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Silky Sam pays me for fixing her computer

I like to write fictional stories loosely based on fact. What I like even more is knowing that you enjoy reading it and if it gets you going, just how much! Please take the time to comment and vote on this story when you finish and … Well ladies, if you want to share your appreciation by posting me a message or an invite, I’d be grateful. Enjoy the story and let me know what you think of my Saturday with SilkySam

I normally hate it when my wife tells her friends that I work on computers. Invariably, they have an old beater someplace that their k**s use or they had all of their finances from 10 years ago on or… and I wind up spending a day removing viruses and replacing power supplies at cost.

So when I got a call from Cindy on Friday night and she wanted to know if I could take a look at the computer at their house Saturday morning, I wanted to scream “No”, but wound up saying “yes.” Cindy is about 40, which puts her 12 years my senior, but I would be lying if I did not admit that when she is around, I do not mind hanging around. She is probably 5’7”, a little longer than shoulder length brown hair, with gray/blue eyes and body to die for! She works as a fitness instructor part time and as an interior decorator part-time and always has on clothes that seem to barely conceal her dangerous curves.

So the next morning, I got up, went for a run and then came home and showered and headed off to Cindy’s house a little after 11:00. I walked up to the door with a couple of thumb drives and a disk wallet of boot and recovery CD’s for all possible scenarios. That was when I saw the note in the door. One of the other trainers had a sick k** so she had to go in and do a couple of classes So the key was in the mailbox, just go on in and the dead computer was the laptop on the kitchen bar.

“Great. Just fricking great.” I muttered under my breath, and I let myself in and headed for the kitchen. I tried booting the computer, and it tried to come up but then the screen went crazy and it started doing all kinds of things that lead to error s being popped on the screen and eventually the blue screen of death.
So I began working and 20 minutes later, the system was up and limping. I started the antivirus program I have on my thumb drive and I got up and walked to the sink to get a glass of water. That was when I realized I was not alone. I looked out the window, and there lying naked as the day she was born was Cindy’s daughter, Sam.

I stepped away from the sink and put my back against the counter and took a deep breath. I remembered my wife saying that Sam had graduated from college in the spring and after two months of searching for a job had come home. I looked at the computer and it all clicked. The default user profile was named “SilkySam”. It was not Cindy’s computer that had taken a crap, it was Sam’s!

I turned back around. The k** was gorgeous!! There was not a tan line on her golden brown skin that glistened in the warm morning sun. She was in a chaise lounge, that had her chest slightly elevated and her feet were pointed right at the window. In other words, I could see every inch of her, and let me tell you, she was perfect!

Just like her Mom, Sam has long straight brown hair, but Sam is petite, probably not even 5’1”. Her breasts, though, were every bit as full as her moms, and even lying on her back they stood up firmly. She had areolas that were barely larger than her erect nipples that pointed up to the sky in lewd fashion. I watched them rise and fall with her breathing and felt myself becoming absolutely entranced by her beauty.

As I watched, she raised her knees up and at first I was afraid that all I was going to see was a pair of perfectly tanned and toned shins, but then, she let her knees fall wide apart and I suddenly found myself with a front row seat to the best viewing of a pussy that a man can have!! Her pussy was cleanly shaved except for a square of brown “landing strip” pubic hair at the top of her slit.

Her pussy mound was fleshy and well tanned. Her slit was slightly wider than my wife’s and I was surprised to see pink fleshy lips peeking out from that lovely mound. I found myself u*********sly biting my lower lip as I thought about just how delicious such a perfectly formed set of inner lips would taste!!
Well, I may be married, and I may be nearly 10 years older than this girl, but there was no way I was just going to stand there and stare and not do anything!!

I was rubbing my cock head through my canvas cargo shorts when I decided to go for it. In a blink of the eye, my shorts were down around my ankles and I was palming my rapidly hardening cock. I saw the hand lotion beside the liquid soap and it was soon working nicely to lubricate my shaft. As I looked out the window, I gulped as I saw Sam’s hand drop down to the top of her slit. She began pulling lightly on the short pubic hair above her clit.

That was the moment where the computer started buzzing and beeping that it was done sorting through the file and had found some things that needed attention. I about jumped out of my skin, certain that Cindy had walked in and caught me or something!! My face quickly heated up and I muttered a few curses to myself. I pulled up my pants and walked back to the breakfast bar.

There were several problems and as I evaluated some of them, I noticed a series of folders associated with a program I was unfamiliar with. Uncertain whether it might be a virus, I decided to start it, and I was immediately greeted by a set of scenes to choose from, all of them featured Sam.. dressed very much the way she currently was.

I started watching one and then copied some of the data files to my thumb drive. The scene I had chosen was damn hot!! She and another girl bet a geeky looking guy that they could make him cum in less than 30 minutes without him being allowed to touch them AND without touching his cock. They then handcuffed him to a chair and began to kiss and strip each other!! There were no holds and no holes barred by these two. The blonde was both taller and heavier than Sam and had huge heavy tits. She began sucking on Sam’s tits and then turned around and started stroking Sam’s wet pussy with her big left tit! The camera then zoomed in on Sam as she began tonguing the blondes clit while she worked a thumb up into the puckered ring of her asshole.

I was just considering dropping my shorts again when I heard the sliding door open and I turned to see a towel wrapped 22 year-old smoking hot woman standing in the doorway, wrapped only in a towel! She froze and then her eyes went from my face to the scene on the computer and the color seemed to lose all color. “Oh God! Mom told me you were going to work on my computer, I just didn’t think there was any way in the world you could get that computer to work!... You weren’t supposed to find that.”

I stuttered, “What?.. Oh, I, ummm. I’m sorry I wasn’t certain if it was a virus…” I turned and looked at the screen which was now showing a close-up of her working a well lubricated thumb in and out of a puckered ass.

“You can’t tell Mom! I will do anything you want. Anything! Just you cannot tell Mom what you found!” Then she stepped forward and looked boldly at the front of my shorts that were tented out. “If I give you what you want, will you keep what you found, our secret?” She took two more steps toward me and reached up to where she had the towel tucked and as I stood mesmerized, the towel opened and then dropped slowly to the floor.

I looked down at her eyes, and then my eyes travelled down over her now half-smiling red lips, down to those full firm breasts that were beginning to show lengthening and hardening nipples that looked oh so suckable!! Then she was right there in front of me. She reached up and pulled me down to meet her soft, strawberry flavored lips. I breathed in the scent of her coconut scented tanning lotion and was just intoxicated by her very presence.

My hands moved to her bare ass and I could feel the muscles move just under her skin as she rotated her hips forward into me. My one hand moved to the back of her head as she leaned back to get a more comfortable angle to kiss. Her hair was so soft, so full and her body was so small and yet perfect.

She broke our kiss and stepped back and undid my shorts and shoved them down. Before I could say or do anything, she dropped to her knees and aimed my hard cock with its glistening slit right at her red lips! The head of my cock had no more than passed between those perfect lips than she pulled it back out. “Were you spying on me, Mr. Sanders? Your cock tastes like it has recently been coated with my hand lotion..?” She smiled the most knowing and devious smile I have ever seen and then, bent and gulped my throbbing cock right back into her hot mouth!!”

I was groaning before I knew it. This girl was certainly not a novice and she ran her tongue up under the ridge of my cock and licked and sucked on my rod like a starved c***d with a lollipop! Her fingers were rolling my nut sack and occasionally a fingernail sc****d across the soft tissue behind my balls!

I knew I was not going to last long if I let her continue using her skills. My balls were already tightening up in that familiar pre-eruption arrangement. So I stepped back and she looked up at me with a pout that screamed pure lust and nearly convinced me to let her take my whole load down her throat.

Instead I reached down and helped her to her feet. Then without saying a thing, I lifted her up so her sex was rubbing my belly and her legs went around my hips. She reached down between us and pointed my throbbing cock up into her molten hot sex, and she descended to impale herself.

We both took a deep breath as the shock of the intense sensations of fucking washed through us both. My cock was buried completely to the root inside her furnace. She then bit into the flesh of the front of my shoulder and began growling like a rabid a****l!

As I held her ass in both of my hands and allowed my fingers to start probing her deep back crack and weighing her hot body. In response, she began to slowly rotate her hips just a little at a time. Each movement caused delicious waves of pleasure to flood my mind as my cock slid easily in and out of her pussy.

Her young eyes looked up at me with a glazed look of rapture.
I then began to slowly lift and drop her on my cock and turned so I could use the kitchen bar to help support her weight. With the added support, I began pistoning harder and faster in and out of her sex. Her dirty young mouth began urging me to fuck her harder and to give her my cum! On and on it went with her begging for me to cum and flood her pussy, and within a few minutes, I was doing exactly that!!

I fell back into a bar stool as I watched her reach down between her thighs and collect the oozing combination of our orgasmic juices. She lifted a well coated finger to her lips and she stuck it deep between her sexy lips and sucked it clean as she pulled it back out! “You taste good enough that I am glad you fixed my computer! But I have to get a shower. If you can finish with my computer, I am sure Mom will be glad to pay you for your troubles!!”

She then laughed, winked and launched herself from the counter, down onto the floor. She bent over and picked up her towel as she leaned her shining body against mine. “You might want to clean up before Mom gets home. I have to get a shower before I am late for my shift at the shoe store.” She then kissed me passionately.

I wiped up myself and the counter and got dressed and then turned off the homegrown porn and finished copying the rest of her videos onto my thumb drive. I then changed a few settings to boost her performance and loaded a couple of utilities onto the computer to help it continue running well in the future.

The front door opened and I looked to see Sam turn and look back at me. “Hey, if you like those other videos that you just took off of my computer, maybe you would consider joining me for a film. People go gaga for older man, younger girl videos! And I know I’d love to give that another shot!!” She then blew me a kiss and went out the door.

I ejected my CD and began finishing up my work when I heard the front door. I called out, “What, did you forget something, or are did you want to pay me for fixing your computer?” Imagine my surprise when instead of Sam’s young voice I heard the deeper, more mature voice of Cindy call back, “You got it fixed? That is AWESOME!!”

I quickly kicked the towel to the back door and began shutting down the computer. “Yeah, it had a couple of viruses but it should be as good as new now.” Cindy came around the corner and I gulped. She had on stretch yoga pants that fit her like a second skin. She was carrying her shirt and only a yellow sport bra hid her large breasts from my hungry eyes!

“I’m sure your wife told you that I am running short on cash right now, but I really do appreciate you coming over and fixing Sam’s computer. I know she appreciates it too, even though I doubt she even noticed you were here!”

I gulped as I thought about what had just been happening in that very room just minutes earlier. I mumbled something about it being alright, and that Sam had thanked me already.

Cindy then stepped up to me and placed her wrists loosely over my shoulders as she stared into my eyes with unabashed intent. “I can’t pay you with cash, but if you’d like to come upstairs and help me with my shower, maybe we can work out another form of payment? Maybe, an installment plan?” she said as she raised her eyebrows.

Oh, this was definitely one computer repair job that was DEFINITELY worth every second of my time!!

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