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The state of my union :D

If you're a regular visitor to my page you can tell that i love a nice round female ass. My Mistress's butt is nice, it's round, but it's small, and my girlfriend's ass well that's a different story; her ass is very thick. Now i know that most women want to be thin, and many women watch their calories and so on, but i am not one of them. If i ever get to post real life pictures of myself you'll see i have a thickness about me, i'm not huge by any stretch of the imagination, but i'm thich.
Anyways, to get to my short story, i've been super busy lately and i've not had a chance to come on here or do much of anything, everyday has challenges, and no one has time. The girlfriend is still seeing that Mistress to understand me better, and Mistress everytime i turn around has a dick in her mouth, same guy but still. it was beginning to really piss me off. So one day i stood up to Her, yes we submissives have a voice depending on the arrangement, and i said to Her we need to talk. She simply laughed and said: "No good conversation starts with that statement," and She sat down. But, instead of kneeling like i usually do i sat next to Her, i give Her a kiss, a really passionate one, and i tell her. It hurts that you seem to want dick so much, it really does, and frankly you seem to be with him more than you are me lately; and i'm home doing the chores and everything and next thing i know he comes over and You're sucking his dick or bending over, while i'm not in it. She just laughed and told me that i knew she's bi coming into it and that She loves men & women but that there was something i didn't know.
Now here's where i got to say "nothing good ever starts with that sentence in a situation like this," and She tried to smile but didn't quite get there....She tells me that She's HIS submissive but not how i'm Hers...basically the way it works for her and men is that men are like sex toys to Her but they come to Her and when they do they have to be all manly and f***eful. My jaw dropped and She blushed..SHE BLUSHED...and then said the way it works is that whenever he comes by i HAVE TO at least suck his dick and if I don't He's allowed to "f***e" me.....which I LOVE....but he's not allowed to do any of that with you around because i know how you feel.
To explain it simply freaks me the fuck out to see my Mistress submit...that's a whole 'nother story but still. It's important to note that during this conversation he knocked and i hear her say i'm talking to her about it please come back in say 30. He seemed ok with it but i couldn't make out what he said. So She went on to say while you're out doing the errands he is making me "Pay" for the times that i told him no and is 'Punishing' me by fucking me and so on. Ok my head is spinning and my heart is racing at this point but here's what happened....She got on Her knees, told me how much She loves me, and told me that if i don't like this that She'll end it and that will be that. She put her head in my lap and cried saying She didn't want to lose me.
For a few moments there the role reversed and i saw a peek of that inner submissive She must carry around. i simply kissed Her, had Her sit by me, and i told her i didn't care that she has a boyfriend, i didn't care that they fuck, hell it freaks me out but if you're subby to him and that gets You off fine; but honestly what's in this for me? He has the shine of being something new and taboo but me i'm here and i'm the same old same old...and She slapped me....HARD....felt good i loved it...and She said You're hardly 'same old same old' and She kissed me where She slapped me
Then the knock on the door
we look at each other and i nod...
when he walks in for a moment i could see how disappointed he was and in a flash he looks at her with a different look saying you'll pay later....i smile and look at him and say it's fine...i want to see....i wanted to make myself see it...f***e myself....and after they talked for a bit in front of me he said ok...are you sure? to which i say yes....
and He said...Ok
i sat and tried to brace myself but before i could he had her by the hair...FIRMLY..."you didn't suck my dick last i was here bitch why," She honestly whimpered and said "i could Sir please she was coming home and i knew i didn't have time," Well she's here now isn't she? and i try here to muster a smile before he JERKS her head and puts her to her knees....whips out his cock and she starts sucking's like the world faded away for Her and his dick is all that mattered. She was drooling all over herself and the floor after a few moments and it didn't take him long to get hard and firm...
tears were streaming down Her face but not out of crying but gagging and the sound it made....i simply looked at him and said STOP...i couldn't handle it....i just couldn't and i couldn't pretend to i pointed to the bedroom and told him to finish...She just looked at me as He walked towards the bedroom my Mistress in tow being dragged by the hair...
About 2 hours and many noises later HE comes out, smiles at me, and leaves...i go into the bedroom to see Her on it with a huge smile on Her face...She didn't say anything for some time before She said, you wont see that again, not like that you wont....She said...I'm still with him but I told him to give it time and he's ok with that. I even told him that you may join in but that it'll be on your terms and your wishes,I told him that I'm your Mistress and woman first and that he's the addition and if i'm not happy he's gone. Sweetie he is a nice guy I hope you accept him.
So 3 nights later we had him over for dinner and it wasn't bad....i got to know him....there was no sex THAT night but basically as things stand i am still as i was, Her woman, Her girl, Her sub...but i'm also a sorta protectoress for Her when She's like that...
Honestly it freaks me out it really does and She knows that but i'm trying :D i know you all like hearing about sex but i needed to write this one to set up for future ones :D i'm going to write some more soon because he has a role with me too but it wouldn't make sense without this one :D

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