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"Mom, who all's coming again?" I screamed across the house as I packed a few clothes and swim trunks in my bag and looked for a shirt to put on.

"Aunt Janice yourself and me at the beginning, then your cousins Sherry and Shona will come in from Atlanta for a few days before their mom and dad get there", my mother responded. "Great," I mumbled under my breath, "just what a horny 19 year old guy needs... to be stuck on an island with hot women who are all related to me. TERRIFIC!"

I didn't realize that she had walked across the house when she answered so her reply from my doorway made me a bit sheepish as I realized that she might have heard part of my response.

"I knew you'd be finished with term finals, so I volunteered you to be our guardian for the week. We'll go up to the lake and secure Bleaker Island before any other people stake a claim. You know the Fourth of July fireworks on the lake are just to die for from the cliff on that island. Besides, you know I can't drive the boat on the trailer and launch it by myself." She was drying her luxuriously slow curled brown hair with a towel, wearing a pair of cutoff jeans that molded to her curvaceous backside and were dangerously close to being daisy dukes. Her clinging halter top lent the needed support to my mother's breasts, they being a healthy D cup in size, and left her tiny waist and flat stomach on display. With large sparkling green/blue eyes, a heart shaped face and pouty lips, my mother was a 36 year old MILF in every way possible. Standing only 5' tall, she was a tiny package of dynamite.

"Come on Trent, Jerry (my step-dad) and your uncles want to fish when they come up next week so we have to take the boat and Janice will need help getting supplies off her houseboat. You know Sherry and Shona are just going to paste themselves to a towel and tan and won't be any use until your Uncle Joe and Rick get up there to make them help. Please don't be grumpy about it!" she pleaded. "Besides, it'll give you a chance to show off those new muscles you've grown" she teased slightly as she reached out and drew her hand and fingers over my shoulder and down the side of my arm.

"Showing off for my cousins and aunt?" I asked with a raised eyebrow.

"You know your cousins will have you slaving away at rubbing suntan oil on them, and oh yeah, Janice has already called dibs on your famous backrubs. She has a... soft spot... for you. Come on, you know you like it when they complement you on those backrubs. And besides, there's one more person you can show off for."

"Who else is coming?" I inquired with a slight nervous feeling.

"Your Mom, silly" she giggled as she turned slowly to leave the room, her eyes trailing across my physique before returning to meet my astonished eyes. An impish grin spread across her lips as she cocked her eyebrows before bouncing out of my room.

"I think my mom's going nutso!" I mused to myself as I finished my packing. While it was true that things hadn't been that great between her and my step-dad for a while, I'd seldom seen my mom that flirty, and she'd never done that with me.

I'd been a skinny k** in high school, playing every sport as best I could but never being that great at anything. Of course, being 6'2" and weighing only 162 pounds had played a part in that. Bean Pole had been one of my many un-liked nicknames. But, college had changed all that. For the past year I had worked out with my roommate, a tight end on the football team. He enjoyed my dedication and passion about wanting to get bigger, even if I couldn't match his feats in the weight room, and he fed off them. It was to our mutual benefit, as I'd helped him regain some passion for his routines, and he had helped me pack on 35 pounds of rock solid muscle. Maybe 40.

As I packed the remaining items in the boat and hooked it up to the truck, I thought about the upcoming weekend. I enjoyed helping my Aunt Janice out with anything she wanted. I'd been her favorite nephew since I was 4 years old. It was at her husband's funeral and I crawled unprompted into her lap and told her that I loved her and I hated that she was crying and I wanted to kiss her tears away. It was the same thing that my Mom had told me the week before when I skinned my elbow, and I thought she had hurt herself like that too. From that point on I was her "Sweets". The older I got, the more I appreciated her. She was loving and kind and always supportive. She was the natural s****r of my deceased biological father. As her and my mother had been best friends in school, and Mom had married her b*****r, they had always remained close. They were identical in thought and mannerism, but opposite in appearance. Whereas my mother was a dark haired tiny super-curvy hourglass, Janice was an Amazonian goddess's goddess. Standing 6'2" tall, with a 37-22-37 figure that screamed "corset" but was completely natural, she was everything I looked for in a woman, both physically and emotionally. All the women I dated were compared to Janice, and every one of them came up painfully short. A fact that often left me alone on weekend nights during the past year in college.

Mom came out of the house lugging several backpacks and tote bags onto the porch. "Trent, can you put these in the truck, the phone is ringing honey." she yelled. I moved up to the porch and grabbed ahold of 3 of the backpacks, wondering what in the world my mother could need that would take up so many satchels. Returning for the second handful of bags and slinging some of them over my shoulder, I felt a "thump... thump... thump" on my back from the backpack that pressed directly against my back. Setting all the bags into the back of our truck, I curiously pulled the zipper open on the pack that was still moving and looked inside. Quickly moving some silky/lacy things aside, I found a flesh colored dildo with a matching set of balls, the cock undulating in place and making a slight humming noise.

"What in the world?" I thought silently, as I pulled it out. Its gyrating movements slowed to a halt when I found and flipped the power switch. "My Mom uses a vibrator..." played slowly across my thoughts. "My Mom uses a vibrator..." stuck in my head, replaying over and over for the next few minutes. A picture formed in my mind of my petite mother, splayed out on her bed with her hair tusseled and small bits of perspiration on her brow, reaching down between her legs and pushing her "toy" up inside of her. My cock instantly stood at attention, the full 7 inches of it pressing against my underwear almost as if it were wondering what was outside that was so interesting. I "saw" her tits pushed up between her arms, the normally large areola condensed into rock hard nipples that stood up proudly as she used both hands to pull her pussy lips back and push her toy in. I could imagine the low moan of pleasure that escaped her lips as she turned it on. I felt the smallest amount of precum start to escape my cock. I shook my head to clear the image of her pushing the dildo in and out with one hand while her other strayed up to savagely twist her nipples. The final thought of her biting her lip as her body started to shake almost made me cum in my shorts. Slowly, I pushed the dildo back down into the pack and noticed that it was one of several dildos packed. My mind reeled. I made to cover them up with the other items when my eyes and mind focused on the lacy "things" that had been on top. See through silk underwear and feathery teddys. When had my mother ever???

Her call from the house brought me back to reality, "Trent, did you get the cooler from the garage?"

My voice was strangled a bit as I assured her that I did. She exited the house and practically skipped across the yard to the truck. I was glad that I was on the opposite side of the truck bed as my hard-on was still quite pronounced. I told her that I had to double check the boat hitch and for her to get in... I wouldn't be but a second.

The drive up to the lake was uneventful, although I couldn't help stealing glances at my Mom's profile. The wind blowing in the window kept her hair swirling around her face. It was sign of my heightened sexual awareness that her pulling her hair back from where it caught in her lipstick was a complete turn-on. She was relaxed and humming a tune with the radio as her fingers lightly stroked the inside of her right leg. I had a good view as she had laid the seat back and put her feet up on the dash in a way that made me think of my vision of her on her bed. Her legs were very nicely shaped, a result of lots of aerobics and yoga. I often wondered how she managed all that yoga with such huge breasts, and I started to imagine her with her legs thrown back over her head in a pose I had seen on TV. I had to stop that line of thinking because my member was once again wondering if there was something worth seeing on the outside of my shorts, and its attempt to push out was sure to cause comment if my Mom saw. I thought I saw her smiling as I made a visible effort to concentrate on the road.

Within the hour we were at the landing where my Aunt Janice was going to meet us. I climbed out and started preparing the boat for launch when I was slammed bodily into the boat from behind. As I straightened up, I noticed a pair of long and very sexy legs wrapped around my thighs, two arms wrapped around and hugged my chest and I felt the crush of two large titties in my back as a hot breath on my neck sent tingles up and down my body. "Hello My Handsome Sweet", a throaty voice said in my ear. I felt a hot slow kiss on my neck and an instant after it ended she was down and spinning me around so I could hug her properly. I say properly, but that would imply a lean in type hug. In fact, she pressed into me so much that I thought she was going to wrap her legs around me again.

The feel of her bare legs on mine and her lower body pressed in as close as the top made me flush something fierce as I said "Hello Gorgeous", trying to be just as flirty as she was being with me. I decided to be just as forward and gave her a kiss on her neck that lasted a bit longer than hers as we hugged. I thought I heard a small sigh and moan as she smiled deeply and grabbed my hand when she stepped back to look me over.

Janice was wearing a black halter top, supportive like Mom's, and a full bottomed black bikini. The black silk wraparound that assisted coverage for her bikini bottom didn't do much extra to cover her creamy skin. In fact, it almost drew the eye to the glorious "catfight" that was my aunt's walk, as described by my step-dad. This goddess's figure was, to the utter frustration of my mother, maintained by sipping wine and not much else.

"Danielle", she called over to my mother. "Who is this hunky stud you've brought for me that acts just like my Sweet?"

"That's my Sweet, honey." my Mom called back from the side of the truck, looking up and smiling.

Janice wet her lips as her hand reached up and made its way from one shoulder, down across my chest and down to my washboard abs. "Can we share for this week?" Janice called back. My Mom responded with an unintelligible reply. "Ok Sweet, you're gonna regale me with stories of your first year's conquests at school, and not spare any juicy detail," she said "I want it all."

I laughed at her teasing and spun her around, pushing her toward the passenger side of the truck and slapping her on her bottom as I told her to go help Mom. She had turned flirty with every male in existence, at least that's what I thought, ever since her breakup with her boyfriend Jamie six years ago. I kept up my preparations for launching and started toward the truck to transfer some things to the boat when I saw Janice straighten up and step away from Mom rather hurriedly. I thought nothing about it as Janice came back to assist me. It wasn't until I set the second handful of bags down and looked up at Janice watching me that I noticed that Janice had lipstick on. One small problem, Janice doesn't ever wear lipstick and it wasn't on just her lips, but around her mouth as if she had been kissed passionately. I hoped that my face didn't give away my thoughts as I realized that the lipstick could only have come from one place.

Twenty minutes later and I'd loaded all of Janice's supplies on her houseboat (while my Mom and Janice sipped wine and shared secret giggles) and launched our boat as well. Mom told me to use our boat and race ahead to the island to make sure nobody took up residence. "We'll be along as fast as we can make it honey." my mother called as Janice started the houseboat. Knowing that my Mom wanted to have this island more than the others, I immediately gunned the motor. The breeze generated by the acceleration felt good on my skin as I decided that the afternoon sun wasn't strong enough to burn me on my first day and stripped my shirt off. The trip was going to take me 40 minutes (it was a big lake) and at least two hours for them.

As the boat planed out and I skipped across the lake, I let my mind wander. For some reason, I found myself reminiscing about all the times I'd spent with Janice. From the time I was 6 years old I'd spent at least one month each summer with her at her cottage on the beach. My mother had insisted, saying that the salt air and beach atmosphere was good for a growing boy. I never resisted, because my aunt doted on me and there were always k**s to play with. I had to admit, having a successful businesswoman for an aunt was not a bad thing. As a k**, I got the full treatment; go-carts, waterslides, glass-bottom boat rides, etc. However, as I grew up, I stopped wanting to do so much extra stuff and just spend time with her. About the time I turned 14 my step-dad put an end to my summer vacations, saying I should start to work for him over the summers.

My reverie was interrupted by Bleaker Island looming. It was a small island that you could walk around in 10 minutes, with two small sand beaches. Once upon a time, a small one acre island approximately 50 yards off to the side of the main isle had been connected by hard land, but the many years of erosion had made a perfect sandbar beach between the two. I knew from yearly excursions to the island that it was the perfect place to land, and 10 minutes later I'd unloaded the boat and started setting up camp about 20 yards back on the main island. Another 20 minutes of work showed two 5 person tents set up and soon after, enough firewood gathered for the night's fire. Figuring I'd done enough work for the moment, I stripped off my shorts and dove in at the water's edge. The quick 5 minute dip helped cool me off and I felt completely refreshed as I climbed out and redressed. Looking around, I realized that there wasn't anything else to do to prepare the campsite, so I leaned back and relaxed inside "Janice's" tent.

I immediately, though unintentionally, began fantasying about my mother. I thought about the backpack that was now in the houseboat and its contents. I imagined my mother on her bed again. I saw her nipples straining against the material of her bra, each one straining to stand up as it hardened but the sheer volume of her breasts filling the material and crushing them sideways under the pressure. Her luscious body and her juicy parts strained against the sheer materials of her special undies. I saw myself hovering over her, watching her writhe in torment as the feeling of the silk material pressed inward against her swelling mound. The thought of her pussy pressing against the fabric and imagining her getting wet enough to mark the panties made me imagine that I was directly over her, gazing longingly at the dark V of her pubic hair and the wetness of her mound. I imagined that as the fabric became soaked in her juices, she started pressing a hand down on her mound, sending pressure on her clitoris and moaning at the feeling. My mind slipped further into the fantasy as I imagined two hands pulling my face forward, into the musky scent of drenched panties. I could almost taste her sweet pussy as the hands pulled the too tight panties aside, exposing the pink wings of her pussy and the nub at the top that continued to swell in anticipation of my attention. I noticed the blond curls of pubic hairs around the outside of the object of my attention. Blond? I look up into Janice's eyes and hear her say "Please, my Sweet, lick my pussy." I feel a small movement on my cock, maybe my underwear adjusting, and an orgasm wells up and takes me completely by surprise.

I shuddered awake in a cold sweat with a hard-on for the ages subsiding, the sticky feeling of my cum in my swimming trunks. What the Hell is wrong with me? I'm imagining my mother and my aunt naked? Wanting sex with me? My mouth watering at the thought of licking either one of them? Am I the biggest pervert in history? Trying to get my feelings in check, I take a quick dip in the lake to wash off and clean my trunks. After getting out, I decide to head back up the lake to check on their progress. They weren't late, but I thought that doing something would be better than staying here and having more fantasies, although the more I thought about the dream, the less it seemed disgusting and the more it seemed harmless, even natural. After all, I was a grown man with hormonal needs that hadn't been satisfied in over a year (yes, it had been that long since my last girlfriend.) They were the only two women I'd seen over the past two weeks... and pretty much the only women I'd see over the next two also.

The lake is vast and sprawling, covered by several juts of land that spider-out creating lots of lakeshore that had, fortunately, not yet been developed. Small inlets and secluded coves could still be found and were often advantaged by those who enjoyed a bit of frolicking in nature. After switching to the second gas tank, I planed the boat out and started navigating my way through the backwaters, expecting that I'd run out onto the "open water" and find my mother and Janice headed towards me. As it was a Monday, and especially since the tough economic times had put a crimp on everyone's extra spending, I enjoyed the ride without a single bit of wake from other boats. It seemed almost that the lake was devoid of other people, the few waterfront houses I passed all quiet and seemingly empty, the rugged undeveloped portions sporting no adventurous families staking out their claim for prime camping grounds. This tranquility allowed me to focus less on dodging other boaters, a full time task under normal situations, and just take in the lake while my mind wandered.

Huh... Lipstick.

Hmm... Maybe Mom's shade?

Hmmm... on Janice's lips.

Hmmmm... was it there before she arrived?

"Could they really have kissed?", I pondered. I suffer from a horrible short term memory loss problem, but some things get indelibly printed on my memory. "The lipstick overran her mouth in such a way... it had to be at least a 45 degree angle." Imagining a quick kiss from my mom to my aunt, I tried to imagine what might have caused them to angle like that. I struggled with it briefly and when I couldn't imagine a scenario, I pushed the thought away. The fact that Janice's hair had been slightly mussed in back like a lover grasping her passionately, a look that wasn't there when I'd hugged her and kissed her neck, I simply overlooked.

Relaxed and not in any hurry, I was noticing that a rather large island scheduled for development a few years ago still had no work being done. I knew the county had paid a large sum to build a bridge to the island, so I decided to circle it and see if they had started any construction on lake homes on the other side. I marveled as I went around it, keeping the isle on my right, that nothing had been done and after passing under the bridge, was about ¾ of the way around the island when my eye noticed something familiar quickly disappearing as a cove slipped by.

"Is that Janice's houseboat?", I mused. Thoughts of a quick turnaround were immediately forgotten as I rounded the curve of a particularly long finger of the isle and had to "right" myself rather abruptly to avoid a collision with an oncoming fisherman in a suup'd up bass boat. Since the right turn and my dangerous proximity to it had taken me directly toward the island, I did the only natural thing and immediately swiped my right arm down to pull the string that was attaching me to the motor's "kill" switch while I straightened out the steering. I drifted straight for the island and coasted in perfectly. Luck favors the bold, the adventurous, and sometimes the horny teenager.

Why would they stop? Immediate concerns over mechanical problems dissolved as I reasoned that they were at least 10 minutes off the most direct route to Bleaker's. OK, I thought, maybe they wanted to have a bit of a chat and had stopped off for that? I tried conjuring up the situation or conversation that would necessitate this detour. I'm fairly analytical and reasonably unemotional in my problem solving thought process. Try as I might I couldn't deduce a reason why they didn't just stop on the open water and drift if they wanted to talk without having to be distracted by driving the boat. No other people out here for all intents and purposes... clear sailing so to speak, though I did allow the fact that not everyone was as "practical" as I am.

Mom had often chided me on being so practical, telling me not one month ago during a phone conversation that not everything is as "black and white" as I viewed them.

"You have to take into account feelings." she told me. "Emotions, as much as you like to consider them secondary to making decisions, make up a large part of every reaction. Love for a person, fear of rejection, loneliness, the entire gauntlet of human emotions plays a part in it. I'll bet you that I could get you to consider a scenario where even you would make a decision based almost entirely on your emotions." she challenged.

"You know me better than that. Try me." I challenged.

"OK," she starts, "you have a female member of your f****y, ...say your second cousin, and she tells you in confidence that she is secretly attracted to you and has had these feelings for a very long time. She admits to the fact that she can only reach orgasm with her partner or when she is masturbating by thinking of you? She would like to try to have a relationship with you, but she is scared of what others might say and of your rejection. What would you do?"

"That's a totally unrealistic scenario Mom." I interjected. "First, I don't even know any of my second cousins. Second, if I was to try to imagine that with even my first cousins, who I do know, they are way too hot to have those type feelings for gangly ole me. That leaves only my aunts, and the same rule applies as for my first cousins, on both sides of the f****y... they are way too hot to even look twice at me."

"Soooo..." she drew out her reply in an almost a breathy sigh, "You've actually thought about this?"

Her question didn't make sense to me at first. What is she asking me? Did I think about my cousins and aunts? Of course! I didn't have a female cousin or aunt who was under a 9 on my personal scale, our f****y on both sides having been hit with the "Hot" stick, at least as far as the female members went.

"OK, so say it was your 1st cousin or another close f****y member... like saaaaayyyyyy... your ... aunt..." mother almost purred.

The litany of real memories modified by my imagination flashed in the back of my mind. Aunt Janice immediately sprung to mind, my mind racing as my favorite image of her in a sheer lace trimmed teddy, telling me that she wanted me raced through my head. Images of my cousin Sharon in her skin tight cut off sweat pants and t-shirt knotted in front of her ample bosom, asking me to really teach her "ball". Shona, pulling her glasses down as she sat reading a book with nothing on but an overlarge button down mans shirt telling me that she needed me. Watching Sherry, wearing nothing but a string bikini that contained about 4 whole inches of fabric, telling me that I was hers as she languished by her pool. Candice, another aunt, asking me to come into the shower and help her wash her back. Janice, naked but for a towel over her ass, looking up with pure unadulterated longing from her bed and telling me she needed my "special" backrub... and she needed it in the worst way...

"But, but, but, they wouldn't..." I started to say.

"Hypothetical!" she purred with glee. It was a technique I'd used many a time to get her to examine her relationship with my step-dad. "...With Darlene!"

Darlene was my mother's s****r, and although 7 years her junior, they looked exactly alike. Same short stature, same curves, same smile, same giggle, same undeniable sexuality almost dripping from every pore.

Any real life "snapshots" of Darlene that I'd creatively modified over the years were a constant source of frustration for me, because of her and my mother looking so much alike. It felt so wrong to think of Darlene like that, realizing that my own mother often took her place unbidden in my mind.

But admitting I'd imagined that any one of them might be interested in me or that I'd thought of them in "that way" was a bit too much, even to my mother with whom I normally shared everything. It was i****t after all!

Snapping back, I couldn't bring myself to answer honestly, but I couldn't lie either. I thought quickly, something I usually didn't do well. "I'd tell her that it was flattering that she thought of me like that and I'd do what I needed to do to help her get over her feelings."

"HMMM", mother replied, a surreal quality to her voice, almost as if she were talking while dreaming. "How far would you go to "help her" honey?" she asked in almost a whisper.

I couldn't process the question. I started to stammer, my mind almost grasping the entirety of her question when she interrupted, her voice regaining some sense of normality, "That's OK Trent. I know you enough to know the answer. You've given me more than enough, for now." For some reason, "for now" sounded like it was emphasized and hung ominously for a second. "Gotta run honey. Some things around here need tending. I'll call you tomorrow or the day after. Love You, Bye." and the phone connection died.

Anyway, my logical brain couldn't come up with a single reason for them to be tied off in this secluded cove. It was only by the briefest of glimpses that I'd even notice the houseboat. My reasoning had it as thus, they had a reason I didn't know. In my mind, that only left one option for discovery. Stealth

I pulled the boat to the mini-beach and tied it off to a tree. I reasoned that as I'd passed the cove at speed, as most other boaters would do, then my mother and aunt would not notice that I'd stopped. Figuring in the lay of the island, I estimated a quick 5 minute walk would put me in the vicinity of the houseboat. I was pleased to note that I was spot on, as I rounded a small knoll and noted the secluded cove directly below me. There was no movement on the houseboat, but jazz music drifted lazily up to me from inside the cabin. Seeing the boat tied off on the front to a tree very near the shore and the anchor dropped from the stern, I decided that they intended to stop here and most importantly, though I didn't know it then, that I'd proceed as quietly as possible.

Stealth wasn't that required on the island as the entire ground was covered in pine needles. Being a hunter as I grew up, learning to step around noise making branches and pine cones had become second nature to me. Also, since there wasn't much foliage on the angle I was taking, there was little possibility of any surprise noises caused by me. It took me a few minutes to realize that I could have rushed the boat on horseback at a gallop and the occupants probably wouldn't have realized my arrival.

The music partially covered any noises coming from inside, but the fact the music was so audible told me that at least the front door and kitchen window were open, although covered by screens. As I pulled myself up out of the knee deep water and onto the houseboat, I heard a soft moan. Deciding it was part of the soundtrack, I paid it no mind and continued on up the shadowed side of the houseboat under the upper deck, careful to test each step lest an old board give away my presence with a loud groan or creak. I surveyed my approach and decided that the shadowed environment concealed me, and that anyone looking from inside would be hard pressed to see me against the dark underside of the canopied backdrop. I was so wrapped up in my sneaky movements that a guttural groan followed by and exclaimed "OH MY GOD!" in my Aunt Janice's voice took a moment to penetrate my consciousness. As I froze for the briefest of seconds, I listened intensely to try to hear more. The sounds of labored breathing coming from the back of the boat pushed me onward. Trepidation about what I might discover having the most fleeting of effects, I sneaked onward.

The sl**ping section consisted of 4 "bunk" beds built into the side frames of the houseboat, the lower about 2.5 feet off the deck and the upper at about 5 feet. Each bed, however, had originally been designed to sl**p 3 k**s or two adults comfortably, leaving little in the way of an isle between them. The plus side was an ability to "spread out" to your heart's content. The "windows" were level with each bunk, giving the occupants the ability to create their own draft on sultry summer nights.

My intuition took over, lending me to caution. Not knowing which way the beds might be "facing" nor which side my aunt's voice had come from, I approached in a crouch. I needn't have worried as a mindless 80's love song started, and my aunt's voice spoke "Just rip it off!" came from the other side of the boat and the sound of fabric shredding was audible. My initial peek over the edge confirmed my estimations, and my heart leapt into my throat. Although her head was partially obscured by a suitcase on the bed closest to me, I could see Janice laying on her back on the opposite side lower bunk, the tattered remains of Janice's black bikini wrap still caught under her ass and hanging over the edge of the bed, but no longer covering her front, obviously ripped off. My attention was drawn then to a silhouette that could only be my mother laying further down the bed, her legs curled up over her back as she lay nestled with her head between Janice's legs.

I watched as my mother kissed upward in a high arc pattern on the inside of my aunt's thigh, and back down in an overpass of my aunt's most sensitive of areas. I stood transfixed as I heard a long low moan escape my gorgeous aunt. "Please stop continually teasing me Danielle... I need it now."

I'd obviously missed part of this show, I thought, feeling the pressure against my trunks grow uncomfortable.

My mother's voice, almost unrecognizably filled with lust replied, "Oh, you're gonna get it Dear. You're gonna get it and give it for this entire vacation." her eyes filled with unrestrained desire. My mom's hands snaked up and hooked bikini bottoms in her fingers, tugging. A slight lifting of Janice's glorious ass freed the bikini's quick travel down her long legs and a quick flick aside by Mom sent them landing almost at my face, beyond the screen inside. "I've waited a long time for this, for everything..." Mom said. From my angle, I noticed that my mother had moved her mouth right over my aunt's pussy, just millimeters away from contact. As she lowered her mouth, I noticed the look in her eyes, wanton abandon, and heard her say, "He is going to love doing this to you too."

When her lips made contact below the blond curls, Janice made some noises I'd never heard her make. Then, as I saw her hands flutter between attempts to grab her nipples through her top, down to grasp the bed coverings on each side of her, and enticing my mother's mouth farther into her by curling around her head and pulling, her knees spread farther, giving me a completely unobstructed view of what Mom was doing to her. "Unnnhhhh!!" My aunt bucked seemingly uncontrollably, almost convulsively, for a few heartbeats, then started grinding her hips in obvious appreciation of the attentions my mother was giving her.

My hands had u*********sly strayed to my cock, pulling it out one of the legs of the trunks. I couldn't believe what I was doing as I watched the erotic scene play out before me.

Breaking contact briefly, I saw my mother's lips pull back from their complete engulfing embrace on Janice's vulva, tongue slowly extracting from deep inside her. I'd never noticed that my mother's tongue was that long!! As she suddenly darted forward, her tongue still pressed out, mouth open wide so her teeth lightly grazed Janice's erect clitoris and my aunt's cunt hairs parted by my mom's nose, my aunt was impaled again. Then again. Again. Again. Again, over and over. Janice's fingers dug uselessly into the bed coverings as my mother fucked her with her tongue.

Without realizing it, my strokes had timed themselves to my mother's thrusts. My precum lubricating my hands and cock liberally. I'd never felt this "leaky."

I looked amazingly at my aunt's face as she tossed it to her right, the one side I could see past the suitcase. She was breathing incredibly hard and still moaning, as if she were running a marathon, and she pulled her lower lip inside her mouth, biting it in what seemed like a display of exquisite ecstasy. Her bright green eyes then looked lovingly down her body, into the eyes of my mother, in complete surrender as Mom continued to face fuck her over the next few minutes.

A small gasp interrupted her breathing and I looked back down across her flat belly, through her fine blonde pubes, to where my mother's actions caused my aunt to push her feet further apart, and grind up and down in concert with her pleasurer's movements. My mom had stopped face fucking my aunt and was slowly moving her tongue up to crown across Janice's clitoris, and back down, pushing her butterfly pussy lips aside as her folded tongue traveled lower, past her opening and lower still. A slight lifting of her pelvic told me that Janice was facilitating access to a very intimate area. Mom's tongue looked to be pressing very firmly, seeming to cup and hook upward as it traveled across Janice's ass, up and into my aunt's willing pussy opening, pulling the pussy lips with them and copious amounts of pearly liquid, and then higher as her efforts all but "unsheathed" the now very prominent love bud at the top, and squashing it again as she folded her tongue back for it's downward thrust. "I'd... almost... forgotten... feeling...", Janice gasped, "You... you... FUCK... you... yunnnhhhh... unnnnnhhhh," whatever coherent thought she'd wanted to convey lost in my mother's slow, complete licking. It was only interrupted occassionaly by my mother's obvious attempts to capture all of Janice's juices, swallowing greedily.

I moaned in time with Janice's groans, the automatic timing of my strokes to match my Mom's licks making the feelings of ecstasy flow through us simultaneously. I immediately thought of what it would be like if I walked in and replaced Mom, eating my aunt's beautiful cunt. The thought lasted a second, and a more wicked thought pressed forward. What if I left my Mom eating Janice's pussy, and I ate Mom at the same time. Imagining her swollen pussy lips pressed apart on each side of my mouth, her hard clit grinding on my tongue, I had to let go of my member, lest I actually come from that thought. Mom's pussy?!?

When my aunt's breathing went from ragged to panting, my mother suddenly changed tactics again, pulling back a moment and remarking "We really don't have time to do this properly..." That said, she attacked Janice's clitoris with abandon, pulling with her teeth and, in brief moments when I could tell she wasn't trying to suck it out of it's foundation, flicking her very talented tongue across it in a rapid fire battering. I also saw that she had inserted two fingers into Janice's quivering quim, and seemed to be trying to pull her lover lower on the bed with them as she thrust and pulled in piston like motion with her fingers never coming out completely,. My analytical mind understood immediately, he had hooked her fingers inside, obviously knowing where Janice's sensitive spot was.

I realized that the scene had me stroking again. The scene before me exploding in a sexual kaleidoscope, Janice and my Mom's bodies swirling around me. 5 feet of packaged brunette dynamite, waiting to explode on my cock and in my mouth. A tall Amazon sexual temple, wanting nothing but me to worship her with my tongue and cock.

"Fuuucccckkkkk!!!!" Janice moaned/growled, as she savagely attacked her nipples through the fabric of her bikini top. The first cracks in the dam holding back her orgasm growing bigger. Savagely pulling the fabric aside, I stared in awe as ½ inches of nipple stood straight up, at least until my aunt's hands clamped around them, twisting and pulling them in sweet seductive agony.

"I'm... I'm... I'm close... close... close, OH FUCK YES!" Janice practically screamed. The dam inside her bursting. "I'm cum... Cumm... Cummm... CUUUUMMMMMMIIIIINNNNNGGGGGG... UUUUGGGGHHHHH, UUUUGGGGHHHH" The hot ejecta really found no escape, as it gushed directly from my aunt into my mother. Precious few drops escaping my mother's now incredibly wide tongue, as it fanned itself out wide, it's tip pressing against my aunt's anus as best it could with her bucking and thrashings, forming a natural channel into her eager mouth.

My own discharge was just as intense as Janice's, and Peter North would have a run for his money if it had been a contest, as four spurts of semen arced across the deck, some hitting the wall but most of the launched spunk landing on the deck 4 feet away. The orgasm lasted almost a full minute, and I didn't notice that although those four bursts had been indeed impressive, the majority of cum that I emptied on the houseboat that day ended up pooling directly under me.

After her most earnest thrusts, my mother started licking with slow deliberate strokes all over Janice's nether regions, her wide tongue cleaning my aunt efficiently. As long as her tongue didn't touch her actual pussy lips or clit, Janice simply lay there shuddering, even lifting up with encouragement from Mom, to allow her to capture some juices that had ran down across her ass and threatened to escape up between her gorgeous "cat fighting" globes. Once, as my mother attempted to lick too close to her overly sensitive lips, my aunt forcibly pressed Mom's head away, squealing "TOO SOON."

I watched further, but it appeared my private sex show was almost over.

"You know I'll wait for every drop." Mom said with a wicked smile, pausing patiently. A few moments later, I heard Janice moan deeply again as my mother's tongue unfolded in her pussy, scooping all the juices she wanted out. It was followed by a long sigh of regret as my mother made to get up.

Much to my immediate dismay I felt ashamed and disgusted as I pulled my trunks down to cover myself as best it could. I'd not only spied on my Aunt Janice, but my own mother. With each other! I need to explain this. My shame had taken on a different meaning. I was ashamed that I'd spied, knowing my beautiful mother and precious Aunt Janice would never do that to me. I felt disgusted with myself for not having the courage to do what I then realized I should have done from the beginning. Walking in and asking if I could help.

Wait a minute... My mind and emotions were in definite conflict. Am I even thinking straight? "I SHOULD HAVE WHAT?"

"We'd better get moving. Trent will be wondering what happened to us." came floating out from inside.

The universe very seldom clarifies itself for the mere mortal, but it did for this lucky bastard then. The words, "We'd better get moving" cut through my haze like a knife and I felt everything shift into focus. I realized in that horrifying instant that I had no escape. The door to the kitchen led to the land side, and was visible from anywhere inside when not lying on a bed. The same for back door out the sl**ping quarters, the deep end of the back of the boat. To untie from the tree, one of those gorgeous creatures was going to go out the front, to pull the anchor, one of them would surely head out the back door.

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