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Night At The Drive In

This a true, short, and funny story that involves sexual nature. But no sex within the characters of the story itself.

It was the late 70's or early 80's I can't remember which, and I was young. Very young... Definitely before puberty. My s****r as well, and she was 3 yrs older than me. Her and I were so excited that day. We couldn't wait for it to get dark. Why? Well my parents were going to take my s****r and I to the drive in theater to see the Disney movie, Cinderella.

So all day my s****r and I we kept asking, are we leaving yet? No not yet, go outside and play! So as the day went on, my s****r and I talked on how cool it was going to be, to finally see a movie at the drive in theater like our parents always did.

It was not only a Disney Movie. But our first drive in theater experience as well. We always wanted to go before that. But we were told that we were too young and most of the movies our parents seen at the time were not intended for small audiences such as ourselves.

But now it was our turn. Finally, a Movie just for us.

So evening finally came around. And I swear it was one of the longest days of my life that day. Our parents told us to get in our pajamas and grab some blankets since it might get chilly that night. So we gathered up all our things and packed the van up and off we went.

After about 20 or 30 mins into the drive we finally make our destination and now it's dark. We had made it there early enough to get a good parking spot. Dead center...

Once we parked, my mom says ok, k**s, you two sit in the front seats while your father and I sit in the back. Awesome I thought, we never get to sit in the front seats, for anything!

So as my s****r and I get our things all situated up front. Our parents make a run for the concession stand to go get us some drinks and popcorn.

As they do, I begin to look around at all the other cars while waiting for them to come back and then I notice.... Where are all the other k**s? Are we the only k**s around?

So my parents come back and I mention this to them. And my dad quickly responds with. It's a drive in Jimmy. Not a playground. I'm sure there are many k**s here you just cant see them in the cars since its so dark out. So I thought nothing of it. And began to focus on the screen. Waiting for it to light up.

The movie begins to start. All ride... This is awesome.. My first drive in movie. I got my blanket, my popcorn, my sprite... Here we go...

As the beginning credits start. I notice, and shout out... Hey! This is a real peoples version Cinderella! Where is the cartoon? I asked. Don't worry, my mother assured me. This is probably just another movie preview. Oh ok...

But it wasn't, It was the movie! So then I shout out again... Ah, so it is the movie, and it is in real people! That's cool.... Trying to reassure my parents acceptance of the film since I really wanted it to be in cartoon. But at this point I just wanted to see a drive in movie. And didn't even care anymore. But as the movie got further, I noticed they were starting to use naughty words.

That's when I hear my mother say, oh shit. What mom? Nothing, just watch the movie... Bill, I think we brought them to the wrong movie. No we didn't, with a more than sure tone in his voice. Silvia it says Cinderella at the sign out front, And the movie says Cinderella at the beginning. So its Cinderella!

Yeah but Bill, I think its a....
(With a whisper in her voice) Dirty Movie...

I over heard em. I had great ears.... And as soon as I heard that. I thought... Awesome..... This is going to be so awesome... My first drive in movie, and its a naughty one.

And then that's when I heard my mother say. And were not staying Bill if it is. So with a sigh in his voice. Yeah alright.. Knowing he's been defeated. Sits there quietly... Realized he was wrong. He hated being wrong. Oh how he hated it.

The movie gets a little further. And all of a sudden I see tits! Naked tits! Holy shit this is awesome I thought. My mother yells out. Bill! Silvia just wait! My father says.. It ain't that bad. Now my mother begins to sigh.

You see, the way my father is looking at this ordeal is this... He paid for 4 people to see a movie. And that's what he intends to do. See a movie..

Not soon after that. The same girl that shows those beautiful tits of hers bends over, lifts up her dress and shows an ever loving most beautiful erotic sexy ass I have ever seen in my entire life. And at this point. It actually was the first ass I ever seen in my entire life!

My mother yells out again. But now, longer and louder this time. Bill! Now my dad begins to plea with her and actually tries to defend the film. Silvia the k**s are young, they won't remember this shit. That's when I came into the conversation. Yeah mom, we won't remember.

My mother wasn't having it and responded with. No way Jose! Come on k**s, get in the back. In a defensive voice I yell out... Why!? Cause were not staying here and watching this. You k**s are way too young to see this type of stuff.

Oh come on mom. I won't remember... No! Now get in the back! And with a sigh and whine I say to myself, Awe man.... And get in the back like I'm told.

As my father drives away. He is still trying to plea with her. Silvia there not gonna remember this shit, I can almost bet with you. And as he's driving away slowly I have my face glued to the window trying to get in that last piece of nasty on the screen all while still agreeing with my dad. Yeah mom.. We won't remember... Dad, go back...

My mother was true to her words and stuck with em. And my s****r? Well she thought the whole situation was funny. And kept saying. I can't believe you guys took us to see a dirty movie. And with that, my dad would quickly respond with. Its not a dirty movie!

Then what is it Bill? Its a... A... Sighhhh... He was quiet the rest of the ride home. 5 mins into the ride my s****r and I fall asl**p.

And here it is... Some 30 yrs later. And I STILL! remember that movie. When ever I bring it up to my parents as a joke, they still get real quiet. Knowing what they did was wrong and are still ashamed of it. Which to me. Makes it that much more funnier.

So next time you decide to take your f****y to a drive in theater? Better check and make sure the ratings on that film are intended for k**s.

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