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Divorce and my Mother- In- Law Part Two

It would really be helpful to read part one before you read this.

I heard Darlene say "Hello Baby". Eddie replied in a low voice when she said, "Peter's staying in Melody's room." She said something else much more quietly that I couldn't hear at all. He replied with the first of his words I could hear,"Oh Really!?"

There was some movement, guessing he was getting ready for bed. He whistled once lowly and she giggled. I heard her "SHHHH", then "Oh yeah baby eat me."

This shocked and excited me. I spit on my hand and soon I could smell again her wonderful cunt juice that had dried on my cock as I stroked it slowly, my ear as close as I could get it to the wall.

Soon the sound of fucking had started. Darlene can't be quiet at least she wasn't when I was fucking her. I heard Eddie now with a "SHHHH!" but it did no good and they both broke out giggling. They were really going at it now and the squeak the bed had when I was really pounding her cunt started up. I heard the slap slap slap. I wondered what position they were in and wished I could see.

Quietly I stood up, opened my door to peek out and see if their door was cracked open at all. It was wide open! Standing there naked I chanced a quick glance.

Darlene was on her back and Eddie was on his elbows ramming his cock into her juicy cunt. Neither of them could see me...unless Eddie moved his head to the side. I stood with one foot in the hall, one eye looking into their bedroom. I stroked my cock hard as I watched and listened. When Eddie came he moaned as did Darlene. Then his head collapsed on the side of hers. That was when Darlene saw me.

She signaled with her left hand that I should move into the doorway so she could see me. I moved cautiously into her full view. Darlene smiled wickedly as she watched me stroking my cock. She whispered something then that I couldn't hear. Eddie's head lifted up and he said,"Yeah?" Then he turned around and saw me in the hall. I jumped to the side and went back to my room.

Darlene called out, "'s all right!! You don't know how all right it is Peter. Eddie wants you to come in here. He wants to watch you fuck me Peter.!"

I was shaking cock very hard...I got out of bed and walked slowly to where I had been before. I looked into the room. Darlene was on her face and knees and Eddie was sitting next to her, still naked. They both smiled when they saw me there.

My whole body shaking I stepped into their bedroom. Darlene had put her hands between her legs and used her thumbs to spread her freshly fucked split. I saw how shiny the slit was and the traces of Eddie's semen there...maybe some of mine too.

Eddie said nothing, watching as I knelt on the bed, my cock pointing toward his wife's cunt. I moved behind her and looking once at him and seeing him nod, I held my cock and moved the head into her slippery hole. Darlene made a loud "Gaaaaa" sound as I shoved my cock into her very wet hole. Eddie moved to where he could see my cock moving into his daughter's mother.

I was so into it now. My balls slammed against her clit each time I bottomed out into her. I had come twice already that night with Darlene and had stamina that wouldn't quit. She was crying and laughing and saying "Fuck me Peter!" I felt two fingers right at the juncture where my cock met her cunt. Then one finger slid inside next to my shaft. Eddie was into this! He moved his finger around the seam where we joined, then pulled it out.

"You don't know Peter," he said, "how many times we have fucked pretending you were fucking her." I didn't know what to say, but said, "Oh really" as I continued fucking his wife.

"Fuck yeah really. Pound her cunt hard Peter. Give it to her...fill her up..."
I had no reason to stop and I didn't. I started talking to Darlene now, "You like having your son-in-law fucking your married cunt don't you baby?" She said, "mmmmph", then said, "Oh fuck yes Peter! I have always wanted your cock in me and for Eddie to see us fucking."

She came then hard on my cock, her cunt walls squeezing and spasming on my shaft. That brought me to the edge and I told them both, "I am going to fill your cunt with my seed Darlene!" I shot jet after jet of semen into her juicy cunt." I punctuated each jet shot into her with a hard ram of my cock all the way into her cunt. When I was through, I pulled out of her slowly. She rolled over onto her back then with her hands holding her ass up so the semen wouldn't leak out. "Peter, I want to clean up your cock while Eddie cleans up my cunt."

That caused me to do a double-take, but I moved so she could take my cum-coated cock close enough for her to suck it. I looked down between her legs and watched fascinated at Eddie's tongue lapped at her cunt like a cat lapping milk.

He opened his mouth wide then and put his lips around her hole. I knew his tongue was deep inside her. Darlene played with his hair as he ate what I had planted inside her. When he was done he smiled at the two of us with cum and cunt juice on his lips and chin. He moved his face to Darlene. She licked the semen off his face. She said, "Thank you Peter. You'd better get some sl**p honey."

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