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Crazy Bet
by Scorpio00155 (


Two older women who might be called cougars, make a bet
that could be called perverted. Wendy bets her friend
Linda that she can seduce Linda's son before Linda can.
Linda tries to prove her wrong. (MF, inc)


"You are fucking crazy!" I said in disbelief as I stared
at my best friend Wendy through wide eyes.

"Well you've always known I was nuts Linda," she grinned
back at me "but are you on or not?"

"Jezzus!" I blurted. "Let me get this straight, you're
betting that you can seduce my son before I can?"

"You got it hon." She laughed. "And the stake is three
thousand pounds."

"Now I know you are crazy," I said in dismay, "or I am
for listening to you. Don't you think it would be kind
of sick of me to seduce my son to win a bet? I have no
idea how he'd react if he ever found out."

Mentally I was kicking myself, here I was protesting and
making points as though there was anything to discuss
about the matter. It wouldn't, couldn't happen, not
between my son Philip and myself, it was perverse of
both of us to even be discussing it. Not that I couldn't
afford the money, but with the prize my own son... no,
no way at all.

"Aw Lin, you've lost the old verve you used to have."
Wendy pouted "I mean, I'm bound to win anyway so I don't
know what you are getting all het up about."

"I am not getting het up," I retorted "it's just...
well... this is my son you are talking about, mothers
and sons don't do such things."

"You'd be surprised Lin my old darling," Wendy laughed
"there's more sons knocking off their mothers than you
would believe."

"But it's i*****l!" I gasped "They must be sick in the
head to even consider doing such things!"

"Sure it's i*****l," Wendy said in a serious tone "but
don't you go getting on that high horse with me,
remember, I know where the figurative bodies are

"Oh come on Wendy," I protested "a bit of grass and a
few uppers aren't in the same class."

"Still i*****l and admit it," she grinned "half the fun
of doing the d**gs was the fact they were i*****l."

"I guess it was," I sighed "but d**gs and i****t are two
different things entirely."

"Why?" was all she said.

"Well... i****t involves sex and..." I started out
feeling a bit flummoxed.

"Hell, doing d**gs involved sex too and as I recall we
weren't too fussy about who, where or how many." Wendy
jumped in "Is that it, all your argument?"

"Come on," I defended myself "I hardly expected to be
having this conversation, I'm afraid I didn't research
the subjects beforehand. Anyway, he's u******e so
neither of us could seduce him anyway."

"Listen to Miss 'I Lost My Cherry at 14' protesting
about u******ed sex." Wendy said loudly with a frown
"Just when the hell did you change to become such a
hypocrite? Or is it just your son that's not allowed to
dip his u******ed wick."

"Wendy, keep your voice down." I hissed across the
restaurant table at her "Look, I don't know why it's
wrong, but damn it I don't feel comfortable even talking
about it."

Sighing I leant back in my chair, I'd had similar
conversations with Wendy in the past and this one was
going the same way they all had. Gradually Wendy was
shredding each and every argument I could put up,
backing me into a corner until she got her way. I was
determined to hold out this time though, much as I loved
my son I had never looked at him in a sexual way, but
now I found myself thinking of how tall he was and

'Jesus get a grip!' I exhorted myself mentally 'He's
your son, not some hunky k**.'

Across the table Wendy was watching me with that grin of
hers that drove me up the wall, it was a grin that said
'I see you thinking about it, won't be long before you
agree'. I'd seen that grin so many times before and I
had always gone with Wendy's crazy schemes in the end.
Then I had a thought and one that could change the whole
context of the situation.

"Just what do you mean by seduce?" I asked my friend.

"What else is there to mean," she laughed "you or I
entice him into bed and fuck him. You used to be so good
at seducing guys Linda, guess old age is creeping in,
you've forgotten how I suppose."

"I'll give you 'old age'!" I retorted in annoyance
"Three thousand pounds says I succeed before you do.
What's the time limit, or is there one?"

"Well I guess if neither of us have got him into out bed
within a month" Wendy mused "we never will. So how about
a limit of one month from today?"

"Agreed!" I said firmly.

'What the hell are you doing woman?' my thoughts shouted
at me "This is your own son you are talking about

Yet again I had fallen for Wendy's ploys, most of the
time I loved her as a friend, but there were times, like
now, that she drove me crazy. Now the bet was made
Wendy knew I would not back out and I knew that she
would go all out to seduce my son, much as I loved my
friend she had a well deserved reputation as a
heartbreaker. I was as much protecting my son from
disappointment by trying to seduce him first, or at
least keeping him distracted enough so Wendy couldn't
succeed in her seduction, at least that's how I was
justifying it to myself. While my friend, having got her
way, again, switched subjects to a recent piece of
scandal that had come her way I listened with only half
my attention, the other half was occupied with figuring
out just how I was supposed to get my son interested in

"Hey, Earth to Linda!" Wendy was laughing "Did you hear
one word I've been saying?"

"Uh, yeah," I blushed having been caught lost in thought
"you were going on about Marg and her new toy-boy."

"So you were listening," she grinned "and I thought you
were concentrating on 'other' things. Anyway, I heard
this from Betty, who got it from a friend, seems the
toy-boy is spreading his favours around a certain other
member of the household..."

Once Wendy got into one of her 'scandals' I had always
found the best thing to do was to tune out, as long as I
nodded, laughed or looked 'shocked' at the appropriate
points she never noticed that I wasn't actually
listening. Looking across the table at Wendy I gave a
silent sigh, she and I were the same age, but whereas I
looked my forty-five years Wendy seemed to be younger,
much younger. It could have been her make-up, her
clothes, her hair style or a combination of all these
things, but I had this feeling that strip her naked,
wash off the make-up and mess up the hair she would
still look younger than me. In this respect she
certainly had a head start on me.

"...then the white rabbit said 'time for tea', they all

"What?" I blurted out in total confusion.

"Well I thought if you didn't want to hear the gossip"
Wendy chuckled "I'd recite from Alice In Wonderland, at
least it got your attention."

"Look Wendy," I sighed "you're right, my mind's not all
here tonight. I think I'll go home and get an early

"An early start on our bet more like." She laughed.

"Wendy!" I starred at her.

"Oh come on Lin," she grinned "I can almost see the cogs
turning, but I have the unfair advantage of these little
'ladies'" she pushed up her large tits to show which
'ladies' she was talking about "and I'm prettier, plus
the biggest advantage of all, I don't have that mother
son guilt shit to worry about."

'Shit!' I cursed mentally "What a cow, but she's right
on all points!'

"Well I'll just have to try harder is all." I said
trying to sound cool, calm and collected, I don't think
she bought it though.

After a few more pleasantries and little digs we parted,
me to go home to my son, her to go home to get herself
set to seduce my son. Normally I'd have got a cab from
the restaurant, but I needed to think and so I walked
home, my mind seething and reeling with ideas that I
rejected one after the other.

"Shit!" I said loudly ignoring the sudden shocked looks
of an old couple passing nearby.

I reached home with absolutely no clue as to how I could
seduce my own son and the absolute certainty that Wendy
was going to win the bet, leaving me to pick up the
emotional pieces of my son she'd leave in her wake.
Cursing myself for a fool for letting myself get
suckered into one of Wendy's crazy schemes yet again I
went inside.

The house was in darkness, since it was well after ten
at night this meant that my son was either asl**p in his
room or had snuck out to a friends house, if the latter
I was going to read him the riot act when he got back.
Slipping upstairs I checked on his room and was relieved
to find the riot act wouldn't be needed, he was asl**p
on top of the covers of the bed and I took the
opportunity to look at him not as a mother would, but as
woman would.

Philip was 15 and looked his young age as he lay
sl**ping, mind you he was a big lad for his age, already
topping six foot and heavily muscled. I have to admit
that if I hadn't been his mother there would have been
no hesitation, I'd have taken him to my bed in an
instant, but I was his mother and I was having trouble
with the thought of trying to get my son in my bed.
Sighing I went over to the bed, pulled a sheet over his
sl**ping form, and yes I admit it, I did look at his
groin and wonder what lay hidden inside his pyjamas.

Kissing him on the forehead I turned and left the room,
heading back downstairs I went into the living room and
poured myself a large gin to steady my trembling hands.
Glancing across the room I saw my reflection in the
display mirror beside the mantle.

"Another fine mess you've got yourself into Linda
Watts." I said to my reflection "I mean look at you,
compared to Wendy you are an old hag. What the hell am
I talking to you for, you're only a reflection!"

I suppose I was being harsh on myself, for forty-five I
was still fairly attractive, my figure was still 36-28-
36 and firm, well firmish, okay I was a little softer
than in my youth, there were only a few streaks of grey
starting to show in my hair and a few wrinkles on my
face, neck and wrists. I had never been what could be
called a 'great beauty', but men had always found me
attractive. Sighing I finished my drink and went to bed.


When I woke it was with a pounding head, all I felt like
doing was hiding under the covers and sl**ping off my
hangover, instead I f***ed myself out of bed. After some
aspirin and a shower I felt semi-human again, wrapped in
an old housecoat I went downstairs to find my son making
breakfast for both of us.

"Morning mum," he greeted me with a grin "here, I think
you need this."

He held out a cup of strong, black coffee which I took
gratefully. Sinking into a chair at the kitchen table I
groaned and swore off drinking... again.

"Who the hell can that be?" I groaned as the doorbell

"I'll get it." Philip chuckled.

A few minutes later Wendy walked in the kitchen door
with my son a step behind her, he looked flushed and
excited and it was no wonder. Wendy was dressed in sheer
black blouse, short mini-skirt and 3 inch heels, under
the blouse she had on a flimsy lace bra, her tits and
nipples were clearly visible. Dressed in a scruffy
housecoat, fluffy slippers, my hair limp and damp and
with no make-up on I felt like a right frump.

'Oh the bitch!' I thought to myself 'She knows I have
nothing like that in my wardrobe!'

"Uh morning Wendy," I greeted her with a half smile
"what brings you round so early?"

As if I didn't know!

"Just passing." She replied with a wink "Thought I'd pop
in to see how you are this morning and of course to see
how Philip is getting on. I haven't seen you for ages
young man."

The cow took hold of one of my son's arms and was
hugging it to her boob, I don't know what he was
thinking, but his eyes seemed glued to her nipples. She
was certainly going all out to win the bet and I just
didn't have the body or the clothes to beat her at this
game. Then an idea came to me that might move the
advantage to me, I might not be able to do much about my
body, but I could certainly do something about the
clothes and by getting Philip to help me choose the
clothes I'd hopefully get his attention off Wendy.

"Ages?" Philip mumbled staring at Wendy's large boobs "I
saw you yesterday when you came to get mum."

"Well it seems ages." Wendy laughed "You know, I just
had a marvellous idea, why don't I pick you up tomorrow
and we'll have a day out together."

'DAMN IT!' I screamed silently 'Bang goes my idea.'

"Uh... I don't think I can." Philip answered slowly "Not
tomorrow. Sorry."

'YES!' I crowed silently.

"Oh, that's a pity," Wendy pouted "I has some rather
'nice' ideas of things to do."

"Maybe another day?" he responded "Maybe one day next
week, the school hols start then."

"As long as it's soon sweetie." Wendy grinned and blew
him a kiss "And now I must love you and leave you. You
stay there and recover Linda dear, Philip can show me

My son went out with Wendy while I sat cursing Wendy
silently, best friend or not, she was really pushing it
by coming round at seven in the morning all dressed to
thrill. As the minutes passed I started tapping my
fingers on the table top, the pace increasing as five
minutes became six, then seven. Ten minutes had passed
before my son returned from seeing Wendy out and one
glance was enough to tell me that Wendy had said a
special farewell to him. He seemed to be a bit dazed,
his hair was mussed and I could see traces of lipstick
on his lips and cheek.

"Better get a move on," I said forcing my voice not to
quiver "you did say you wanted to get to school early

"Hmmm?" he responded distractedly "Oh, yeah, I'd better
get moving."

"SHIT!" I swore once my son had left the room.

Whatever I might have thought about the idea of i****t
to start with I was now determined to make Wendy at
least work for her victory. I was under no illusion that
I could win the bet, but if I could keep Philip
distracted and out of Wendy's clutches for a month the
bet would be void. If I could even get his attention
that is. He had certainly been fascinated by her boob
show and I had no doubt that she had put all she had
into her parting kiss, she'd probably hinted at more of
the same when they went out.

"Damn it." I muttered not hearing Philip come back into
the kitchen.

"What's up mum?" his voice sounded right behind me
making me jump.

"Jees... Philip are you trying to give me a heart
attack?" I sighed "You off?"

"I've got a few minutes before I need to get going," he
grinned "but you didn't answer my question, what's up

I could hardly tell him I was cursing because of the
head start my best friend had in wining a bet to get him
into bed, so I sort of fibbed.

"I was just thinking how frumpy I looked beside Wendy."
I sighed laying what I hoped would be a foundation to
get him to help me choose 'sexier' clothing.

"Oh mum," he laughed "you'd look just as good if you
made an effort. Anyway, I still love you."

"And I love you Philip." I grinned then put on a
thoughtful look "Do you really think I'd look as good in
those type of clothes?"

"Yeah, sure I do." He replied while delving into the
fridge for some juice.

"Well then," I said holding back a grin "how about
helping me buy some then."

From inside the fridge there came a banging sound, a
moment later he turned to look at me rubbing the back of
his head.

"Uh yeah, okay, if you like." He said uncertainly
"Anyway, got to dash mum, see you later."

With a quick peck on my cheek he was out the door
leaving me to curse myself for playing games with my
son. After another coffee I went about the daily round
of household chores, as I cleaned and dusted my mind
wandered over the consequences of the bet I'd made, or,
more accurately, been backed into.

That evening I think I must have been a bit distracted
because my son asked me if I was 'okay' more than a few
times. Though I reassured him I was fine I doubt he
believed it as he seemed to be near me all evening,
almost as though keeping an eye on me.


Saturday morning found me wide awake at five in the
morning, I tried to get back to sl**p, but just
couldn't. I suppose I was nervous abut what I had
planned for the day. In the end I got out of bed and
almost tiptoed to the bathroom so that I wouldn't
disturb my son, going through the morning ritual of
toilet and shower seemed to ease my nerves a little.
This morning I dried and brushed my hair carefully, from
my wardrobe I chose a light dress in the knowledge that
sunshine made it sort of see through, well it let you
see an outline through the material. Not having any lacy
bras I chose the lightest one I could find then added
the smallest pair of panties I had and a pair of self
grip stockings to the ensemble. Last of all I applied
make-up to my face, nothing garish, but enough to show
I'd made an effort.

When I looked at myself in the full length mirror I was
quite pleased with what I saw, okay, it wasn't a raving
beauty in the mirror, but the woman there could
certainly turn a head or two.

"God you are getting vain in your old age Linda." I
snorted at my reflection.

A sound in the corridor told me that my son was up and
about, glancing at the clock I saw that it was still
only six thirty and I wondered what had him out of bed
so early. Smiling once more at my reflection I left the
bedroom and headed down to the kitchen, I felt too
excited or nervous for food, but I certainly needed some

"Morning mum." Philip greeted me as he breezed into the
kitchen and made a bee-line for the fridge.

Then he paused and looked at me as though doing a double

"Morning dear." I smiled at his surprised expression
"Something the matter dear?"

"Uh, no." he seemed to shake himself "No, I was just
thinking how pretty you are looking today."

"Why thank you." I smiled while giving myself a mental
high five.

He resumed his course to the fridge while I sipped at my
coffee feeling less nervous and more excited. Philip
grabbed some juice and sat on the edge of the table to
sip it straight from the carton, normally I'd pull him
up on this, but this morning I let it slide.

"So what's the plan?" my son asked suddenly.

"Pardon?" I replied with a guilty conscience.

"Where are we going," he said "you know, for the clothes

"Oh, yes, that." I almost sighed "I thought we'd go into
the centre."

"Okay." He nodded "I guess there's a few places there to
look at."

Knowing how hard it was to get a parking space at the
centre I shooed my son out the door at eight,
unfortunately this meant a forty minute wait for the
shops to actually open, but at least we got a space to
park in. To kill time we did a little window shopping,
which was sort of fortuitous.

"That's new." My son commented pointing out a shop off
the main concourse.

We went to have a look in the window, only the window
was opaque, across the centre of it was the shop name
'Mirabelle's' which told us nothing about the place.
Philip noticed there were some opening hours pinned in
the doorway, I was surprised to see that the shop
wouldn't open until ten and said so, he just shrugged.
We were curious about this shop and I made a mental note
to come back to it later just to find out what they
sold. So we wandered back into the centre proper and
killed the remaining time until the shops opened by
sipping at some rather vile coffee in a McDonalds.

"Let battle commence." My son grinned as we left the

I had to laugh at his alluding to shopping as a battle,
but I suppose in a way he was right, especially if there
were sales on. We started out in a 'Next' store and I
was actually enjoying looking at the blouses and skirts,
from time to time my son would suggest something, but
they were usually opaque creations that were nice but
not 'NICE'.

"Mum," he finally said sounding a little exasperated
"give me a clue, just what is it you are looking for,
that way I might just pick out something right for a

"Sorry love," I sighed "I wanted something like Wendy
was wearing yesterday."

"You mean..." he said with his voice rising a pitch "you
really meant what you said about showing off all you've

"Well," I blushed slightly in embarrassment "yes. I just
thought I'd try a change of look for a while."

"Fine by me mum," he grinned "but in that case we are
looking at the wrong racks."

He led me across to a set of racks further into the
shop, as we passed a couple of very young assistants I
wondered why they weren't helping the customers instead
of standing around chatting and giggling. Anyway, the
racks Philip had led me to did indeed contain the sheer
blouses similar to the one Wendy had been wearing, some
even more sheer and as I stared at these I had doubts
about them suiting me. Worse I had doubts that I could
wear such things.

"Hmmm," I frowned feeling my nerve going "do you think
these are really me Philip?"

"Sure," he said holding up a white blouse so sheer that
it almost wasn't there "why not? How about his one mum?"

"Oh my," I breathed "there's nothing of it! I doubt

"Well I think you'd look good in it." He sighed as he
turned to return it to the rack.

"Not so fast," I said "let me see that thing."

He handed over the blouse and I felt the material,
whatever it was the feel of it was nice and I had said I
wanted sheer. My son was browsing through the racks
again, I was just about to tell him I'd take the blouse
when Philip turned with two others just as sheer in his
hands, one in black the other in red. I took these from
him and studied them, it suddenly struck me that he had
picked out blouses in my size and I did wonder how he
knew my size.

"These will do for now." I laughed as he started looking
for more.

"Okay," he grinned "so what next."

"Skirts I think." I said.

"Over there." He pointed at some racks near to where the
sales assistants were standing tittering amongst

We headed that way and I have to admit that my son had
more idea about what to choose than I did, though they
did seem a little risqu the three skirts I finally
chose would indeed go well with the blouses. Just then
I heard one of the young assistants make a comment that
sounded a lot like 'when will these old farts learn that
they look like mutton dressed up as lamb in our stuff.',
I felt both upset and annoyed by the girl's comment. Not
that I got the chance to say anything because the next
voice I heard was my son's.

"Kindly get the manager." He was saying firmly.

"What, get lost k**." The sales girl that had made the
comment replied.

"Either you get the manager right now or I start
shouting for him or her." My son persisted.

"Oh very well!" the girl huffed then went into the back
of the store.

"Philip," I asked in a low voice "what the hell are you

"What I think should have been done a long time ago."
Was his cryptic reply.

The assistant reappeared with a slightly older woman, by
older I mean mid-twenties rather than in her teens.

"I believe you were quite insistent about seeing me?"
the woman said looking at me.

"No," Philip spoke firmly "I was."

"I see." The manageress said taking on a superior air
"And how may I help you."

"By telling me how you can employ individuals such as
this one," my son said bluntly and pointing at the
assistant "bad enough that out of three assistants not
one could be bothered to offer their paid assistance to
a customer. But when those self same assistants start
tittering and making comments about the customer I think
it time to talk to the management, wouldn't you."

"Well," the manageress seemed a little flustered now
"yes, I guess I would, but surely they didn't converse

"Loud enough for me to hear most of their gibes," my son
interrupted her "and the last laughing comment was loud
enough to both be heard around the shop and to cause
upset to my mother. And for your information" Philip
said loudly turning to face the assistant that had made
the comment "my mother is not an 'an old fart' and she
would have looked a damn sight better in the clothes
she'd selected than you could ever hope to, so if that's
'mutton dressed up as lamb' then I will take mutton over
you any day!"

"Oh," the manageress said as it dawned on her that the
customer actually had a valid point "I can only
apologise sir, madam and assure you that..."

"You can assure all you like," Philip interrupted her
again "I just wanted you to know why you have lost a
couple of hundred pounds worth of sale. Dump that lot on
the counter mum, you aren't shopping here and I'll be
spreading the word about this place, never fear."

I couldn't believe how f***eful my son was being, but he
was right, the assistants had seemed disinterested in
helping their customers and I had been really hurt by
the girl's comments. So I dumped the stuff on the
counter and turned to follow my son out then turned back
to look at the assistant that had caused my son's

"Young lady," I said as disdainfully as I could "I would
have thought someone with raging acne would have been
the last person in a position to cast judgement on

It was mean of me I know, but there was also a great
deal of satisfaction in seeing her showing the same hurt
her words had caused me. Philip was laughing as I joined

"Way to go mum," he laughed loudly "that told her."

"But I was rather mean, don't you think?" I sighed.

"Mean!" he said raising his eyebrows "I'd call that
restrained, me I'd have commented on her buck teeth,
squint and greasy hair. Anyway, where next?"


His comments lifted my spirits and as we headed for the
next boutique he lifted them even more with light
conversation and the occasional hug. Inside the next
place the story couldn't have been more different, no
sooner had we set foot inside than an assistant was with
us. She listened while I tried to explain what I was
after and then listened again when my son explained it
all without hesitations and blushes.

"Okay," the assistant smiled "I think I know just what
you're looking for, please come this way."

We followed her to a display off to one side of the shop
where, sure enough, we found sheer blouses and short
skirts. In fact we found an even wider range to choose
from than in the 'Next' store, not only that but the
assistant was even pulling out stuff to show me that was
much better than in the other place.

"Does madam want to try some of these on?" she asked.

"Can I?" I responded with surprise.

"Of course." The woman smiled.

With half a dozen blouses and five skirts I followed the
assistant to a changing room, she smiled as she stepped
out. Lord was I glad to be alone in there, those blouses
were so sheer that they hid nothing, every line and
pattern on my bra was clearly visible, but at the same
time I must admit that I did like the look. As for the
skirts, most were just fine, shorter than I normally
wore, but that just meant I showed off more leg and I
had always thought my legs were my best features, but
there was one skirt that was so short it barely covered
my groin and buttocks. I was putting that particular
skirt aside to give back to the assistant when I
remembered that it had been my son that had chosen it, I
paused and looked at the skirt remembering his smile
when I didn't reject it out of hand. Well if my son
wanted to see his mother in such a short skirt so be it,
I grinned, after all the whole point of the exercise was
to get my son interested in me as a woman and not just
as his mother.

"I'll take these." I said to the young assistant when I
went to the counter with the three blouses and skirts
I'd finally selected.

"Madam will look wonderful in them," she smiled with
sincerity "you have the figure and the looks to wear
such clothing."

"Why thank you." I beamed at her.

"Uh, if you don't mind me asking," the young girl said
in a lower voice "did you want to get the full effect of
these items?"

"Full effect?" I was puzzled at first, then the penny
dropped "Oh, yes, I was planning on showing a little to
my... uh, boyfriend."

"Then can I suggest a visit to Mirabelles, they've only
opened recently," the girl said lowering her voice even
more "but they do a wonderful range of lingerie, amongst
other things."

"Thanks for the tip." I grinned as I gathered up my bags
"Now where's that son of mine got to?"

Where indeed. I hadn't seen him since I'd gone into the
changing room, I looked around until I spotted him, my
happy smile froze on my face when I saw him talking to

"... must be about done by now," Wendy was saying as I
approached them "I'm sure she won't mind you coming
along with... Oh, hi Linda, I was just saying to Philip
that you wouldn't mind if he came along with me for the
rest of the day."

"It's up to Philip," I sighed knowing I was about to
lose out to her yet again "I would like his help, but if
he wants to go with you that's okay by me."

My son was standing almost between us looking from one
of us to the other in what looked to be confusion, then
he smiled and looked at Wendy while I gave an inner

"Sorry Wendy," he said to my surprise and Wendy's "I did
promise to help mum out and I like to keep my promises."

"I understand honey," Wendy replied through almost
gritted teeth "how about we go out on Monday?"

"Okay," Philip answered her with a smile "I'll look
forward to that."

Wendy said her farewells, which included a full kiss
with tongue for my son, and departed. My son watched her
leave and shook his head then looked at me.

"I'll take some of those." He said indicating the bags I
was carrying "So where to now?"

"A shoe shop," I smiled as I handed him half the bags
"there's one just over there."

When we went into the shoe shop I instantly spotted what
I was after, high heel shoes. I didn't have any at home
and that was because the damned things killed my arches,
but now I was fighting for my son and my arches could
just complain away.

"Mum," Philip sighed when he saw what I was after "you
know those things make your feet ache."

"I know, but they do make a woman's legs look better." I
smiled back.

"If you say so," he said as though disbelieving it "but
I don't think much of them myself."

I could tell by the tone of his voice that he really
meant what he said, frowning I looked at the display of
high heels then back at my son.

"So what do you suggest?" I asked.

"Me?" he sounded surprised "Well those low open toed
shoes over there look very nice."

I looked at the shoes he was indicating and was
impressed by his choice, the had all the features and
elegance of high heels without the heel, I knew I could
wear them comfortably. It was the work of a moment to
try on the display pair, lord did they feel comfortable
and they looked very good, so I collared an assistant
and bought a pair in red and another pair in black.
Apart from undergarments I'd bought all I needed to at
least put up a show against Wendy.

"It's after ten mum," Philip said appearing by my side
again "that shop should be open by now."

"Shop?" I said a little puzzled at first "Oh, that
Mira... whatever it's called."

"Mirabelles." He offered.

"That's it." I grinned "The girl in the other shop
mentioned that place too. Come on, let's go have a

We made our way to Mirabelles all set to have a browse,
yes, the place was open, but they would only let over
18's inside. Philip seemed unconcerned about this and
encouraged me to go inside on my own, but the whole
point of the shopping trip was to get him thinking about
me in sexier clothing.

"But..." I protested.

"Mum," he interrupted before I could say more "just go
and look around for both of us, you can tell me all
about the place later. While you're in there I'll be
looking around that second hand book place across the

"Oh, alright." I sighed "Meet you back here."

He grinned and went off to look at the shop he'd pointed
out while I went into Mirabelles. My eyes nearly popped
out when the first thing I saw was a display stand full
of vibrators... all sizes, shapes and colours!

"Oh my!" I breathed as it dawned on me that the place
was a sex shop.

I'd never been in a shop like this and I felt a little
embarrassed about being there, nevertheless I went
further into the shop and was relieved to see lingerie
further back in the place. Browsing through the racks I
wondered just who bought some of these things, I mean a
pair of panties that looked more like shoe strings
couldn't be comfortable, could it?

"That's a thong madam." A voice at my shoulder said

"Oh!" I gasped in surprise as I turned to look at the
woman that had seemingly appeared from nowhere "Did I
look that puzzled?"

"Just a little." She smiled "Are you just browsing or
was there something specific you were looking for?"

"Well, I was looking for some underwear to go with some
blouse and skirts I've just bought." I replied.

She had me describe the blouses and skirts, smiled,
nodded her head and guided me to another rack which held
just what I had been looking for. Fingering fine lacy
bra and panty sets I smiled at the thought of my son's
face when he saw me in the gossamer undergarments. With
the help of the assistant it didn't take me long to pick
a couple of sets, but I was still curious about the
other clothes.

"Do people really buy things like that thong?" I asked
the woman.

"Oh yes," she smiled "and not just young girls. The only
thing with the thong is that you need to shave for it to
have the full effect."

"Hmmm," I frowned "the shaving part I don't mind, it's
the itching that comes later I hate."

"So do I," She laughed "which is why I shave every other
day, it keeps the itching at bay and my husband adores
it. Why don't you have a browse while I wrap these for

She went off to bag up the undergarments I was buying
while I took another look at what I can only call
'playwear'. There were some lovely garments, many were
diaphanous, others with strategic peek-a-boo panels
designed to tease, but I kept coming back to the thongs,
they fascinated me for some reason. In the end I picked
out a little black thong and headed for the counter.

"I guess it wouldn't hurt to try one of these." I smiled
shyly at the assistant.

She smiled as she rang up my purchases.

"Don't forget you need to shave to wear the thong," she
reminded me as I was set to leave "and a shaved vagina
looks good in the underwear you chose too."

Thanking her I left the shop, I had been in the place
longer than I'd planned and I was expecting to find my
son waiting impatiently for me, only there was no sign
of him. Crossing the street I went to the book shop he
had said he was going to, but when I looked through the
window I couldn't see him inside. Puzzled and a little
concerned I looked up and down the street wondering
where he had got to. Behind me a bell rang, a door
closed and the bell tinkled again, turning I saw my son
coming out of the book shop doorway with a paper bag in
his hand that obviously held a book.

"Where were you?" I asked in confusion "I looked through
the window and didn't see you inside."

"There's an upstairs to the place." He grinned "I was
browsing up there. Did you get everything you wanted?"

"I did." I smiled "Let's go home."

The trip home was strangely quiet, I'm not sure what my
son was thinking about, but my mind was certainly
occupied by the garments I'd purchased and how I was
going to let my son see me in them. I glanced across at
him while we sat at traffic lights, he seemed lost in
thought, as the lights changed I tried to think of some
way to subtly show myself off to my son in my new, more
daring clothes. Of course, if I had been more like Wendy
I would just change into one of the outfits as soon as
we got home, only I didn't have her sheer nerve. I still
had no idea how to go about showing off my clothes by
the time we got home.

Philip helped me carry all the bags inside and up to my
room, he grinned at me as he headed for his room with
his book. It took me a few minutes to unpack all the
bags and remove the shop labels, the last thing out of a
bag was the thong. Leaving the clothes laid out on the
bed I set about the ritual Saturday chores, all the
while thinking of ways to show myself off to my son.

Later that evening, as we sat in the living room
listening to some music on the hi-fi my son gave me the
very opening I had been trying to work out all day.

"So when do I get to see some of these things you
bought?" he asked with a mischievous smile.

"Would you really like to see me in those things?" I
asked with a grin.

"Of course." He laughed.

"Okay then," I smiled as I stood up "you shall see me in
them, all of them. How about a fashion show?"

"Sounds great!" he replied enthusiastically.

"In that case I'm going to have a shower first." I said
as I left the room "Don't go away now."

"Wild horses couldn't drag me away!" he laughed.

Shaving my pussy was quite an arousing experience in
itself, starting with clipping off all the long hairs
then carefully shaving away all that remained until my
pussy was as smooth as silk. My shower was slow and
relaxing, it also seemed to add to my arousal, I felt a
little guilty about getting turned on so. Part way
through my shower I was sure I heard the doorbell sound,
but I wasn't expecting anyone and I was sure my son
would call me if we did have visitors. Finishing my
shower I turned off the water and grabbed a towel, soon
I was heading back to my bedroom with only a towel
wrapped around me. As I crossed the hall I heard voices
from downstairs, puzzled I paused then went to the top
of the stairs.

"... sure you don't want me to get mum?" my son was

"No," came Wendy's voice "don't disturb her, it was you
I came to see anyway."

'THE BITCH!' I screamed silently seeing all my plans
going out the window.

"Me?" my son responded to Wendy.

"Of course honey," Wendy said, her voice dripping sex
"after all, you are a handsome hunk. I was wondering if
you fancied coming out for a drive with me."

I was seething at the top of the stairs, but I didn't
dare go downstairs or call out to let them know I was

"Oh... uh..." my son sounded confused "I wish you'd
telephoned first Wendy, I could have saved you a trip,
I'm meeting some friends online tonight."

I was surprised to hear my son lying to Wendy, but at
the same time I could have kissed him for it.

"Oh well, not to worry." Wendy sounded miffed, after
all, it's not often she gets turned down "I'll give you
a call tomorrow so we can sort out a day we can go out

"I'll look forward to that." My son answered.

I heard Wendy say her goodbye, the next thing I heard
was heavy breathing and I knew she had put the move on
him again and was kissing him for all she was worth.
This made me grin since she was leaving and if she got
my son all excited it was me that would be there to take
advantage of it. A few minutes later I heard the front
door close and with a triumphant grin I went to my room
to get myself tarted up for my son. First off I did my
hair in a pony tail, next I put on make-up, this time I
applied some more daring colours, a bright red lipstick,
light blue eye-shadow and some rouge.

Picking out the red bra and panty set I put them on, the
feel of the filmy material on my skin was a surprisingly
sensual sensation and when I looked at myself in the
mirror I was surprised to see that my nipples were
already hard. I dug a pair of red self-grip stockings
out of my stocking drawer and put them on, next came the
red blouse, a look in the mirror told me that I was
clearly on display even though I was clothed. Putting on
the red leather look skirt I felt more than a little
excited by how much of my legs were on display, the
skirt was way shorter than anything I had worn in the

Glancing at the bed I saw the third skirt I'd bought, it
was the shortest of the three and I decided that I would
save that until last. Last of all I put on the red pair
of shoes, made one last check in the mirror and headed

"Ready for the show to begin?" I called out before I got
to the living room.

"Am I ever!" my son called back.

Just before I entered the room the cd player started
playing some rather sensuous music and I wondered how
long my son had spent choosing the music. Smiling I
stepped into the room and struck a pose, my son's
reaction was everything I could have wished for, his
eyes looked me up and down, hovering over my boobs and
following my legs from skirt hem to ankle then back

"Wow!" he breathed "You look gorgeous!"

I felt myself blush a little at his adoration of me, at
the same time I felt a mixture of excitement and guilt.
The guilt was understandable, what I was trying to do
was not the accepted kind of thing a mother does with
her son, namely try to seduce him, but my guilt also
came from my own feelings of excitement. As I did a
little twirl I felt at odds with myself, but my son kept
continued to praise me and I let myself relax a little.

"You like this outfit then?" I asked with a cheeky grin.

"You bet." He laughed.

"Well I'd better show you the next one then." I laughed
and danced out of the room.

It didn't take me long to change into the black version
of the undergarments, blouse, skirt, stockings and
shoes, though I was a bit surprised to find that the red
panties were a little damp when I took them off. As I
checked myself in the mirror I was not too surprised to
see that my nipples were pushing out the flimsy bra and
pressing at the material of the blouse. When I got back
to the living room my son's reaction was even more
enthusiastic, I did a little twirl for him then got set
to go change again.

"Mum," Philip said before I could turn away "tell me

"I'll try." I smiled.

"Do the panties match the bra?" he asked.

"Oh I'm sorry," I laughed "I forgot to show you them.
Does this answer your question."

Turning my back to him I took hold of the back hem of
the skirt and slowly lifted it upwards, I heard him
breath in sharply when my panties came into view.
Gradually I raised the back of my skirt all the way to
my waist and held that pose for a few moments then I let
the skirt drop back into place, turning back to face my
son I smiled. Sliding my hands to the front of the skirt
I took hold of the hem and started to lift it, my son's
eyes went even wider as my all but naked pussy came into

"Mum!" he breathed in awe.

"I guess that means you like the outfit." I grinned as I
let the skirt drop again "Shall I try on the last one?"

He just nodded at me as though dumbstruck, smiling I
left the room and headed back to my bedroom. On the bed
lay the last outfit, the shortest skirt and the sheerest
black blouse, as I took off the blouse and skirt I was
wearing I saw the thong lying on the bed too. God knows
why, but I took off the bra and panties then put on the
thong, it fitted snugly, the slightly wider front barely
covering my pussy lips and the rear section slipped
between my buttocks making it look as though my backside
was naked. Feeling wicked I quickly put on the blouse
and skirt and headed back down to the living room.

As I walked into the room my son's eyes went wide then
roved over my body, pausing every time they passed over
my clearly visible tits. For the first time I let my
eyes drop from his face to his groin, if I'd had any
doubts about his interest in me sexually the prominent
bulge in his jeans certainly would have dispelled them.
I tried to hide my surprise at the sheer size of that
bulge, it had been many years since I had seen my son
naked and then I had not paid attention to him in that

"Well?" I teased him.

He opened his mouth, but nothing came out, I saw him
gulp a couple of times then try again.

"Beautiful!" he whispered in wonder.

I smiled at him then did a little twirl, the skirt
flared as I turned to reveal my all but naked lower
body, I heard him suck in a breath when I bent over to
touch my toes with my back to him. Grinning I
straightened and turned to face him, I made a point of
looking at his crotch then giving him a huge smile.

"I guess that means you are pleased to see me." I teased
him as I indicated the bulge in his trousers with a
point of my chin. "Maybe you should get a little more

"Huh?" he answered in total confusion, though his eyes
never left my body.

"Okay, I'll put it another way then," I laughed "why
don't you take your clothes off."

"Uh, yeah, okay." He said in a daze.

With his eyes still staring at my body my son stood up
and undressed, his movements seemed almost mesmerised as
he took off his shirt and struggled out of his jeans.
I'd actually thought he'd stop there, but his hands
fumbled at the waistband of his 'Y' fronts then pushed
then down his legs, kicking them aside he sat down on
the couch again. Now it was my turn to stare as though
mesmerised, a wave of excitement had washed over me as
soon as his cock had sprung into view, and I do mean
sprung, as he sat I continued to stare at his massive
erection. Any mature male would have killed to own a
cock such as my 15 year old son was displaying, I just
couldn't take my eyes off it, it must have been at least
ten inches in length and as wide as a beer can! I have
no idea how long I just stood there staring at my son's
monster of a cock while he stared at my clothed body,
but eventually I felt my mind kick back into gear just a
little as he leant forward to take off his slippers and

"Better?" I almost squeaked.

"Uh... yeah." My son said as he leant back on the couch,
then he added "How about you, want to get more
comfortable too?"

Nodding I started to undo the buttons on my blouse,
forcing my eyes up to his face I saw him lick his lips
as the blouse began to flap open. Sliding the blouse
off my shoulders I let it slip down my arms to fall in a
heap on the floor, moments later my skirt was in a heap
round my ankles, although I don't remember having opened
the fastenings. His eyes almost burnt into me as I
pushed the thong down my legs, it too dropped around my
ankles and I stood there, nude but for a pair of
stockings, while my son devoured me with his eyes. As I
reached down to push the stockings down my legs my son
raised a hand.

"No," he breathed "leave them on, they make you look
so... so... sexy."

Straightening I let my hands lie at my sides letting him
gaze upon me for a while then I did a low twirl so that
he could see all of me. It was as though I was in a
dream, stepping out of the pile of clothing round my
ankles I moved closer to my son until I was barely two
foot from him. My whole body seemed to be on fire with
arousal as his eyes covered every inch of me with a look
of hunger and love and lust. Smiling I stepped closer
and he moved back on the couch, his cock waving like a
flag pole in a high wind as he moved. I took another
step and my son seemed to suddenly come to life, his
hands reached up to my waist and drew me down onto his
lap, his cock pressing tightly to me as he held me.

Then one of his hands slid up my back sending tingles of
excitement through me as his warm, soft hand slipped
over my suddenly sensitive skin. His hand stopped at the
back of my head then pressed forward, slowly I felt him
draw my head down, draw me closer and closer to his face
until his lips were suddenly pressing against mine
demandingly. Closing my eyes I hummed my pleasure into
his mouth, his tongue pushed past my lips and I sucked
on it as he moved it around and into and out of my mouth
almost as though making love to my mouth with his

My whole body seemed to be on fire with desire when I
felt his other hand slide up my front to come to rest on
one of my tits, gently he squeezed my tits then moved
his attention to my nipples. I had thought my nipples
were already as hard as they could get, but as my son
teased and rolled them in his fingers I felt then harden
almost painfully, it was blissful! Groaning into his
mouth I put my arms around him and held him close to me
as his hand teased my nipples deliciously, his lip left
mine and I sighed excitedly as he kissed his way down my
neck. Then I felt his tongue circling my nipple, gasping
I put a hand to the back of his head and pulled his
mouth onto my nipple, Philip began to suck gently on my
hard bud sending ripples of pleasure through me.

It was only blissful minutes later that I realised that
his hand had left the back of my head and was now
stroking up the inside of my thigh, then his finger were
sliding over my pussy, parting the lips to stroke my
slit. When one of his fingers flicked over my clitoris I
gave a loud gasp of pleasure, he must have realised the
cause of my gasp because his finger flicked over my clit
again. This time my gasp became a groan as he started to
rub my clitoris with a firm yet gently pressure and as
though with a life of it's own one of my hands slid
round his body to his lap. My hand closed around his
cock, or tried to, I couldn't get my hand all the way
around his girth, but I took hold of what I could and
started to stroke up and down his erection. I felt the
vibration of his groan on my nipple as he sounded out
the pleasure my hand was giving him.

"Oh God." I gasped as his finger moved faster on my

I was rising to a climax and out of no-where came the
thought of how pissed Wendy was going to be.

"OH GOD!" I cried as I struggled against my son's grasp
"No, Philip, stop, please!"

He look puzzle and hurt as he released my nipple from
his mouth to look up at me, he looked even more hurt
when I pushed myself off his lap and moved away from

"Mum?" he asked in a low, quivering voice.

"Philip, I can't," I said feeling tears forming in my
eyes "not like this, not..."

How could I tell him about the bet without hurting him,
yet it wasn't the bet that was making my pussy hunger
for him or making my nipples ache for his touch. Looking
at his confused face I knew that I had to tell him the
truth, to tell him what had started my seduction of him,
I knew that if I didn't Wendy would, eventually. So I
started to explain, telling him about the bet, about the
reason Wendy had been coming on so strong to him and why
I had let him help me choose such revealing clothes.

"Philip," I finished "I'm sorry, so, so sorry. I love
you and I do want you, but not based on a lie, not
because of a crazy bet."

He had sat listening with eyes that had grown wider and
wider, I could see the surprise in his eyes as I
explained and a little pain. When I finished talking he
just sat there without saying a word, his head lowered
and I stood looking at the top of his head for what
seemed like ages, still he didn't speak.

"Philip?" I said quietly after his silence had stretched
into agonising minutes.

My son looked up at me briefly then hid his face again,
I felt as though I had betrayed him, felt as though I
had physically taken a knife and stabbed him through the
heart. When he stood up, that huge cock of his still
poker stiff and pointing out the direction he was
taking, I thought he was about to retreat to his room
and I felt a tear flow down my cheek. Lowering my eyes
in humiliation I didn't notice that my son wasn't
leaving the room, instead he came right over to me and I
raised my eyes in surprise. Still without speaking my
son took me in his arms and kissed me, he kissed me with
a passion that made my toes curl and my pussy gush with
juices. When his lips eventually left mine I felt faint
and giddy, though I could feel him lowering me to the
carpeted floor it didn't quite sink in. Then his mouth
was on mine again, his tongue probing into my mouth as
his hands roved over my body, one of his hands came to
rest on my tits while the other stroked its way down to
my pussy.

"OH!" forcing our lips apart I gasped out as he speared
a couple of fingers into my burning pussy "Oh Lord!"

His thumb pressed and rubbed at my clit while his
fingers began to slide in my pussy sending shivers of
ecstasy through me. Crying out I thrust my hips up to
take in his probing fingers, pushed my tit into his
hand. Once again I felt his mouth move to enclose one of
my nipples and with the added sensation of him suckling
at my breast I exploded into an orgasm, huffing,
panting, groaning and writhing under his touch.

Only he was no longer touching me, as I had begun to
erupt I felt him move away from me and felt a moment of
disappointment that turned to bliss when I felt him push
my legs wider with his knees as he came on top of me. As
I felt the touch of his cock on my pussy I reached
between us to grasp it's massiveness and guide it to the
entrance to my sex, held it in place as he began to
slowly push his cock into me.

I can't begin to describe what it felt like to have his
cock slowly push it's way into me, he was so large I
thought he would split me in two, his cockhead entered
me and I felt stretched to the limit. Flinging my legs
wide I tried to push up against him, tried to help him
to sink into me, but my son paused as though waiting for
me to be still before he would continue. Letting my body
fall back to the carpet I let my son choose his own
pace, surrendering to his desires knowing that I would
receive satisfaction by doing so. As he felt my body
surrender my son started to push into me again, the slow
slide of his massiveness against my stretched and
quivering pussy walls was driving me to another climax,
yet he had barely sunk more than a couple of inches into
me! Then my climax hit, crying out I threw my arms
around my son and clasped him to me as my whole body
writhed as though from an electric shock, almost
screaming I thrust my hips upwards violently and heard
my son groan as my spasming pussy slid halfway up his

"Oh mum!" I heard him groan a I began to relax again
"You're so tight!"

Then he was pulling back, sliding his cock out of me and
I nearly cried out at the thought that he was
withdrawing completely, only my cry of disappointment
began a yell of bliss as he reached a point where he was
barely within my pussy then hammered his full length
into me. As I almost deafened him by screeching out my
pleasure right at his ear my son began fucking me with
long, slow strokes that drove me higher and higher up
the scale of pleasure with each motion. His lips came
onto mine muffling, but not silencing my cries of bliss
as he kissed me with a f***e and passion that I returned
to the full as I let my lower body thrust and grind in
time with his movements.

Gradually his movements became faster and harder, his
groin slapping against my pussy lips with each inward
thrust of his cock and his balls tapping against my
buttocks. I had never felt so full, each time his cock
surged into me I felt myself stretched and no matter how
wide I threw my legs that feeling didn't change, his
sheer size was almost more than I could take. And I
loved every blessed sensation he sent surging through
me! Giving up on trying to ease the stretching sensation
I threw my legs around his back, pulling him down to me
with my heels as he pounded away at my pussy.

Before long I was so overwhelmed by the sensations that
ran through my body that I no longer had the strength to
move with him. I lay weakly jerking under my son as he
moved in me seemingly tirelessly, my cries muted to weak
whimpers and mewls that became lost in his hungry mouth.
Then his lips left mine allowing my weak cries to filter
into the stillness of the room, my son leant up, his
breath rasping in his throat as he looked down at me,
his cock speeding up as it thrust in my pussy.

"Oh Jezzus!" my son groaned, his eyes closing and his
body covering me again.

With a jerk of his hips he buried his huge erection to
the hilt and started to tremble, within me I felt his
cock swell then jerk and a warmth spread in spurts deep
inside me, the sensation drove me to an orgasmic peak.
For long moments we clung to each other lost in sexual
bliss, his body shivering, mine shaking, our breathing
short rapid gasps until with a sharp intake of breath my
son started to pound in my pussy again. A part of my
mind was amazed that he could maintain such a pace, but
the rest of me surrendered totally to the waves of
ecstatic sensations that his movements sent crashing
over me.

I think at some point I must have half fainted with
rapture because it was only as my son rolled from me
that I realised that he was no longer fucking me. Philip
lay beside me gasping while I lay an exhausted
quivering, satiated wreck, my mind only slowly clearing
of the haze of bliss my son had filled me with. As
though from a distance I heard the telephone ringing and
I sensed more than saw my son get up to answer it.

"Hello..." He said into the mouthpiece breathlessly "Oh
hi Wendy."

I smiled up at the ceiling at the thought that she was
calling to try and disturb any romantic moment there may
have been between Philip and myself, it was just her
style, only she was way too late.

"No, sorry," I heard Philip respond to something she'd
said "I'm too busy helping my mother win that bet."

Laughing at his words I struggled to sit up, looking
across the room to where my son was talking on the
telephone I saw him smile and wink at me. Feeling
drained and exhilarated at one and the same time I
laboured to my feet to stagger to the couch where I
collapsed. Between my legs I felt my sons sperm start to
ooze out of my pussy onto the fabric of the couch and I
laughed at the thought of the stain it would leave
behind as a constant reminder to me of this moment.

"Okay Wendy, better luck next time maybe. Bye." My son
hung up the phone.

With a huge smile Philip crossed the room to join me on
the couch, his hand came to rest on my thigh and I felt
a tingle of excitement at his touch. Turning to look at
my son I smiled.

"I love you." Philip said quietly.

I could see the truth of his words clearly in his eyes
and I had no doubt that from that moment on we would be
lovers as much as we were mother and son, I felt
exultant at that thought.

"Philip," I sighed as he put his arm around my shoulder
and drew me to him "can I ask you something?"

"Sure mum," he said giving my shoulder a squeeze
"anything you want."

"Why..." I hesitated then went on, "why didn't you go
with Wendy, she was practically throwing herself at

"I know," he grinned, "but nice though she is to look at
she doesn't hold a candle to you. Besides, she frightens
the shit out of me!"

"Philip!" I laughed as I snuggled to his lower chest.
"She frightens the shit out of a lot of men, especially
ones that have been with her."

Something brushed against my lips and I looked down in
surprise to see his cock once more hard and oh so ready
for action. Sighing I flicked my tongue across the slit
in the head, my son gasped then sighed as I opened my
mouth to suck at his cap. Gradually I sucked more of his
immensity into my mouth savouring the taste of his
juices and mine as they filled my mouth, even delighting
in the way his girth stretched my lips and f***ed my jaw
apart. I felt one of my son's hands press to the top of
my head, his fingers clenching in my hair as I sucked on
his pole of a prick.

"God that feels so good!" he breathed.

I wanted to tell him that it would feel even better
soon, but I had my mouth too full to speak. He couldn't
see the glow of lust in my eyes as I pushed down on him
even more to gradually work his cock into my throat.
Though I had never deep throated anything so large
before I knew I would manage to take him and that he
would delight in the feel of fucking my throat.

"Oh mum!" my son groaned out. "I could never tire of


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