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Is it ok or not?

hi,my name is not impotant but what is ,is the thing ive grown up with.its quite embarrassing really.i remember the first time it happened i was just 16 and finding my sexual was a beutiful summers day and i was feeling balls ached to spew its cum.i decided id go to a local woods that i know where i new id be alone.i got on my bike and rode as fast as i could to the woods.when i got there i followed a path into a nearby field.the grass is very long in this field so i walked to the middle of it and lay myself down.i lay there for a while looking up at the sky and listening to the birds hands started to carress my chest and my cock ached to be let out of the clothes that onprisoned it.itook off my tshirt and squeezed my nipples between my thimb and finger,next i took off my shorts and let the fresh air at my naked body.i open my legs ,lay back and caressed my balls and right hand was jerking my cock whilst i gripped and touched my cock was twitching i my hand and i groined with pleasure.i dont no why i did the next thing,but i teased my bum crack with my middle finger as i wasnt long before my finger had found my virgin ass hole.i had the urge to stick my finger in myself.i licked my finger and stuck the tip on my felt naughty.i slowly pushed it into myself as i felt huge.i slowly pushed it deeper,in and cock throbbed like never before.i felt full.i started to finger fuck myself faster,i started to loose myself in pleasure.i moaned out load.then it happened,the thing that has always happened since.a great warm feeling arose from with in me, i arched my back from the ground ,jerking my cock.then suddenly a great stream off piss gushed out of my hit my face and chest,this only excited me more as i felt finger thrust in and out faster as the piss soaked me.great noises of wet splats fild the air as my finger and hand met my ass.i was almost blinded by the stream.i thrust up and down into the air.then suddenly i came really hard,white cum shot into the air as i moan loudly.i jerked my body up and down as it came out.i lay still for a while,the grass around soaked and smelly.i rubbed my slippery body with my hands.i lay there for a while naked and i lay there i wondered why i exploded like that.after i dried in the sun i dressed and rode home to shower.this was the first time but not the last that i came like i said ive had to live with this.its like a mega cum from my i ask you,is it ok or not?

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