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Martha is my GF...I've been having an afair with her for about three months...this week it started to get a lot more serious.

Let me describe her a bit. She is a svelt Latina with blonde hair and generous size tits. I'm not going to pretend I know the cup size...but my wife has Cs and Martha's are larger. Martha works out a lot...and for a woman in her mid-40s, is in excellent shape. In short, she is a totally hottie.

But let's not stop there. Martha has the sexiest kisses I have ever known. She gets me heard every time we kiss. I have come home more than once with cum stains in my underwear. We spend hours kissing in my car. Despite these long make-out sessions we've had, Martha hasn't yet invited me upstairs to her apartment. She doesn't live alone, so I'm guessing that's why.

So this past week we had some time together. We went and had a nice lunch we headed back to her place. It was about 1:00 in the afternoon. We parked the car in the lot...which is very open to anyone walking down the street or in the alley that passes next to it. (There are businesses and other residences here, so people are always walking by.)

Martha was wearing a short dress that showed some cleavage, and came to about mid-thigh. We started kissing and fondling...I kissed her neck....down her chest...I sucked on her tit through her dress...and pinched gently at the nipple of her other breast. I could feel that it was erect. We kissed passionately some more...our tongues dancing around each other. I put my hand up under her dress and started rubbing her slit through her panties...She opened her legs a little wider. I could feel them start to get wet. We unclenched for a moment (it was getting hot...remember middle of the day...and it was already in the 80s.) Martha smiled and complained a little that the armrest kept hitting her left tit. I suggested we get into the back where there were no armrests and we could hold each other easier. So we climbed into the back.

We started kissing again...Martha just seated next to me...I started folding her all over (and I do me ALL over). She got up on her knees...and faced me...I put my hand up under her dress. Somehow, when she moved, her underwear had slid to one side making it easy to get to her pussy (this happened without her moving her hands below her waist.) She was really wet...I rubbed her clit a bit...and moved my finger up and down her slit a bit then I entered her with my finger. I started finger banging her in the back seat...her eyes closed...she started moaning. Then I found it...Her G-Spot. I kept banging her...and then she tensed...and her juices just flowed all over my hand....I took my finger out of her...wiped it under my nose...and then put it in my mouth.

Then she leaned over..unzipped my pants and started blowing me. She didn't use her hands once...just bobbed her head up and down on my knob...swirlled her tongue arund my member...she made it seem easy...I erupted in her mouth in minutes...and she swallowed it all. Oh Fuck!...All the middle of the day, and a fairly busy street in a very populated area.

When there is more to report (and I'm sure there will be) I'll post here...if you readers are interested.

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