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My friends mom part 1

Im over at my friends (bob, were 18) when he pops out for a bit and says i can wait in the lounge. His mom comes down stairs, asks me where bob is and i tell her gone to shops and says i can wait around. she says that is ok and goes to get a drink of wine, as she bends over at the fridge i catch a glimpse of her pants as her shortish dress has risen up. i start to get a bit hard cause bobs mom is quite hot. she says i can put the tele on while waiting. i put it on and on comes some softcore porn, i struggle to quickly turn it off but cant. bobs mom tells me its ok, thats just bobs silly porn he flicks through. i turn it off but am not embarassed and turned on. she asks me if i am embarassed by that and i mumble no, its alright, i have watched a bit before. she knows im red now and asks if i want a glass of wine, i say yes. she gets a glass from cupboard and this time i see cleavage as bends down, the first thing i do is grab a pillow to cover up. she sees this and knows whats going on i assume.

she says its ok, its natural that the tele will have done tht to me, im only a teenager, she remembers her first boyfriends being all giddy around it. now im thinking of her at my age, darn it, i think im going redder but she doesnt twig. she goes back upstairs to finish offgetting ready for a party that evenings at nextdoors place, taking her wine with her. i flick the porn back on as im so hard it needs some work, i turn the volume down so she doesnt notice upstairs. i give a little stroke and its so nice, thinking of the porn and what i saw of bobs mom.

then i here her call down, quick turn of the porn, what was that sorry? she asks for me to come upstairs for a favor. my mind starts racing and thinking what it could be! i go upstairs and wait in hall, she calls me into her room, now even more excitedly nervous, i go in and there she is wit a towel round her and some dresses on the bed. she says its sily but could i give opinion as to which dress is best to wear. ermmm i dont know, the blue on i suppose. she thanks me, i just stand there, not believing what im doing. your so fit i say. what did u say she asks. sugar did i say tht out loud? yes you did steve, something on your mind? ermm, now very red and embarassed....she says she can give me a magazine to go finish off.

finish what off i say? ure in need of some atention there aint u mr? o yeah,sorry, ill go downstairs. she tells me no and tells me go lie down on the bed. i think im in trouble now. she asks if had any experience with girls? i say not really. she says thats ok. so if your turned on over me do u wank over me before? i admit that i have before. well show me what u do then when u have fun over me. i dont do anything, this is a trap or a dream. go on then why bother with images when the real thing is here she says. im stuck still, cant move. she then yanks my trousers down to reveal the bulge. im really nervous now, this must be a trick. go on, show me what u do. i slowly reach for himand start to stroke as i would, i cant even look at her,as much as i want to. i close my eyes and after a minute i feel my cock being squeezed, whats happening, i look with oe eye and shes got a hand on my shaft. i tremble, she says its ok, its natural, hes turned on and needs attention, just lay back and relax. it feels so so nice. i feel her hand move and she comes upto my face and whispers to go into the topdraw by bed. i go there and theres a little package, i open it and theres a condom. i freak out in a good way, i murmour, this? she says yes and takes it off me, she puts it on with her teeth and asks how much i have wanted to do it. i just nod rapidly and stare at her. she sits onto of me and says s this alright, u ok with it, i just keep nodding. she lowers her body down over my cock and i feel it slide over and be so tight and warm, this is so so nice, dont let it end please.

she starts to ride up and down for a bit then moves her hand round and i can feel it on my cock, o i think, am i not in her, or it is what sex is, whats goig on. she strokes my cock more and notices some pulsating. my cock is rubbing against her bum and hands working magic. i moan loudly and she stops.

i just look at her i disbelive, thinking, u cant stop, continue, please i beg of u, u cant leave a guy like this. she winks at me and asks how he is. i say good, hes good. does he need anything more she asks? ermm...maybe....whats that she says? u know, finishing. oh right she says. u want the whole way? yes please. she lowers herself on me again and i know this time im inside, god its so nice, but few seconds later its cumming, can i cum, i need to cum. she just stops and pulls off, i was never in her, she was teasing me again, i was rubbing against her bum.

she comes over to me and starts to whisper when the front door opens, darn it thats bob. he calls up, hiya is steve there. his mom shouts dwn, yeah hes just in bathroom. she quickly tells me to go to bathroom and if i enjoyed that to meet her at the party nextdoor later on, once finished being round with bob.

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