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Doctor’s Examination

Having made an appointment with a specialist (Dr Alan S.) for a check-up, I arrived at the appointment ahead of time, and waited around 15 minutes before I was told to head into the examination room. I was advised to take everything off, put on the disposable surgical gown which criss-crossed to be tied at the front, and to wait on the examination table. I guess by now you can sort of guess what the specialist is without me having to spell it out, but I don’t really want you to be confused, I am at a gynaecologist. This would be my first time visiting such specialist, so I had no idea what to expect and am kind of nervous.

My name is Alexandra, or as my friends called me Sasha. I’m 28 years old, 150cm tall, athletic build with 14B cup breasts. I have long straight black hair, which at this very moment is tied up into a ponytail. As I waited for the specialist on that high examination table, my heart thumped in my chest, I had butterflies in my stomach, my legs swung idly back and forth as I scanned the examination room.

It was painted a cheery light blue, with single darker blue stripe going along length of the room. It was windowless, has a thick sound-proof door that separated it from the waiting room, with curtains hanging from the ceiling for some privacy similar to the hospital curtains. The exam bed I was sitting on was in a corner of the room, with the door to my left. One wall of the room filled with apparatus that such specialist would need on shelves and inside cabinet drawers. Cheery panoramic prints hung on the three walls, and as I looked up, two photo posters with captions are positioned on the ceiling. One poster with a close-up of a keyboard said: CAPS Lock; underneath: Are you ready to unleash the fury? The other poster a photo of little boy with a raised fist: Explanation; underneath: I demand one.

I cracked up laughing at both as the door open and my specialist walked in. He was an extremely handsome older gentleman, older than I had thought for a gynaecologist. He was tall, well over 190cm, and to me, the room got smaller instantly. Dr Alan’s hair was completely white; he has medium build with kind blue eyes that crinkled when he smiled as he heard my laughter. I grinned warmly to him as I looked away from the funny posters.

‘It’s a great ice-breaker, don’t you think so?’ the doctor asked.

I chuckled a little, and said, ‘Yes, they are funny.’

He pulled up a small wheelie table and stool next to the examination bed, and placed my file on the table. Looked at me over his small glasses perched on his nose, and indicate that I should now lie back slightly as he raised the bed up so that I can use it as a backrest.

‘How are we today, Alexandra?’ he asked.

‘Please call me Sasha,’ I insisted, ‘I’m fine, but a bit nervous, Dr S.’

‘Then you can call me Dr Alan. And why are you nervous, Sasha?’

‘Well, because I’ve never visited a gynaecologist before,’ I explained. ‘I don’t know what exactly is involved.’

‘There’s really nothing you need to be nervous about,’ he reassured me, ‘this is only a routine check-up to make sure you’re OK on the inside of your vagina.’

‘Hmm, OK,’ I smiled weakly.

‘Alright, I’ll take it slow. At any time, just like the poster said, ask for explanation, OK?’

I nodded shyly.

Dr Alan moved about the room to organise his equipment on the wheelie table, chit-chat about this and that to make me feel at ease. Coming back to where I was sitting with the table, after washing his hands, he snapped on some rubber gloves, squirted some KY-jelly on his fingers, took a seat and told me to put my feet in the stirrups he pull out from the side of the examination bed.

‘Um, Dr Alan,’ I stopped him after my feet were placed on the stirrups, my pussy exposed to the cold air. ‘I’m allergic to rubber.’

Dr Alan stopped. ‘Oh! That’s not good.’

He looked around the room, and went to a drawer, pulled out a box of non-latex gloves. As he disposed of the original gloves he had on, he pulled out one last remaining glove from the box. Dr Alan muttered something under his breath, and I think appeared to have swore, but I wasn’t sure. He looked up from the empty box and looked at me on the bed.

‘I’m so sorry, Sasha,’ he began. ‘I don’t have any non-latex gloves left.’

‘Oh, um, well, couldn’t you do the check-up without gloves?’ I asked naïvely.

‘I could, but it would be highly unusual,’ Dr Alan cleared his throat.

‘Well, it wouldn’t be unusual to me since this is my first time,’ I smiled.

Dr Alan cleared his throat again, and walked back me without his gloves. Without me noticing anything untoward, he adjusted his hardening cock slightly in his trousers. The thought of using his naked fingers for the first time inside a woman who has never visited a gynaecologist before was making his dick twitch. He has never had an impure thought towards any patients in his professional career until he saw this little nymph on his examination bed.

As he sat back down on the stool still in front of my exposed pussy, he again squirted some KY-jelly on his fingers, rubbed it around to warm it up, and told me to lie back against the bed and relax as much as possible. I followed his instructions, but kept my eyes on Dr Alan’s face as he slowly inserted his fingers inside my tight opening. Until this moment, the only person that has ever had his fingers inside my pussy was my boyfriend of 4 years. With his fingers he would show me the most wondrous sensation by pressing on my G-spot, just as Dr Alan was doing!

The doctor was intently looking down at my vulva, as he watched his fingers plunged in and out of my tight tunnel. His erection hardened some more as he heard the squishy sounds of his fingers moving in my juice and the lube. Of course, I could not see his hard cock tenting in his trousers, but with his free hand, he undid his fly and his cock was freed of the confines. Dr Alan scooted his stool closer, and pushed the stirrup farther apart, I had to move further down so my ass was barely perched at the edge of the examination bed.

‘Does this feel uncomfortable, Sasha?’ Dr Alan asked thickly, as his naked fingers found my G-spot and pressed on it firmly.

‘Mmmm, no doctor,’ I mumbled. ‘I feel fine but very tight with your fingers inside.’

‘Alright, I’m going to do something now to your vulva and vagina, and if at any time you feel uncomfortable, I want you to tell me. OK?’

His head disappeared under the surgical gown, and I felt more fingers at my pussy as they spread my labia to expose my throbbing little clit. Dr Alan licked his lips once he was under my gown, my aroma rose to his nostrils and he took an excited breath, his tongue itched to taste me. My pussy no longer needed the lube he had squirted as it now produced its own lubrication for the doctor’s fingers as they moved in and out. Dr Alan pressed his thumb on my engorged clit and his eyes widened as he watch my pussy shuddered, more juice leaked out and coated his fingers and hand.

‘Oh, Dr Alan,’ I breathed. ‘Is that part of the examination?’

Dr Alan did not answer, instead moved his face closer to my wide open cunt, took a deep breath, stuck his tongue out and licked my slit from where his fingers were all the way to my tight little nub, then twirled his soft tongue around and around and around. I panted, my breathing quickened, bl00d rushed around my body and all I could hear is this roaring in my ears as I f0rced my legs apart even more in the stirrups. Dr Alan finally attached his wide open lips to my pulsating pussy, and sucked my whole vulva into his mouth, his chin moving up and down as he sucked me.

I dropped all pretence, pulled up my surgical gown up over my head, grabbed Dr Alan’s head with my hands and pressed his mouth harder against my pussy as I pushed my ass up off the bed. The doctor groaned as his fingers fucked and massaged my pussy. He looked up into my face as he removed his slicked fingers from my pussy to grab a hold of my thighs, and replaced it with his tongue, he grunted as my gooey juice dripped into his mouth. He slurped at my liquid thirstily, is tongue plunged and scooped my juice tirelessly.

The illicit act that he was performing on his new patient drove him wild. Never in his professional career did he ever had a lustful thought or touched his patient with desire as he was doing now to this nymph in his examination room. He could feel his cock had some pre-cum oozing out and dampened his boxers inside his trousers. He hurriedly undid his pants, with a bit shuffling on the stool, both trousers and boxers pooled around his ankles.

I don’t remember if I made any loud noises, but we sure were uninterrupted. Dr Alan stood up, shuffled forward to remove my feet from the stirrups. His hands gripped my ankles and spread my legs painfully apart (good thing I was flexible).

‘Keep them spread, Sasha,’ ordered Dr Alan. ‘That’s a good girl.’

I panted with anticipation, my hands held my soft thighs apart. His right hand took hold of his hard rod as it reared from the nest of his thick pubic hair, his eyes never left my red hot centre for a second as he milked his one-eyed snake back and forth, pumped bl00d into his cock. With it still in his hand, he rubbed himself on my juicy slit, up and down, up and down, prodded my clit with the bulbous head of his prick and pushed gently at the entrance to my cunt.

‘OK, Sasha, this is an extra examination that I have to perform on your vagina. I have to do this to make sure that your muscle contractions are healthy,’

‘Yes, Dr Alan.’

‘At anytime, if you are uncomfortable, let me know, OK sweetheart?’ he continued as he pushed his cock into my tight opening. It burrowed and dug all the way until it was met by my cervix.

‘There now,’ the doctor struggled to say. ‘You seem fine in here. How does that feel, Sasha?’ as he thrust harder against me as the bed squeaked.

‘Aaah, it-feels-real-ly-g-good, d-doctor,’ each word expelled from my mouth with each hard thrust of his penis. ‘Do you feel that I am too tight?’

‘Perfect, all…normal…here, sweetheart,’ Dr Alan grated out.

The bed protested with squeaks as he thrust and shoved his thick man meat in and out of my hot bun. He looked down at my breasts and in turn, took each nipple into his mouth and sucked hard, his tongue toyed with the tight buds. Then something I have never experienced before, his teeth began to bite down on my nipple, quite hard. I squealed in pain and surprise, but the doctor had anticipated that and put his hand over my mouth to cut off the scream. Dr Alan chewed gently on my nipple, and the slight pain turned into pleasure, his tongue rolled around and around on my bud. I moaned against his hand, I could smell myself on his fingers.

I looked into his lust filled face; his eyes were dilated with desire, as were mine. I mumbled behind his hand that I was coming. I closed my eyes and let my orgasm explode from my pussy, my juice squelched as he thrust in and out, my contractions got stronger as my climax reached the pinnacle. Dr Alan also let go of his control and fucked me like an anim4l, just as his semen about to shoot into my tightening vagina, he pulled out and shot his cum on my pussy and mound, his helmet head rested against my clit and the white liquid pooled on my vulva.

The doctor breathing was erratic as he tried to regain his breath. One of my nipples was still in his mouth, with one last bite on both buds, I pushed my tits into his hungry mouth. He pulled himself away from my body and the bed, our breathing heavy. Dr Alan reached for some baby wipes on one of the bench and tenderly cleaned my pussy up for me. I shuddered as my extra sensitive pussy was being cleaned. He dressed himself after I was clean, told me to get dress and to wait on the bed as he left the room.

I got dressed and sat back on the bed. Dr Alan came back, and with a smile, told me I was all clear. But he would like to have a follow up examination in a few weeks’ time. I made the appointment with the receptionist as I left with a biggest grin on my face.

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