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Night Two With My Girlfriend's Teen Niece

This is the second part of a story that began with my girlfriend Natalee’s eighteen year old niece staying the night at our place. While having sex, Natalee and I mutually revealed to each other that we have sexual desires for her niece Michelle. The next day my girlfriend took Michelle ,or Shelly for short, out shopping.
Natalee had promised that she was going to take Shelly to the lingerie store to pick out something hot. Knowing my girlfriend as only I could, I was sure that she would turn this into an adventure to fuel our sexual passions.

The thought of my girlfriend and her sexy niece trying on lingerie together and possibly being nude together in the same changing room had me horny all day. My condition only became more solid with the thoughts that my bisexual girlfriend had desires for her own niece. I could not wait for them to arrive home. Several times during the day I had to jerk off just to get my raging hard on to subside. Of course it did not take very much stroking of my thick eight inches for me to erupt loads of cum. Just thinking of the night before and the image of Shelly on the couch with her legs up and her pale, firm ass cheeks exposed while I pounded my girlfriend’s pussy from behind sent me rocketing over the edge in record time.

Just as the thoughts of the woman in my life and her auburn haired, green eyed niece threatened to overwhelm me once again, my girlfriend’s car pulled up the drive. They both appeared to be in a cheerful mood after a day of girl bonding. I met them at the door and Natalee immediately gave me a sexy look and announced that “since we are so late getting back from shopping I convinced Michelle to spend the night here again instead of heading all the way home.”

“Yeah, but I don’t have anything to wear tonight.” Shelly informed us.

“You have your new outfit” Natalee replied.

Shelly started to smile and blush a little which made my dick jump in my pants.

“It’s only lingerie. I can’t wear that in front of Alex.”

“I don’t see why not. You sure don’t have anything to be shy about. I saw that body of yours today.”
Michelle teased. “But if you need to you can borrow one of his long t-shirts to wear tonight.

“Ok. That will work.” Michelle told Natalee and then turned to me with a cute, flirty little girl look on her face. “Can I borrow one of your shirts Uncle Alex?” She had never called me “uncle” before. Something about it made wanting to fuck her brains out seem even more forbidden and attractive to me.

I told her that I would go into the other room and get her a shirt. Michelle thanked me and said that she was going to get a shower while I was doing that. She went into the bathroom and closed the door. As soon as she heard the water running Natalee spoke.

“Well Shelly heard us loud and clear last night. We were in the car and suddenly she just asked if I had a lot of fun last night because it sure sounded like I did. I got a little embarrassed but then even more turned on. I decided to tease back by telling her that we have sex like that every night but we’re usually not as quiet.

“Good thing you don’t have neighbors then. I think I heard plenty. So, it’s really big?” Michelle asked referring to my girlfriend moaning for me to “fuck me with that big dick”.

Just as Natalee was getting to the good stuff, the door to the bathroom opened just a bit. Michelle stuck her head out the door and called for me to bring her the shirt I promised. I turned to hand it to her and there she stood, her lower body hidden behind the door and her right arm covering her breasts. I couldn’t help but to let my eyes linger and lower to her chest. She smiled unashamed and let her eyes wander to my cock. There was definitely some sexual tension building between my girlfriend’s niece and I.

Natalee couldn’t help herself and as soon as the door closed behind Shelly she teased me too. “Oooh. There she was naked right in front of you. How could you resist not tearing the door open and taking her sweet little pussy right there? I wanted to see that so bad. She wants your big dick. I can tell.” with that Nat started rubbing my cock through my pants and giving me a major erection.

“Oh yeah. Well maybe she’ll get it.” I told my girlfriend. “And you will be the one begging to go down on her and lick my cum out of her pussy wont you?” with that I grabbed Nat’s big, round ass and pulled her against me.

“You know it.” Natalee replied.

From behind us we heard a voice call out “Are you two starting all ready?” It was Michelle who had just exited the bathroom wearing one of my black, rock concert t-shirts. It fell just a few inches below her butt and did an excellent job of showing off her sexy smooth thighs. She looked fucking hot with her hair wet, wearing nothing but a t-shirt and her body smelling freshly showered.

“That shirt looks pretty short. Better be careful or you might give Alex a butt show tonight.” Nat told Shelly.

“Don’t worry. I put my new outfit on underneath. See?” With that said, Shelly turned around and lifted the shirt to show a pair of bright yellow, lace, boy short style panties that hugged her ass in the most perfect way. They arched up over each ass cheeks just right so that the bottom of her ass was exposed. Michelle was in full cock tease mode now.

Natalee proposed that we watch the new DVD movie they had bought. We all agreed and she went to put the movie into the DVD player in our main tv room. I did some quick thinking and informed Nat that the DVD player had not been working today. If we were going to watch the movie it would have to be in the bedroom where the other tv was located. There was nothing wrong with the DVD player but I figured this might be my only opportunity to get Michelle into our bed tonight.

It did serve to get her into the bed. Natalee was even nice enough to ask Michelle to put the movie into the DVD player. This gave us both a chance to catch another glimpse of Shelly’s hot ass in those lacey panties as she bent over to insert the disc. Nat was nice enough to grasp my cock as we watched her niece on her knees, bent over sweetly. Just as Shelly turned around, Nat let go of my dick but the bulge was obvious. Shelly noticed and I saw her swallow like she was nervous and then join us in the bed for the movie. She laid on the left side of her aunt with me on the right. This put Nat in the middle.

Unfortunately, my golden opportunity to use my wit and charm to get my two girls naked and horny seemed to slip away rather suddenly. The movie had not gotten twenty minutes in before both ladies had drifted off to dream land. I stayed awake through the entire film but watched very little of it. My time was spent staring at my two gorgeous girls wrapped up in each others arms. Shelly’s t-shirt had raised up enough that I could now see her belly and my girlfriend’s arm d****d over her niece’s hips. My hard on seemed to never go away.

The movie ended but I never bothered to turn the tv off. I let the blue screen illuminate the room so I could continue to watch the girls and fantasize. Eventually fantasy had to give way to some form of reality so I started to run my hands over my girlfriend’s body, paying extra attention to her soft, pale white ass. This did the trick and she woke up and rolled over onto her back. I slipped my hand down her shorts and found her pussy was all ready soaking wet. As she reached in to grasp my cock, I continued to rub her mound. I started to move in circles around her clit and occasionally slip my finger inside of her. She was now responding very well to my activity.

I made the decision to push things a little bit farther. Michelle had rolled onto her side with her knees bent up toward her chest. This put her panty clad ass right next to her aunt. While continuing to pleasure my girl with my left hand I reached across her and took her left hand in mine. I placed her hand on top of Shelly’s exposed ass. I started to use Nat’s hand to rub up and down Shelly’s hips and ass. Natalee let out a shigh, a moan, and then said “oh fuck”. As she did, her hand squeezed down on the flesh of her own niece’s exposed butt. My girlfriend proceeded to have the most explosive orgasm that I ever recall her having. She turned to me and kissed me, exploring my mouth with her tongue. She broke the kiss and whispered in my ear “fuck. Her ass is perfect. Thank you for doing that.” She then pulled my cock out of my pants and started to blow me right there in the bed with her sl**ping niece Michelle.

Natalee was getting a great rhythm going on my pole with her head bobbing up and down on me. The blowjob was becoming so intense that neither of us realized how much the bed was shaking. Apparently it was shaking just enough to wake Shelly who rolled over onto her other side facing us. Nat was still focused fully on my erect cock in her mouth but I had been staring at her niece while receiving this oral delight. As soon as Shelly rolled toward me, our eyes met. Then her eyes got wide as she had a look down at what her aunt was doing to me. For one brief moment I thought that Michelle might fly out of the room out of embarrassment but instead she looked at me and smiled an approving smile and licked her lips.

Michelle moved closer to her aunt now and I held Natalee’s head down on my cock so she couldn’t move. I then watched as Shelly reached up to her aunt’s ass and started to rub and squeeze it just as she had just been touched by her aunt earlier. Natalee had her eyes closed as she was sucking me but now they shot open. As they did, Michelle kissed her aunt on the cheek. Natalee shot up into a sitting position and my hard cock slapped down onto my stomach. It was becoming obvious to me that these two women shared one thing in common. As the night grows later, they get hornier.

The 18 year old girl who my girlfriend had referred to as her innocent niece during our last sex session was now taking full control. Michelle reached down and grabbed my dick which sent chills through my entire body. She stroked it up and down and said to her aunt “It really is as big as you said. You’re such a lucky woman to have it every night. Now if rubbing my butt turned you on, I guess this is ok.”

She then leaned down and kissed the head of my cock as her aunt watched. Then she looked up to Nat for approval. Natalee’s answer was straight forward and surprised us both. She looked her niece in the eye, took her by the back of the head and kissed her full on the lips for a good five seconds. When she was done with the kiss, she lifted the t-shirt off of Shelly and tossed it across the room. Shelly was now in nothing but a lacey yellow bra and panties. Nat took Shelly’s head and lowered it back toward my dick.

Michelle needed no further encouraging. She was now putting on a show of pleasing me. Shelly turned her head sideways and started running her lips up and down my cock from the balls to the head. She used her tongue to lightly lick me and then teased my shaft with little kisses from her full lips. The she started sucking my balls into her mouth before licking all the way back up the shaft and taking my cock head into her mouth. While she did this, I watched my girlfriend stand behind her niece and undress fully. Nat then crawled up next to Shelly and began kissing her on the neck and back.

Shelly’s moan of pleasure indicated that she loved the attention so Nat took it further. She ran her hand down to Shelly’s ass and under her panties. Seeing as how there was no protest, Natalee took the panties in and began to lower them. Michelle allowed full access and lifted her knees so her aunt could fully remove the panties. The bra came off next and we were all three fully nude as my girlfriend Natalee went around behind her niece Michelle, lowered her head toward that sweet ass and stuck her tongue out to make contact with the wet pussy of the girl she had watched grow up to become a sexy woman.

Here I was with my girlfriend’s niece on her knees in bed blowing me while her aunt was eating her perfect little pussy. The sensations were becoming too intense and I was moments from cumming. I made a judgment call and stopped the blowjob. As I lifted Michelle’s head off my rock solid boner, she looked up slightly confused. Nat noticed what I was doing and stopped. I turned Shelly over onto her back. Her cute b-cup tits looked so nice in the pale light from the tv with their pointy little nipples setting erect and pointing to the ceiling. I began to suck on her nipples as my girlfriend dove back down onto that pussy. Michelle squirmed and groaned and grasped both of our heads. She was definitely in the throws of pleasure and would soon come with the same intensity as her aunt had. Natalee sensed it too and increased the pressure on her niece’s clit. That did the trick as Michelle let out a high pitched, girly squeal. Her body tensed. Her eyes slammed shut. She was cumming hard.

As the orgasm subsided, we all stopped for a moment. Natalee slid up next to Michelle and kissed her gently on the lips as Shelly’s breasts heaved from her hard breathing. Shell now had a hold of my hard dick and was mindlessly stroking it in the afterglow of her orgasm. “I love you guys. That was amazing.” She said to us both.

“I love you too Michelle” Natalee stated. “Now I want to see the two people I love most making love to each other. I want to watch Alex fuck you.”

“Yes. OK.” Michelle replied. “I want you to watch it. I need that big dick in me now.”

I climbed between her smooth thighs and loved the sensation of her soft skin against mine. My erect dick pointed right at her soaked pussy. I rubbed the bulging head over her pussy, paint brushing the entire length then I let it rest just above her pussy and on her pubic hair. I laid across her body and put my head next to hers. “Tell me you want it.” I whispered in her ear.

“Please fuck me. Fuck me uncle Alex.”

I got up onto my knees and aimed my hard dick right at her soft pussy. In one smooth stroke I inserted myself into her. I gave her a moment to adjust and looked up to notice my girlfriend in the bed next to us watching intently and masturbating. It was my turn to put on a show. I slid slowly in and out of Michelle letting her aunt see the length of my dick glistening with the juices of her sweet niece. Michelle held her left hand against my chest and used her right hand grab my ass and pull me deeper inside of her. She was now begging me to increase the pace and was thrusting her pussy onto me. I decided that it was time to go for it. I picked up the pace and slammed hard into Michelle making her small tits bounce hard. I started to really fuck her good and hard. I was allowing my girlfriend to get the best show possible.

Michelle’s put both hands on my ass and then ran her hands up my back and held on tightly. Her finger nails dug into my skin and for the second time she slammed her eyes tightly shut and started to come. “Fuck meeeeee. Uncle.” she squealed. That sent me over the top too and I tensed up and began to shoot load after load into her tight, young pussy. After cumming, I pulled out and collapsed onto the bed next to her. My girlfriend was the first to speak.

“This HAS TO happen again! You two are awesome.”

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