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How she knew she could get away with whatever she

So it has been a wild few years since this happened but i feel the need to tell this story. So i met my wife a little under 5 years ago and in the beginning we tried swinging together and enjoyed it. It was mainly meeting other guys for her, the few couples we met had nice women but the men couldnt keep it up. So ive always been a perv and have told her on numerous occasions that i wanted her to make a video for me without me knowing of her giving a bj to some random guy. While we were swinging we met a fuck buddy of hers that she knew before me, it was never really a relationship between them. We met him a few weeks before this happened and had a really fun bareback threesome(another fantasie of mine) and it all went well. She was house sitting for a friend and had her own place for a week with no roommates and she decided she would have him stop by. I didnt know she was planning all of this and we had been using the place as our own sex palace having our own fun. Toward the end of the week i came over later in the day after i had gotten off of work and she was acting very suspicios, something just didnt seem right. She went and got in the shower and while she was in there i did some snooping and read the texts on her phone. Come to find out he had stopped by so that she could give him a bj on camera for me and things got very out of hand quickly. From what she has filled in and what i read in the texts this is how it went......She invited him over with the notion of a bj which it started out to be. He came in and sat on the couch, she got the camera out and set it next to him and got down on her knees in fron of him. She said that she started to give him a bj and he was all excited and came rather quickly, he came quick enough that he didnt even start filming. i wish there was some video of this night but none was ever taken. So after he came they were sitting next to each other on the couch and he started to come on to her. He leaned in and started to kiss her and instead of her stopping him she let herself get wrapped up in the moment and began to make out with him. They began kissing on the couch which led to him leading her to the bedroom. As they stood in the room he began to undress her and laid her back on the bed and began to go down on her and suck on her pussy lips which she loves. He then climbed up on top of her and fucked her bareback until she came on his cock and he came deep in her. They knew i was coming over shorty so he bailed quickly before i got there. This was the day before i found the texts. From what she said that night i found the texts when i showed up on the day of her getting fucked she still had his cum dripping down her leg when i got there and thats why she got in the shower right when i got there...we had sex that same day also....So on the day that i found the texts i started reading them while she was in the shower and was still going thru them when she came back in the living room. I was a bit shaken at first and was in a bit of shock, not really angry but hurt that she was trying to hide it from me, it wasnt the act that hurt but the hiding that did. We started talking about it and before the time we were done i had my hard cock out and she deepthroated me until i came in her mouth. Needless to say that was one of the best on hottest bj's ive had in my life....Please comment guys and gals, we both love reading them and please tell us your dirty desires. She loves fantasizing about you guys doing naught things to her.

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