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The life and times of David Baker Part one - Caugh

The life and times of David Baker Part one - Caught in the act.

This story is told in the third person, it is a work of fiction, but is loosely based on events that actually happened.

Mary opened the door to her son’s bedroom, she was unprepared for the sight that met her eyes as she walked in the room. “David, I wondered if…..” Her voice trailed off as she saw what he was doing. David lay there on the bed, his trousers and underpants were around his knees, his hand was moving up and down his erect penis.

“Oh my, I’m sorry David, I…”

David quickly tried to cover himself, but the damage had been done.

Mary rushed out of the room and went back downstairs.

David realised that he would have to face his mother when he went downstairs.

As David struggled with the decision to go downstairs, he heard his mother call up to him. “I’m just popping out David, I might be a while.” David did not go to the top of the stairs, he merely called out from his doorway. “Okay mum, bye.”

When he heard the sound of the front door closing, he went downstairs, he knew that this reprieve was going to be short lived, for his mother would return eventually.

Mary Baker walked along the street towards her friends house. It was at times like this that Ellen Ball could be relied on to offer the advice she needed.

Ellen opened the door just after Mary had rung the bell. “Hello Mary, what brings you here?” Without waiting for an answer, she invited her friend in. The kettle went on and when the tea was made, they sat down. Ellen detected that there was something wrong, but she did not ask what, she asked the usual polite questions, and it was when she enquired about David that Mary opened up to her.

Ellen listened without interrupting and waited until Mary had finished speaking.

Mary explained that she had walked in on her son while he was masturbating and felt awkward about having to face him.

“You are going to have to face him.” Said Ellen.

Mary shook her head, “but what am I going to say to him?”

Ellen placed her hand on Mary’s arm. “Please don’t distress yourself, I merely think that because you walked in on David while he was doing it, well, he probably feels awkward and is concerned about what you think of him.” Mary shook her head again, “I know you’re right, but I just could not bring myself to speak to him about this.”

Ellen started to pour another cup of tea, she seemed deep in thought. Finally she handed her friend the cup and said, “I know that David is sixteen, may I ask, when you saw his penis, was it very big?” “Well, I only caught a glimpse of it, but I would imagine it had to be at least seven inches long, why do you ask?”

Ellen thought quickly, she needed a reason why she had asked the question, and quickly. “I needed to know in case David was especially small, that might have made him doubly awkward about you seeing him.” Mary seemed to accept this explanation. Ellen continued, “I’ll understand if you say no, I know that David feels comfortable with me, would you like me to talk to him for you?”

Mary seemed relieved, “I was hoping you would offer, are you sure you won’t mind?”

Ellen had to hide her delight, when her friend had agreed “Of course not, I suggest that you dig out those books you promised me and I can call round to collect them tomorrow evening, as they are heavy, you could ask David to help me to take them home, then I‘ll offer him a cup of tea, I’ll be careful not to embarrass him.”

“Thank you Ellen, but what do I say when I go home? I can’t avoid him.”

“I would just pretend nothing happened, he will probably relax after a while.”

Mary returned home, she tried hard to appear normal in front of David. The boy seemed slightly on edge, but eventually relaxed.

The following afternoon, Mary asked her son to help get the books out of the loft, although the boxes they were packed in were covered with sheets, they still seemed to have collected a lot of dust. When they were all downstairs, Mary carefully unpacked them and between them they cleaned the dust off and repacked them.

They looked at each other and laughed. “Oh David, we’re as black as two chimney sweeps, I think we need to take a bath, I’ll take mine first.”

About six o’clock, Ellen called round, David readily agreed to help her take the boxes to her house and found the old sack trolley to transport them on.

David did enjoy Ellen’s company, although she was sixty one, the same age as his mother, she was not as uptight. Of course he had to be respectful, he always addressed her as Mrs Ball.

Ellen Ball was a sixty one year old widow, she had been so since her husband died thirty years ago. Ellen was always smartly dressed, she was clean, this was something that David liked about her, some of his mothers friends smelled a bit.

Mary had told David that Ellen was a real lady, she did not smoke, drank only in moderation and never ever used bad language.

David pushed the trolley up to Ellen’s front door and waited while she unlocked it and opened it enough for him to manoeuvre it inside. “Could you stack the boxes over in the corner please David?” she asked. “Certainly Mrs Ball.” David lifted each box in turn and stacked them as she had asked.

“Now I think that deserves a cup of tea.” David nodded, “yes please.”

Ellen lit the gas fire and indicated for David to sit in one of the armchairs. When the tea was ready, she brought in the tray. “David, be a dear and pull out the foot stool.” David did as she asked and Ellen sat down on it.

They sat drinking their tea in silence, then Ellen remarked, “you smell nice David.” The boy smiled, “yes, mum and I got really dirty sorting out the books, so we had to take a bath.” Ellen thought this might be the time to make her opening gambit, so she said, “not together I hope?” David’s face flushed, “Oh no, we took them separately.”

Ellen reached out and placed her hand on David’s leg, he flinched slightly, then she said, “I’m sorry David, I was only teasing, I did not mean to embarrass you.” He smiled slightly and said, “that’s okay.”

Ellen remembered an article she had seen in the paper and leaned back to the small table behind her. This caused her knees to separate and David’s heart jumped when he saw that gap between her legs. When Ellen turned back, he was slow in averting his eyes, Ellen realised where he was looking, but did not indicate that she had noticed. As she showed him the article, which was about Egypt, Ellen took the opportunity from time to time to look away, then when she looked back, she saw his eye movement as he looked away from her legs and back to the newspaper.

Eventually Ellen decided to make her move.

“I see that you like to look up between my legs David?” then before he had time to answer, she continued. “Is that the sort of thing you like to think about when you masturbate?”

David sat there in silence for a moment, then with a shaking voice, he said, “please don’t tell my mum, I promise I won’t do it again.”

Ellen moved forward on the footstool, this caused the gap between her knees to widen even more. David’s eyes widened as well.

“Listen David, I’m not angry, I don’t intend to tell your mother that you were looking up my clothes, but I should explain that she told me how she walked in on you when you were masturbating.”

The boy started to cry, again Ellen placed her hand on his leg, this time he did not flinch. “Listen David, your mother felt awkward about walking in on you, I explained that it was natural for boys of your age to have the need to relieve themselves, but she was still worried about it causing a rift between you.”

David was unsure what bothered him the most, that his mother had told Mrs Ball, or that Mrs Ball was discussing it with him.
“I expect you think I’m dirty?” he asked. Ellen’s hand was still resting on his leg and she had not brought her knees together. “What, for masturbating, or because you want to look up between my legs?” “Both.” He answered, his eyes staring down at the floor. Giving his leg another squeeze, she said, “David, there is nothing wrong with masturbation, I imagine everybody does it at some time in their life, as for you staring up my clothing, well firstly I’m flattered that you would want to, and if it gives you pleasure, then I don’t really mind, would you like me to spread my legs a bit wider for you so you can take a proper look?”

David could not believe he was hearing this, he glanced down and saw her spread her knees even wider apart and he was able to see right up to the crutch of her underwear.

“Have you ever had intercourse David?” He shook his head. “Do you imagine you’re having sex when you masturbate?” David did not feel so uncomfortable talking to her about this. “Sometimes.” “Would you like to have sex David?” Then as he looked up at her, she continued the question, “with me?”

Ellen wondered if she had gone too far, she had not intended this to progress further than to talk to the boy with the intention of putting his mind at ease about the incident with his mother. It was because of his interest in trying to look up her skirt, this seemed to have awakened something inside her.

“I’m sorry David, of course you wouldn’t want to, after all, your only sixteen, I’m an old woman, I’m sorry, please forgive me for asking you.”

There was a moments silence, then he said.

“I would, if you still want to.”

It was Ellen’s turn to be surprised, when she had asked, she had not considered the boy would be willing, then she had come to her senses thinking he would be revolted by the suggestion, now he was saying that he wanted to.

All manner of doubts started to creep into her thoughts, what if he thought her body was disgusting, if he rejected her because he thought her repulsive, that would be hard to bear. There had to be a way.

“Very well David, but there has to be conditions.” David nodded. “We cannot be naked, and there can be no touching.”

“I agree.” The look on his face showed his eagerness, “when?”

Ellen knew that it had to be now or never, the boy was clean, he had just had a bath.

“If you go upstairs to the back bedroom and pull the curtains, I need to get ready, I suggest you undress, take everything off except your underpants.” David nodded and went upstairs.

Ellen went into the bathroom, leaning back against the door, she wondered how she had managed to get herself into this. Talking to herself, she said, “I can’t very well back out now.”

Ellen took off her clothes and filled the sink with warm water, she soaped the flannel and washed herself, concentrating on the area between her legs, it wouldn’t do for David to detect any unpleasant odours from that region. Once she was satisfied that she was clean in that area, Ellen remembered what Mary had said about the size of David’s penis, so she took out a jar of Vaseline from the medicine cabinet and applied a generous amount as far up inside her vagina as she could manage.

Ellen put on the nightdress she had laid out for use that evening when she went to bed, then made her way to the bedroom.

While Ellen was getting ready, David went upstairs and started to undress, as he unbuttoned his shirt, he remembered that he was supposed to close the curtains, he went to the window and drew the curtains together, it was still light outside.

He looked around the room, the duvet that covered the double bed had a floral cover, David wondered if he should pull it down, he decided against it and continued with his undressing. Soon he was only wearing his underpants, then he heard the sound of Ellen coming up the stairs.

It seemed strange that she knocked before entering her own room, he said, “come in,” his voice low with a slight tremble to it. Ellen entered.

Without speaking, she walked round to the other side of the bed and switched on the lamp on the bedside cabinet. Then she spoke, “I think this should give us enough light.” He did not answer, merely nodding his agreement.

Ellen climbed onto the bed and stretched out, David stood there, his hands positioned in front of his lower half. Ellen moved her feet apart. “If you would like to climb onto the bed David, I suggest you kneel between my feet.”

David did as she asked, Ellen noticed the bulge in his shorts, it was then that she wondered if she was going to be able to accommodate him.

“I think I’d better say, you will need to keep your weight off my chest, it might be easier if you support your weight with your forearms, is that alright?” “Yes, I’ll try.” He answered.

David looked at the nightie that covered her body, her chest had two small lumps, he guessed these must be her nipples. Smiling up at him, she said, “do you want to lay on top of me now David?”

Remembering that he needed to keep his weight off her, David carefully lowered his body over hers. It was uncomfortable, until she said, “it’s alright for you to let your lower half rest against me.”

Ever so slowly, he dropped his lower half until it was resting against hers, Ellen felt the tell tale lump of his penis against her mound, then little by little, she felt it growing harder.

“Are you ready David?”

The tremble was still there in his voice as he answered, “yes, I think so.”

“Just relax David, it will be alright, I promise.” He gave a slight smile. “Just lift your bottom up a little.” David raised his backside up so that there was a space between their lower halves. “I just need to slide your shorts down enough to free your penis.”

David swallowed hard as Ellen’s hands took hold of each side of his boxers, all the time she kept her gaze fixed firmly on his.

“If you can stay like that, I just need to hitch up my nightdress.”

Ellen reached down and tugged at the nightdress, it was difficult and she wished she had taken the chance on David seeing her naked, finally she managed to pull it up so that she was naked from the waist down. “Lower yourself down David.”

David jumped slightly when his penis came into contact with her pubic hair. “It’s alright David, just get used to feeling my body up against yours.”

Ellen gave him a minute or two, then said, “if you lift up again, I’ll open my legs for you.” David’s heart started to pound in his chest when she said this. Then he felt her bring her knees up so that they were either side of his body. “Okay David, just relax and lower yourself against me.”

David did not jump this time as his penis brushed against her pubic hair.

“Slide down a little bit.” He did until she told him to stop. “I want you to push your hips forward gently, don’t worry if you don’t go in straight away, just keep moving backwards and forwards, eventually it will slip in.”

David pushed forwards, but his penis just made contact with the side of Ellen’s opening, he tried again with the same result. “It won’t go in,” he said, the frustration sounding in his voice.

“It’s alright David, let me guide it in for you.’ Ellen slid a hand down and took hold of his penis, it felt so large. Guiding it to the entrance of her vagina, she positioned the tip so it was just inside the lips.

“Try now David.”

David pushed forward, then he suddenly felt the end of his penis pop inside her. “Stop a minute David,” Ellen gasped, “I need a moment to get used to you being inside me.”

The boy resisted the urge to push himself right into her, there was a strange warm feeling in the part of him that was inside her.

Then Ellen spoke again, “please take your time David, just push slowly in and out.”

At last he was going to be fully inside her, he moved his hips forward and felt himself go deeper inside her, then withdrew. He repeated the movement, each time trying to go in a bit more.

Ellen started to moan, “that’s it David, urghhh, you’re doing it just right, urghhh, push harder, urghhh.” He pushed in harder, the feeling in his young body was unlike anything had experienced before.

Ellen shifted. “Is there anything wrong?” He asked. “No David, I’m just trying to get my legs up some more, that way you will be able to get yourself in deeper, urghhh.”

Ellen’s knees were almost on her chest, he found that in this position, he only needed to move his hips up and down.

After a few more minutes, he began to feel the tingle that signalled his impending orgasm. “I’m nearly there Mr Ball,” he said, “do I have to take it out?”

Ellen had hoped he would have lasted a lot longer, but she did not want to stop him having his pleasure. “It’s alright David, just keep going, I won’t mind if you want to ejaculate in my vagina, urghhh.” Her groans were louder now.

As David started to approach the point of no return, Ellen desperately wanted to say things to him, but she was afraid that it might put him off, so she just said, “oh yes David, that’s it, push harder, you’re starting to make me come, urghhh.”

David’s climax was unlike any he had experienced when he masturbated, the fireworks went off behind his eyes and he groaned out loud, “I’m there, arghhh.”

When Ellen felt the first ropey strand of semen erupt into her vagina, she pushed her hips up to meet his thrusts. “Oh David, I can feel you coming inside me, urghhh, push harder, you won’t hurt me, urghhh, fill me with your come, urghhh.”

They lay together on the bed, still joined, then his penis started to go down and Ellen reached down between them. “You need to withdraw David.” As he pulled out of her, Ellen slid the nightdress down to cover herself, averting her eyes, she said, “You must pull your shorts up David. He did this and climbed off the bed.

David went downstairs to give Ellen a chance to make herself decent, when she came down, he said, “Thank you Mrs Ball, that was the most wonderful experience ever.” Ellen smiled, “I think it should be me who should thank you, you behaved like a gentleman, you were considerate to my wishes and I gained a great deal of pleasure from our union, but tell me David, was there anything that you didn’t like about the experience?”

David stood there, he shifted his feet, Ellen sensed that there was something, but he seemed reluctant to say.

“I won’t be offended, as long as you aren’t crude.”

“Well, I was disappointed that I couldn’t see you, why was that?”

Ellen motioned for him to sit down, then she said, “the reason I made that a stipulation, is because I was afraid you might have felt disgust, I’m sixty years old David, my body might not seem so attractive as you think it would, so I wasn’t prepared to take the chance.” David nodded as if he understood, then she said. “If you want to do it again, I might let you see me.” David looked at her. “Oh, I assume that you want to do it again, I’ll understand if you’d rather not.”

The boy’s face lit up, “yes, I thought this was going to be the only time, but I would love to.”

“In that case David, I will let you see a little bit of my body, then some more each time we do it, but if we continue with this, then we will need to be discrete, if your mother ever found out, well, you can imagine.” He nodded. “The first thing you need to do is let your mother know I have spoken to you regarding the time she walked in while you were masturbating.” David looked deflated. “Do I have to?” “Yes, you have to if we are to continue having sex.” “Very well, but what shall I tell her?”

Ellen sat down on the footstool, her knees parted slightly and David was disappointed to see she had put on her underwear. “Right, pay attention David, this is what you will need to say to her.”

David returned home, “hi mum, I’m back.” “Hello David, did you help Mrs Ball with the books?” “Yes mum, she also told me to tell you not to worry about the thing I was doing, I promise I won’t do it anymore.” His mother felt relieved. “That’s good son, I knew Ellen would know how to stop you needing to do that.”

Next time, Part two – David starts work.

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