I told her hold her cheeks apart, she started protesting in a very embarrassed I am not cool with this manner, but I was d***k so for some reason decided to be brave and said "Just do it" which she did; I could see right inside her hole. I entered easily with her spreading herself for me, fucking slowly to start with and the when I had worked myself all of the way in as deep as I could go we started gradually building up some pace.

She was driving the speed at this stage slapping herself back against me and I fucked her much harder than I have ever dared do before anally. I had a firm grip on her hair and was generally treating her quite roughly by now which she loved when she was young and obviously still did.

I just couldn’t believe my luck I was hammering this girl in the arse, which is one of my favourite things in the world, having not been allowed near with my previous girlfriend for a number of years. This was turning out to be the shag of the century so I decided to go for broke; I asked very nervously about a vibrator, half expecting to be turfed out without finishing for being so cheeky, but no, it just kept on getting better.

She reached over to her bedside table draw and produced one; it was massive and flesh coloured. She asked me what I wanted her to do with it, I said put it in your front, she looked at me nervously over her shoulder said she wasn’t sure she was wet enough, it was a real special occasion job to go in her and she used just on her clit as a vibrator.

We were both revelling in the naughtiness of the situation goading each other on beyond the bounds of what she would normally be comfortable doing and I was ever allowed to do. I gave it to her near enough to her face to be suggestive and sure enough she grabbed it and deep throated it the best of her ability. She removed it from her throat and voiced her concerns over it’s size again, I was confident she would be able to fit a decent amount of the vibrator into her pussy, it was dripping in saliva and she has reached orgasm twice since we first started this epic session.

She angled it to go into her pussy and groaned with pleasure as the first few inches went in, she buried her face in the pillow and before I knew it was about two thirds of the way down this monster already. I took control and she braced herself against the bed with back arched ready to take whatever I had to put in her holes. She looked beautiful, I was literally in heaven getting to do the kind of thing I had spent my entire life wanking over. I eased the Vibrator out, turned it on to medium speed and started working it further in gradually. Each forward stroke was gaining another half an inch or so and she had almost swallowed the entire thing. I turned the speed up to full power and with a final push embedded this thing in her right to the hilt. She let out one of those low grunt, pleasure pain noises as she adjusted to the size and in particular width of this thing.

I took a step back and just stared enjoying the view for a few seconds and then went back to work on her arse. The base of the vibrator was right underneath my balls buzzing away, which only added to the pleasure, and I knew that the game was almost up for me. I pulled out of her and watched in pleasure as her gaping arsehole quickly sprung back to normal size, I repeated the exercise but this time replaced my erection with a finger to stop her arsehole restricting again. I grabbed the vibrater and slowly pulled it out, trying to be as gentle as I could be.

Finally it was free, leaving 2 gaping holes. I used the vibrater to work her clit, she was writhing around wildly. I carried on at this until her both her holes had stopped gaping and regained their original size. As soon as her pussy had contracted I started the process with the vibrator again having put it back in her mouth to add some saliva lubricant. It was a long process getting it all the way in again, but I was determined to get my moneys worth by this stage and I knew now that she could take the whole thing. By the time It was all the way inside, her arsehole was back to square one, I tested it with the tip of a finger and felt that wonderful vice like grip and selfishly decided to plough on with no licking of loosening up at all.

It felt incredible as I went into her; right to the hilt in one long motion, I physically had to spread her arse cheeks with my hands to accommodate the whole length this time. It felt earth shattering, so tight and I could feel the vibrater buzzing away through the walls of her cunt. By this stage I was so excited that I ploughed into her as deep as I could go gaining momentum going as quickly as I dared, wanting to pound with all my might, but very aware that it could hurt her.

Every stroke was a little faster and a little harder and with not even a negative noise I was soon hammering for all I was worth destroying her backside with everything I had. She was frigging herself at full pace, her pussy being stretched up to her chest with this vibrating giant and her arsehole being pounded. She started hissing, expelling all of her air before reaching a violent orgasm, which sent spasms through her body and suddenly I felt her arse contract and with this vice like grip on my man and I was over, I was at full depth when the contraction caught and I just had time to withdraw and get a decent cumshaw in to complete an amazing sexually experience.

She reached back and held one cheek open, I held the other with one hand and directed my cock with the other, aiming a couple of inches above her gaping arsehole. I released a massive load, the initial shot came so f***efully it missed her bum and landed on her shoulders and in the back of her hair, the second and third jets landed perfectly and I slumped back onto the bed completely spent watching my cum dribble down into her gaping hole.


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