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After Work - An erotic fantasy written by Rod Hous

It's one of your favorite bars, although you have not been here for quite a while. Lots of attractive men, especially during happy Hour. Unfortunately, that's also why there are always so many attractive women here at the same time. A lot of competition.

Still, you have had good success here in finding a partner for the evening. But tonight will be different. You will target the sexiest man here, and he will be your prize.

You have self-confidence in your appearance. You know that your young slim figure catches a man's eyes, and that you have a killer smile. Yet, you never seem to leave with the one man that attracts you most for the evening. Some other girl always seems to make that connection faster or better than you. But not tonight. You have a new plan.

When you arrived the place was more crowded than usual, however you managed to find just the right spot. A stool at the bar, with your back to the tables and most of the noisy crowd. Your tight short black dress rides up high on your thigh as you sit, and you do not bother to adjust its position knowing that your long shapely legs turn a lot of heads.

As you sip your cocktail (you always loved the word cocktail, so erotic!), you begin to scan the men across the bar, on the other side. Some interesting prospects, you think, but the night is still young and you are searching for something special to catch your eye.

You smile, thinking about your new tactic. You've attempted it a couple of times before but never found just the right target for follow through. While it should be obvious that under the tight fitting, shear material of your dress, that you are wearing no bra or panties, your plan is to find your man and let there be no mistake in his mind.

There is a certain thrill in being an exhibitionist. Most of your wardrobe is sexy little revealing outfits, and you love wearing them anywhere in public. Men follow you up and down the isles at the grocery store just to get a longer glimpse of your sexy figure. It makes you smile.

Tonight will be something new. Two other times you came to the bar with no panties under your dress, but you just didn't find the right man or situation to flash him. But this evening's location at the bar is perfect, and there are soooo many attractive candidates.

Taking cocktail glass in hand, you swivel the barstool around to face the tables and survey the audience of men. Several already have their eye on you and you are getting passing glances from others, even those sitting and talking with other women.

Keeping your knees together, you sip at your drink as you review all the eye-candy in the room. A good number of very sexy guys, but most already sitting with other women, talking. Some men standing and chatting in small groups. A lot to choose from, you think. Several would do nicely. You smile and sip your drink.

Then, the familiar tap on the shoulder. You swivel the barstool to face the smiling man seeking your attention. Although attractive, he is not quite what you are looking for. You cut his small talk short with "I'm waiting for someone." He smiles and leaves.

As your gaze returns to the crowd, you spot a candidate. An extremely attractive man wearing a sports jacket, sitting alone at a table-for-two, one drink at his table, and returning your gaze.

You quickly blush with a smile, and turn your eyes downward toward the drink you hold in your lap. Noting that your short dress is sufficiently showing off your smooth tanned legs, and your modest knees together.

Glancing away, you raise the glass to your lips. At the same time, you slowly part your legs as if unintentional. You can begin to feel the gush of cooler air touch your shaved pussy, and know without looking that your legs are just opened enough to allow your target a free peek.

Remaining in that position, and keeping your eyes off to the left, you swivel the barstool left and right, just enough to make sure that the motion captures his attention. You want him to see just enough to tease him. Your legs are facing directly at him, so you know, if he is looking, that he will see your splendor. After a minute or two, you offer the irresistible taunt by spreading your legs just a bit farther apart. There will be no doubt in his mind of what he is seeing.

Then, only then, do you return your glance to him. He is smiling back. You quickly glance away to a group standing at the far side of the room, then back at him. You modestly return your legs to a closed position in a natural movement, as if you had been unaware of your exposure.

He is still smiling at you in a relaxed and friendly mannerism. You return his smile, then hear the bartender speak to you from behind. You turn and find the bartender has brought you another drink. "..I didn't order...", you begin to say. "From the gentleman" is the reply, with his gesture toward your man of attraction.

You take the glass and turn back to the give a smile to your admirer, making sure your legs have parted in appreciation for another quick view.

You again glance away, using your best 'hard-to-get' technique, while ensuring your knees are properly back together with only skin of your upper thigh showing. You can already feel an inner warmth and wetness building, and that familiar tingling in your clit tells you that it is enlarging and wanting attention.

It is time for your next move. You have planned this out in your mind long before coming to the bar tonight. You set your glass on the bar, order another and ask the bartender to save your seat while you visit the ladies room, then slide off the stool in a movement that slightly elevates your short skirt up your thighs. Not enough for full exposure, but quite close.

Upon standing, you smooth your dress on your buttocks with a move that caresses your cheeks and hips in one flowing motion. You feel your hardened nipples pressing against soft material and are sure that their protrudence is noticeable.

Using your best sexy wiggle of a walk, you make your way through the crowd to the restroom. Of course, the path takes you directly past the table of your gentleman. Passing, you turn your head, smile, and say "Thank you for the drink", and continue on quickly enough so that he does not have time to respond.

Actually you did have the urge to pee, so you take advantage of the opportunity. Then spending just enough time in front of the mirror to check makeup, and smoothing your dress down your sides, you are sure the time you have been gone is just enough to keep your man's curiosity engaged and build on his anticipation.

Following the return path that took you past his table before, your eyes seek him out as you re-enter the bar. His back is toward you and you notice he is still sitting alone. You also notice two drinks are on the table.

As you slowly pass him, he gently reaches for your hand. (What a coincidence and how convenient that you had put your arm in a position for him to do so). "Hello" he says with a smile. "Hi." you return with a smile, stopping beside him. "Join me, please." he continues. "I had the waitress bring your drink to the table. I hope that was not too forward of me."

"Sure." you reply as he stands to pull out the other chair for you to sit across from him. 'Such a gentleman' you think to yourself, 'different than most of the men you meet here. Pulling a cigarette from your purse, he quickly responds with his lighter. 'Nice.' you think.

Letting your eyes take in his face as you inhale, you read the gentleness in his eyes. His dark hair is lightly distinguished with just the right amount of silver to give him the look of a refined professional. His choice of expensive clothing is apparent of his stature in life. With a few well defined lines in his face, you judge him to be in his forties. He is either unmarried or is the type of man who does not wear a wedding ring, as your habit of checking the ring finger of his left hand shows to tell-tale trace.

Your smile returns to his eyes as he sets his lighter back on the table. "My name is Jim" he offers as he extends his hand with formality. "Candy", you respond, never giving your real name to a stranger, and softly shaking his hand of introduction.

When he had stood to seat you, you guessed him to be about 5 foot 9 inches tall. Perfect for your own 5 foot 2 inch frame. You tend to stay away from larger men, partly because your experience has shown that taller men sometimes have cocks that are simply bigger than you want. For you, sex is not as good when you are being impaled with a cock over 6 inches long, and your pussy is so tight that a really thick cock hurts, so you select shorter men hoping that height equates to cock size. Most of the time you are right.

"Do you come here often Jim?" you ask, "I don't think I have seen you here before.". "No, first time.". "..but, if I had known that lovely ladies like yourself were here, I would have come much sooner." he adds. 'Okay, cut the small talk.' you think to yourself.

"By the way", he leans forward with a whisper, " Thank you for the peek.". 'Well," you think to yourself, "he did notice.".

The remark still brings a slight blush to your cheeks, even though you had anticipated it. You look deeply into his eyes. "Excuse me?" you unpretentiously ask, as if unaware of his meaning or your exhibitionist act.

"I like a woman that is shaved." he responds with frankness while keeping his intense look into your eyes. "Oh!" you fake understanding. "I didn't realize I had...". You stop mid-sentence and smile, looking coyly down at your drink. "Thank you...." you reply in your softest and meekest voice, keeping your eyes lowered from his. You toy with your drink, and dip your finger in to retrieve a cube of ice. Rubbing it across your lips, you glance back up at him. With a smile and soft voice, he remarks "One can do a lot of interesting things with ice.". Returning his smile, you say "Mmmm, yes, I know.".

"The dress becomes you, very flattering, very sexy." he continues. "I take it you find a sense of thrill in showing yourself off.... and you should! You have a gorgeous figure and you're very sexy." His eyes leave yours only for a moment to enjoy the vision of your hard nipples pressing through the sheer cloth of your dress.

You softly laugh, tossing your head back so that your long hair flips over your shoulder. "Thank you for the compliment" you respond, "and yes, I enjoy feeling and looking sexy.".

You are certainly getting the reaction you desired, and think it is time to begin closing the deal. With perfect timing, someone walks behind you and bumps your chair. "It's so noisy in here sometimes." you tell Jim, as you stand and move your chair next to him. "There, I can probably hear you better now." you say of the new arrangement.

With your seating motion, you intentionally let your hand rest on his leg. You leave it there, but move it up his thigh just enough to feel the end of his swelling cock, as you lean closer to him and continue, "think we can find some place a little quieter?" you set him up for the next move.

His hand softly finds your lap and you feel it's gentle warmth on your bare thigh. Immediately your clit tingles with excitement. "Follow me" he instructs, standing and laying cash on the table to cover the drinks and tip. You rise with him, and he takes your hand and guides you through the maze of people, leading you to the door.

"My car is here" he says, pointing to an expensive Italian sports car. "Whew." you expel a breath of delightful surprise.

"Where are you parked?" he asks. "Actually, a girl friend dropped me off earlier. She is supposed to come back later, but you never know about her. I would probably have to take a taxi home again." you lie. Your apartment is a few blocks away and you had walked to the bar.

"Well fine, then." he exclaims as he opens the passenger door for you. Before he has walked to the other side and opened his door to get in, you make sure that your dress has risen up your legs far enough to teasingly expose your soft smooth pink flesh.

He notices when he gets in, and looks at your eyes and smiles. He leans over and kisses your neck while his gentle hand caresses your wanting pussy. A shiver of excitement travels through you at the touch. His finger finds the tip of your clit and spreads moistness across it in a motion that you thought you might have to fight off a sudden orgasm. You are soooo horny now. Your hand finds his crotch and you are pleased to feel his erection through his pants. 'This is going to be good', you think to yourself.

"So where are we going?" you ask after a quick breath to regain yourself. "How does my place sound?" he counters. "Perfect" you respond with a big smile.

His loft apartment is impressive, elegantly furnished and befitting a wealthy entrepreneur and world traveler, as you imagine him to be. "Sit there" he gestures to a plush long couch, "I'll fix us drinks.", and he disappears into what you assume to be the kitchen.

Turning your head in all directions to absorb your surroundings, you then relax back with the thought that you have done well with this selection of a man. You can only hope that he is as good sexually as your mind has become to fantasize.

You make sure your dress is well up your legs as you lean back, again exposing smoothly shaven flesh, as he returns with a bottle of Scotch, two glasses, and a bucket of ice, setting them on the coffee table in front of the couch.

The atmosphere is perfect. A softly lit room, soft music from somewhere, and a soft couch. He hands you your drink. "I noticed you were drinking Scotch at the bar, this alright?" "Oh yeh" you respond, looking him deeply in the eyes.

Setting both of your drinks down after only one sip, you settle back against the couch. With his arm around you and long passionate kissing, your hand reached and finds his hard cock through his pants. You slide from the couch and lower yourself to your knees in front of him, unbuckle his belt, unzip his pants and pull his shorts down to expose a gorgeous hard cock.

'Just perfect' you smile. About 6 inches and just the right thickness. The sight of it is making you wetter and your clit is hard and throbbing. You reach down and begin to gently massage your clit as you lean forward and take his cock in your mouth.

He moans softly and leans back against the couch as you suck and lick him. Your finger finds your own depthness and coats your finger with sweet pussy juice. Your stomach muscles tighten and inner vaginal muscles close around your finger, squeezing it tightly.

You lean back, and pull his pants completely off. Turning to the table, you retrieve a couple of pieces of ice, then your mouth returns to engulf his swollen cock. As your wet lips travel up and down his shaft, your other hand places the ice against the bottom of his balls.

He takes a deep sudden breath and audibly moans in pleasure. You press the ice against his balls and fuck his cock with your wet lips and soft tongue. Up and down on his shaft while you spread the quickly melting ice around his balls.

You reach into the ice bucket and grab another hand full of ice, which you hold against the head of his dick. Moving the ice around, circling his head, then down the length of the underside of his cock. The ice rapidly melts against his hot tool. His moans of pleasure and the extreme hardness of his cock tell you that you have pleasured him.

The actions have made you even hornier and wetter. Your hand travels to between your legs to rub your clit and you shudder with intense sensation as your ice cold fingertips touch your hot pussy. Jim lifts you back up on the couch. "Your turn Candy."

Leaning forward, you reach the bottom of your dress and pull it over your head, then lean back naked against the couch.

Staring at his perfect cock makes you even hornier as he positions himself on his knees between your wide spread legs. You watch as he licks his middle finger and moves it to your throbbing clit. A warm wet finger works against your clit in just the right spot. He masterfully rubs with tender strokes across the tip, pushing your clitoral hood back and exposing the erogenous spot that sends shivers throughout your body each time he touches it. Your head falls back against the couch and your eyes close. Your hands cupping each breast and squeezing, rubbing across hardened nipples and squeezing them between your fingertips.

You feel his mouth upon your wet pussy. His tongue replacing his finger on your clit. The madness of eroticism is setting in and you quiver with pleasure and excitement.

While gently sucking on your clit, his finger begins to explore the entrance to your love canal. It moves softly up and down between your wet pussy lips, working slowly, agonizingly slowly deeper. Your breathing is becoming heavier. You feel faint from overwhelming pleasure.

His finger slides in deeper, then pauses. Your inner muscles are squeezing his finger so tight that he resists movement until your control subsides. Lifting his head away from your lap for a moment, he says "Oh my! Such a tight little pussy, Candy. Fantastic!", and his mouth dives back to lick and such your aching clit.

You are afraid his renewed action will cause an orgasm, as you feel ever so close and want it badly. Just then, electricity convulses your entire body, you explode in huge orgasm as he places the ice cube directly on the most sensitive tip of your clit.

Sucking in deep rapid breaths, you feel his other hand has quickly moved to run another piece of ice on your erect nipples. You orgasm again. Your vaginal muscles squeeze hard around his finger in rapid succession as your orgasm pulses through you. You cry out in a loud moan and your knees instinctively try to close and your hips pull away from his touch of your sensitive pussy. You are trying desperately to save your final climax for the feel of his cock spewing inside you. You are consumed with nothing but the thought of getting his cock inside you now before you explode.

You f***efully push against his chest to move him away from you and rise to your feet. You shove him back onto the couch and straddle him, stroking his cock rapidly to help get him to your same level of arousal. Your fingers spread apart your wet lips and position the head of his cock at the entrance. You know this drill. You have to take him inside very slowly and carefully. But carefully is just as painful as stretching your pussy open to fast. You must have him inside you. Your pussy is soaking wet and very hot. He begins to slide in and you lower your hips gently onto him as muscles stretch to surround his cock.

The feeling of inner fullness is beginning to give you a rush of light headedness. You can no longer control the instinctive contraction of inner muscles as the rapidly loosen and tighten repeatedly around his hot hard shaft. Your hips slide down, taking him deeper. Finally you are able to completely sit upon him. It is perfect. The head of his cock just pressing against your cervix enough to be exciting but not hurt. You begin rocking your hips back and forth and feel his hard cock moving just slightly inside you. You are building up for climax but want him to cum with you.

Placing your hands on his shoulders to gain balance, you are able to lean forward and raise your hips. Feeling his cock move inside you is driving you over the edge. It causes you to squeeze muscles even more to control the urge to cum. You are able to ride up and down on his cock, faster and faster. You are so wet that the extra lubrication helps fight the tightness. Yet it is that very tightness and squeezing of your inner pussy muscles that is bringing him to climax.

Faster and harder you ride him up and down. Now slamming your ass against him as your fuck him furiously. You cannot hold on any longer. You are about to explode and fighting it off. Just as you give in to accept your climax, he erupts hot cum deep inside of you. This causes an intense orgasm of squeezing muscles and heat within. With an explosion of electrical tingles throughout your body, you shudder and shake in extreme climax.

His hot fluids pumping deep inside you with no place to go but to fill you up. You lay your head on his shoulder and relax to catch your breath. Your pussy muscles still uncontrollably squeezing on his cock, but not as hard or as rapid. With every involuntary squeeze not, you feel your combined cum squirting past pussy lips and running down across his balls.

When rested enough, you push yourself up enough to give him a big passionate kiss. A kiss that says 'Thank You!'. You rub your nose against his and begin to giggle uncontrollably. Partly because of the feelings in your lower regions and partly because of the successful evening.

"Ok Jim", you say, looking deeply into his eyes. "You pulled it off beautifully! Thank You Sooooo much! It was absolute Heaven!!!".

He smiles and slaps you on the ass as you rise off him, feeling that last little pleasure as his cock slides from within you.

As you begin to dress, you ask "See you at work tomorrow?"

"Sure", he replies. After all, it is MY fantasy that we are going to live out after work tomorrow!

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