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First Real Experience

My husband and I fantasize ALOT! Dildos play a HUGE part in our sex life, dress up, fantasy, role play and play acting. However we do cruise I-80 in the North Platte area a 100 miles or so once in a while in the Corolla or Explorer for date night while I flash truckers, and stick dildos in my shaved vagina for them to view, and I play with my large tits, and glistening vagina too! I am a BBW, and became one as I have had two babies, and we are working on a third. I have been surprised at just how much men are turned on by it! My husband got me to open an account on here, then a woman I met on here told me to post a couple pictures and I would be shocked at how much men would comment GOOD things about it, and they did! I have been nothing but TURNED ON more and more! From time to time I have helped a couple guys "Get Off" on here. Not many, just 2 or 3, but yesterday I showed some private pictures for the first time with my face to a guy, and he really turned me on! Some Pregnant pictures, titty pictures, and I think he got off! He shared some in return, and I was unbelievably HORNY! So when I talked to my hubby after work, we got a baby sitter, I was so excited, as was he! I gave him a hand job in the shower while the k**s were in bed after work, as I told him about my little computer adventure, and how hot the guy was for me, and how wet I got thinking of him watching me on the computer with this guy. Then I told him about our glory hole fantasy of going to the Adult Super Store and finding a glory hole. I asked if he really wanted to see me do that, and he said, "Yes, I really do, nobody would see you, and you wouldn't know them, just the cock, it would be so exciting!" So I suggested the babysitter, and we got out, called the sitter and away we went inside of 15 minutes! Down the highway we went and it was still daylight, and I flashed my titties to two truckers!!! We brought the Corolla not the usual Explorer, because we didn't think about "Road Games", just the Super Store, and hoping they had a glory hole!

Well about 45 miles east or so, we arrived and low and behold, I went in with my husband. I have never been in a REAL ADULT TOY/Book Store before, this was a first for me! We forgot the camera. We broke a twenty and peaked into the first booth, no glory hole, there were 4 trucks outside in the parking lot, and 2 cars. The guys were all looking around the store at magazines, DVD's and one I saw in the "Toy" section. We moved to the second booth and low and behold, there it was, a real glory hole! I saw it myself, a real circular hole in the wall of the little booth! It had some hand sanitizer, a little garbage can, and a paper towel dispenser to clean up afterward! WOW!!! I was really there! After all our fantasies, here we really were! Now the only porn I ever really have seen was on this site, and the stuff we make for ourselves to enjoy, that is it. He handed me a two dollars and told me to put it in the machine and pick a channel! I asked what that would do, and he said it would activate the light above the door letting others the room was occupied, and that might attract others to the room with the glory hole in it. I said, what then? He smiled, and kissed me, the rest is up to you I guess? We brought 3 condoms, and I made no promises, but said we would see what happened. He said, "If They Had A Glory Hole At All?" As if to wonder if they even had one? Well, they do!!! As I readied to put money in the machine, someone went to open the door of our booth, my husband quickly said, "We are in this one, go to the one on to the right!" A voice said kindly, "OK, Thanks!" Then I heard the door and a light through the glory hole as I looked and someone stepped in. My husband said, "well, put the money in babe!" As I heard the guy in the next booth got his video started before I even got my money in! I quickly got my money in, and then my husband said, "Let me find something, you sit here and watch the hole for a minute". He found our favorite, Interracial, and then he came around behind me and started playing with my breasts, and pinching my nipples and kissing me. I was instantly SUPER SOAKED!!! He worked off my top quite easily and undid my bra, revealing my large breasts, and he tried unsnapping my pants, so I stood up and did it myself. He slid my pants down to my ankles, as well as my panties, and I had only my socks on, and I unsnapped his jeans, and slid them down as his cock jutted way out! He sat me down again and kissed my neck, and played with my breasts as we watched the black man fucking the white bbw, it was so hot! Suddenly we heard a voice from the glory hole, "Are you playing alone, or are you looking for some action at the hole?" My husband leaned over and talked to the guy for a minute, and I couldn't hear. Then he came back up and started kissing me again, and as he was licking my ears told me if I wanted to play at the "Glory Hole" to slide my finger through it, to give the guy the sign. I asked him if he wanted me too? He is such a loving husband! He said, that is TOTALLY UP TO YOU, It will totally turn me on if you want too! BUT if you don't, I am turned on enough anyway! I asked, if it would turn him on if I did, and he said it was totally up to me, If I wanted too I could, this was up to me, we had fantasized about it, and now we were at the moment of decision, all he asked is that we always do this together if we actually do it. With that I turned around and gave him a huge kiss while gripping his hard cock, and stroking in tightly I could feel the pre-cum drip onto my hand. Then I leaned over slightly and stuck my index finger through the hole, and curled it around the wall on the other side, with my red fingernail polish on. Then I kneeled down. about 4 seconds later a few of the strangers fingers came through the hole, so I licked his fingers, and then gave him a nipple to touch. He squeezed it for a few moments, and I felt bolts of lightning flow through my body, I felt like I would pass out! No man other than my husband has ever touched me below my neck, other than a couple who have given me hugs. Now here is a total unidentified man on the other side of a wall, feeling my breast, and putting me in ecstasy! My husband told me to stand up and let him feel how wet I was, I said, Seriously? He said, only if you want, so I DID IMMEDIATELY! This guy knew what I wanted as his fingers felt my shaven pubic area, and his finger then curled up, and into my soaking gash, sliding deeply into my soaking pussy!!! I only could bare this for a couple seconds as I felt as if my legs would give out, so I sank to my knees on a towel we brought, and began to lick my juices off of his fingers. When I had soaked his last finger with my saliva cleaning off my own juices, he took his hand back, and within a couple seconds his thin compared to my husbands penis slid through the hole. I immediately licked the sides of it with my mouth, not going down on him, but slicking his cock up really good with saliva, and began to stroke him with my cock as my husband put more money in the machine. Soon I was fully stroking the man, and within two minutes he was spewing cum onto my left tit, and stomach!!! I was so excited I couldn't believe how horny I had gotten! Then I licked the sides of his cock, and squeezed out the last couple drops, and he pulled out, thanked me, and within a minute the door opened and he was gone. I WANTED MORE!!! It was about 5 minutes when the door to the other booth opened again! I didn't even wait as I was making out with my husband, I said to him, "Another Customer!!!" I quickly got to the towel, and ran my finger through the hole as before. This time the guy touched my finger back, and I pulled it back through. Nothing happened, and then as he started to play his movie, my husband said, after a couple minutes, NOW TRY! This time, I felt the tip of his cock on my finger, so I put another through the hole, and touched his cock. I slid my fingers back through, and in seconds or less A shorter, somewhat thicker cock than the first one appeared hard through the hole! I immediately went down on him for about a minute, as I opened a condom with my hands, then I put the condom on him, and did I GO TO TOWN!!! He started thrusting and so did I, He face fucked me through the hole, unlike I have ever had before! My husband was playing with my tits, and fingering my cunt, it was wonderful!!! I had to get on all fours, and spread my legs, and there somehow was enough room for my husband to mount me, though I can't figure how he did it, and he fucked me from behind while I was being face fucked through the glory hole by this other guy with the condom on! My husband blew a load of loads deep into my womb!!! I think if I was ovulating he definitely impregnated me last night!!! Believe me, he was so excited, it will be a boy if that is the time!!! He fucked me like I have never been fucked, EVER!!! Then after he pulled out, I could feel him dripping out of me! I continued to blow the man at the hole for about another 2 or 3 minutes before he blew his wad into the condom deep in my throat! I couldn't believe how horny I was! When he was done, he didn't say anything, he just left within seconds it seemed??? I don't think he had time to remove the condom??? I put more money in the video machine, I WANTED MORE!!! About 8 minutes or so passed and another "Customer" came in, he started his machine, and now I was a "PRO"!!! I peeked through the hole and said, "Hi Sweetie, do you have any candy for me?" The guy was to my amazement, and I couldn't tell until he spoke, BLACK! "You want a Chocolate Candy Bar Baby-Doll?" What do I do? Can I really do it? Actually go through with our FANTASY OF DOING A BLACK GUY! I said back, "Honestly sir, My Husband and I have always fantasized about me taking Black Cock, but never have, At MINIMUM, I jerk you off!!!" He said, "That Works For Me Missy", So I said, "Might take a minute, let's give it a try!!!" I backed out and told my husband what was coming!!! He got INSTANTLY HARD Again!!! then about two seconds later came the man's "Nigger Cock"! I grabbed it, and began to stroke it, It wasn't Super Hard, it had a "Softness" to it, but it was dark! Almost Black! It had a pinkish hew under the mushroom head of his circumcision as I examined it. MMmmmmm Surprisingly IT DID TURN ME ON because of the TABOO of it, My Husband was SO TURNED ON by the thought of his WIFE taking Black Cock, he was More erect than before I think. I leaned my head forward and licked the side, I then twisted my hands on it, one clock wise, the other counter clock wise, my husband likes that. So did this guy, I then went back to licking with an open mouth the sides of it! I was going to Savor this! and let my husband enjoy this moment, because I don't know if we will ever do it again. I did this Licking and Side Sucking for about 5 minutes or so, then I came off of him, and stroked him again, and then I spoke to him through the hole. "Am I doing OK?" He said down, "You Are doing Just Fine Baby-Doll, Just Fine!" I then said, "Can I Kiss You?" He returned, you really want to kiss me? I said, "Yes, Just once!" Next thing you know, there was his mouth and chin and cheeks, dark man! I looked at my husband and said, "Watch your Black Whore White Wife!" Then I leaned forward and locked him in a deep passionate kiss for about two minutes! My husband was frigging my cunt with his fingers, and I was getting off just kissing this black man! I was so excited getting my husband off on it, I was flowing a river I think! THen I Stuck a nipple through the hole, and he was sucking my nipple, while I kissed my husband deeply and jerked him off for about 2 to 3 minutes. I said to my husband, "You want me to Fuck Him, don't you!" He just looked at me with this LOOK on his face of "Would You really do that for me?" Kind of look! I then said again, you want him in my cunt don't you? I'll put a condom on him! Then to my shock and dismay my husband actually answered, "Can you let him in you for a split second deep without a condom? Then put the condom on?" I said, "If That's what you want to see, I'll do it!" So I grabbed my breast and gently pulled it back, I then went to talk to him through the hole, but met his mouth again, one more time, as my husband watched him kiss me deeply again. Then I pulled out, our saliva forming a bridge, and tongues touching as long as possible. I told him through the hole, "I want you inside of me, I am going to stoke you inside me a couple minutes then I am going to put a condom on and let you finish in me, so I can feel your pulsation in my vagina, is that ok with you?" He said kindly, "Are you sure that is what you want to do?" I said, "Positive!" and I stood up. He slid his large black cock through the hole again, it was about the same size as my husbands actually, maybe a tiny bit bigger, a little softer at hardness I think? Anyway I bent over, reached through and took his cock in my hand as my husband ROCK HARD got into position to get the best view possible. Then I eagerly, and very NERVOUSLY sloshed that black mushroom head around my vaginal opening so my husband could get a good look at it at my pussy opening, he even reached down and took the man's black cock and held it, and rubbed it on my cunt lips, and said, "This is the hottest thing I have EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!" At that point I said, "Until this!" then I slid back slowly engulfing that man's nigger cock into my vaginal cavity which has never had any other man than my husband, EVER! He slid right in to my husbands fingers, at which point he let go, and pulled me by the hips deeper onto the strangers cock which was inserted through the glory hole and into my soaking wet pussy! The Feeling of the Taboo, and doing what my husband fantasized about for so long was the ultimate for me, I love him so, and knowing how excited I was making him, I thrusted back on the cock to the wall, and the black stranger, stoked me deeply about twice, before I stroked him back and his cock came out of me! My husband inserted him into me one more time, and this time I did the stroking, I stroked him about 7 times I think was all I dared, before coming off of him again. I then turned around and sucked his cock deeply without a condom for about a minute, then I put the condom on him, then I got into position again, and my husband again took the black strangers cock by with his fingers and I leaned back and he inserted him into my vagina again, this time I looked back at my husband and said, "You saw it baby, a black man fucked me UNPROTECTED BABY! I was fucked by a black man, and I did it just for you! You want him to cum in me don't you?" He said, "Yes, I want you to be able to tell me what it feels like to have a black man pulsate inside you while he cums deep inside you!" I continued, "He's gonna baby, he's gonna, He's fucking your wife, your BBW wife, That BBC is fucking your wife, look at that black cock in your BBW wife, She's enjoying it, He's enjoying your white wife's cunt, her plump pussy is going to take his seed baby, Oh, give it to me...." I was saying stuff like that, and then I felt it, A huge pulsating throbbing sensation, much like my husbands when he has a massive load! So I stopped and pushed back Tight against the wall, as I enjoyed this dark black stranger cock pumping it's nigger seed into the condom on his cock which was buried deep in my womb! WOW was it exciting to see my husband, and the look in his eyes! Finally the black stranger started to slide his cock slowly out of me as his hardness shrank. I turned to the hole and asked if I could take off his condom, he said, "Sure Baby-doll, you put it on!" So I took it off, and then I sqeezed out the seed onto my breasts as I told my husband how that "Black Seed was soaking my breasts and nipples and stomach, and how I loved it!" He was hot!!! The black man thanked us, and left. We put more money in the machine, the last of our $20, and were about to Fuck one last time when another person entered the booth next to us, I wanted to wrap it up once more, so I put my finger through the hole, and a nice sized white cock came though, I could tell the guy was older, and I gave him a half BJ, and finished him off with a hand job, and he sqirted on my face for my husband to see. Then my husband fucked my pussy hard and fast, he came after about 3 minutes I think was all, rare for him, he is usually good for at least 7 to 10 minimum. Then we dressed, kind of cleaned up, and bought a dildo for the ride home as I shared a show with a few truckers on the way with legs spread wide open all the way home on I-80 to North Platte and good ole exit 177! When we got home and the babysitter left, I gave him a blow job of blow jobs, then he watched me with a black dildo while I told him a story if we went in that black strangers truck and I fucked him bare back! Of course the fantasy ended with him getting SLOPPY SECONDS as Usual!!! Then we turned out the light, and slept till this morning. That was my first REAL experience with others!!! Tell me what you think! I was hot!!! My husband Loved It!!! I don't know, when or if we will do it again, but it sure was exciting!

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