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It seems I always had this thing for bigger, full figure women. I don't know where is started but I seemed to fantasize about them all the time. My step mom was a bigger woman. My dad divorced and remarried when I was very young. He was away quite a lot with business so it was just me and Sally, that's my stepmom, at home most times.

I always thought Sally was quite attractive even when I was young. As I grew older I started to notice her more. She had put on a few more pounds over time and this seemed to add to my fantasies. She had very big breasts and I would hear her complain about having a difficult time finding a bra with a big enough cup for her. She had these catalogs around the house that had the big size fashions in them and often times I would find myself looking at them searching out the bras and panties getting big hardon as I thought of Sally wearing some of those sexier things. Usually I would go off to my room to masturbate to relieve myself.

With dad gone what seemed like all the time Sally would often ask me what I thought of a particular bra or panty. I think she knew this excited me as she had caught me looking at the underwear sections before and would just give me a big smile.

It was when I started college that my fantasies started to come true. With my stepmom alone most of the time I decided to go to school locally and just live at home to keeps costs down plus keep Sally company. I was almost 19 by this time and my sexual thoughts were increasing.

One day I came home early from a class and I guess Sally didn't here me come in. I walked past her bedroom and she had left the door partly open and I caught a glimpse of her changing clothes. This was my first sight of her big lovely body. She had on only a bra and panty. The panties were the big full cut kind all nice and white and her bra could barely contain her massive breasts. I stood still as not to make my presence known. She was facing her mirror and did not notice me. My cock was hard and straining against my briefs. I waited to see what she might do next. She then adjusted her bra a little. I imagine the weight of her tits would be a bit uncomfortable, they were so big but beautiful. My thoughts ran wild as I imagined her freeing them from that bra and her letting me suck them and rub my cock over them, perhaps even beating off and cumming on them.

This was far better than jerking off to a big size catalog. My eyes wandered down to her large full briefs. Her ass was covered in the white cotton material. Her asscheeks were big and fleshy yet firm for their large size. How great it would feel to slide my cock between that big ass crack and shoot my load. I wondered if she have ever taken a cock up her rectum. I visualized spreading her fat asscheeks wide and fucking her brown puckered hole.

My cock was aching for release now. I needed to jerk off in a big way. I wondered what my step mom would think if she knew I was going to masturbate thinking of her big fat body so sexy and fleshy. Would she think of me as some sort of pervert. I stood there for few more minutes

until she went into her bathroom and shut the door. My viewing was over for now.

I quickly went to my room where I stripped down and lay on my bed. I rubbed my hard penis in my bikini briefs. I took the waistband and pushed it down to free my aching cock. Looking at myself I wondered if Sally would like it and want to suck it. Would she like it in her fat fleshy pussy? I reached down with my hand and closed my eyes and started stroking myself. I had done this many times before but this time I had that vision of my step-moms big body in my mind as I worked my engorged cock until I shot cum all over myself. It felt so good get that release thinking of her. I kept pumping until completely spent........wondering if this was all there would be?

........I had just finished cleaning up myself of cum and putting on my clothes when I heard my stepmom knock on the door. I quickly tidied up and told her to come on in. I was a bit nervous wondering if she knew I had just watched her in her underwear and then masturbated thinking nasty thoughts about her plump body. As she entered she didn't appear angry or upset. I thought to myself that she didn't see me at all and had no inkling of my peeping on her.

She sat on the edge of the bed and asked me about coming home early.

Her next question took me completley off guard. She asked me if I enjoyed watching her in the bedrooom in just her bra and panties. My heart pounded. I guess I had been caught for sure, her stepson peeping in on her almost nude step mom. I stumbled around for some sensible answer as to why I was looking in on her. Before I could come up with some lame answer she said she rather enjoyed being looked at and that with dad gone pretty much all the time she rather welcomed my looking at her. She asked me if I found her big body arousing. Stumbling around again for some sensible answer she said she knew I must have.

At this point I knew she must have known of my jerk off session. She revealed to me that she knew all along I was watching and became excited herself. I apologized as best as I could, explaining that I wanted to just go on by and not linger but her large body was just so exciting to me. She smiled at me saying that she was happy that I found her arousing. I was relieved that she wasn't upset but rather glad.

As it turned out she knew my thing for bigger women by my keen interest in her catalogs especially the underwear sections.

She then told me she knew I beat off when I left her door. Redfaced, I replied that I was so hard and aroused by her that I had to relieve my self that way. I told her that even in just a plain bra and briefs, she got me so hard.

She then told me she tried to imagine me in here stroking my hard shaft and wondering what my hard cock would feel like in her pussy. I couldn't believe myself. Was Sally saying she would like to feel my cock inside her? My erection was straining my jeans now. She sensed my discomfort and suggested that I get rid of those uncomfortable jeans. This was too much to believe, she wanted to see my cock. I got up and took them off and then stood there in only my bikini briefs, my hard cock fully outlined in the front pouch. She made the comment that she thought men in bikini briefs were quite sexy and how she wished my dad would wear them.

Getting up from the edge of the bed she said she had something to show me she thought I would like. She had on one of those baggy sweatsuit outfits that she usually wore around the house.

She pulled off the bulky top and pushed the pants down to her ankles and stepped out of them. There she stood in one of the sexiest bra a panty sets I had ever seen in any catalog. The bra was a full cup underwire type which she had to have for her massive tits but it was especially sexy. Even though the cups were huge they could barely contain her big natural tits, plenty of cleavage was still showing.

The panties were fantastic, the full cut kind, of strechy nylon. My eyes went from her breasts to her large full tummy. It sagged just a little to make her sexy to me and I could see just a hint of her dark pubic hairs trough the sliky material. Slowly she turned aorund to give me a full view of her large meaty ass, straining the nylon material. Turning full around she asked me if she liked the looks of this big body.

I blurted out that I thought she looked fantastic, so plump and sexy.

She looked at my cock now leaking precum and leaving a spot on my bikinis. Smiling she said she wanted to feel that cock in her lovhole. It had been so long since a penis had been inside her and she wanted to feel my cum in her.

It was difficult to believe what was happening. There was my stepmom standing in front of me in the most sexy underwear I had ever seen, eager to take my cock in her big fat pussy.

Even though I had just masturbated, may cock was ready and eager to fuck my stepmom. I watched as she beagn to unhook her bra and release two huge mounds of flesh. They sagged due to the weight. Her nipples were very big and brown. As she bent down to push her panties off they hung very low. When she stood up I got my first view of her big hairy pussy. I don't think she trimmed or did anything to her pubic area. Her hairy cunt was beautiful.

She asked to to pull my bikinis down and show my cock to her. I reached down and pushed my underwear down to my kness and stood there in front of her, my cock aimed skyward. I wasn't as big as my dad she revealed but I sure was swollen and full of cum. I finished pushing my briefs down as she layed back on my bed and opened her big thighs wide to expose her damp wet slit. Her huge tits spilled over to each side as she motioned for me to get closer. Reaching down between her legs she spread her puffy lips open to show her red damp gash. Due to her big stomach it was difficult to reach down to her pussy. She did mangage to pull her cunt lips wide and reveal her hole, ready for fucking. I got in between those big thighs and grabbed my shaft and pushed my cock down some to

enter her. She pulled her fleshy stomach up to give me better access. I rubbed my cock up and down her wet slit until I hit the mark and shoved my hardness deep up her warm inviting hole. She moaned and said it felt so good to have a cock in her. She grabbed her legs to help hold them wide and spread further open. She told me to fuck her and fuck her deep. I lunged forward pushing my dick deep in her hole. As I slapped against her cunt, her stomach seemed to ripple.

As I fucked her I looked down at her big fat sexy body so hot for my cock. She moaned and begged for deeper harder fucking. I thrust forward pushed as deep as I could into her fat hole. She told me not to pull out but shoot off inside her, she wanted to feel me cum and squirt my seed.

It wasn't long before I could hold back no longer and my cock exploded into her. This surpassed all of my fantasies about her as jet after jet of hot cum filled her. I pushed forward so all my cum would be deep inside. I slowly withdrew but some semen oozed from her hole.

She told me that was great, it had been so long since a cock had been in her. She hoped that this would be just the beginning of a new relationship.............

The following day I dould not keep my mind on school. All I could think about was my stepmom. Fucking her was all that I could think about. I knew I should keep my mind on other things but her big ass and hairy pussy had my full thoughts. I continued on with classes that day not really in to school at all.

It was evening before I got back home. I was ready to head up to my room when Sally called me from the kitchen. She was there at the table looking through what I thought was a magazine. I went over to see what she wanted to show me. As it turned out it was not a magazine but an "adult" catalog of lingiere. She told me she knew I often looked at them especially the lingiere sections. She said this one was special not like the others. I looked down at the page she had opened and I sure could see why. It was actually a porno magazine of big women. Smiling up at me she said that she knew I would enjoy this one for sure. The page she had open had big full size models and I mean very full size. I could feel my cock begin to harden. She asked me what I thought of these big ladies as she flipped over to another page. Here it was nothing but bra and panty sets. The models were posed very provocativly not your regular catalog style at all. Lots of big tummies and heavy sagging tits.

I told her it was very arousing. This one particlar model who was a very plus size, had on these very shiny red panties with bra to match. I don't know what size her tits were but that DD or bigger cup could barly hold her breasts. She was posed in a sitting position in such a way that her legs were wide open and I must say very inviting. In this position it highlighted her big tummy rolls and beefy thighs.

She flipped over to another page which was even more revealing. This page had a model in panties alone and no bra. Her tits were not as big as my stepmoms but they were large and hung down. The panties were more sheer an I could see part of her pubic hair. Sally looked up at me asking how I liked her. I told her she was great and her bush looked hot in those big briefs.

Flipping through a few pages she said she had one she knew I would enjoy. She stopped and opened a page where this one very large gal was laying back with her legs wide open to show her very hairy cunt. She had hair all over and up high too. On the opposite page she was pulling her lips wide open to show her pink gash and hole. Sally said she bet that hole had been fucked many many times. I laughed and replied who knows how much cum has be shot in that nice fat pussy. I imagine by the size of her gash many a dick had fucked this big woman

My stepmom looked up at me with this smile on her face and asked me if I thought this gal had much cum shot off into her other hole.

She turned over to the next page and the model was on her hands and kness with her very large ass showing.

Her huge cheeks were spread wide and right in the middle of all that flesh was her nice brown anus. It looked so inviting and tight. There were several shots of her showing her anal hole. In some photos another woman was pulling her cheeks apart to give an even better view.

Sally looked up at me and asked if I would like to fuck her other hole. She said dad would sometimes fuck her ass but not as much as she would like. She liked the feel of flesh slapping up against her big cheeks and the feel of warm cum shooting into her bowels.

I was eager to give it to my stepmom in her ass. Having never fucked a woman anally, I was anxious to feel how tight a ass would be. The thought of putting my dick up my stepmom ass was very exciting to me.

I told her I would love to fuck her tight brown hole and we headed to her bedroom.

When we got there she said for me to just sit and watch her undress. She took the bottom of her sweatshirt and lifted it up over her head to reveal her huge tits straining to be released from her bra. She peeled her pants down and then stood up and tossed them aside. She had on these big cotton briefs with this little flower print, not fancy but so sexy. I love the feel of the cotton against her.

She asked if I had on bikinis like before. I replied that I did. I took my jeans off and stood there for her to see my bulge filling my pouch front. She reached over and felt my hardness and cupped my balls. Then she took the waistband and slipped my briefs over my hard cock. I stepped out of them and stood before her naked and erect. She unhooked her bra and her massive tits spilled out. Then she removed her briefs, exposing her big bush. I slid my hand up her big thighs to her pussy and rubbed her hairs, taking a finger and searching out her fat slit. She opened wider as my finger worked its way through her forest of pubic hair to seek out her hole and clit. She was very wet as my finger went up and down her gash.

We went over to her bed where she lay back and spread her big legs wide open. I stared at her big bushy cunt and stroked my cock. She told me to be careful and not shoot off to save my cum for her ass. Later she said she would like for me to masturbate for her and cum on her big panties, but for now a ass fucking is what she needed. She reached to her bedside stand to get a jar of lube. She told me to apply some to my cock and some to her anus to make entry easy and comfortable. Since I was new at this anal fucking I thought it would make it easier to fuck her ass. As I appiled some to my dick she got on her hands and kness and had her large ass in position. I could see her brown puckered opening and put some lube all around. She told me to stick a finger inside her ass to feel just how tight a fuck she would be. I smeared some lube around her rectal hole and then slowy inserted my finger up inside her. She moaned in pleasure telling me it felt good to have something in her rectum.

I worked my finger in and and out, at the same time with my other hand I lubed up my cock shaft.

I could see her fat sloppy pussy and all that hair below her asshole. Her large tummy all hanging down everything so fat and sexy. I pushed her big asscheeks wide apart to look at the hole I was just about to fuck. Her ass was all slick and wet from the lube and ready for my cock. Easing up behind those giant cheeks I pushed down on my shaft to get it into position to enter. I put my cockhead at her anal entrance and then slowly pushed forward. There was some resistance at first then she relaxed her asshole and I eased into her. It was indeed tight and felt so great as I pushed further into her bowels. She told me how great is felt to be filled with my cock. I was not too big she said like my dad and she missed having a cock up her ass.

I began to fuck in a steady motion as my hands wandered all over her big fleshy ass. I looked down her ass crack to see my dick disappear in her. I wanted to cum in her. I began to fuck faster now. My stomach slapped up against her big bottom. The whole bed rocked as I pumped harder. I kneaded and squeezed her fat cheeks all the time slapping up against her bulky body.

My stepmom was moaning about how good I felt in her and she was eager to feel me empty my cum inside her.

It wasn't long before I felt myself start to cum. I pushed deep into her ass to release my load. I began to shoot, pumping jet after jet of creamy jism into her. She said she could feel me cumming and to fill her bowels with my cream.

Once my load was emptied into her I eased my cock from her tight brown hole. I saw some seep out and trail down to her pussy. I took a finger and put it in her pussy hole.........both her holes had been filled with my semen........this was just the start of our fun.

It was difficult to concentrate on classes that next day. Just about the only thing that was on my mind was my step mom. All that I could think of was her big fat ass that I had just fucked the day before. It seems the more I thought about it the harder my cock became. It's a good thing that I just had morning classes and I could go home early that day. If my stepmom was home maybe she would let me fuck her or suck me off. I was in need of some relief.

Classes soon ended I was headed home. When I pulled in the drive I noticed a car I had not seen before. I thought to myself that Sally must have a friend over and there goes my chance. I guess I would have to go to my room and masturbate and just think about fucking my stepmom.

When I entered the house I heard two voices talking in the kitchen. I figured I would go in and introduce myself at least before heading to my room. As I walked in my stepmom and another woman were looking at a magazine. The woman was bigger than Sally and somewhat older looking. When they saw me enter they looked up and asked me to come in. My stepmom introduced me to her friend Ginger. It seemed Ginger had been divorced for several years. She and Sally had known each other for a long time and confided a lot in each other. Sally told me that she was telling Ginger about us. This caught me a bit off guard. Sally told me not to be concerned as her and Ginger shared quite a bit with each other.

Ginger had brought over this porno magazine for my stepmom to look at. It seemed Ginger really didn't see any men much, probably because few men her age appreciated her big size. Ginger was taller woman than Sally and a bit bigger but she had much smaller tits than my stepmom but she wasn't bad looking at all. It seemed a shame she couldn't find anyone to date much less anyone to fuck.

I came over to see what they were looking at. It was a porn magazine called Plumper Fuckers. On the cover was this big fat girl sucking a cock. I thought that this looked very interesting. Ginger asked if I would like to look at it with them. I told them I would enjoy that very much.

Ginger flipped to a page where this one older big woman was taking this huge cock up her ass as two other men were watching and stroking their cocks. In the next picture the guy had pulled out of her ass and had shot cum all over her big ass cheeks. Other pictures had some very big women fucking several men, some were getting eaten out as guys jerked off on their huge bodies. One picture showed this guy sucking these big saggy tits as he had his hand down her super big panties, no doubt fingering her sloppy pussy. The whole magazine was nothing but fat to very fat women getting fucked in both pussy and ass and lots of cum shooting off on meaty fleshy bodies.

My stepmom asked me if my cock was hard looking at all that fat fucking. She then asked me if I would like to fuck Ginger. It seems she had not had a fuck in a long time and dildos were all that had been up her pussy.

The thought of fucking her big fat hole had me ready to shoot in my pants. Ginger said that Sally said I liked big panties and bras and big pussies.

Right there in the kitchen Ginger lifted up this big dress she had on and took it off. There she wsas in just the biggest set of panties I had seen and her tummy to match. She had big tits but not all like my step moms. Her panties were white nylon and stretched over her saggy stomach and ass. I could see her big dark bush through the material so sexy and natural.

Sally suggested we go to her bedroom and get comfortable.

When we got there my stepmom suggested I show Ginger my cock. I had on one my more sexier bikini underwear just in case. I knew Sally liked them. I would soon see if Ginger liked men in bikini briefs. As I stepped out of my jeans and shirt I stood in front of Ginger. She was quite pleased and said I looked very good in my underwear and she like the pouch front full of my hard cock.

I asked her if I could take those nice big panties off and see that furry pussy. She told me to do whatever I wished but to take mine off too. I took mine off and let her see my hard erect shaft. Then I reached over to help her take those huge briefs off. When she stepped out of them I saw her huge hairy cunt. My stepmom got her briefs and held them up asking how I would like to wrap these around my cock and masturbate in them. I thought maybe I would but for now I wanted to fuck Ginger's big hairy pussy and dump a load of cum in her fuckhole.

As Ginger stood there her big belly sagged over her cunt almost. I reached between her legs to feel her fleshy thighs. My fingers sought out her slit. I had to work my way through all that pubic hair to find her her moist cunt. She was quite damp now.

I had Ginger get on the bed and spread open. She laid back and opened her big thighs. Her pussy was a forest of hairs. I couldn't wait to stick my dick in that jungle of cunt hair. my stepmom came over and stroked me a little telling me to give Ginger a nice deep fuck. Ginger smiled up at us and said to fuck her deep and fill her waiting fat hole with my cum.

I got between her legs and guided my cock into that mass of hair. Sliding the head of my cock up and down her slit I found her vaginal opening and thrust my shaft up her hole. She moaned as I pushed as far as I could into her hole. My stoamch slapped up against her bulky body as her stomach semed to ripple. Sally had her hands between her legs, no doubt masturbating as she watch us fuck. Ginger held her legs open as best she could due to her size. I kept fucking fast and hard. She said she wanted to feel me cum fill her with my jism. It was just a short time before I exploded into her pussy. I slowly withdrew and looked at her wet matted pussy. I could see some of my cum oozing out

Much to my suprise as I got from between her legs, Sally had her face deep in her musky, just fucked pussy. It seems my stepmom and Ginger were closer friends than I thought. Sally continued to lick her pussy clean. It was quite arousing as I watched her suck and lick Ginger, I think she was wanting so suck my cum from her hole. When she had finished she asked me if I would like a little cleaning to and she proceeded to lick my cock clean of Ginger's cunt juices and my cum...I am sure there will be more fun for the three of us.

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