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Nikki's Story - Slippery Susie Part 8

Slippery Susie - part 8 (Nikki & friends) FMMM
by wile_e_coyote_mn1

Nikki admired a lot about her mom, but it was her easy going attitude
and obvious lust for life that she thought were her mother’s best
attributes. Having just turned 18, Nikki felt bad for her friends that
did not have the same close relationship with their parents as Nikki did
with hers. She had always felt she could share anything with her
parents, even if it was something she had done wrong. Yes they could get
upset with her, but they also knew that k**s make mistakes and by
letting her have a little freedom she had been able to avoid making big
mistakes like some of her friends. Nikki was never in the wrong place at
the wrong time because she had the confidence to know when a situation
could turn ugly and she was smart enough to know when it was time to
leave. Her parents were exceedingly proud of how well their daughter had
turned out.

For as long as she could remember, people were always comparing Nikki to
Susie, pointing out the similarities including being popular in school
and both making the cheerleading squads. Nikki also inherited her
mother’s self-confidence which allowed her to be who she wanted to be
and not care what other people thought about her. She had grown into a
strong, confident young lady that was smart enough to avoid most bad
situations, but more than able to handle herself if things got a little
out of hand. She knew that her brain and her ability to defend herself
intimated a lot of guys, but that was fine with her. She knew enough of
the right guys would always be interested in her and for the most part,
she had her pick of boyfriends.

While she was no longer a virgin, she had also not been overly
promiscuous. She had only had two previous sexual partners, and both of
those had been boyfriends of at least a few months each before she slept
with them. She knew she was relatively inexperienced, but she also knew
she had the rest of her life to remedy that situation. For her part, she
simply wanted to explore the world and try it all, at least once. She
had been raised to keep an open mind about most things and that it was
good to try new things. Unfortunately for her parents, she took that
lesson a little too much to heart.

Nikki had noticed some subtle changes come over her mom and her aunt Liz
over the past few weeks and it did not take a rocket scientist to sense
that the change was definitely sexual in nature. Her mom just seemed to
have a look about her like she was ready to explode with sexual energy
at any second. Nikki had also noticed the way that her mom and her Uncle
Shane looked at each other and touched each other when they thought
nobody was looking.

While her mother’s transformation was somewhat subtle, the
transformation of her Aunt Liz was down right scary. Her aunt had always
been the shy quiet one of the s****rs and the one that was always
talking down to Susie and critiquing everything about her. She always
claimed that Susie dressed too sexy, had a trashy mouth, and was overall
a bad influence on everyone she came ran into. This all changed and
Nikki was smart enough to piece things together. The touches between
Shane and her mother were usually when Liz was around which meant she
was not only aware of this new connection, but she was okay with it. To
Nikki, that meant Liz was involved somehow. This was confirmed when she
caught her mother and Liz kissing passionately before one of their girl
night out dates. Nikki was so intrigued she followed the pair outside
where they greeted the third of the trio Amanda at the car. This time
all three women took turns kissing. After that, she no longer wondered
what had happened to her Aunt Liz, she knew it had been a sexual
awakening. One that seemed WAY overdue from her perspective.

Nikki always had fond memories of Amanda since it was Amanda that
provided her with the first few pieces of her toy collection, a small
vibrator and a nice sized dildo. Both had gotten extensive use over the
past few years along with the few toys that Nikki was able to add along
the way. She was pretty sure that her toy collection rivaled any other
18 year old in the area. She had appreciated the toys because it helped
her to learn what felt good and where she liked to be stimulated. The
thought of really putting all those lessons into play always brought a
smile to her face.

It was not the sight of these transformations that started Nikki down
the path of her own awakening, she just knew it was time. When she
turned 18 many of the prior restrictions placed on her by her parents
were either lessened or removed outright which helped to set the stage.
She knew she could have explored more when she was younger, but she just
was not ready. As her 18th birthday came and went, she did not feel
changed in any way, but in her head many of those binds that had been
there before were suddenly gone.

She had only been 18 for a few weeks when the perfect opportunity
presented itself. Her parents would be gone Friday night and would not
be back until later Saturday afternoon. With her b*****r away at
college, Nikki had the place to herself and she was excited. There was a
long list of things she wanted to try but she knew exactly how she
wanted to begin her career as a free spirit. What better way to enter
the world of raw lust than to have more than one partner?

The three guys she had invited over were not the first three she saw at
school. She took her time and really looked for specific guys. First and
foremost they had to be friends of hers and friends that she knew would
never let on what was going to happen at her house. Unfortunately, that
drastically narrowed the list of potential guys. But eventually she
settled on three of her good friends, Brian, Ayden, and Mike. When she
explained to each of the guys what she was hoping for, they all were
smart enough to know she was not k**ding and that if they kept their
mouth’s shut, they were in for a memorable time.

All three of the boys arrived together but they really had no idea what
to expect. On the outside they were all convinced that she would back
out and not want to go through with it, but on the inside they were all
praying she would see it through. After all, they had all seen pornos
with women taking on multiple guys. The thought of one of their friends
doing those things kept them all in a constant state of arousal.

While Nikki waited for her friends to arrive, she began to get ready.
She had thought about planning everything out, but she had decided to
just let things happen at least after she got everything moving in the
first place. She glanced down at the outfit laid out on her bed and she
knew that was likely to get everything moving all by itself. Essentially
it was a matching bra and panty set, but to call it just that would be a
huge understatement. The black half-bra was trimmed in pink with lace
around the edges. The bra worked to push her already perky breasts up a
little higher but it left her seemingly constantly aroused nipples free.
The bottoms matched the top with the pink and the lace, but it was the
string around the sides and back that turned this cute little bottom
into an incredibly sexy v-string. She added a pair of thigh highs also
trimmed with lace and a pair of black shoes with 4 inch heels. She had
been practicing walking in the higher heels for weeks and she knew she
could not only pull it off, but that she could look damn good while
doing it. Initially she had thought to put something on over her outfit,
but she was simply too excited and had no desire to delay the start of
the fun.

The doorbell rang and Nikki glanced at the clock. She smiled to herself
when she saw that the guys were a good 15 minutes early. Lucky for them
she had been expecting them early so she was more than ready when they
arrived. Checking her makeup in the mirror one last time, Nikki swayed
her way down the stairs and to the front door. As she opened the door,
she wished she had thought to have a camera ready because the
expressions on their faces was fantastic. Yes they were surprised, but
it was the lust behind that shock that turned her on the most. She loved
the attention and she was glad her outfit had done its job so far.

The three guys offered stuttered compliments as Nikki led them into the
living room. Their eyes did not know where to look as they had the
option of watching her bouncing breasts with their rock hard nipples or
her swaying ass that was covered by only a string. As they entered the
living room there was a chance for an awkward moment but once again
Nikki was prepared for this. This was not about chatting or catching up
on the days events, it was about sex, plain and simple and she made that
clear as she dropped to her knees between the three and began to undo
Brian’s pants.

Her deft fingers made quick work of Brian’s belt and zipper and she was
soon pushing his pants and boxers down to his ankles. A little moan
escaped from her lips when she saw his already hard cock bounce free.
She had to restrain herself and move on to Ayden or she would not get
them all naked before she started playing. While she helped Ayden, Brian
was able to kick off his pants and he removed the rest of his clothes.
By the time he was completely naked, Ayden was removing his shirt too
and Nikki was helping Mike out of his pants. In no time, Nikki found
herself in a circle of guys with their hard cocks all inches from her
face and head.

From that point on, Nikki’s instincts and pent up lust took over. She
reached for the first cock, not even sure who it belonged to and slipped
it effortlessly into her mouth. Her hands found the other two hard cocks
and she slowly stroked them as she bobbed her head up and down on the
first cock. She had spent many hours practicing giving head on her
dildos and she found she was easily able to take the entire length of
her first cock. The feel of his balls bouncing against her chin just
served to increase her desire.

After a few strokes, she let the cock slip from her lips as she eagerly
gobbled up the next cock. She took turns taking each cock deep into her
mouth and throat, loving the feel of the hard cocks in her mouth and
savoring the tiny differences in each cock. The longest, which was also
the skinniest cock, belonged to Mike. The little extra length nearly
made her gag the first time, but she was determined to take him all and
once she set her mind on something, it usually happened. He was also the
first guy to put his hands on her head while she sucked him. The feel of
him holding her head and thrusting into her mouth nearly made her orgasm
from the overwhelming sensation of being used. Brian’s cock was only
slightly shorter than Mike’s cock and was a little thicker. The extra
thickness really made her mouth feel like it was completely stuffed and
she found it a little harder to repeatedly take him deep into her mouth.
The head of his cock was also bigger than the rest which felt like he
was trying to jam a square peg into a round hole sometimes, but again
she loved every inch of his cock already. Nikki really liked Ayden’s
cock because it was not as long as Mike or as thick as Brian, it just
seemed perfect to her. In addition, because of the shape of his cock, he
was able to literally fuck her mouth with long, hard strokes without her
having to worry about gagging.

Nikki continued to move from cock to cock, taking her time but knowing
that the first orgasms were not going to take that long for the boys.
She had already stopped stroking the cocks that were not in her mouth
for fear that they would cum when she was not ready for them. Instead,
she put all her attention and concentration into sucking the cock before
her. After once again taking all three into her mouth, she knew they
could not take much more. Nikki knew she was ready for her first taste
of cum. While she had sex a few times in the past, she had always saved
her first taste for a special occasion, and this was it.

The hands gripping her hair let her know that it was Mike’s cock in her
mouth this time. She pursed her lips tighter together and let him have
his way with her mouth. Her hand reached up and began to gently massage
his balls as he grunted and slammed his cock into her mouth. Nikki was
trying to take in as much as she could, savoring this experience. She
was a little surprised when she felt his balls tighten slightly and she
knew he was about to cum. Steadying herself she continued to massage his
balls as he pushed hard into her a few more times before his body went
rigid and she felt the first jet of cum crash into her mouth. Since his
cock was buried deep in her mouth, the cum shot straight down her throat
and she instantly fell in love with the warm feeling of cum sliding down
her throat. His fingers actually pulled her hair a little as his body
convulsed and he dumped his cum into Nikki’s willing mouth. Since most
of the cum slid directly down her throat, she could not really tell how
much he came, but the last few pumps of cum ended up on her tongue when
she was able to pull her head back a little. Her first thoughts of the
cum was that it was thick, a bit stringy but that there really was not a
lot of taste associated with it. All she knew was that she wanted it in
her mouth and she wanted more.

Mike let go of Nikki’s hair and she allowed his cock to fall from her
lips. She grabbed it with her hand and gave the tip one last long lick
as she worked her tongue into the small slit at the top to make sure she
had all of his cum. Apparently the sight of her swallowing Mike’s cum
had the other boys very excited. She turned and found Ayden’s cock
stuffed into her mouth. She barely had time to reach his balls with her
hand before he dumped a second load of cum into her hungry mouth. This
time she was able to pull back and let nearly the entire load fill her
mouth. She sucked a hard on the tip as Ayden pulled it from her mouth
while she held his cum inside. She rolled her tongue around the cum,
letting it coat her entire tongue before opening her throat and letting
the cum slowly slide down into her stomach. The taste and feel of the
cum seemed to trigger something inside of her and it seemed as if she
was no longer in control of her own body.

Turning she found Brian’s cock and she practically inhaled his cock
taking half of his balls into her mouth along with his cock. The entire
scene was too much for Brian and he emptied his cock into her sucking
mouth. Once again her mouth and tongue worked in unison to suck all of
the cum from Brian’s teenaged cock. Finally he was able to back away and
his cock popped free.

Nikki’s body was on fire at this point. She reached down and felt her
trimmed pussy and found her v-string panties completely soaked with her
juices. In her own little world, she did not even notice that all three
boys had taken seats around the room as they tried to recover from the
intense sucking they had just received. Nikki removed her panties and
bra before lying back on the floor. Her fingers instantly went to her
pussy as two fingers toyed with her clit and she pushed two fingers from
her other hand deep into her slick pussy. Oblivious to everything around
her, Nikki fucked herself in front of her three lovers. They all sat in
awe as this sexy creature finger fucked herself to an incredibly
powerful orgasm. Her body bounced and writhed on the floor as her
fingers continued to make loud squishing sounds as they explored her
desperate pussy.

While the orgasm helped to take the edge off, Nikki knew it was not
going to be enough. She was still in a daze as she slowly climbed onto
her hands and knees. Her chest continued to heave which caused her
breasts to sway enticingly from side to side. Hands grabbed her hips and
before she knew what was happening a cock was f***ed into her still
spasming pussy. “Oh yes,” she moaned as it pushed all the way inside of
her. She did not have time to get used to the cock because it began to
immediately fuck her with reckless abandon. Hard and fast the cock
speared her dripping pussy repeatedly.

Each time she felt him push forwards, she found herself slamming her
body back in time with his thrusts. Her eyes were closed as she let the
wonderful feeling of being fucked wash over her. Something brushed
against her lips and without realizing she was doing it she opened her
mouth and let a cock fill her mouth. Now she had two cocks thrusting
into her body at the same time and she could not be happier. It took a
few strokes but the guys were able to develop a nice rhythm. As the cock
behind her, which she learned was Mike, pushed forward, it f***ed her
face to mash against Brian’s stomach as his cock filled her mouth and
throat. Since they had just both cum, Nikki received what she could only
describe as a fantastic fucking.

The guys were so enamored by this situation that they were able to
communicate with each other in an effort to really share this lovely
creature. Mike looked over at Ayden and gave him a nod as he pulled his
cock out of Nikki’s pussy. He could not believe how tight she still
gripped his cock as it seemed she was trying to hold him inside of her.
They all could hear her moan in alarm and desperation as his cock slid
free, but those moans turned to pleasure as Ayden’s cock took Mike’s
place. Mike moved around front and as Brian finally got his cock out of
Nikki’s mouth, Mike’s cock was attacked by Nikki when it was near her
lips. Nikki noticed something a little different about Mike’s cock this
time and she realized she was tasting herself on his cock. She had
tasted herself often and love it, but there was something even better
when her juices were on a real cock.

A steady rotation was set up by the guys at this point. The guy in her
pussy would move to her mouth while the guy in her mouth would get a
rest and the third guy would get to shove his cock back into her
unbelievable pussy. In this way, Nikki found herself with constantly
filled with cock in her pussy and mouth. She was sweating from the
exertion, she could feel her juices sliding down her inner thighs and
she could feel drool and saliva cascading over her chin and onto the
floor, but she could not have been happier. This was exactly what she
had envisioned and the fact that her desires were coming true seemed to
keep her in a state of ongoing orgasm. After bringing herself to orgasm
by masturbating, she was riding what seemed to be a perpetual orgasm.
Sometimes the feelings and sensations were more intense than others, but
she could feel her pussy gripping and spasming on each cock that entered
her overheated pussy.

Nikki always knew which cock was in her mouth and before long she could
even tell which cock was fucking her pussy. That was how she knew it was
Ayden behind her when she heard him say that he was getting close to
cumming. She had already felt the cocks fill her mouth and now she
wanted to experience a cock cumming in her pussy without a condom like
she had in the past. She practically spit Brian’s cock out of her mouth
and she turned her head and gasped, “Cum in my pussy, fucking cum in my

Her mouth found the flopping cock again and sucked it into her mouth as
she felt Ayden hold her hips tighter and thrust even harder into her
pussy. If someone was to ask her what it felt like when Ayden first
started shooting cum into her pussy, Nikki would have had a tough time
describing the intense, powerful emotions that went through her at that
time. Her pussy seemed to clamp down on the spasming cock on its own
volition as the hot cum caressed the smooth walls of her pussy. He may
not have cum a lot, but her pussy walls were holding his cock so tight
that she could feel each time his cock heaved and another spurt of cum
was emptied into her pussy. The cock fell from her lips as she
concentrated on the pleasure the shooting cock was providing to her
pussy. The second Ayden was done cumming he pulled out and
Mike slammed into her cum filled pussy. It only took a few strokes before he too
began cumming and adding his seed to Nikki’s pussy. Brian followed and
soon Nikki had her third load of cum dumped into her pussy. She felt so
used and deliciously fucked.

Hands helped her up until she was squatting over her heels. She was not
really sure what was going on until she looked down her body and saw
that Ayden had positioned a martini glass under her pussy and their
combined cum was slowly oozing out of her pussy and into that glass. The
depravity and the sure eroticism of the act caused Nikki to have a mini
orgasm without being touched. As her body and pussy convulsed in orgasm,
her pulsating pussy f***ed even more of the cum out of her body and into
the glass. Nikki reached down and slipped two fingers into her pussy and
scooped out more of the cum which she wiped on the rim of the glass.
When she was satisfied that most of the cum was out of her pussy, she
grabbed the glass and pulled it to her mouth. She looked at each of the
guys in turn before tilting her head back and slowly letting the
cum-tini fill her mouth. She held the rim a few inches from her mouth so
that her mouth was connected to the glass by a long strand of stringy
cum. Only when the glass was empty did she swallow. She then used her
tongue to lick the martini glass clean as she smacked her lips and
smiled at the guys.

By this point everyone needed a break and Nikki got the guys some drinks
while she headed up and took a shower. She returned to the living room
naked where she was happy to find the guys still hanging out naked.
Nikki sat alone on the recliner and softly stroked her pussy lips while
they all began to slowly talk about what had just happened. They all
agreed that it had been way better than any movie they had seen and the
guys honestly told Nikki she was a lot better looking than most porn
actresses and she seemed to REALLY enjoy what had happened earlier. She
assured them that she was extremely happy and that in a little bit, she
would be ready for more if they were up for it. The pun was not missed
on the guys and they went out of their way to promise they would be
ready for her.

The group rested for another 20 minutes or so while they watched a
little of nothing on television. At some point Nikki moved to the couch
and began to softly stroke Mike and Ayden’s cocks. She told Brian to sit
at her feet which she then used to slowly masturbate him as well. ‘God I
love this,’ she thought to herself as she stroked the three cocks.
“There is one other thing I want to do if you guys are up for it,” she said.

“Anything,” they all said almost in unison.

“Well you’ve fucked my mouth and my pussy, and now I want my ass fucked
too,” she stated bluntly. Those words caused all three cocks to jump
which in turn caused her to smile. Yep, she loved the power she had over
guys, it was terribly intoxicating.

Her body was still alive and demanding relief, but this time she was
also determined to be in charge of the situation. She knew what she
wanted and she was going to make it happen. She told Mike to lay on the
floor and she slowly let her pussy slide down his hard pole. Wiggling
from side to side, she made sure she was nice and comfortable. “Ayden,”
she said with barely contained lust, “since it was your idea to use that
martini glass, you get my ass first.” As she said that she handed him a
tube of lube that she had strategically stashed for just this occasion.

Nikki waited for him to grease up his cock and move behind her. She
reached back and held her ass cheeks apart for him as he placed the tip
of his cock at the entrance to her ass. At first nothing happened and
she realized she was tensing up in excitement. Taking a few deep
breaths, she lowered her head and f***ed herself to relax. Instantly she
felt the head began to slip inside of her ass. The head seemed to pop
into her ass and an intense burning sensation made her cry out softly.
Ayden was concerned her had hurt her, but Nikki assured him she just
needed a second. Slowly the pain went away and she gave Ayden the go
ahead to push in further. With Mike’s cock buried in her pussy, it
seemed to heighten the feelings in her ass and she swore she could feel
as every inch of his cock slipped into her ass. When she moaned this
time, it was out of pure pleasure without any hint of pain or
discomfort. A few slow strokes in and out had Ayden convinced that she
liked what was happening.

The face of Ayden’s fucking picked up and Nikki let each deep thrust
push her forward slightly which in turn lifted her off of Mike’s cock.
When Ayden receded, Nikki sat back down on Mike’s cock so that one cock
was moving in at all time and one was moving out. To Nikki, it was
almost perfect. She motioned Brian around and his cock quickly
disappeared into her greedy mouth. Nikki had selected three guys for a
reason, and this was it. She had wanted to be a three hole slut for a
long time and now, thanks to these guys she had realized her dream.

With three cocks moving in and out of her, she had a hard time figuring
out if she was coming or going sometimes, but she would not have traded
the sensations for anything in the world. Her body easily accommodated
the three cocks and in her mind it proved that she was simply built to
be fucked.

The feelings of the cocks invading her body was extremely intense for
Nikki. She knew that the guys were loving her body, but she also knew
that they loved seeing her act completely slutty and incredibly dirty,
as evidenced by the cum in the martini glass stunt. She had enjoyed the
rotating they had done earlier and she also knew it was only fair that
each guy get to experience her ass. Of course, it was the rotation that
she knew would really make this a memorable occasion for these guys. She
took Brian’s cock out of her mouth and told him to lay on the floor. She
reached back and slowly removed the two cocks from her pussy and ass.
Climbing on top of Brian, she sank down on his cock while motioning Mike
to take his place in her ass. When the guys realized that that meant,
she could see them look at her with lust filled eyes.

Without saying a word, she pulled Ayden’s cock into her mouth after it
had just been fucking her ass. There was no disgust or shame or
humiliation. She did not care where the cock came from, she just wanted
it in her mouth and she knew the dirty her actions, the more it turned
her on as well as the guys. With the rotation established again, the
three began to really work on fucking Nikki silly. They would never
forget this day and they hoped that this would not be their only chance
to play with this sexual b**st.

Susie could not really be upset at her husband. After all he had
reminded her at least twice to bring the toiletries bag out of the
bathroom. He told her they could just buy new stuff, but she said it was
only an hour drive back. Besides, he was going to be golfing so she
would be back well before he was done with his round anyway. Finally he
agreed and she was on her way. As she pulled into the driveway, she saw
a car that looked familiar. Susie figured that her daughter Nikki had a
friend over.

As she entered the house, she immediately headed up the stairs and
grabbed the bag out of the master bath. She had heard muffled noises
from the living room and just figured it was the television. On her way
back down the stairs she was going to call out to Nikki and let her know
she had stopped by but something kept her from calling out. And that
something was the unmistakable sound of someone having sex. She was all
too familiar with the sounds of a cock entering a body and the groans
and moans associated with those actions. The thing that confused Susie,
was that it sounded like a few different moans and groans.

Her daughter was 18 now and she had known she was not a virgin, but she
was a bit surprised that her daughter Nikki would jump into sex the
second they were out of the house. Taking her time she slowly looked
around the corner until she could see into the living room. The sight
that met her was one of complete and utter shock. There was her
beautiful, sexy daughter fucking not one, not two, but three cocks at
once. Susie herself had never taken more than two cocks at once and
rather than being upset at her daughter, she found herself more jealous
than anything.

The boys were familiar but she could not put a name to the faces.
Besides, she was not really looking at their faces anyway. Instead she
was watching her daughter deep throat one cock while two other cocks
alternated between fucking her ass and pussy. The sight was incredibly
erotic and instantly Susie found her pussy getting wet from the
excitement. She did not think things could get even more amazing than
they already were until she saw the k**s shift and her daughter now suck
the cock that had been fucking her ass.

Without even realizing what she was doing, Susie had her pants undone
and her fingers began rubbing her clit furiously. She watched,
enraptured as the boy fucking her ass let everyone know that he was
cumming. The sight of this boy filling her daughter’s ass with cum
nearly made Susie swoon. When the boy was done cumming he pulled out and
he allowed Nikki to suck his cock clean while the second pound entered
her ass and began pounding away. In rapid succession all three guys
fucked her ass hard and fast and filled it with cum before moving to
have their cocks cleaned. On some level, Susie was very proud of her
daughter, after all, you should always clean your toys when you were
done with them.

Susie figured they were finished and she was going to quietly sneak out
of the house before they saw here when she saw one of the boys holding a
martini glass up in front of Nikki. She could see the lust in Nikki’s
face and her smile as she nodded her head yes. The guys once again
helped her into a squatting position and suddenly Susie knew what was
going to happen. She stared in amazement as the cum began to drip from
her daughters ass into the waiting martini glass. One of the guys
fingered her ass and helped to scoop the mixed cum into the glass. Susie
could only look on in awe as her daughter grabbed the glass and in the
most erotic way, let the cum fill her mouth before swallowing.

That was it for Susie. She practically ran out of the house, not because
she was upset but because she was incredibly horny. As she got behind
the wheel she lowered her jeans and panties until they were around her
knees. She frantically rubbed her clit as she drove away from the house.
She had made it less than a block before she exploded in orgasm. The
drive back to the resort should have taken an hour, but Susie stopped
three times on the way to play with her constantly spasming pussy. Her
husband was still not back when she arrived and she thankfully took a
very cold shower as she tried to put the sexy sights out of her mind.

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