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As Maureen stood under the shower, Maria returned to Bevs room. Across the floor was various sexual toys including the big black strap on dildo. Numerous clamps and bevs piercing kit.
On her desk was a laptop showing slides of the previous night, Maria sat on the bed and watched the slide show, looking around she noticed three discreetly placed cameras to capture all the action.
Returning to the screen there was her mum ass in the air with her face between the black goddesses thighs, her own mum eating black pussy, then there was a slide of Bev’s wanking into mums mouth along with a lot of Mum on all fours being fucked doggie style with a look of pure pleasure on her face as that big black cock fucked her, as Maria watch she could not help but to slip a finger between her thighs and stroke her very wet cunt. Faster and faster Maria worked on her clit building up to a strong come, however she could not quite reach it as mum was finishing in the shower.
Maureen left the shower and started to dress, “wait “ maria commanded
Maureen was stood naked in the room that had been a total nightmare for her the previous evening.
“nice slide show mum, she was very hard on you” “but it looks like you enjoyed it though” Maria sniggered.
Maureen felt shame and humiliation Maria wanted all the details.
As Maureen went to sit, “no stand! I want to admire her handy work” Maria shouted.
“now mummy tell me everything”
Maureen stood naked pierced shameful and beaten, if only she could turn back the clock to the time she had slapped her daughter, since then she was caught wanking over her son in law, been f***ed to call her daughter MISTRESS, watched her daughter get fucked hard by the big hard soldier then allowing the same stranger to fuck her and make her suck his cock, now to top it all she allowed a big black woman to **** and abuse her all in the course of three days.
Maureen started “it all started as soon as she closed the door, she stripped to her underwear then made me, you know”
“i don’t “ Maria snarled tell me.
“well she made me go down on her and it was horrible i had to taste her”
“keep going”
“she made me eat her until she came, she finally squirted in my mouth”
“did it taste nice?”
“please Maria,”
“well did the nigger bitch taste sweet?, did you enjoy being a black bitches ho?” Maria laughs.
“the picture are there you can see what that bitch did to me, please maria im your mother why do you want to do this to me?”
“keep going tell your MISTRESS that you weren’t screaming FUCK ME MUMMA FUCK ME MUMMA”
“She made me say it, she made me” Maureen pleaded,
Maria stood and put on the big black strap on, she stood with her hands on her hips, she had noted that a part of the strap on fitted nicely into her own cunt with the other end long hard black cock.
“well mummy how do i look?” Maria asked.
Maureen looked at her daughter, it was strange to see her baby stood there with a 12” black cock between her legs, Maria looked towards the cameras and secretly hoped they were still recording.
Maria slowly wanked the big black cock, well bitch?
Maureen was unsure of Maria’s request, but the look on Maria’s face told her what she was expected to do, slowly Maureen made her way over to the bed, getting on all fours her ass high in the air she buried her head into the pillow to hide the shame she was about to receive. A fucking off her own daughter.
Maria moved behind her mother and very slowly and deliberately f***ed the 12” black cock into the waiting cunt. Maria looked at the cameras and mouthed “MY FUCKING BITCH NIGGER”.
Maria took her time as she rode her mother in varying positions slapping mums ass, fucking her twisting her raw pierced nipples. With Maria taunting her about fucking her wanker husband Maureen could take no more and with a high squeal she came as her daughter fucked her.
Maria took off the black strap on, through it on the bed, “we better get going mum, get dressed”
½ hr later saw both women back in their hotel room getting ready for the big reunion parade, Maria wore a knee length skirt and a black blouse minus of course the bra that Mike had forbidden them to wear this weekend. As Maureen pulled out her clothes Maria tossed over a white blouse that was nearly see through, Maureen knew it was pointless to argue. “no under wear either slut”
Maureen was f***ed to wear a long black wrap around dress and the see through blouse. Once dressed it was hard not to notice Maureen’s large 38EE pierced tits, her nipples stood out hard and proud. Maureen was very uncomfortable with the way she was dressed but Maria couldn’t care less.
Arriving just in time for the parade. They took their seats, among the regular guests some were shocked at Maureens appearance, the hair, her tits on display. Maureen tried to cover up as best she could.
As the parade finished both girls made their way to the refreshment area, as soon as they entered they spotted Bev’s the black goddess and Mike, Bev’s had 3 girl soldiers around her talking as she looked up she saw Maureen. Bev’s looked directly at both girls, she whispered something to the girl soldiers then clicked her fingers and pointed to her heel. Before Maria could say or do anything Maureen walked across the area head bowed down and within seconds stood at the side of the big black soldier. The other girl soldiers rubbed Maureen’s hair and laughed. Bev’s leaned in a whispered something to Maureen, she nodded and was lead away by the three young girl soldiers. Maureen was lead back to the area of Mike’s office. Maria followed a short time after and as she approached the office door she was stopped by one of the girl soldiers,
“what you want cracker ho” the girl soldier laughs, “i, i need to pee” Maria replied, but was told to use the toilets at the far end of the parade ground.
As Maria went to turn and leave she heard a voice say “its fine let her through” as she looked she saw Bev’s standing behind her, the girl soldier opened the door and Bev’s pushed Maria through to the toilets. Inside she could hear muffled voices coming from the large disabled toilet and guessed her mum was in there with the other two soldiers.
Maria moved to the toilet but as she went to close the door a big black hand stopped the door closing, “you want to pee bitch well pee, but you do it with the door open” very unsure of what to do Maria stared into the eyes of the big black lady. “well cracker ho get on with it” Bev demanded
Maria slowly raised her skirt and slowly lowered her lace panties still looking at Bevs she sat on the toilet to pee. Bev’s pointed at Maria’s panties she knew what was expected, she removed them and passed them to the black goddess. Bev’s held the panties to her nose and sniffed Maria’s wetness.
Bev’s lowered her zip she moved the panties into her own cunt and pulled them across her slit adding her own juice to that of Maria’s. Bev’s moved forward and placed the panties at Maria’s mouth, she opened and they were pushed in. Pulling Maria to her feet she spun her around and pushed her against the side panel of the toilet. Maria could clearly hear the girls taunting her mum, “thats it you white slut, get your tongue right in there and rim my ass hole slag.” Muffled slurps were heard and Maria could guess her mum on her knees licking a black girls shit hole, she was surprised what a slut her mum was.
The soldiers name called and bitch slapped Maureen for a good hour, they fingered her made her eat black cunt and more over made her plead to be BLACK MEAT!!!
As Maureen was the fuck toy of the girls each swapping with the other and rotating sentry on the toilet doors, Maureen just gave up all pretence of her previous up standing life and decided that at least for one weekend a year she would be a total sub slut to anybody that would want her.
Maria’s thoughts were interrupted as she felt Bev’s finger slip between her thighs and enter a place only two men had ever entered, her once faithful cunt. Bev’s licked Maria’s neck and bit her ear,
A strong black hand moved up under Maria’s blouse and rubbed her rock hard nipples, “me thinks pretty white girl wants what mummy had” and to prove the point Bev’s rammed her middle finger deep into Maria’s very moist cunt
“aaahhhhh” “please im not a lesbian, ive, ive never been with a woman”
“your mummy said that too, girl just before i made her my bitch”
Bev’s turned Maria’s head and French kissed her hard, Maria melted into the kiss and felt her cunt wetness like never before.
Bev’s stepped back from her new trophy, “next year you will be mine understand” and to add to the point Bev’s twisted Maria’s right tit hard.
Maria didn’t scream but looked into the black goddess’s eyes and slowly nodded.
Maria was allowed to return to the refreshment area where some 40 minutes later her mum arrived sporting a huge love bite on each side of her neck and what could clearly be seen beneath her blouse was love bites all over her 38EE tits.
Maureen new she looked like a complete slag and this was proved as the three soldier girls walked past and blew her a kiss.
This will take some explaining to Gary no doubt Maria laughed,

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