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Part 1 Vacation up North 'Intro Fuck' in

Five girls on holiday in the North of Sweden, staying in a cabin, with one of the girls father.
He was divorced from her mother and lived there all year round, so entertaining his daughter and her friends was to be his pleasure, as you the reader, will see as you read on.
He had our company for two weeks and being more than twice our pubercent ages, he was going to see more than, a wet dream for a voyour wanker.
His daughter, Pia, warned us of his isolation and the lack of sexual contact with women.
'As long as he has a strong heart, Pia', one of the girls replied, to the peal of laughter from the rest of us, and with an average group age of 17, I would suspect he would need one.
Alighting from the train he was the only person there, in fact we were the only passengers getting off and as we walked towards him, the look in his eyes and the bulge in his pants, spoke volumes to the girls, who had also looked down there, prior to shaking his hand.
Unpacking our knapsacks in our respective rooms Jilly, my room mate remarked, 'Did you see his cock, Fuck it was big', not a bad mouthful from a mere girl of sixteen, who was still finding it hard to fill her first . brassiere.
'Jilly control yourself, it was probably just a clothing malfunction, shirt or something', I replied, not really wanting to believe what I had just said, he was bulging and I suspect all the girl's minds were racing, at the prospect of seeing him unleash it, in anger.
When we all met downstairs all the girls were tittering and as we had no TV, his cock would be the focal point of our attention, over these next two weeks.
Pia's face was crimson as we dicussed her fathers attributes and when he entered the room, still proudly bearing his bulge, her face deepened in its shade of red.
He wandered off into the back kitchen, followed dutifully by Pia, as all the girls sat down in the various seats around the room. I decided to follow Pia, stating to the rest 'I will go lend a hand' and walked in Pia's footsteps, down the corridor towards the kitchen.
They were in an embrace as I caught-up to the slightly ajar door, Pia with her arms around daddies neck, and daddy cupping her tiny curvatious bottom in his giant hand, pulling in towards him and squeezing as he kissed her extended neck.
Just as I was thinking, what the fuck, Pia drooped her hand down between them and squeezed him hard, mouthing between gritted teeth, 'Sort this out, all the girls can see your hard' and then they both kissed full on the mouth.
When they pulled apart he said, 'You should have come alone baby' and at that point I decided to make my presence known.
I pushed into the kitchen asking what was for dinner, studying each face for signs of guilt, but these two were giving nothing away.
'Just about to start Mariel, like to help?' 'Thats why I came back', I retorted at which Pia left stating she was going to take the girls for a tour around the grounds.
I stood at the window as they all disapeared into the beckoning forrest ahead of them, then turning and looking down at his crotch and noting he was still proudly strutting, asked what I could do.
'I know' he said, 'Pia told me' and started adjusting his penis down and in between his legs. 'Its difficult when your suddenly confronted with a group of teenage girls, after a year in the wilderness' he laughed as he pushed and coaxed his member into a more comfortable position, but still sticking out, visible to the eyes of the fairer sex.
'The way the girls are acting I am sure you might have a few requests', I laughed in reply, stopping short of requesting myself.
We talked as we prepared, he was making a slow cook of game meat and pototoes and I was paring the veggies, as he prepared the meat.
Meat browned and veggies added for the slow broil, I turned to him and asked him for a fuck.
He stood with his mouth open as I undid my belt, button and zipper, on my denims, pushing them down to my ankles and bent over the table, where a few moments earlier, we had worked on dinner.
Reaching behind I gripped both my ass cheeks and pulled them open for him and thankfully since first seeting eyes on his bulge, I was wet enough to receive his member, and I received it with full pleasure, feeling both my feet lift of the floor as his cock took the weight of my lower body onto his shaft of pleasure.
His long thrusts had me counting as they were slow and deliberate, but by 10 I was screaming my orgasm and so intense it was I had not noticed, he had his fingers burried in my ass.
My cumming had triggered him as my vagina tightened up around his shaft, causing him more resistance to push against and within minutes he was starting to cum.
'Wait' I said, reaching around and gripping his wet shaft, sliding off him and guided him to the stove, lifting the lid off the stew and pumped him into its contents.
I looked into his face as he stood wavering in front of the stove, eyes closed as he shot everything across the dark meat, white thick streaks of salty semen melting and drifting down between the meaty chunks and veggy bits.
Taking the wodden spoon I slowly mixed the previous contents of his scrotum into the gamey mixture, which would find its way into the stomachs of five girls, where it would have gone, had the opertunity arose.
'Mariel, what the fuck have you done?' he asked me, but I was squating down in front of him sucking his cock clean.
'The girls wont mind' I said, pulling my knickers and denims up and suggesting he do something similar, before they arrived back.
Day one almost in and already daddy has bagged me. Pia his daughter is cock hungry, as are a few of the girls in part two

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