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First Time At The Gloryhole

So I've loved sharing my panty experiences with all of you so much, that I've decided to start sharing some mf my other sexual expliots that I hope you will find of interest as well! This is about my first experience at a gloryhole..........

If you've read any of my panty fetish stories you'll know that after I broke up with my high school sweetheart, (after she caught me in bed with my friend Anthony, 69ing!) I was pretty horny, and open for new experiences! I was chatting on a phoneline one day to another guy in my area and he asked if I had ever gone to the gloryhole located at a baseball park. Now I'd heard of gloryholes before of course, but thought they were only in adult video stores! I set out the next day to the ball diamond to check this thing out!

The bathrooms were located off the side in an older cement block building. It was your typical restroom, sinks in the front, urinals off to the side and the only thing that set it aside from todays restrooms, is that the three stalls were off in another room, seperated by a hinge door that squeaked when it was opened! The stalls themselves were made of wood, with many years worth of paint built up on them! It was actually fairly clean and although there was a typical bathroom stench, not as bad as some!!

I proceeded to the end stall and took a seat on the toilet after removing my shorts and undies, which I hung on the door. It felt wierd being half naked in a bathroom stall and I started getting turned on by the idea of another guy walking in on me! As I bent down to see if anyone else was there, I noticed that I was alone in the stalls. I took my shirt off and sat nude on the toilet and lit a smoke and leaned back a bit to stroke my cock. That's when I noticed the hole in the wall! It was under the tiolet paper dispenser, and after further inspection, relized it could be removed from the wall totally exposing the gloryhole! Now I was excited! I waited fifteen long minutes before someone came in, and after a brief pause, entered the stall beside me! Now I was a bit nervous as I could clearly see him through the hole, but calmed down a bit after he too completely took his shorts off and then his shirt! He was completely nude beside me!! I started really whacking off then and then as he sat down I heard him say "MMMMMMMMMM Oh yeah baby, jerk that meat!! You're a young one aren't you? MMMMMMMM, Like looking at my naked body? Yeah MMMMMMMMM!!!"

I was so turned on I didn't say anything but moaned, and he asked if I wanted a taste of his cock, I said YEAH! What an awesome sight, seeing the mushroom head of a 7" cut cock going through a hole in a stall wall, knowing I was going to suck it! I leaned over and slowly licked around the head of it, catching a bit of precum as I went, hearing the guy moan, savouring the salty taste of it. I then slowly licked the length of the shaft, sucking a bit as I slowly worked my way back up and then completly engulfed his cock, taking him as deep as I could! He moaned out his pleasure as I started bobbing my head up and down his shaft, tasting his salty precum as it seeped out into my mouth! He pulled away, and asked if I liked sucking balls, and after replying yes was in awe to see him stuff his massive ball sack through the hole and let them flop down on my side of the wall! They were HUGE, hairy and a bit sweaty, and I wasted no time getting them into my mouth, one ball at a time and enjoying the sweaty flavour of them! I still remember how they had a salty taste to them, sweat mixed with a bit of pee, and how the fine hairs tickled my tongue! He was moning loudly and I sucked and tongued his ball sack for well over five minutes before he pulled away and asked where I wanted him to cum! "In my mouth" I whispered, and he moaned, shoving his boner through the hole agian. I took the whole length of it and as it gagged me a bit I heard him groan and felt the first spurt hit the back of my throat, I regained my composure quickly and eased back a bit leaving just the head in mouth and jerked the shaft off with my hand! He came a bucket full!! I held his load in my mouth about to swallow it when he said "wait don't swallow it!" Then bent down to hole a peeked at me and asked if I would let it run out of my mouth and drip down the front of me! I did, and after rubbing it around my chest and stomach looked up to find him leaving! I sat back on the toilet and lit a smoke, basking in the experience I had just enjoyed, his cum slowly drying on my front!

But my reflecting was short lived! A couple minutes later the outside door flew open and someone entered the stall beside me again! I heard him say "Perfect, someone's here! Hey buddy, you sucking today?" When I said yeah, he replied "Cool, listen I'm meeting a client shortly so I don't have a lot of time, can you just suck me quick and try and get me off fast? Sorry for the rush but I can't come back today and I'm super horny!" All this he said as he was pulling his suit pants down and pulling his cock out of his underwear. I told him no problem and as soon as he put his cock through the hole I started bobbing and sucking for all I was worth! "MMMMMMMMM feels good buddy!! Work my cock you little slut! Oh yeah! Milk my man juice form my balls!" I started going to town on the end of his dick, sucking and licking the tip while jerking the shaft, all the while listening to him dirty talk me like a cheap whore! It took him less then two minutes to fill my mouth with his cum and as I was swallowing, he was doing up his suit pants and said "thanks for the suck, I needed that!" and left! TO say I felt used was an understatment! But it turned me on big time! Of course I had been with a few other guys before this, and a couple of them left right after too, but this was differant, I was there for the sole purpose of being someones cum dumpster! I still enjoy being used like that! The whole idea of just kneeling by the gloryhole and taking a strangers cock in my mouth to get him off was awesome!

I was just getting ready to leave when I heard a f****y outside, a mother, father and two girls. The mother was telling the girls they needed to pee before leaving and she said to her husband "Don't take forever in there either! I'm tired and just want to get home!"

"Okay, but I have to take a number two!" He said as he came in. Of course He went to my stall and tried the door but it was locked so went to the end one and I heard him say "gross" (I think someone had left a turd in there!) and came to the one beside mine. Now I knew this guy wasn't there for a BJ and was trying to get dressed quietly and I had my shirt on and was just about to pull my undies on when I looked through hole and saw the guy peeking in at me rubbing his crotch! I relized at that point that I had bent over with my 19yr old ass right in front of the hole! I sat down on the toilet and went to pull my undies on when I heard him say "What are you doing over there?" "Nothing" I replied. "Well if you don't mind me saying, I like your butt! You know what this hole is for? Or have you been using it already and that's why you were naked! HEHE! I've never had my dick sucked by a dude before, but I must admit I have fantasized about it!" "MMMMMMMMMMMM I'd love to blow you!" I said. "Okay" and he stood up and put his cock through the hole! I took it my mouth and sucked it until it was fully erect, and started flicking my tongue against the underside of his cockhead while jerking his shaft. I could feel his precum oozing out, and with my flicking tongue splattered it up onto my face and onto his shaft! It didn't take him long either to cum, he shot his jizz, trying to surpress a loud moan that his wife for sure would've heard! and sat back down on the toilet. He didn't say anything and I could tell that he was just caught up in the moment and now the reality was sinking in that he just got a BJ from another "dude" lol! Anyways I quickly pulled my shorts up and left. Smiling to myself when I saw his wife and k**s waiting for him outside on a bench!

Afterwards I went home and jerked off twice thinking of days events and feeling the dried cum on my chest and stomach! I of course went back many many times after that first day, and had many great experiences. They finally tore the building down around 5 years ago and although the new one is still a great spot for under stall action, it's just not the same without ol glory! lol! Hope you enjoyed hearing about my first gloryhole experience!

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