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I had been curious about guys for years. I had tried looking around online, but never really found someone I was satisfied with. Finally, one day I emailed a guy on craigslist who was perfect. He was just 24, I was 18, and a few inches taller than me, dirty blonde hair and a 7 inch cut and shaved cock. We met up at my place and he brought some herb to relax us. As we hit the bong, we talked about our experiences. He had been with a few guys, but I was completely without experience, apart from girls. As we finished the bowl our eyes locked.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" he asked.
"I think if you get this far, you pretty much know what you're in for," I said.

We walked into the bedroom and laid down on the bed next to each other. I giggled nervously. "I just, don't have any moves for a guy," I said.
"Just lay back," he said.

I laid back as he straddled me. He ran his hands up my legs and under my shirt, caressing my chest. My breathing was nervous and stammered. He finally leaned down and kissed me and it was like I was being kissed for the first time all over again. The light stubble on his face was a clear reminder that this was not a girl. And the way his tongue moved inside my mouth was an assurance that I would never forget this moment for the rest of my life. I responded by running my hands up his back and caressing his ass. I slipped his shirt over his head and started to kiss his neck and chest. He pushed me back down and started undoing my belt. I took my pants and boxers off in one motion and my rock hard cock sprang free.

He jerked me off a little at first, teasing me. "I've never been with an uncut guy before," he said as he smiled. It must have looked tasty because he swallowed the first couple inches like a pro. Getting head from a guy was a mind blowing experience. I had gotten blown by girls a few times, but guys suck dick unlike any girl I've been with. He was running his tongue around my head, working the shaft, and occasionally stopping to lick my balls. I couldn't take much more and wanted to last longer so I nudged his head off my cock.

"You lay back now," I said.
I crawled on top of him and started making out with him. I could taste myself in his mouth as our tongues danced and this only made me harder. I kissed my way down his neck and body and removed his pants and boxers as well. I'll never forget that first cock that I took into my mouth. I licked my way up his shaft and circled my tongue around his head before finally plunging his cock into my throat. I knew from that moment on I would never lose the taste for dick. I worked his shaft as best I could for a newbie. When he started hitting my gag reflex I laid off a bit and we made out some more.

He rolled me over and grabbed some lubed. He squirted the lube into his hand and started lubing his finger up. I felt it touch my ass, running in little circles around my hole. I moaned. "Stick it in.... please?" I asked. He obliged me and sank his finger into my tight hole. I felt him start to rub my prostate and almost jumped through the ceiling. It felt so amazing. I moaned and pushed back on his finger more. He asked me if I wanted him to fuck me and I said yes. He lubed up my hole and his cock some more before finally slipping his tool into my no longer virgin hole. He went slow at first, allowing my tight ass to get used to being fucked for the first time. Bet eventually we built up a steady rhythm. After a few minutes we switched position and I got on top. I felt like such a little slut. My cock bouncing around as he fucked my tight ass. I was having the time of my life. After a little longer like this, it became apparent that neither of us was quite going to cum this way.

He pulled out of my ass. I laid down next to him and took his cock into my hand and started to jerk him off as we kissed again. He responded by jerking me off as well. As we kissed and jerked each other our bodies finally couldn't take anymore. I felt myself get close and told him I was about to cum as I was nibbling on his ear. I shot my load and it got all over me and even a bunch on him!

He then wrapped his fingers in my hair and gave a tug. I moved with the pain and he whispered in my ear that it was his time to get satisfied. He told me to roll onto my stomach. As I rolled over, he then told me to put a pillow under my hips. I felt like I was a prisoner. He laid prone on my back and I felt his weight pinning me to the mattress. He started to nibble my ear and whisper more nasty things to me. I was now his slut. He was going to turn me forever. I would be begging for it after he finished with me. I then felt his hard cock probing again against my ass. It slipped in and I could not do anything about it. It struggled a little and he tightened his arms and legs around me and demanded me to lay still. He then went deep and the fucking really began. He began to breath hard and sweat, dripping on my back. I was really in pain, but enjoying it. Then he stopped moving and I knew he was breeding me. He was breathing hard and grunting and I could feel him throb and knew I was now his.

He got off of me and we went to the bathroom to clean up and shortly later he left. A good experience for both parties I believe. The whole thing was so surreal for me. I knew I wasn't straight anymore, but I also didn't think I was gay. Yup, I'm bisexual alright. And I like it.

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