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My Shared Wife

My wife loves being shared. We started fooling around long before we had the net. She especially loves MFM. I love the look on her face and the sounds she makes as a hung stud works his cock into her.
Our best 'fuck buddy' started out as just a guy from work who liked her. She told him she was married but they could come to her place as long as they didn't wake me or the k**s up. She came upstairs to 'change' and woke me up. She told me to come to the top of the stairs and listen. She hadn't told him I knew and was afraid he'd chicken out if he knew. So I quietly stood at the edge of the stairs and listened as they made out. There was a mirror on one wall of the stairs at the bottom and a big picture on the other corner and I could see thier reflections in the picture. That gave me the idea to look in the mirror which faced them directly.
I snuck down a few stairs just in time to see her dip her head to his cock. It wasn't 10 inches more like 8 but it was very thick with a mushroom head. Her lips danced and teased his cockhead the way she always did mine and I knew just what pleasure he was feeling. She took him deeper into her mouth and sucked him til I thought he would cum. He pulled her head up and laid her on the couch,sliding her panties off,her legs spread as wide as they could. She looked right into the mirror and into my eyes with a look of pure mischievious lust then her head tilted back as he covered her clit with his mouth. He ate her well but did not bring her to orgasm before he slid up between her legs and ran his cock up and down her pussy. She made sharp little gasps as his cock hit her clit and it turned into a quivering moan as the head found her hole and pushed into her. The moan ended with a little yelp as the thickness split her open. He pulled back,got a better grip on her hips and sunk himself into her fast as her eyes rolled up and her breath seemed knocked out of her. He pulled back and did it even harder and she responded by tilting her hips and offering her pussy up for more. He did not disappoint her as he started to fuck in fast hard strokes. She was moaning and gasping and grabbing his hips,her legs pulled back high and her toes curling and uncurling. He added some more strength and then speed until he was pounding her like a jackhammer and she was saying "Yessyesssyesss" with her eyes squeezed shut. He pulled her further off the couch and I thought the slapping sound would wake the k**s it was so loud. She let him put her wherever he wanted her and took all he was giving with lust for more. I know how hard she likes it and he was finding out too.
He pulled out and flipped her over doggy style,this is her favorite postion. She made him stop so she could lay her head on the couch and give me a view from behind and keep him from looking into the mirror. He hammered her like a linebacker and she raised her pussy up for more abuse. He said he was going to cum and started to pull out but she grabbed his hips and pulled him back into her deep and wiggled her hips against his as he shot his cum into her pussy.

They did this a couple more nights before she asked him if he'd like a 3some. He said yes and wasn't freaked out like some guys get.
We had a few awesome 3somes and he stayed at our place for a few weeks because he didn't have his own place and hated going back where he stayed. Our k**s were young then so it wasn't impossible to keep the fun going. She worked nights,and so did he, I worked days. Between the 2 of us she was getting fucked 6 or 7 times a day for about 3 weeks. She lost 10 pounds and one night I woke up to her having an orgasm in her sl**p,dreaming she was being fucked again.
He moved away and we never found another guy as compatible as him. Its harder to play now with the k**s in thier late teens but she said she wants to start having fun again.

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