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Her turn, an Erotic Story by Rod Houston

It’s no surprise that she awoke from a wet dream. He had been away on a business trip for over a week and she was horny.

In the dream, she was Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love. Her lover had been Apollo. As with all of her erotic dreams, she woke just before they could reach climax together and it left her with a wanting feeling between her legs.

Oh, her pussy was soaking wet, to be sure. She had been sitting astride her dream lover fucking hard, and loving it. But she was awake now, and the dream faded more and more as she gained morning consciousness.

Still, she could not resist the urge to touch herself and lightly spread her moisture across her aching clit, but this was just teasing herself and she knew it. Sure, she loved to masturbate, and was quite good at it too. She could bring herself to multiple orgasms without much effort. All she had to do was think about a nice hard cock (any cock, any man), and she could play with herself for hours.

For the past week though, all she could think about was him, and his gorgeous thick cock. She masturbated every evening as she lay in bed alone fantasizing about him, going through every toy in her magical toy box. Her favorite toy, she called “Bob”, for Battery Operated Boyfriend. It was a nice thick vibrator with the built-in clit vibe near the far end of the shaft. She had to fully insert it so that the clit tickler would reach its destination. It drove her crazy, but she loved it.

Opening her eyes and rolling over to where he should have been, she found the bed empty. He was already awake and had gotten up before her. She lay back on her pillow trying to re-savor her erotic dream, but it was gone. She was still horny. Very horny. She called this her “slut horny”, when she was consumed with nothing but the thought of sex.

Sure, they had made love that night when he returned from his trip, but it was sex for him, to please him. He controlled the pace and the climax, not her. She was satisfied, as she always was, but it left her wanting more. She wanted ‘scream out loud’ sex. The kind that produce those overpowering rush of adrenaline induced orgasms, that take the top of her head off and leave her body weak and numb afterwards. She needed one of those now. It was HER turn.

Glancing at the clock, she knew where she would find him. He would be in the exercise room working out. It was his morning ritual.

She slipped out of bed, dragging the top sheet with her, to wrap around her naked body. Standing in the doorway, she watched him for a moment. He was laying on the exercise bench with a 20 pound dumb bell in each hand. Lowering them to the floor and raising them above his head, with straightened arms. His chest was already covered in sweat and she could smell his manliness.

She loved the smell of a man. That unmistakable aroma of masculinity. She loved to look at a naked man, being quite a voyeur. Although now, he was wearing only his powder blue boxers, but her eyes still locked on his bulge. It reminded her of the warm wetness between her legs and her burning desire to do something about it.

Moving to stand directly in front of him, at the end of the weight bench, she sexily cleared her throat to get his attention. He looked at her and smiled. “Good morning”, he said. “Good morning”, she replied.

She locked eyes with him and let the bed sheet drop to the floor at his feet. Her shapely figure, nude before him. Slowly, she lightly traced the curves of her body with her palms, from hip to breast. Caressing her breasts with soft gentle hands, holding and fondling, teasingly running fingertips across hardening nipples. All while she continued to stare into his eyes.

He watched, wordlessly, as she performed her sensual self-exploration. Hands, down across her smooth abdomen to encircle his cleanly shaved mound. His eyes followed. She knew what he liked, and she knew that he loved to watch her touch herself, play with herself, and masturbate in front of him.
Spreading her moist pussy lips apart with her fingers, she showed him her glistening wetness. Her finger traveled lightly to dip slightly inside and up the crease to her throbbing clit. Skillfully pulling back her clitoral hood to expose the sensitive tip, and tenderly rubbing across it. It gave her tingles of excitement.

She could see that her man was also aroused. His growing erection was nearly busting out of his shorts. A telltale wet spot now showing as a darkened area on his boxers, hinted at tasty pre-cum forming there. She needs a taste. It is HER turn.

Grabbing the shorts by the elastic band, on either side of his waist, she slowly removed them, pulling them past his feet and off. “You aren’t going to need these”, she teases as she tosses them over her shoulder. He smiles.

Lowering herself to her knees between his legs, she leans forward and grasps his thickening cock. Gently stroking with her eyes affixed to the tip and the sweet pre-cum beginning to flow once more. It runs down the side of the smooth head and down his shaft. Her tongue lightly traces the flow, licking up all that he produces. Tasting so sweet, the tip of her tongue spreads the opening and induces more. She licks her lips to savor the sweet taste.

Her moistened lips spread to take the head of his cock between them. Lightly wetting it with oral moisture. Then slowly down the shaft, as she takes more of him inside her mouth. The head of his cock rubbing the back of her throat, as she then softly and slowly withdraws. Up the tool back to the hear, to tenderly suckle the head. She got what she wanted from this seduction. Her pussy was wet and warm and her clit tingling with electricity.

Rising to her feet, he moans, wanting more oral pleasure. But, it is HER turn. Closing his legs back together, she walks up his body, straddling him on the bench, until her pussy is directly in front of his face. His eyes are transfixed on her smoothly shaved and glistening wet pussy. “MY turn”, she whispers to him.

With her feet flat on the floor, on either side of his face, she lowers to a squat, so that her pussy meets his awaiting lips. His tongue eagerly spread her labia and drinks her honey. Teasing her clit with flicks and back between her hot pussy lips. He continues to lick the valley of her desire, as she tosses her head back and enjoys the sensation.

His lips close in around her hardened clit and begin to suck. A shiver of excitement runs instantly up her spine and her stomach tightens. Harder and faster he suckles her love button. Her eyes closed and head back, her breathing becomes more rapid. Her mind only focusing on the point where her pussy meets his tongue and lips. That is all there is to feel in the world, just that spot.

Her hands cup her breasts. She squeezes her nipples between fingertips, to distract her pleasure, and prevent climax too soon. She squeezes her breasts, yet feels the mounting sensation between her legs growing to orgasm.

As her partner takes a breath, she rises and stands fully astride him. Her pussy hot and soaking wet. His mouth, lips, still glistening from her juices. She backs down his body to straddle him above his knees. She watches as his fully erect manhood throbs and jerks in the air each time his heart beats. Pre-cum again covering his head and flowing down the sides of his rod.

Her hips wave seductively above his cock, as she reached down and slides a hand up and down the slickened length of his meat. Her other hand spreads her pussy lips apart and she lowers herself to a squat with the tip of his cock barely touching wet pussy lips.

It is HER turn. She is in control of her own pleasure and intends to take full advantage of it.

Lowering herself down upon his hard thick cock, she feels each tingle within her as pussy lips stretch around it and it begins to fill her. She teases herself, not allowing it to fully enter, despite the upward thrusts of his hips. She rides upon it slowly and methodically, bring it up to where just the head parts pussy lips and then very very slowly downward to feel the fullness of it traveling deeper inside her.

Continuing this until she begins to feel the yearning of desire burning deep in her hot pussy, she finally lowers herself ever so slowly, until the full length of his shaft is pressed to her innermost depths. She closes her eyes and rides upon this swollen rod and her breath quickens with the rocking movement of her hips. Feeling the head of his cock pressing hard and her pussy muscles tightened to squeeze this glorious tool of sensual freedom.

Her rocking hips are thrusting more violently as she fucks his hard thick cock. It is HER turn to be in control and she has him moaning with pleasure. Her momentum is building and her finger is rubbing her clit back and forth very hard and fast. Her hips rocking and the fullness of his cock deep inside. She is very close.

His breathing is as rapid as hers, as his chest rises and falls with each gyration of her hips upon him. She is riding him like she has ridden no other man. She is fucking him fast and hard and her pussy is exploding with fireworks of pleasure.

Her soft swollen pussy lips feel his balls spreading them and she can feel his balls tighten with the mounting of climax. Her inner muscles are contracting beyond control as she squeezes his hardness and each muscle feels his cum traveling up the length of his cock to the top where it explodes with hot fusion of internal heat. She lets out a cry of pleasure and gasps “Yes, yesssssssss” as his cum continues to explode inside and her orgasm tightens every muscle in her body.

It was HER turn and she took advantage of it. She fucked her man like he had never been fucked before, and she was the most willing recipient of the benefits.

Catching her breath and letting orgasms subside, she no longer had the strength to squeeze his cock with her inner muscles, but sat there astride enjoying the warm wet satisfaction of a freshly fucked pussy which was flowing cum down onto him. She loved the feeling after sex, of keeping his thick cock still inside her. Although not as hard as it was during the peak of their adventure, his thickness felt so good inside. No movement, she could not handle that, another orgasm would take her head off, and she did not need another one.

She sat there upon him with her palms pressed on his chest for balance, as she was now weak beyond imagination. Slowly lowering herself to lay her head on his chest and breath in the sweet odor of his masculinity. She closed her eyes and listened to his rapidly beating heart, which was of course, quite in sync with hers.

She had enjoyed her turn.

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