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Our first date

Following on from my initial posting “Making Wifey Cum”, I thought I’d let you all know how it went on our first date together. This is a true account of how it went that night.

We were both working in the same office and hit it off from day one- I was very attracted to her and got really turned on by the way she acted and dressed. The outline of her panties through her skirt and her bra showing under her blouse covering her more than ample breasts raised more than my bl**d pressure I can assure you (ladies- lets get it straight from the outset, a “VPL” is a definite attraction to a bloke- believe me!!)

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I asked her out for a drink one night and we both arranged to meet local away from where we lived as we both had partners at the time.

She was wearing a black skirt with a dark red top, stilettos, and very dark tights (or so I thought). We drove out into the country to a quiet pub and had a long chat and a couple of drinks- I* think we both knew what we were there for. I suggested we went somewhere “quieter” and so we found ourselves in a secluded spot. I locked the car doors and we immediately started kissing.

It wasn’t an ordinary “peck on the lips” but full blown a****l kisses- my hands were all over her lovely breasts and I quickly unbuttoned her blouse to reveal her light lacy white bra which I quickly unclasped allowing her breasts to fall slightly ( I will admit now to having a thing about underwear…) Her nipples were large, dark and erect and crying out to be sucked and nibbled; so who was I to refuse? This increased her desires even more and I could feel her hips pressing against me as I quickly unzipped her skirt and removed it to the back seat- It was then that I could make out that she was not wearing tights as I first thought, but good old fashioned stockings held up by a matching white suspender belt and very brief white knickers.

Whilst still sucking on her nipples I quickly ran my hand up her ever widening thighs; over her stocking tops ( we used to call that the “giggle band”- get past that and you are laughing!!) up to her pantie covered fanny. I quickly discovered that her gusset was sopping wet with cunt juice, so I eased it to one side and fingered her deeply- first with my middle finger then another then another. She took 3 fingers with ease- all the time she was breathing deeply and thrusting to and fro with her hips. Her cunt was frothing with her juices. It was covering her inner thighs and her ass.

I should say at this stage that this occurred over 20 years ago- this was before women used to shave their fannies as much as they do today, so she was very hairy where it mattered, even to the extent that she had some pubic hair on her inner thighs (again ladies- most blokes prefer a woman with a lot of hair- please don’t remove it!!)

Oral for her was out of the question in a two-seater car, so I continued to thrust my hands in and out of her sweet honey-pot until she began to cum (which didn’t take long). Her orgasm surprised me as she appeared to lose control and bucked and thrust her hips harder and harder for what appeared an eternity ( I wish I lasted that long!) She also wet herself slightly, although it may have been one of those “mythical” squirts (does it exist ladies? You tell me). Slowly she came back to Earth.

By that time I had (in my opinion) a massive hard on which needed sorting before I went home. Quickly she unzipped me and gave my cock a quick rub using her thumb to rub in my “pre-cum” which was oozing out of the end. Easing down my trousers she then lent forward and took my shaft in her mouth, burying it up to its root whilst cupping my balls in her hand- all the time she was sucking and rubbing her tongue over my helmet.

I didn’t last long!

Very quickly I could feel myself approaching my orgasm and she could tell as well due to the noises I was making- I decided to go with the flow and let her decide the outcome. I didn’t know if she swallowed or not (she does, and loves the taste of my cum). However at this time, she quickly eased back and took my cock fully in her hand at the same time as I exploded all over her tits- believe me there was a lot of cum to clear up afterwards!

The rest, as they say is history, and we are still together. However, it was only recently that we were talking about that night over a couple of bottles of wine, when she admitted that she went home that night and fucked her then husband together with his mate who happened to be there at the time- that’s another story for the future!

Let me know what you think.

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