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Luckiest Woman In the World

This morning had been amazing ... the very best experience of her entire life.

She couldn't believe how brave she had been, going to him in his office and at long last unleashing her massive 36J breasts to earn the attention and respect of the one man she so desperately wanted. She was so happy that he had appreciated her decision to come without a bra on ... that at long last he had noticed her. As she thought back, she was so grateful that he hadn't hesitated when she opened her blouse and thrust her mountainous tits towards him ... the sensation of his hands lifting, feeling, and massaging her giant boobs and thick nipples had been amazing.

And then there was his magnificently massive COCK! She kept picturing its enormous, exquisite beauty, the outrageously thick long veiny shaft, and the gorgeously huge head. She couldn't help but stare at it. He was a study in both size and proportion ... his cock was so enormous and yet so perfect! The taste, the feeling of its hugeness pumping her mouth had been out of this world. And the very idea that he had blessed her cunt with his amazing cock--that he had pumped his magnificently huge cock in and out of her beefy welcoming cunt until she exploded into orgasm--was beyong her wildest dreams. Just being in the presence of his majestic cock made her feel so very good about herself.

As she sat in her cubicle and tried to do her work, she proudly remembered how he had insisted that she finish the day without her bra ... how he'd wanted her enormous boobs to "be available" to him whenever he wanted. When she had walked back to her office after her extraordinary experience with him and his amazing giant cock, she'd caught a few surprized looks from some co-workers, but she couldn't tell whether they were because of her huge tits bouncing freely under her blouse, or the enormous amounts of cum that glistened gorgeously on her smiling, grateful face. And she didn't care. She was just so very happy ... she got to be with him and his spectacular cock, and she was proud to wear his cum everywhere.

Sitting there in her cubicle, with her enormous tits clearly visible beneath the transluscent material of her thin blouse and her face gloriously covered in his exquisite cum, she made a huge, yet easy decision: tonight she would pledge her eternal love, devotion, and daily dedication to him and to his magnificent giant cock. She couldn't wait to kneel before his gorgeous, gigantic cock and swear to him: "You are my world. When I am in the presence of your humungous, perfect cock, I am truly alive. I love you, and I need your awesome, amazing cock pumping my mouth and my cunt every day. I need to worship your big, gorgeous cock. I need you to glorify my wet beefy cunt with your magnificently huge cock. I need you to feel your massive hardness pumping in and out of my mouth ... to rub the gigantic, beautiful head all over my face ... and to watch and feel your loads of spectacular cum shooting all over my face and eyes and dripping down onto my massive boobs. I need your gigantic cock. Your cock is so enormously awesome. Please, please promise me that you will give me your amazing, giant cock and shoot your gorgeous cum all over me every day!"

She smiled quietly to herself, rubbed the glorious cum into her cheeks and over her lips and tongue, and thought, "I am the luckiest woman in the world!"

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