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My neighbor's daughter Part 2

Emma took my hand and pulled me into the house straight to her parents' bedroom. I was about to fuck my best friend's daughter, and I'll do it in his bedroom. I tried to protest, but Emma was already sitting on the edge of the bed and said, I am a master at sucking cock. Who could say no now? I stood in front of Emma and she quickly pulled down my shorts so that my cock banged up against her chin. Nice, she said with a smile. She began to lick the underside of my cock down to the balls. Then she sucked my balls. They were not the first time she sucked cock. Then she let her tongue swirl around my cock before she sucked the cock deep into her little teen mouth.

She lay down on the bed with her ​​legs spread apart. Let's see if you manage to fuck my tight holes better than my guys in my age. I was kneeling in front of Emma and looked straight into her wet pussy. It actually looked tight. I put the tip of my cock into her hot pussy. Wow. I've fucked a number of girls and can not remember anyone be so tight as emma. I understand that the guys in her age could not hold out so long. Felt her tiny teen pussy squeezing my dick when I reached the bottom of it. Her tits swinging while I continued to fuck her slowly back and forth.
Emma began to moan ever higher as I increased the pace, she moaned and screamed that I should fuck her harder at the same time I saw that her nipples became stiff. Emma began to shake and twist under me and she screamed. I'm cumming I'm cumming. I thought she'd pinch of my cock as she cum. She was so tight and wet.

Emma told me it was the first time she had an orgasm with a guy. Now I felt a little proud. I had to struggle not to shoot my load when she got her orgasm. Now I wanted to fuck her from behind. She stood on the bed and pushed her ass and pussy at me. Oh my god what a sight. She was so sexy. Fuck me hard and shoot your load all over my body, she said. I grabbed her hips and sent my cock whole way into her pussy. Emma moaned and gasped with pleasure as I fucked her hard and fast. Felt that I could not hold it anymore and told Emma that responded to pinch even harder with her pussy. I pulled out my cock and emma threw himself on his back again and she said spray your load all over my hot body at the same time she wanked my cock fast and squeezed my balls.

My first and second spray met her tits. The third she got his chin. The last 3 or 4 came across her stomach and pussy. Wow Ed she said you can shoot massive loads, while she licked the cum on her chin. Emma lay gasping with the whole body filled with cum. We continued to fuck the rest of her parents' holiday. Had a little difficult to see my friend in the eye when he got home, but I can not resist Emma.......

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