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I Lost My Wife in a Card Game

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I have been married to my wife, Jill for three years. Although
I knew neither one of where ?innocent? before we were married
what happened last week blew my mind. It was a Friday night
and we had some people over to play cards. Sometimes the
stakes could get high, but last week the stakes when overboard.
On this night the group was rather small my wife Jill, Bob,
Jimmy, Randy and myself. Most of the night was the usual
the drinking, the winning, the losing and shit talking.
To fast-forward by 2 AM the only people left in the game were
Jill and Randy. Jimmy and Bob had already left and I was completely
tap-out and Jill was barely staying afloat. Then Jill had
a string of good luck and built-up a bank of about 1/3 of Randy?s.
Then came the deal that has changed everything. Randy called
the game ?In Between?; this is one of our favorite games
because the pot can really grow. The premise of this game
is to get a card ?In Between? the cards you were dealt; however
if you bet pot and miss you have to match the pot. The pot had
about $ 300.00 in it when Jill got a 4 and a King. Jill yelled,
?POT? but Randy said you only have about a hundred in front
of you so if you miss you can?t cover. Jill looked at me and
I said, ?I?m tapped?. She look back at Randy and said, ?I?ll
make you a deal, if the next card is in between then I take
the pot. If is not then you get me for the rest of the weekend.

Randy looked at me; I looked Jill and said it?s her bet, don?t
look at me. Randy said you?re on. As I watched Randy flip
the next card my heart stopped, it was a 2. Randy raked his
winnings towards him and Jill stood up kissed me and said
I?ll be right back. About 10 minutes later Jill came out
of the bedroom with a duffle bag and said let?s go to Randy.
Both Randy & I were shocked, but Jill said a bet is a bet. It
was 3 AM and my wife said she would be back Sunday Night. For
the next two days I wondered what was going on with Jill &
Randy. At about 8 PM on Sunday night Jill came home, she looked
like she had been partying all weekend. We sat of the sofa
she looked at me and said do you want to know what happen.
I said yes if a loud voice, she said I thought you would. At
that point she reached into her bag and pulled out a couple
of videotapes. She said I?m going to take a shower, if you
want to know what happen it is all on those tapes. I put the
first tape in. It was Jill in Randy?s bedroom about an hour
after they left the house. Randy told Jill to strip and I
watched as my wife slowly took off her clothes. Once she
was completely naked he told her to take his clothes off.
She did as she was told. Randy stood there with at least a
10? hard on. I watched as he pushed her to her knees and she
sucked his dick until I saw cum running down her chin. The
he told her to get on the bed and masturbate for him.

again she did as she was told. Randy was hard again in no time
and fucking my wife. He fucked her for about 20 minutes and
I could tell she was loving every minute of it. The tape stopped
and the next scene was Saturday afternoon Jill was wearing
a pair of shorts and a t-shirt Randy said there was something
him wanted to do and Jill said she was his for the weekend.
Randy asked her if she had ever been fucked up the ass, she
said once. This was something I had never done with her.
Randy said well I?m going to fuck you in the ass so get undressed.
Jill stripped and Randy told her bend over the bed and spread
her ass cheeks. Randy must have repositioned the camera
because the next shot was a close up of Jill?s ass with Randy
rubbing his dick up and down her ass. He was asking her if
she was his little whore and I could hear her saying yes I
be what ever you want. At that point he started sliding his
dick into her ass, she screamed and asked if he could please
use some lubricant. He just said shut-up bitch and take
it. As he pushed more of his dick in her ass she would whimper
but push her ass back up against him. After only about 15
-20 stokes he blew his load in my wife?s ass. She was completely
spent and Randy told her to take a nap that they were going
out later. When the tape stared again it was after 9 PM on
Saturday night. The tape was of Jill and Randy in the shower
washing each other and fooling around the tape continued
while they were getting ready and I heard Randy tell Jill
had better look sexy tonight, she said no problem.

came on the tape and said switch to tape 2. I quickly switched
to tape 2. Jill must have had the camera and they were in the
Randy?s car. Jill was asking where were they going and Randy
said some friends of his were having a party and she would
not know any of them. The next hour or so was just the party
there were about 20 -30 people there. I watch my wife mingle
and drink; she looked so hot in that mini-skirt and see through
blouse with a black bra. Then Randy came up to her and said
let?s go upstairs. At first I thought that this would be
another video of Randy fucking my wife, but as they entered
the bedroom upstairs there were three large black guys
and two white girls in the room. It seems that Randy owed
these guys some money and wanted to trade my wife to cover
his debt. For the first time I saw Jill?s face with a look
of panic but she was in no position to do anything about her
predicament. I heard Randy telling the largest of the black
guys that Jill would do anything they wanted. The largest
black guy said ok it?s a deal. Jill spoke up and said the camera
has to stay. One of the other black guys said that fucking
whore wants to watch herself getting gang banged. Randy
handed the camera to one of the girls in the room and left.
The largest and definitely the lead of this gang sat down
in a chair across the room and said come here bitch; Jill
said my name is Jill.

Then I heard him say in very loud and
demanding voice that he would call her whatever he wanted
to and did she understand. She sheepishly said she understood
and he said good. Now come here bitch. I watched as she slowly
walked over to him as she standing there in front of him he
asked if she had ever fucked a b*****r, she nodded no. He
said well tonight you are going to find out why once you black
you never go back. He said let?s see what you have bitch.
Jill began to unbutton her blouse she let it fall to the floor,
then she unzipped her mini skirt and it fell to the floor.
She must have paused for a moment because I heard one the
guys said what you waiting for bitch. She undid her bra and
pulled her panties down. There my wife stood naked in front
of five people she had never met before. Once again she was
told to come over to the guy sitting in the chair. He said
do I have to draw you a picture bitch. With that Jill knelt
before him unzipped his pants and pulled out the largest
cock I have ever seen, it must have been the largest Jill
had ever seen also because she gasp as it continue to grow
in her hands. I watched as my sweet wife began to lick the
head and shaft of this black monster. Then the camera spun
around and I saw another of the guys begin to fuck her from
behind as she continued to work on the first guy?s cock.
The guy in the chair called for Betty to come and help this
bitch suck his dick.

The next thing I saw was this attractive
blond licking one side of this guy?s dick while Jill was
licking the other side. Then the blond push Jill?s head
out of the way and began to deep throat this guy?s dick. Cum
began to squirt out of her mouth as she took about 10? of that
monster in her mouth. This whole time Jill was still being
fucked doggie style by one of the other guys. He finished
pumping his cum into her and rolled off onto the floor. The
guy in the chair told Jill to go lay on the bed, which she did.
Then told Sarah to bring him the camera. I heard him say she
is yours now. Sarah, was a about a 5?-10? dirty blond with
a killer body. She walked over to Jill on the bed and began
to run her hand up & down Jill?s leg, she said where those
guys rough on you and Jill nodded yes. Sarah said don?t worry
I?ll be gently with you. With that she ran her fingers through
Jill?s sweat and cum soaked bush, Jill pulled away slightly
and Sarah pushed her finger in Jill?s pussy. Sarah fingered
fuck my wife for a few minutes, enough for her to become comfortable
with another woman fucking her. Sarah told Jill to get up.
Sarah took off her clothes laid on the bed and spread her
legs. She looked at Jill and come on sweetie I saw how you
worked that tongue. I guess at this point Jill knew she was
their whore and there was no use trying to resist. Jill crawled
on the bed and licked Sarah?s tits as Sarah pushed on top
Jill?s head.

Jill kissed her way down to Sarah?s clean-shaven
pussy and licked that pussy like a real pro. Sarah was moaning
and grabbed Jill?s hair and told here to turn around. There
was my wife in a 69 position with another woman. They both
came at the same time and after they caught their breath
Sarah told Jill to come and hold her. I watched as they softly
kissed and stoked each other. Then the last of the black
guys said don?t I get to fuck the bitch. Jill gave Sarah a
kiss and said I?ll be right there. Jill walked over to the
last guy, he was much smaller than the other two, and said
you what to fuck this bitch let?s see what you got. The caused
the others to bust on him and Jill knew she might have made
a mistake by making him look bad in front of the others. He
stood up and grabbed her by the hair and said look you fucking
whore I going to make you sorry. For the first time I was scared
for my wife?s safety, but at least I knew she was home safely
so continue to watch as this guy threw Jill to the floor.
He said now crawl over to me you fucking white whore. Jill
knew she could not make this guy any madder so she did as she
was told. When she reached him he said you will call me master
just like you white motherfuckers made us do. Jill said
?Yes, Master.? He said good now that?s more like it. With
that he dropped his pants and stood in front of Jill with
a semi-hard dick.

Jill looked up at him and said would you
like me to suck your dick master? He laughed and said now
that?s more like it, suck my dick whore. Jill began licking
the head of his dick and he told her to lick his balls, which
of course she did. She could take most this guy in her mouth
and before long he was blowing his load in her mouth. He told
her not let any of it hit the floor or she would be sorry. She
used her fingers to push the cum that was oozing out of her
mouth back in. A short while later Jill said ?Master do you
want to fuck me?? He just grabbed her by the wrist pulled
her over to the bed. He laid down first and said get on top
bitch. She got on top of him but he was still limp he grabbed
her hair again and said do your job whore. She just said ?Yes
Master? She began kissing his neck and licking his nipples
while giving him a hand job. I could hear her telling him
that she wanted to fuck him and how good him cum tasted it
wasn?t long before he was ready and Jill was bouncing up
& down on his cock and calling him Master. Once they finished
the blond who filming the action walk over and gave Jill
the camera and the tape stopped. I walked into the bedroom
Jill was already in bed so I slipped in next to her she asked
me if I was mad and I said no, are you all right. She said she
was. Then she said that she was glad I wasn?t mad because
she may want to do it again sometime.

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