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My first homosexual experience

Thought some of you would be interested in my first homosexual experience…My wife and I are both in our mid sixties and had retired from working so we decided to have a weeks break away in a U.K. seaside town staying in a small f****y run bed and breakfast hotel out of the summer season. I had a good sex life over the years with my wife I was quite bowled over by the girl when we first met and she was a good fuck and a great catch; but the enthusiasm and interest had worn off and we were now friends rather than lovers. I had the occasion fantasy of having sex with a man but that was all in my mind. My sex life now consisted of masturbation.

When we arrived and booked into the small but comfortable and neat hotel we were both surprised to find only another couple staying there and on the following morning we met them and pleasantly chatted and said good morning. They were a few years older than us. While exploring the seaside town in the day we kept bumping into each other and nodded and acknowledging one another.

On day three we decided to go on a day excursion to the local tourist attractions, many seaside towns have their own bus and coach companies that cater for local trips to see the attractions in a coach and we had a surprise seeing the couple in the coach queue. When we got onto the coach our wife’s decided to sit next to each other for a chat while us, the two men, sat in the double seat behind them. When the coach started off to the first destination I noticed that the seats were rather narrow and his knee/leg was touching mine. As the journey progressed he started to push his knee/leg gently into mine and it was, I must admit a pleasant feeling and I also returned the feeling by pushing into his knee/leg, this continued without a word for the length of the journey.

When we arrived at the destination we both had to go into the public toilet for a pee, we happened to stand side by side at the urinals and I noticed he was looking down at me to see my cock. I turned slightly so he could see it and he returned the compliment by showing his cock. I have quite a small uncut cock but he was much larger and cut.
We both finished and whilewashing our hands in the wash basin he said beautiful and I also said very!.

When we had our evening meal in the hotel in the night my wife and I sat in the bar for a drink I was watching the football on the TV and the couple came in and I started commenting about the football and my wife decided to have an early night. I continued watching the football when his wife also went to her bedroom. At 11 pm I decided to go to my room and he walked with me to his room, as we walked along the corridor there was a toilet and he said would I like to come in here with him. We both went in closed the door, it was rather confined but he dropped to his knees undid my belt and pulled down my trousers and pants exposing my small cock, I can not describe fully the sudden rush of excitement I had when he put my cock in to his mouth and started to suck me. He sucked me for a few minutes then it was his turn so I did the same went on my knees and wow his cock was much bigger than mine and it was the first time I had sucked a mans cock. We then both stood up and he turned me to face the wall and with him standing behind me he wanked me and I cum in a paper tissue he was holding in his left hand I could feel his hard cock pressing into my buttocks and it was wet and sticky with his precum. I had to learn against him because my knees went to jelly when I cum. We then swapped around in the narrow toilet and I wanked him and he came strong with his cock throbbing and moaning with pleasure. After a few minutes and cleaning up we left the toilet room and went to our separate rooms both satisfied and contented with our cock play.
The following day at breakfast with our wife’s sitting next to us was a strange affair we were very cool to each other and never looked at each other and it was like that for the rest of the week until the last day on the Friday.

My wife and I had just come in to the hotel after having a nice meal in a local fish restaurant and decided to go into the bar for a drink, he was there with his wife and there was football match on the TV again and he explained the score and the match so far. My wife decided to go to the bedroom to pack and his wife also left us to watch the football. We had a few drinks chatted and argued about the game all in good humour. The same as the first night we decided to go to our bedrooms. On the way along the corridor he was walking in front and turned to me and said do you want a good night kiss so we both went into the toilet room and closed and locked the door.

While in the toilet through lust we embraced each another and started kissing and necking passionately, we had our tongues down each others throats and our cocks were fully erect. We both fumbled around with our clothes until eventually we were both naked touching each other all over, it was getting hot in the confined little room and we both started to sweat and there was a manly aroma in the room. He turned me to the wall and I bent forward and using his saliva and using his fingers he rubbed my man pussy to get it wet I held my breath and tried to relax as he slowly pushed his cock against my tight hole, I pushed back against him and then felt the sharp, searing pain as his cockhead slipped inside me. It did hurt but I was so excited I didn’t care, he only pounded a short while when he give out a moan and I could feel his spunk ejecting into me, his weight now arched on my sweaty back I was touching my cock with my hand and it was throbbing. He withdrew his spent cock from my arse and I felt his cum leaking out from my hole.

We were both exhausted and finally got ourselves ready to leave the small toilet room, he kissed me on my lips and he realised I had not cum yet and with his right hand he started to wank me, it didn’t take long before I shot my semen onto the floor and groaned in pleasure and finally we left going to our rooms.

The following morning was a strange affair over breakfast when we all started chatting before leaving the hotel, we all wished each other the very best and our wives would have never believed that their husbands were in a small hotel toilet fucking each other the night before.

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