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Dear Cho

An old friend John wrote this for me, it's his letter.

I want to hold you down and enjoy you. Normally I would tie you up so I could take my time with you, but this time I want to feel you struggling against me, trying to resist me - trying to fight your way off your bed, or your couch, or wherever you are when I decide I want to have you. I'd grab your wrists, pull them behind you and slide a hand up under your shirt so I could play with your breasts.

Pretty soon that wouldn't be enough though - I'd be ripping off your shirt and bra so I can suck on your nipples. Pinning you down on your back, licking and sucking you gently, feeling my cock swell as you struggle and whimper against me - I'm simply too strong for you to stop me, and it turns me on.
Knowing that I can do what I want with you - take you and use your holes to sate my lusts. I can't think of anything but how your pussy will feel gripping my cock - imagining already that mix of lust, fear and shame in your eyes that drives me crazy. You know if you didn't make this so much fun for me, I wouldn't keep coming back...

But your half-naked body is heaving and struggling, your breasts are bouncing softly, and your breathing is heavy. I know you're trying to tell me something, but I'm too far gone to hear you. Not that it would help at all. Plus the way you way whisper 'no' would only drive me crazier with lust - make me want you more, and need you for longer before my head is cleared and I can think rationally again.

I roll you over on your back and watch you struggle for a little longer, feeling my cock throb and twitch - you're like a fly caught in my web - each move and squirm and wriggle is only wrapping you tighter in my grip.
I watch you shake and twitch, you look back over your shoulder with those pleading eyes - oh Cho, you're doing it wrong. There's no way I can let you go now.

You're glowing with sweat, your hair is loose, tumbling over your shoulders, you're practically begging for it right there.

I let go of your wrists and grab the hem of your skirt. You're such a little slut, you're not fooling anyone. You instinctively grab for it as I tug hard on your skirt, trying yank it off you. I hear a delicious ripping sound, and end up with the skirt round your hips. What a slut you are.

My cock hurts. Trapped in my jeans, rock hard, yearning for release inside you - I can already feel the sweet yielding of your pussy as I take you. You're looking up at me now, one arm covering your breasts, the other trying to hike your skirt up again. But it's way too late for that, and you know it. I firmly grip your skirt with both hands, and tear it completely off you. Pure a****l lust - I can barely control myself now. If I don't have you soon I can't be held responsible.

You seize the moment and roll off the bed, trying to make a dash for the door. I don't know why you bother. It's not like we haven't been through this dozens of times before. You know I'll catch you eventually.

This time, you don't even make it out of the bedroom - I grab your arm as you get up, just above the elbow.

I manage to brace myself well enough to drag you back towards the bed in a single motion, yanking your body backwards and lifting your feet clear off the floor. You land awkwardly on the bed, more shocked than anything - you were accelerating towards the door one second and flat on your back on your bed the next.

Flat on your back is your best position anyway. Enough foreplay - don't think I don't enjoy this, but I can't hold myself back any longer. Practically naked, flushed, breathing hard, breasts still bouncing, with that delicious fear in your eyes. Mixed with that little look that you still can't admit to yourself is arousal. You want it, you just don't realize. No matter how many times we do this.

Now, my favorite part. Your knees are up to your chest, pressed together. If I want your delicious soft center between your thighs I'm going to have to pry you open. I don't think you realize how much I enjoy it, though, almost as much as feeling myself finally slip inside you. My strength against your weakness, I pull your knees open slowly, one hand on each knee, feeling you struggle - your muscles fighting mine. Tears in your eyes, begging again, pleading with me not to do it. If I could stop now, I would, but after the foreplay, I need release.
I can't hear anything but the bl**d pounding in my head, anyway. And the sweet smell of your sticky, wet, tight gem. This is your problem. As much as you beg and plead for me to stop, your body is begging for me to keep going.

My nose fills with your scent as I press your knees to the bed, opening you up completely. Just feeling you struggle against me, trying in vain to close yourself to me again drives me crazy. My cock is already covered in pre-cum, dripping and oozing. My entire body is electric, just waiting for release - to take you and use you and make you enjoy it.

My body shakes as my cock slide against your pussy lips. Your eyes are filled with tears. But in a few short minutes - just like every other time, you'll be grinding against me, moaning, whimpering. Sighing 'no, stop.... please!', even as your pussy drips more juice and you coat my hips with proof that you're enjoying it.

Finally, looking deep in your eyes, still holding your legs open, I push the head of my cock against you. After the briefest moment of resistance, you finally yield entirely, and I slide as deep as I can inside you, till I can feel your wetness tickles my balls. You're still whimpering, crying now, but I can tell you've been aching for it, as much as I have - even if you don't realize it right now. But you will soon - just like last time.

My hips are pounding yours now - sheer, raw a****l aggression. Weeks of frustration built up - I'd tried to stay away, honestly, but just seeing out and about around town, on campus, in class, showing off your body to me like that - you clearly were ready for another fucking. Why else would you tease me like that? But you're going to cum so quickly - no matter - the second time is always the best anyway.

It just shows how hot you make me, how much you drive me crazy that I have to have you. And I can't control myself once I've got you - for all that foreplay, I take less than 30 seconds till my entire body shudders and jerks like a rag-doll, pumping wad after wad after wad of my precious cum inside you. Those look in your eyes as I cum. I can tell you enjoyed it, even with those tears running down your cheeks. Why else would you get on your knees to suck me off? You like tasting yourself on me. You like showing off how much I filled you up with. I'm hard again even as I'm pulling out of you just thinking about it.
I watch my cum flood down between your thighs as I hold your head to my hips to suck me hard again. Such a soft wet mouth, my expert little cocksucker. I don't know why you're still crying when you clearly are enjoying it. Pretty soon you'll be on your back again, pretending to want to close your legs as I return the favor and lick you clean like last time.

Just feeling you twitch and whimper, whispering 'no... please...god, don't..... haven’t you had me enough already?' makes my sore, aching cock hard again. Feeling you push back against me, or try to shift away so that I can pin you down and pull your hips back towards me... You taste so good, so slick and wet
And I know you love it. I can tell from that look in your eyes and the quiver in your voice, and the twitch and jerk of your hips. You love my tongue. Don't even try to pretend that you don't. You can't fool me...

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