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Bachelor Party

My wife and I where staying at a large hotel, we had gone into the cocktail bar for a drink and sat in a booth. Within 10 minutes of sitting down, the place filled up. A group of 6 young men joined us in our booth, it was a little squashed but as the place was pretty packed, we had to make do.

They where a bachelor party, they where giving their friend, 'the soon to be' groom a good send off. They encouraged us to join in with their festivities and kept plying us with champagne, though I could detect an under-taste of vodka in mine. It occurred to me that they where trying to get me d***k so that the 'groom' could have his last fling with my lovely young wife. (I am 45yrs and my beautiful wife is only 25yrs.)

They didn't have to get me d***k, as we already have 3somes and gang bangs but the idea of the situation appealed to my sense of adventure. I whispered to Jeni what I thought that they where up to and that I would pretend to be d***k but for her to make sure that I was in the room where anything was to happen so that I could watch and also that I could make sure that she was safe in case anyone got carried away. She was quite thrilled that these young men had singled her out and the idea of her being the ?Sacrificial Lamb' so to speak and that she was going to be taken 'Advantage of' turned her on. I don't drink much but I can drink, that is I don't easily get d***k but this night I was pretending to.

The ringleader said to Jeni "Doesn't take much to get your old man d***k, does it."

"No" replied Jeni, "A couple of drinks and he falls asl**p." She was going along with it nicely.

"Were taking this party upstairs, would you like to join us?"

"Well I don't know." she replied.

"We've booked a suite and we have got some 'Blue movies' and were having a 'Miss Whiplash' coming as a surprise for Roger, he's getting married in the morning." said the ringleader, who's name turned out to be Trev. "Ah! Come on, you'll have fun." He coaxed.

"Well, I'd like to but..."

"But what?" asked Trev anxiously, sensing that he was making a conquest.

"Well I cant very well leave my husband here, now can I?" she said in her best 'Helpless little girl act'.

"Oh that's alright, the lads will help him upstairs." We made our way up to their room, I had allowed myself to be roused enough to walk, with assistance, and as soon as we got to the room I settled myself on the settee and pretended to go back to sl**p. Jeni went into the bathroom and as soon as she had closed the door Trev called the others together in a huddle and whispered. "Roger can have his last fuck with this little hot arsed bitch and if I'm not mistaken, we can all fuck her."

"What about her husband?" someone chirped up.

"What about him. He's well out of it. He'll probably sl**p all night while we shag his wife all night." They all laughed. Just then Jeni returned. "What's going on?" she asked but before Trev could reply, there was a knock on the door. Trev opened it and in walked a beautiful young lady wrapped in a long cloak.

"Roger! It's for you." Shouted Trev. The group spread out to give the girl floor space. She stood in front of Roger, threw off her cloak. She was quite breathtaking, high heels, lovely long legs encased in fishnets held up with black leather suspenders and a black leather studded belt, that's all she wore. In her hand she carried a bull whip which she cracked a few times. She grabbed Roger by the hair and f***ed his face into her large breasts, made him suck each nipple then reached down and grabbed his cock, which was sticking out like a flagpole. She unzipped his pants and his cock fell out into her hand, she dragged him around the room a couple of times and then brought him to a stand still in front of Jeni, who was sitting on the edge of the bed. She grabbed Jeni by the hair and f***ed her onto Rogers cock. Roger of course didn't hesitate to take advantage of Jeni's lovely mouth, he shoved his cock right down her throat to great cheers from his friends.

The 'stripper' probably seeing a way of making it easy for herself, encouraged the men to undress Jeni and Roger and before you knew it, they where both naked and on the bed fucking like rabbits. The other guys started to undress and the 'stripper' donned her cloak and made a discrete exit.

Rogers loud moans as he 'came' shooting all his spunk into my little Jeni, was greeted with great applause from his friends. No sooner had he finished, than he was pulled off Jeni and Trev was soon between her lovely legs, getting his dick into Jeni's spunk filled pussy. Trev Lifted her legs onto his shoulders so that he could get at her pussy all the better, he rammed down hard, shoving his dick into her and knocking the wind out of her. He fucked her hard but from her little squeals of delight, I knew that she was loving every minute of it. Trev soon came and Jeni was treated to another dose of spunk.

Then another guy was on her and yet another had his cock in her mouth and a third guy was wanking over her tits. Soon the 3 of them had finished. Jeni had spunk oozing out of her lovely little pussy, across her breasts and dribbling from the corners of her mouth.

But there was one guy left, he hadn't tried to do anything, he had just stood watching. They where all laughing and in great party mood. They where soon dressed and left. Trev shouted to Jeni as he left. "Thanks for a lovely time, you can keep the room if you want, it's all paid for." And off he went.

He hadn't gone 2 minutes when the door open, I was halfway across the room heading for Jeni to have my turn with her, when in walked the guy who had just watched.

"I thought that you weren't really d***k." he said to me. "You really enjoyed watching your lovely little wife getting fucked." He was undressing as he spoke. "Strip" he said as he pointed at me. He walked to the side of the bed, his very large cock sticking out. He knelt on the bed and spread Jeni's legs wide open, by this time I was naked and joined them on the bed. "Look at that!" he said pointing at my lovely Jeni's pussy. He grabbed my head and f***ed my face into her crutch, I was drowning in spunk. Licking it up and slurping it. He pulled me out of the way and got between her legs. "Take hold of my cock!" he demanded, I did. "Now put it into your wifes cunt, that's it, put it in between her spunked up cunt lips."

His cock disappeared into Jeni. "Now lick my balls! Lick them while I use your lovely little wife."

I got between his legs and did as he told me. "That's it. Lick me whilst I FUCK HER!"

His thrusts got faster, he was obviously enjoying my humiliation as much as he was enjoying fucking my very own little Jeni. He pulled his cock out of her and made me suck all the other men's spunk off it. I had to do this several times before he finally decided to have an orgasm himself. He was bouncing up and down that much that I had to give up trying to keep licking his balls, I just sat back and watched. Soon he let out a loud groan as he shot all his spunk into her. He collapsed on top of her but only for a minute. He then raised himself up, grabbed my head and f***ed me to suck him clean.

"Now it's your turn." He said as he grabbed my, almost bursting cock, and shoved me between Jeni's legs. I felt the most wonderful exhilaration as my cock sank into her spunk filled pussy. Slowly, very slowly, I fucked her. No, that's not true, I made LOVE to her, gently, wonderfully, caringly, for what seemed like hours.

When we had finished, the guy had gone. We had been so wrapped up in each other that we hadn't heard him leave. But he had left a note with his phone number on, which we have used many times since.

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