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Waiting for my uncle Jim to get back home. Part 4

My uncle Jim had just left to go back to work after catching dressed up in my moms lingerie. He made me suck his cock with him jacking off all over my face. He told me not to wash my face with his cum all over it until he got back home from work also. His cum was starting to dry on my face and I could smell it also. I went into the bath room and looked into the mirror to see what I looked like. I could see his cum drying on my face. I thought about washing it off but I reambered that if I did not do as he said he would tell my mom about me. So I did not wash it off but I could still smell the cum and I was getting turned on again. He had taken some pictures of me also. Some were of me close up of my cum covered face and also of all of me dressed in the sexy lingerie. He had me pose with me pulling my panties up tight so you could see my cock thru the panties and some with them pulled down around my knees so you could see my cock. He took some more close ups of my cock and had turn around for some pictures of my ass. He made be bend over and spread my ass checks so he could take some of my pussy ass hole what he called it.

I waked back into the kitchen and got my coke and drank some. Sitting down in the chair that my uncle had just m*****ed me in I started thinking about what had just happened to me. My cock started getting hard again in my panties so I reached down and started playing with it. I could feel it get real hard as I played with it. I could still hear all the nasty names my uncle had called me in my head. I like what he called me and told myself that I was a sissy slut. I was getting more turned on and I knew that if I keep this up that I would soon be shooting my load of cum into my panties. I did as my uncle told me and stoped playing with myself. I did as I was I was told by my uncle to wait to cum when he got back home from work.

So I wanted to take my mind off of all these thoughts in my mind so I went into the living room and watched tv. It was hard for me not to touch my cock in my panties but I keep telling myself that I had to do as I was told because I was my uncles sissy slut now and I had to do what he told me to do from now on.

The time went by slow. My uncle had left to go back to work around 11 and he would not be back home till 2 in the after noon. It was only 1230 and I made myself lunch. I my lunch than went back to watch tv until he came back home. It was 130 and the phone rang. I picked it up and said hello. It was my uncle on the phone. He asked me if I did what I was told to do and I said yes I was doing what he told me to do. He said I was a good sissy slut and that he would be home at 2 and that would give him 2 hours to do some more nasty things to me before my mom got home at 5.

He than told me what he wanted to do before he got back home. Frist I was to go into his bed room and get the make up bag in his room. I was to take a tube of bright red lip stick and use it to make my lips red like a good sissy cock sucking slut. Than I was to get a bottle of beer and than open it just before he came home. I was to look out the window to see when his car pulled up and than on see him get out of his car I was to get on my cock sucking sissy knees just in side the front door so that when he opened it. I would have his beer in my hand also. I told him that I would do as I was told to do and he said that I was a good sissy slut and he would see me soon.

I than went into my uncles bed and got the make up bag were he told me it was at. I opened it and got out a tube of bright red cock sucking sissy lip stick and went into the bath room to put it on. I looked into the mirror and I could still see my uncles dry cum on my face. I than put the lip stick on my lips like I had seen my mom do and than went back to watch tv.

As I sat there I keep thinking about how I was to be ready when my uncle got home from work. I waited till 150 than went into the kitchen and got his beer. It was a miller bottle beer. Popped the top off and than went back into the front room and looked thru the d****s. It was not long before I saw my uncles car pull up. I saw him get out of his car and started walking up to the front door. I went over to the front door and got down on my knees like told me to do. I hear the key in the door and the door opened.

End part 4

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