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Prequel to Arsenal

This will be my first attempt at a BDSM story. Would like to know what the readers think of it, please leave feed back. Thank you :)

** DISCLAIMER: This story is purely a work of fiction, it does not represent person or persons involve in a truthful manner. The resemblance to real persons living or dead is a product of the writer’s imagination and is purely coincidental ** The story is accompanied by videos **

Statuesque, leggy with brunette hair, Cecilia had answered an advertisement in one of the BDSM publications for a willing participant in an exhibition. Being in a high-powered position in the banking industry, she often felt something was lacking in her life. The men that she had far gone out with had been tame, and often after having sex with them, she was never quite satisfied afterwards.

Flashes of leather straps, ropes, and bindings made her body quiver. Cecilia does not know when exactly she began to like being strapped down tightly, but she does remember the first time she was initiated. How scared she was, and inexperience, but she had a good master that taught her the way.

He was older than Cecilia, and as Fate would have it, his name was Adam. How biblical, and the only snake was the one between his legs, which was not necessary at all. She met Adam at one of the shindig for senior management at a luxurious five-star hotel in the financial district of the city centre. As drinks flowed freely, canapés being consumed, the din of the party grew until no discernible words could be heard unless you were next to the person speaking.

Cecilia, wearing her leather LBD with deep plunging V to expose her B-cup cleavage with the help of the Wonderbra, was deep in discussion with a group over shareholders and policy makers, when she noticed a stranger staring at her a few metres away. Immediately, the hair on her body rose, her senses heightened by something intangible in the air. As if hypnotised, Cecilia wordlessly walked over to the tall stranger, her black peep-toe high heels guided her to him.

The handsome stranger with intense blue eyes leaned closer into Cecilia’s personal space, and told her what he would like to do to her if they were alone. Her eyes opened wide, and what he was suggesting to her made her body hot and flushed, adrenaline pumped throughout her body. He did not touch her, but he did not have to. The words he whispered into her ears were as if his hands were stroking her skin, raked her skin with his fingers. That first meeting they never touched, never shook hands, and she never got his name until their next meeting.

After he whispered his plans to her, he pulled out a business card, handed to her and walked away to disappear in the crowded room, left Cecilia standing there by herself with a glass of white wine in one hand and his card in the other. But before she had a chance to look down at the card in her hand, a group of managerial big wig descended on her and claimed her attention. She slipped the card into her silver clutch and turned her mind to the party, but the card stayed in her mind until she drifted off to sl**p that night, with his whispered commands floating inside her mind.

The next morning being Saturday, Cecilia looked at the name card without interruptions, while having her eggs benedict breakfast at a café near her apartment. The card was completely black on both sides with only a contact number printed on one side. His words still tumbled around her brain, stronger and stronger his words hypnotised her. As Cecilia walked back to her apartment, without knowing why, her hand reached for the phone, and dialled the number without having to look at the card.

With her heart thumping in her breasts, she listened at the phone rang at the other end, once, twice then a click as it was picked up. A male voice she has become familiar with said an address without waiting for a word from her end. Before finishing the call, he told her what to wear, the call was then terminated with a soft click. She got back to her apartment, freshened up and got dressed in the items of clothing the stranger she would come to know as Adam told her to wear: black demi-cup strapless bra, with black lace bikini brief, underneath a red sleeveless sheath dress that came to just above her knees, finished with tan hold-up stockings and nude 4-inch platform pumps. Cecilia grabbed a white Burberry raincoat as she headed out of the apartment building to hail a cab to take her to the address she was given.

20 minutes later, she arrived at the address. High wall blocked the view from the street. Cecilia walked to a solid wrought iron gate beside the gated drive way, and pressed the buzzer. The door buzzed open and she stepped through. An architecturally designed two-storey house was in front, with lush green grass and perfectly landscaped front garden, a path led Cecilia directly to the front door and before she had to knock, the mysterious stranger opened the door wide to admit her into the property with a sweeping gesture.

He wore simple crisp white long sleeve shirt with black trousers, with black leather shoes. His dark brown hair brushed back from his forehead, he nodded to Cecilia as she walked inside. A housekeeper walked forward to take her raincoat and purse away. He led the way to the living room, where a pot of steaming coffee was waiting. Adam introduced himself formally this time, and invited her to take a seat at the lounge. Music floated softly around the room, and she could just make out it was Chopin being played from a hidden stereo somewhere in the house.

As he handed her cup of coffee to her, he explained in more details about their meeting this date. What he will be doing and what she will be participating in. He asked her if she has ever done anything they were about to do before, and Cecilia shook her head. Adam nodded, and settled back on the lounge across from her with his coffee, his blue eyes stared at Cecilia non-stop. Cecilia stared right back, being in a high-powered position as she was, she was no shrinking violet. Chopin enveloped both people in a haze in the soft tinkling of the piano keys as both stared as they sipped their coffee.

Finished with the coffee, Adam stood up and led the way down to the well-lit basement. Down the wide black-carpeted staircase, the wall painted a deep burgundy red with light scones on either side of the short hall way, at the end of which was a thick wooden original Jacobean door, with wrought-iron bars on the top half in front of a pane of thick glass, behind it a sheer white curtain hung.

A press of the large iron door latch the door swung silently inward reveal an expansive faux-stone walled room, with real stone floors bare of any covering. The room lit up automatically as the door opened, Adam walked inside, and looked back at Cecilia. She followed him inside and looked around the room as he closed the door softly behind her.

Raised slightly on a stone platform on the right of the entrance, custom-made two iron vertical bars are installed from floor to ceiling, fixed in place with two horizontal bars, one 180 cm above the floor, and the other at 190 cm. Leather adjustable straps hung from four spots on the vertical bars. A thick leather-covered foam head and neck rest positioned in the middle of the lower horizontal bar, with another adjustable leather strap hung limply just below the headrest. One armchair sat in front of this piece-de-resistance.

On the left side of the door, several apparatus lined the faux-stone wall and positioned randomly on a large Persian rug: an emerald-green leather chaise lounge with D-ring eyelets at each of the four legs, a cherry-red leather bondage bench with eyelets and rings lined on the sides, a black leather-padded spanking saw horse with O-ring on each of the legs, and the last piece of furniture, a tall A-frame with four horizontal bars spread out on the triangular shape, O-rings on top and on the two legs. Four matching leather arm chairs line the opposite wall.

Adrenaline pumped inside Cecilia as she looked at her surroundings. She walked towards to the display on the walls, instruments she had never seen before. Adam stood back to watch her walked around the room her hand and eyes touched everything in sight. She looked at the chest but did not open it, walked to the furniture and trailed her fingers on them before looking back to Adam, still standing by the doorway.

Adam moved away from the door and ordered her to get undress to her underwear. Once she was only in her underwear and heels, he motioned for her to come to him to the platform. Cecilia’s breathing quickened and her knees weakened, her mouth dried as she tried to swallow saliva that wasn’t there, but she kept her excitement at bay and walked to the raised platform, to the twin iron poles. She stepped up to it, touched the straps and the cold steel.

Cecilia’s pussy quivered, her juice soaked her panties, her nipples tightened into tight pink buds and pushed against her bra. Cecilia turned around and Adam tied her limbs to the restraints. Her legs spread wide as her wrists are restrained at shoulder height, her neck strapped down to the headrest. Adam slipped a blind fold over her eyes and told her he is going to leave her for a while. Cecilia could barely nod to acknowledge she understood. Then her mouth was gagged with something smooth and round and tied to the iron rack.

Adam stood back and admired his newest procurement, and smiled. His shoes made nary a noise as he walked around his subject, trussed up to the iron poles on the stone platform. Her lithe body, her clear porcelain skin, her long slim legs, her adorable tits, and her pussy, all were blank canvas for what he is about to do to her. With her senses thus deprived, he could do what he liked. When he talked to her at earlier during their coffee, he told her exactly what he was going to do, told her the safe word and safety indication should she be unable to speak.

Adam sat in an armchair positioned right in front of the platform. His cock hardened at the sight of a beautiful woman tied up and awaiting his pleasure. He knew exactly what she was looking for but never found. He would be the master to show Cecilia her boundaries, take her to the edge of sanity, of pleasure, of pain, and ultimately, show her what she had been looking for, and finally found.

After sitting in the chair for 15 minutes, Adam stood up and walked to the chest, with a key from his pocket he opened the lid it, took out a pair of scissors and a thick filigreed carved rectangular wooden paddle. He walked back to his subject, caressed her softly with the flat side of the paddle on her buns and the back of her thighs, and watched as the hairs rose on her skin. He ran the edge of the padded between her legs through her gusset, along her moist slit and watched as her body shuddered involuntarily.

He snipped off her panties to bare her bald vulva, discarded the shredded material and scissors on the floor. Firmly but not harshly, the first slap on her bottom she jerked on her restrains, more from the unexpectedness of it than from pain. Her ass cheeks turned bright red immediately after the impact, and she moaned behind the ball gag. Adam hit her with the same amount of f***e a few more times, the imprint of the carving discernible on her skin. Each contact of the paddle Cecilia’s body tightened with pleasure, in anticipation of the next whack, she pushed her ass out to meet the paddle. In her heightened senses, her juice trailed down her inner thighs along her stockings, it glittered beautifully in the soft light of the room.

Adam put down the paddle, and reached up to take off the gag. Cecilia expelled her breath, her chest swelled up and down as she heavily breathed, she panted with gratification. Endorphins surged in her body. She wanted more, that was only a tiny pinch of things to come. He picked the paddle back up, and with more f***e, hit her harder on ass. Her whines out of pleasure accompanied each slap of the paddle. His cock hard inside his trousers as he watched her writhed uselessly on the iron poles. Her ass was burning red hot but neither had had enough. Not yet. This was going to be a five course meal.

He walked back to the chest, dropped the paddle inside a large wicker basket next to the chest, and took out a pair of vice-like nipple clamps with tightening bolts attached to a long chain from the pocket inside the chest. He took off her strapless bra, dropped it on the floor, and clamped her nipples tightly. He pulled the chain until her soft B-cup tits were painfully coned shape, then letting go with a snap. Cecilia moaned from the sensation as it travelled from her nipples to her engorged clit, her groin bucked against her bonds.

He stepped up to her, said softly in her ear who was her master as he pulled the chain again and again. Cecilia groaned loudly that he was her master. He commanded her to beg him to do things to her. She begged him unconditionally, pleaded with him to do as he pleased; her body was his to do as he wished. Adam smiled evilly and gave the chain a final tug, before letting it go. She panted, her pussy contracted, her hands form tight fists from the enf0rced pleasure.

He walked away from the platform, headed to the display wall, grabbed a leather cat-o-nine-tails whip, and came back to her. With her eyes still visually deprived, Adam ran the tails along her body, now glistened slightly with a sweaty sheen. All over her tits the tails soothed her feverish skin, over her back, down to her fiery-red ass, then back the front, caressed her stomach, her pussy, between her legs. Before he lashed her skin with the whip, he knelt down and took off her platform heels. Cecilia rested on her toes, her body stretched to hold her body up from the collar around her neck.

Before moving away from her, he reminder her again of their safe word, to which Cecilia struggled to acknowledge with a raspy ‘yes’. Cecilia wanted to find out how far this pain-pleasure mixture she could push herself to, with an experienced master at hand, she was willing to follow him without question. His total dominance of her was assured. Cecilia had finally found what she had been missing and with total bliss, gave in to her desire.

Cat-o-nine-tails in hand, her Master walked around her, her hearing acutely tuned, he was circling her, stopped behind her then walked again, all the while, the whip followed his progress around her body, insinuated between her legs to rub her clit, and teased between her ass cheeks.

With a flick of her Master’s expert wrist, the whip swished through the air and landed on her white skin with a snap. Cecilia cried out in pleasure, her body tautly stretched. He moved around her body, swishing the whip to the front, across her perfect tits and stomach, moved to her back and thighs. Her moans of gratification echoed in the room. The tails kissed her skin, and Cecilia loved every licked of the whip. A flicked of his hand, the tails snapped her tender inner thighs, some caught her engorged clit painfully, but it only intensity Cecilia’s senses. She pulled her binding as the pain from her skin transmitted pleasure currents to her brain.

The Master used the whip for another five or ten minutes on her whole body, by the end, her skin red and hot to look at. But there would be no bl00d. Not in this house of pleasure. The Master took the cat-o-nine-tails away and dropped it in the same wicker basket next to the chest. He came back to untie Cecilia from the iron rods and took off her blind fold. She tottered dangerously until he ordered her to walk to the deep green chaise lounge. With effort on wobbly legs, she made her way to the lounge, and waited for her Master’s command. He ordered her to lie back on the lounge, and spread her legs. Cecilia complied dutifully.

The Master returned to the open chest, out came four leather adjustable cuffs: two for the ankles, and two for the wrists, all with attached spring lock on a short chain that can be hooked and unhooked to the O- or D-rings on the furniture.

With her resting prone on the lounge, for the first time since they both met, his hand touched her porcelain skin. He caressed her smooth but hot thighs and Cecilia sucked air in involuntarily as his strong hands rolled down her stockings and discarded them on the floor. He then cuffed her ankles and wrists, went back to the chest, and brought out two pairs of silicone-covered metal labia clamps with teeth then fixed it to her lush labia. He could smell her aroma as he leaned down, intently looked at her hot centre.

With metal chains jangling, her Master pulled her up from the lounge, commanded Cecilia to go to the saw horse and bend her torso over it. The Master locked the spring hook on her wrists and ankles to the O-rings on each of the legs. Thus bounded again he walked away. Cecilia looked between her spread legs and watched him upside down as he went to the chest to grab a two-foot long cane. He came back to his subject and through the air, the cane whistled through the air and landed sharply on her buttocks. Red welts appear instantly on her to join the already reddened soft skin.

Cecilia moaned as she closed her eyes, her head hung down. Again and again, the cane whistled through the air, landing on the back of her thighs and buttocks. She panted as her orgasm peaked, she was about to come, her fluid trailed down her legs. One last swish of the cane on her ass Cecilia spasm from her orgasm, her pussy contracted uncontrollably, and shudders rocked her bounded body. Her hands gripped the saw horse’s legs as she exhaled her orgasm.

Her Master discarded the cane on the floor, moved to her throbbing skin, and tenderly stroked her red ass cheeks. He spread opened her ass and roughly shoved his thumb into her hole, her tight ring offered no resistance, and tightly enclosed his digit. He took delight in watching the red lines criss-crossed her ass, how hot it felt under his palm as he stroked her, and he could still feel her climax slowed down and finally faded away.

That was her main course and two more dishes left to serve.

The Master then unfettered her wrists from the legs, walked to the wall to release a previously unnoticeable pulley chain from the stone ceiling. It dropped down to where she rested on the saw horse. He grabbed her arm behind her back and once again she was bound painfully with her wrists locked on the pulley chain, and he tightened the chain from the wall, tugged her up until her back was straight with her arms uncomfortably high behind her back.

Once she was secured, Master grabbed a 3-inch diameter foot-long wooden rod covered with black silicone with smooth-head studs at one rounded end out of the chest, came back to the trussed up Cecilia and inserted into her anally. With coarse thrust, he impaled the rod deeply into her, and jerked the rod mercilessly in and out, the studs rubbed her rectum cruelly, but Cecilia was beyond paradise. She relished the responsiveness of her ass along that wooden pole, the way the smooth studded head would massage her muscles, her sphincter tight around that piston.

He moved away from her ass leaving the rod to protrude from her cavity crudely, and undid his trousers and his rock hard 8-inch cock sprang out from the confines. He grabbed the discarded cane from the floor, and as he shoved his thick throbbing manhood deep into Cecilia’s panting mouth thus gagging her, the cane made a large arc and landed with a slap on her back. Cecilia lurched and gagged on his cock her tongue licked and tasted his pre-cum, her nose buried in his pubic hair.

His free hand wrapped her hair in his fist as his hips lunged to and fro from her lips, he ordered her to graze her teeth along his shaft, and dropped the cane to the floor again with one last swish through the air to Cecilia’s back. Tears streamed down her face as she gingerly ran her pearly whites along his throbbing cock, her tongue licked the underside of his penis. Master looked down at her as he slipped in and out of her lips, her teeth scratched along his cock deliciously as he drove his cock to hit the back of Cecilia’s throat.

Without warning, his balls tightened and his white hot semen spew down her throat as Master grunted loudly from his climax. Both his hands gripped her head and he fucked her mouth roughly without thought, his groin rubbed her nose, his cock the back of her throat until he was utterly spent. Master panted with satisfaction but rested his cock inside Cecilia’s mouth until he was soft before pulling away and did up his trousers.

Adam looked at her, and said the safe word. She nodded. The session had come to an end.

He unlocked her wrists from the pulley chain, her ankles from the saw horse, took the wooden rod from her anus, the clams from her labia and nipples, and dropped all the used equipment in the wicker basket, then carried her to the green chaise, and placed her tenderly on the leather lounge. He walked to the chest, grabbed some ointment cream and a soft silk robe. He sat beside her prone body, his palm now applied salved to her abused skin. She sighed and closed her eyes as the cold cream touched her feverish skin. Adam asked her to turn over, and liberally applied the ointment to her back and legs. Once done, he handed the light silk robe to Cecilia, and told her to rest on the chaise; they will discuss what had just happened upstairs when she has recovered.

And here she was, a few months later, sitting in an office after answering an advertisement in a BDSM magazine. How exciting, her Master would be proud…

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