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My First Real Job

So, if you've read my other stories, you know I'm quite the little cock whore. Well, cum whore really. I guess they go hand in hand. I love the smell of it. The taste of it. The feel of it. Both in my ass or in my mouth. Well, sometimes this cock and cum addiction can get me in trouble. Or it can lead to a lucrative business opportunity.

I had me first real job. I was a cart attendant at a department store, which meant I had many duties. But principal of which was going into the parking lot and collecting abandoned shopping carts. This phase of my duties often took a long time with many trips to and from the parking lot. Well, it just so happened that one day on a trip to the parking lot, I ran across my neighbor. The man who had introduced me to sex years before.

We said basic hellos, but within 30 seconds I was in his car giving him a blowjob. His seat reclined and his pants pulled down just enough to expose his nice cock and balls. So there I was, licking and sucking his hairy balls when apparently my manager walked by and saw me. But she didn't say anything. In fact she waited outside the car not disturbing my work. I started bobbing up and down on his shaft getting as much cock in there as I could at the awkward angle I was at.

Soon he had his hand on the back of my head and was pushing me down. I knew this was the last few seconds before he came as I had experienced it dozens of times before. He thrust up as he pushed down. And my throat was spackled with his sticky cum. Some went straight down my throat while some trickled down the sides of his shaft. I calmly licked up all I could and sat up only to see my boss standing there. A stern look on her face. She lifted her hand and made a "come here" motion with her finger. I left my neighbor and got out thinking I was going to be fired.

I walked over to her and she said quietly to be in her office when I was done collecting the carts. So I collected the remaining carts, telling my neighbor goodbye. After clearing the lot, I slowly made my way to her office. A funeral dirge playing in the back of my head along the way.

When I arrived and knocked on the door, she told me to come in. I did so and she walked behind me to close the door. She sat back down and looked directly at me. She asked what I was doing out there. I said he was just a friend that I had had fun with in the past. She asked if I was gay. I told her I liked both girls and guys. But pervert guys really liked my type. She asked if all the guys I had sex with were older like he was. I said most all of them, yes. I had even had one top who was four times my age (he was 60 at the time). She then asked if I liked it, I mentioned that I did, but a lot of guys paid me. With that she said, "How much." I told her I had made $500 in one night before.

So finally she came out with it. She told me that her husband hadn't had sex with her in years (she was quite ugly in my opinion) and knew he had started liking men. Which apparently was fine since I later learned she had started liking women. So she asked if I would be her anniversary present to her husband. I was intrigued and asked what she wanted me to do. All she said was that he was coming to the store later that evening to get some things and she would ask him to wait in her office. At which point I would come in and give him "the works."

I was all for it. I had already been used to being bred by anonymous dicks many times in the past. So I was game for it. plus she wasn't going to fire me, but pay me $100 to do it. So we agreed. I went back to work. I had already eaten a load that day and looked forward to more. The day went on and the shoppers died down. Her husband came in. I saw him shop and take the stuff out to the car. Then I saw her talking to him and he started to walk back to the offices.

She came up to me and made sure the carts would be stocked and all my other things were ready. She said that it'd probably be pretty quick since he was more into boys than girls now. It had always taken him forever with her. I started to head back there when she told me one last thing. That he didn't know what was going to happen.

I headed back there and saw the door mostly shut. I opened it and saw him sitting in her chair. He told me that she wasn't there and I told him that I was there for him. A puzzled look came on his face and I started to undress. He didn't say anything. Just watched me. I was completely undressed in front of him and turned to lock the door. I walked over to the chair he was in and I knelt down. I unzipped his pants and eagerly took his cock in my mouth. It was already plenty hard to do the job, but I was giving him the works.

After a good five minutes of cock and ball sucking. I stood up and turned around. I bent over a little bit and opened my ass cheeks and said "Happy Anniversary from your wife." With that he leaned forward and dove his tongue straight into my ass. Grabbing both of my little hips and pulling me back he basically chewed my ass up. I was so loose and ready for cock I couldn't stand it. I moved over and bent over the desk. He asked if there was a condom. I said to him "How are you going to breed my bitch ass with a condom on? I need your cum in me NOW!" With that he stood up placed his dick on my target and started to slowly saw his way into me.

His big hands gripping my hips and pulling me more and more onto his thick dick. And it was thick. Almost like a soda can. If this guy had turned gay, he was sure to please any guy he fucked with that beauty of a cock. Soon he was pounding away making the desk shake. I expected a quick climax from the info his wife had given me, but that was not the case. After 10 minutes doing me doggy on the desk, he had me climb on the desk and was doing me missionary. Man that thick dick was fun.

After 10 more minutes he still wasn't ready to cum. By now his pants had fallen down around his ankles and I sat him back down on the chair. Luckily it was a good, heavy duty chair because I climbed on top of him and was pumping my ass onto his cock. Facing him with our breath mingling he was holding my back as I worked my butt up and down. I didn't know what was taking so long. So finally, I kissed him. The first time I kissed a man. And that was the ticket. The moment our lips touched I could feel him tighten up and quickly filled my hole up. We sat there kissing more and more and it seemed like he kept cumming as we kissed. He had me get up and I looked down at the pool of cum collecting on the chair. He quickly said suck it some more. So I knelt down again and placed his cum covered dick in my mouth. Me doing that opened my ass up a bit and the cum he had deposited in me spewed out of me. But he quickly replaced it by cumming again in my mouth. This guy was like a fountain. I'd say his total load was a cup of cum.

So he sat there slowly getting smaller in my mouth and a nice pool of cum on the chair and under my ass when his wife unlocked the door. She came in and I got up. I started to look around for cleaning gear when she said don't worry about it. She then went over to the shelf and took a video camera off it. She had videotaped the whole thing. She told me to get dressed and get back to work. I did and got my money later that night.

It was my first kiss and my first Ass to Mouth. And it started a short while where she was essentially my pimp and brought me johns to feed my face and ass. It was good times.

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