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My hot new neighbour (cuckold) part III

Over the next few days I continued seeing Julie and dave and I began to settle into my new house. I'd finally finished unboxing all of my possessions and my house was now starting to look like my home. Dave had come round after he finished work one day to come and look at my new tv "wow that's a beauty" he expressed as he sat down on my couch, "it's worth every penny" I said. I had a few things on my mind that I wanted to talk to dave about conserning the situation between him, myself and his wife. I asked him if he was really ok with what was going on it seemed to me that it was Julie that was benefiting from our arrangement, dave looked at me and laughed " it cool, everybody gets there kicks in different ways. Mine is to be controlled by my wife we tried other things and this worked best for both of us" with my mind was eased and we relaxed and carried on watching the tv.

Dave headed home for his dinner and I made my way to the kitchen and got my own dinner underway. There was a knock at my door, Julie was stood in my door way wearing a stunning latex outfit. Tight shiny black latex stockings showed off her long sexy legs which moved up to tight black latex dress which clung so tightly to her fantastic ass and breasts, "wow you look amazing, but you better come in you'll excite the neighbours" I laughed. She moved in and behind her dave was on his hands and knees, she had a lead in her hand which reached back to a collar that was round dave neck, this was all he had on other than a pair of Julie's frilly knickers. "well that'll get them talking" I said to Julie as I stared down at dave. "dave told me that you asked if this is what he really likes, and that you couldn't see what he gets from our arrangement" I was hard to concentrate on what Julie was saying as her breasts were heaving to break free from the top of her latex dress SLAP she had just struck me across the chest with a leather riding crop "up here honey" I lifted my eyes to look into hers, she gave me a little wink. "I thought Id bring him over to show you what he gets" Julie was giving off such a strong dominating vibe it was such a turn on "you better come into the living room SLAP she had whipped dave hard across th back with her crop "you heard him get moving and pick that up " she yanked on his lead he picked up a hold all and lead him into my lounge.

Once in my living room Julie placed her hand on my chest and pushed my down onto my couch "just watch I'm going to give you a show" I made my self comfortable. Julie turned dave so he was on his hands and knees on my my floor with his ass facing me, he was wearing a pair of Julie's knickers they were made of a white silky material, and you could see the hard plastic outline of dave chastity device through them "do you like daves panties I caught him sniffing my dirty knickers again so I thought I'd make him wear them" "he looks like a fucking pervert" i said. Exactly said Julie "a dirty pervert" and she struck him hard across the ass, dave let out a whimper so she struck him again this time he was silent. Julie pulled down his knickers and reached down and took hold of Daves caged cock and pulled it "look at this, what the fuck is it good for. Ben take off your trousers and show dave what a reall mans cock looks like" I duly stood up removed my my trousers and underwear and sat on my sofa with my legs spread my semi just hanging there on top of my large balls. Julie pulled dave around by his cock till he was facing me "look at that dave can you see why I want to fuck Ben not you" dave nodded "why is that dave" " because my cock is small and useless and bens is big" Julie came over to me and lifted my cock in her right hand and cupping my balls with her left "oh look at it swell dave, it's getting bigger did you think it could get bigger?" Julie leant down licked my balls and stroked my cock in her hand. I looked over at dave he was staring at his wife sucking my my balls "I bet you'd like your wife to lick your balls wouldn't you dave" he said in a weak voice "yes, but she hasn't sucked my cock in over a year" "I can't blame her dave, why would she want that little thing I her mouth, your wife likes a big thick cock the make her gag as she goes down on it" right on cue Julie gagged on my cock so hard she coughed up a huge load of saliva I felt it run down my balls and my ass hole Julie rubbed it into my balls and rubbed my ring. I looked at dave "watch this dave" I lifted my legs back and holding my own ankles told Julie to rimm my asshole "do you see that dave,I tell your wife to do something and she just does it, I want you to tell her to lick you asshole go on do it! " Julie looked around at dave, he stuttered "Julie lick my asshole please" she said nothing got up walked behind dave, he looked shocked was his wife about to do what he had asked. With swift strike she kicked dave hard in his balls making him collapse to the floor "haha you stupid cunt! She only does as I ask" Julie came back to me andi pulled her down to my lap and kissed her passionately she reached for my cock and stroked it up and down, I return the favour and rubbed her pussy, it was dripping. She was getting so turned on by me humiliating her husband. Julie got up and went over to the hold all, she lifted out a large dildo "look dave this is pretty much the same size as Bens cock she sat down next to me and beckoned dave over to us she put the dildo against my cock they were nearly identical. Julie pulled dave closer by his hair "open your mouth" he shook his head, Julie slapped him hard with the dildo "open your fucking mouth or you'll be sorry" he opened his mouth a little and Julie shoved the big rubber cock into his mouth he cough " this is the only way you'll ever have a big cock" she pulled it out he gasped for air his eyes were filled with tears "are you fucking crying" I said to him, Julie laughed "of course he crying hes a fucking sissy cock sucker, he crys because he likes it so much" and with a huge push she f***ed the dildo into his mouth and down his throat , he threw up all over my floor "you better fucking clean that up, theres a mop in the kitchen" i was finding i enjoying this more than i would, dave came back into the lounge as my cock disappeared down his wife's throat. Julie made dave kneel on the floor in the mess he had just made "there's no point cleaning that up just yet I'm going to make some more mess for to clean up" . Julie rolled him onto his back and stood with her legs spread, "lick my pussy" daves eyes lit up he sat up and went to put his tongue in Julie's pussy. Just as he was about to make contact with Julie's clit she pushed forward and began to let a hot golden stream flow over his face, he pulled back in shock but she had him by the hair and was forcing her fluids into his mouth, dave made noises like a man drowning, coughing and spluttering he begged her to stop "please not in front of Ben, please Julie, please" she had emptied herself over him and dave just laid there to pathetic for words.

Julie had made her way back over to the hold all and in her hands were what looked like back fabric straps dave had seen them too "no Julie, no please anything but that please, what will Ben think" he begged he clearly looked a litte frightened. "he will think you are a pathetic small dick cuck who can't satisfie his wife which would be correct wouldn't it ! WOULDN'T IT ! " dave and began to cry and he nodded through his tears, it was a pathetic sob it seemed he couldn't even cry properly. I was intrigued why did these fabric straps make dave so fearful were they some kind of painful restraints or some kind of cock tourtue implement, my question was answered as julie turned around a huge cock strapped up around her crutch. She looked amazing stood in her latex dress with a big thick cock poking out from underneath. I must admit it was an impressive sight and even I was a little turned on, dave on the other and looks sacred and nervous. Julie pushed his head down into the wet mess underneath him f***efully she had asked him but he had just protested she had beaten him quite severely across his back for disobeying her, she the took daves little caged cock and pulled his ass up until he was at a suitable height, "now dave sweetie you better suck this cock good because it'll need to be nice and wet when f***e it up your asshole" dave lifted his head and began licking the shaft of julies strap on "I want you to look at bens cock whilst sucking on mine I want you to pretend that your sucking his dave tried to say some thing but nothing could be made out with Julie's strap on blocking his mouth. "Ben put you legs back up again I want dave to get a good view of your asshole cok and balls while I fuck him" I didnt question her, t may of had something with the fact that she had a huge cock pointing at me or just the hot dominat vide she was given off. Dave looked at my huge balls just hanging there " these are a mans balls dave" I grabbed hold of then and he was transfixed. Whenever I would put dave down it would send Julie in a frenzy she took her large cock placed it against his asshole and f***ed it open with no mercy. Daves legs were twitching in pain and his toes were bunch up tight he yelled as Julie pushed the whole length into him. I looked up at Julie and said "I want you to f***e him to lick my balls" dave looked horrified "I'm not dong that ! " julie fucked him so hard he sunk to his belly "you'll do as your told cuck" Julie gave me such a big smile I could see this was turning her on so much. The tip of Davies tongue touched my big sack and he pulled back instantly Julie pushed his face into my balls "lick his asshole while your down there" dave resisted at first then lapped at my asshole. Julie had stopped fucking him but she left he dildo up his ass and strapped it in place she turned him over on to his back once again and this time sat astride his face "your going to lick bens balls and my pussy as we fuck over your face" before Julie could beckon me over I was off the couch and pushing my cock up her soaking pussy it was so wet that with every thrust some of her wetnes spurted out to drip onto Daves face,she rode me hard until she came soaking Daves face "at least it cover your tears you fucking sissy" She said looking back at him "as daves done as I've asked him so far tonight I'm going to treat him" "oh thank Julie thank you" he stammered she reached done to his tiny caged cock and realeased it from its cage, as she was doing this dave was writhing with pleasure, just the fact that his wife's hand was near his cock turned him on so much Julie let this and just as he looked like he was about to cum she stopped and pushed the dildo up his ass hard making him squeal, but not cum " you will not touch that disgusting little thing without my express permission do you understand" with a look of utter disappointment and frustration dave nodded.

Julie leant in close to me and whispered some thing in my ear so dave couldn't hear " I want you to f***e your cock into Daves mouth" " what! That's a little more than I bargained for" "please honey, it's my ultimate fantasty. To f***e him to choke on a big thick dick it drives me wild and it's something we've never done I would be eternally in your debt" she had the most wicked smile on her face, she could see that I wasn't convinced, so she reached down and slid a finger up my asshole and began to massage my prostate I melted I was putty in her hands " ok, ok I'll do it" "I want you to f***e him, to fuck his face like you fuck mine" "ok" Julie took dave by the lead and dragged him over the where I was sat she took his lead tight an sat down on my hard cock "lick my clit whilst a real man fucks me
The way I need fucking" dave licked at Julie's clit whilst she ground herself on my cock " now I want to see you lick bens balls whilst he fucks me" I felt daves tongue part my to bollocks and then one by one he sucked them into his mouth, Julie slid herself off my cock and said to dave "now clean his dirty cock suck my juices from his shaft" she pulled him so my hard wet cock was against his face , "clean your wife's wet sticking cum from my cock, you useless fucking cuck, DO IT ! " the last two words came out with such f***e that they made dave flinch but he opened his mouth and took the head of my cock into his mouth Julie was looking on rubbing her pussy " good boy dave, you like a real cock in your mouth don't you" she yanked his lead making him nod and take my dick deeper. I stood up and f***ed my cock into Daves throat I was odd letting a guy suck my cock but his beautifull wife was rubbing her pussy furiously at he sight in front of her, she moved closer and squirted over daves face as he sucked my cock deep. "oh look how cute I think he's got an erection, it's hard to tell" Julie reached her hand down to Daves stubby cock and rubbed it he moaned " he has, he's got hard from sucking anther mans cock, what a fucking sissy homo. Julie rubbed daves tiny cock and seconds later he came shooting tons of cum all over the floor "Christ you fucking sissy look how much you came, you've never cum that much for me you must really like sucking cock, sissy" she pulled daves mouth from my cock leant his head back against the sofa and spread over him again "remember how you've been asking me to let you fuck my ass for years I'm going to let Ben break me in I reckon it'll ruin my ass for you for ever, I want you to wank you stubby little cock as bens big thick cock stretches my anus for the first time" I looked at Julie with excitement "you want me to fuck your ass" " yes but be gentle with me" she winked. I positioned myself behind her and rested the head of my cock against her ring, I pushed forward with considerable f***e but nothing gave in, I could feel daves fast heavy breathing on my balls I didn't dare push any harder but all of a sudden jules ass hole opened up allowing me to stretch her wide for the first time. Julie let out a painfull cry "shall I stop" I ceased my forward pressure "no I want this I want to be fucked like a whore, like your whore" these words made dave cum instantly he moaned under us. Jukes ass hole stretched more and more until I was balls deep up her ass, she started to push her self back onto the foreign object up her ass slowly at first but then faster and harder until she was screaming she was cumming she came so hard I thought her tight asshole would snap my dick off as it gripped my like a vice, Julie could tell I wouldn't last mu h longer and slid off my cock and in one fluid movement she had taken hold of my dirty cock which was covered in her ass juice and pushed it into daves waiting mouth, this time he gagged for other reasons than my cock was in his throat. Julie pulled my cock out of his mouth and wanked me off over her husbands face as I came she pushed her finger back up my ass, I thought my orgasm would never end load after load of hot cum went in daves mouth, in his hair and in his eyes. Julie looked at her husband " honey you've got a little something on your face" they both giggled, she leant forward and lovingly lick all my cum from her husbands face she look down at him smiled opened her mouth with her thumb and emptied her cum filled mouth in his, "now fucking swallow that, clean up this mess and then fuck off home im staying here tonight with Ben"

Dave gulped, gagged and picked up the mop and bucket and got to work "honey put your knickers back on no one wants to see that disgusting little thing "yes love, sorry"

I looked at Julie "shouldn't you take that dildo out of his asshole"

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