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Job interview - Part 1

“I guess it’s here. What a beautiful house! I hope they’re nice people.”

Lily was a 22 years old woman looking for a job. She never liked to study so she had to do various little jobs to live. A few days ago, she saw an ad for a job of maid and decided to give it a try. After she called, a rendezvous was set and so here she is. She was pretty confident for this interview and as usual, made sure that her looks would get her the job. She had long blond hair, turquoise eyes, a little nose and the most beautiful smile a woman can have. Her body was athletic, even though she never really liked sport, with firm breasts sized to fit in anybody hands and legs as long as they come. The only thing she didn’t like about her body was her ass, too big for her liking. But since men never seem to mind, she uses it as an “argument” for job interviews.

So, Lily was here to apply as a maid. The ad said that she would have a bedroom and meals if she was taken, in addition to a salary, which really interested her. No rent and no need to pay for food is always a good thing. She went through the garden to the door and rang the bell. Surprisingly, a young woman opened.

“Good afternoon. My name is Lily, I called a few days ago about the position as a maid.
- Yes, I remember. Come in. My name is Amy, I’ll be doing the interview since I am the one living here.
- You live here alone? But you look very young.
- I had the luck to be born in a very very wealthy f****y, so when I turned 19 the last month, I asked my father to have my own little house where I could live my life and here’s what he gave me. Until now, I had a maid from my parents’ house coming over to take care of the house, but I would like to have a personal maid, that’s why I made the ad. So if you’re taken, don’t worry. You’ll be taught everything about the job. But enough talking about me. Have a sit, and let’s start talking about you.”

Amy was a flaming redhead, with lots of freckles on her face that made her green eyes look more beautiful, if it was possible. She was smaller than Lily, but her breasts seemed just as big and as firm as Lily’s. Add an ass that looks perfectly squeezable and you got a great little body. But what caught Lily’s eye were her clothes. While Lily was wearing formal clothes like you would do for any job interview, Amy was only wearing a little top that let her pierced navel appeared and sporty shorts. And apparently no underwear.

Amy’s lack of underwear was kind of disturbing for Lily. Not that she liked girls, but she never minded looking at them with lusty eyes, sometimes thinking about all the dirty things they would do together. But she never tried it, mostly because she had a boyfriend for a few years, until he left for another woman. But even as a single woman, she didn’t really consider trying girls, and she thought she would never try it. As you will read, she was thinking wrong.

“So, everything looks good to me, Lily.
- You mean… I get the job?
- Not yet. There’s still a little something I’d like to discuss with you about it. It’s something that’s going to be part of the job, but I don’t know if you’ll agree to do it.
- As long as you don’t ask me to work naked, I don’t think it’s gonna be a problem.
- No, I won’t ask you that. But that little something would require that you get naked.
- …
- You see, I am a lesbian. But I don’t have a lot of friends and I don’t know anybody in the neighbourhood. So… I would like you… if you agree… as a part of the job… to… take care of my sexual needs…
- You mean… Like having sex with you, right?
- Correct.
- I… I don’t know. I admit it, I thought about it a couple of times, but I never did it. I don’t know if it’s a good idea, and besides, I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to satisfy you.
- But you thought about it. Which means that you’re okay with doing it. I won’t tell you to do it if you really don’t want to, but I’d like you to consider trying it… Maybe we could start with a kiss… See if you like it…
- … Okay, I guess
- Close your eyes.”

Gently, Amy took Lily’s head in her hands. They felt soft and warm. Comforting. Slowly, she started kissing Lily’s lips, not trying to f***e her way in her mouth. As it was going, Amy felt the lips opening more and more, inviting her to be serious. Her tongue went in without any resistance and she then started to play with Lily’s. At first, she didn’t move, letting Amy do whatever she would like. But as it was going, the kiss felt better than any kisses she had, making her unable to think straight. She started moving her tongue, responding to Amy’s kiss, and as she was doing that, the young girl seemed to be more and more passionate, caressing her back, her legs, her breasts.

They kept going for ten long and pleasant minutes until Amy finally stopped it. They stayed like this, in each other arms, looking at each other eyes, not saying a word, just enjoying the moment. Amy was the first one to break the silence as she whispered to Lily

“Did you like it?”
She nodded her head.
“Do you want to try going further?”
She nodded again.
“Come with me.”

She took Lily’s hand and they went through the house to Amy’s bedroom. Lily was unable to think, still lost in the maze of pleasure that kiss put her in. There was only one thing in her mind: Amy. She didn’t realised they were in the bedroom until the young redhead kissed her again. This time, she immediately responded to the kiss, awaiting the pleasure this was promising her.

Amy put Lily on the king size bed, making her lie down on her back. She was obviously going to take the lead. Slowly, she unbuttoned Lily’s shirt and undone her bra, revealing her beautiful firm breasts.

“They looked good under your clothes, but they look even better without them. Maybe I’m gonna ask you to work naked, so I can look at them anytime I want.”

As she said that, she started caressing them, pinching and sucking the nipples, testing their firmness with her hands. Lily always loved to have a man playing with her breasts, and this time with a woman was no different. Except that it felt even better, arousing her faster than usual.

“Please, let me see yours.”

Amy took her top off, revealing her beautiful big breasts and at Lily’s surprise, pierced nipples. She touched them, wondering how it would feel, and that immediately made them hard. She couldn’t touch them more though, as Amy gently took her hands away from her chest.

“It makes them really sensitive, so be careful. But you don’t get to touch them yet. Today, you don’t do anything but enjoying the moment. Today, it’s all about you.”

She kissed her again, and then started to slowly and gently go down on her, kissing her neck, her breasts until she finally reached her stomach. Lily was caressing her hair and her face and then put her thumb in Amy’s mouth so she would suck on it. But the redhead quickly took her hands off of her, putting them on top of their owner’s head.

“I told you that you don’t have to do anything, so don’t move.
- I can’t help it, you’re just so beautiful.
- If you don’t want to stop, I’m gonna have to handcuff you.
- Do it. I like it.
- You naughty girl!”

She kissed her, and then bent over to the side to reach the nightstand where her handcuffs were. Lily went over her, pressing her chest against her back, taking her breasts in her hands and kissing her in the neck. She then went down on her back until she reached her shorts, taking them off to finally be able to put her hands on Amy’s ass. She didn’t get to touch it very long, as Amy quickly regained control of the situation. She put Lily on her back again and then took her hands only to handcuff them to the bars, making Lily unable to use them.

“You thought I would let you have your way with me, didn’t you? Well, now that you can’t move anymore, I’m gonna take all my time please you. But first, I’m gonna remove that tight skirt of yours. I wonder what kind of underwear you have under it. Nice ones or naughty ones?”

Amy didn’t take her time to undone Lily’s skirt, and unlike what she said, she didn’t take a look at her underwear.

“Completely naked, at last. I can see that you’re already dripping wet. Liking what I’m doing to you so far, aren’t you? Well, here’s what’s gonna happen. I will go down on you very slowly, sucking hard on your clit until it can’t swollen anymore, licking your pussy like never before, drinking your juices like it’s some water. But I won’t let you cum. Anytime I’ll feel an orgasm coming, I’ll stop. I am gonna make you cry for it, scream for it, beg for it. Then, when you’ll have reach the point when you so desperately need it you’re ready to do anything, I’m gonna put my tongue inside your pussy, eating your orgasms feast until you can’t cum no more. Get ready, ‘cause I won’t stop until I’m utterly satisfied.”

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