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Split personality sex

Sitting on a shelf in a small-town southeastern Montana store shelf, a tiny box of condoms waited to be purchased. Finally, a man in his early 40s stopped to take a look at the wide variety. It had been many years since he purchased them and he wasn’t exactly sure what to get.
Not wanting to loiter too long in that particular spot, he finally settled on a small box of three. That would certainly get the job done, he thought to himself.
You see, later that evening, Mick was going to have sex – hot sex with one of his sexy, younger co-workers. They had been flirting for months and finally admitted to one another that the deed needed to be done. But it all had to remain discreet – Kim had a husband at home and Mick lived with his girlfriend.
Kim, a gorgeous 24-year-old with black hair and a nice ass, was very open about her sexuality. She found a soul mate, so to speak, in her friend, Mick. Despite the difference in their ages, they discovered a strong attraction to one another.
Kim wasn’t on the pill. Condoms had to be on the shopping list.
When evening arrived, Mick and Kim met at their favorite coffee shop. They flirted as usual while anticipating about what was to happen. The only problem was trying to find a spot where they could have complete privacy.
Then Mick remembered what he had in his trunk.
The couple sped out of town to the nearest campground. At this time of the year, the campgrounds can be full but they found a nice quiet spot in the back in the “primitive” section. It was perfect – it was private.
Mick unlocked the trunk of his car and pulled out a small, two-person tent. Kim grabbed the two camping chairs and sl**ping bag.
Knowing what was going to happen that evening, Mick fumbled with the stakes and tie-downs and needed Kim’s help to put up the tent. After it was up, Kim threw in the sl**ping bag and got it all ready for them to lay down.
On the way out of town, they had picked up some brew and decided to sit down for a few minutes to enjoy a cold one. It was a hot July evening and the chilled beer went down smooth. Mick was only half-finished with his bottle when Kim ventured over and bent over for a kiss.
Their lips parted and electricity ripped through their bodies. Kim immediately went for Mick’s cock – rubbing it to hardness through his shorts. Now pitching a tent of his own, Mick wanted to move this party inside to the sl**ping bag. They climbed in, zipped up the tent and explored one another.
“Enough of this light kissing bullshit – fuck me hard,” Kim blurted out.
Mick was a little stunned at her direct manner but at the same time, it turned him on. He yanked down his shorts and a very nice eight-inch cock sprung into view.
“That’s more like it,” Kim cooed with excitement. “Bring that piece of meat over here and stuff it down my throat.”
This was a side of Kim that he had never seen before. She was very demanding and wanted to have her way immediately with his sizeable cock.
“OK,” was all he could think of to say.
Kim swallowed his member and moaned with pleasure. She then grabbed Mick’s hand and planted it on her now exposed pussy. Mick hadn’t had sex with his girlfriend for some time but he didn’t forget what needed to be done. It wasn’t quite enough for Kim.
“Stuff four fingers in me … now,” she said before resuming her cocksucking.
Mick knew that he couldn’t last much longer. Kim was an expert at blowing cock and an orgasm was getting closer and closer. He looked over at the box of condoms.
“Excuse me, Kim,” he said.
No reply, only cocksucking noises as she slurped in his manhood.
“Excuse me, Kim,” he called out much louder.
“What – I’m busy,” she responded.
“I’m going to blow this load … should we fuck?”
Kim had turned into a person that Mick didn’t seem to know. She was quite aggressive and wanted to have her way with this man.
“Yes, fine, fuck me. But only if you hammer me hard,” she said.
Mick reached for the condoms only to have his hand slapped.
“Can’t you pull out, pussy boy?” she asked. “Just pay attention to what the fuck you’re doing and pull out when you’re ready to cum.”
Mick mounted her missionary style and started with long, meaningful strokes.
“What the fuck? I said to fuck me hard! Can you handle it?” she said with an irritated look on her face.
Mick had been challenged. He realized that she was playing a role here – either that or she’s psycho – and he planned on giving her the ride of her life.
The harder he slammed into her, the more she yelled. Mick was thankful that they had this corner of the campground all to themselves.
“Yes, yes, fuck the shit out of me,” Kim screamed. “Balls deep, my boy.”
The climax was close and Mick wanted to unload. But Kim sensed his approaching orgasm and ordered him out of her pussy. She flipped over and offered him that gorgeous ass.
Mick entered her from behind and Kim again turned wild.
“Fuck that feels good. Your cock is awesome,” she said. “Grab my hair, and pull it!”
Mick gathered up her beautiful hair and gave it a tug.
“Pull it hard, you wimp. I want to cum hard, damn it.”
In response to this, Mick fucked her hard, and then harder while pulling on her hair. Kim moaned and screamed while yelling out words of “encouragement.”
“Finish me off, stud. Use your cock to tame my pussy. Just pull out or all stomp on your balls.”
Mick felt the rush of an orgasm and pulled out just in time. What seemed like a gallon of cum spalttered across her back.
“Lick it up, pussy boy,” she said with an evil laugh.
Mick looked at her in amazement.
“Did I stutter? Lick up your cum or I’m going to be visiting your girlfriend.”
Mick leaned down and lapped up the semen from her ass, back and even her neck. It was quite the powerful eruption.
Then she rolled over and transformed into another woman – the woman Mick new from work.
“Thank you, sweetie. You were great,” she said in a cutesy voice.
“Ummm, thanks. I enjoyed it, too.”
They held each other late into the night before packing up and going home. It had been an interesting evening.
The three condoms in their red packaging never got into the action that night. Over the following months, Kim and Mick fucked on dozens of occasions, trying everything from spanking to strap-ons. The condoms were always there – ready to jump into the game. But they were never used.

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